The Masters
Dear one, there is a one waiting to speak to you on this beautiful morning. Make no mistake, they do come from the Light, as we always do. Congratulations on your many achievements, for to us your are an inspiration to all others who are shining their lights to the heavens. We come today to let you know of more inspiring information to be shared with others. Never think on the past, it is gone, just be in this moment, that’s all that is required. Your love for us is overwhelming to us and we do of course return it in the strongest possible way. Your life there is a joyful journey where your mind is constantly in contact with us in order to learn more and to then spread it around. Dear one, we have many wonderful treats in store for you believe us and we come in love always. We are now passing you across to a highly evolved Being who has much to offer. He has travelled far and wide as we all have, but with him it has been of a different experience, inasmuch as he has never availed himself of an earth life, he has always chosen to stay in the wings and to observe from a slight distance just what is taking place there. You know not of him, but he certainly does of you, for his eyes so to speak have been following you for some time. He is an inspiration to behold and he comes to you now with utmost love and respect in his heart. He calls himself a time machine for he travels to places unknown to you as yet and he observes so much magnificence that he has decided to come and share with you this beauty he perceives.

My friend, my name is Cusami, and I approach you this day with a heart bursting with love.
I watch and I take in many things that consume me with beauty. It is never easy to describe such things, for in your world there are no words to describe what I see. But believe me this beauty is surely out there and I can assure you that there will come to pass a day when you also will take this beauty into your heart and your psyche. This place I reside in is a paradise wonderland and it springs forth out of nowhere. There is beauty all around me beginning with the glorious trees and flowers unseen by any of you on your earth as yet, for their colours and their perfumes are unknown to you. There is no way for me to describe them, for you would not be able to absorb the information without prior knowledge of its existence. e.g. If I were to say to you to describe to me a certain animal that you had never seen nor heard of, your mind would be blank and you could not do so. And the same goes for this, for my world I see around me is still foreign to you as yet. But the beauty it expels is a constant reminder of just how vast and wondrous the Lords Kingdom really is. Just what you see around you there is not even a drop in the ocean, even though this is so hard for you all to take in for now, but life is a growing and expanding vibration and it goes on and will go on for all eternity. It never and can never stop. And it never remains the same but it just keeps on revolving. It is a great mystery unto itself, but Our God, in His infinite wisdom has it all under control, make no mistake. He is All of It, every single last part of it, including you and myself. We are all Him, just as every plant, animal and mineral are also. We all swirl around at different degrees and different speeds which changes our vibrations and what we appear as, but believe me we are all closely intertwined with each other, encased in this massive web of almost invisible cords as such. We flow around this way and that but we always remain in that massive enclosure of love. It is a truly wondrous thing to see if you are able, but until then keep it in your heart that it is so. The vibration you are on and the strength of your essence changes what you are, and just how much of all of this wonder you are able to perceive. You are not your humanness, you are a massive part of all of this wonder, for your human body is simply a part of the real you, that you sent there for a time to learn and feel things that you so desired. The real you is part of this eternal swirling beauty which is actually in formation all around you at all times. Now some of you have seen the aura around things when you have been in a certain state. You would not see this in a normal human frame of mind. The human part is not you, it is a part you have sent off to gather information for you. For Earth is the planet of emotions and you desired to feel and to understand all of what this entailed. It is as if the Mothership, being your Real Self sends out little pods, being your humanness, your human body, mind and feelings, to gather information and bring it back home to you. And all the while, you are under the umbrella of your Mother/ Fathership who is The Divine One. He allows us all out to play in whichever way we see fit. There are no boundaries or rules we need to follow. We come from Pure Love, we are pure love and we will all return to pure love, no matter what. It is the true vibration that we live in, the only vibration that we live in. All other vibrations have still come from it in some way or another. e.g. There is a very thin line between love and hate. It is still the same vibration only revolving at a much higher pace, which changes the formation, or the matter of it, changing the emotion it produces. And all negative vibrations also originate from love as they too are all a part of the hate vibration. They are a spin off of it. Fear is the father of hate. There is a fear of loss of some form or another which produces the hate vibration eventually. But my friends, this makes for a whole new lesson in itself which we shall return to at a later date, but the fact remains that the only true essence in the cosmos is love, love and more love.
You do not remain in one place in your true state, for you in your spirit form, the real you, are a master of disguise. You can be here, there and everywhere at a moments notice, in a flash if you will and also in many places at once. You are not restricted to any one place at any given time. You have the same abilities as The Creator has, the very same, for that is what He gifted you with in His wisdom and love. He made you completely in His likeness, a little microcosm of the macrocosm, identical in every single way and with exactly the same abilities. You are wonderful, masterful, all knowing and powerful beings. And that is how you reside in the Creators Sea of Love. But, just as children everywhere are, you all crave to learn and to understand the All of It. You already know the All of it but it is important to you all to understand the All of it. This is what constantly drives you all on. Searching for the ifs, buts, and the whys of the information you already have and also to explore and to feel all those deep emotions it brings up in you.
Yet, what is going on here, now, in this life with you is but a small part of the truth. And the strange thing about this is that the truth really never stays the same. It changes from second to second just as all else does. But our curiosity moves us on and on to further adventures, while always staying totally connected to The All, The Creator of all things. What a wonder it all is. What a wonderful privilege to all be a part of this amazing mystery of foreverness. I bless you dear ones, and God blesses you and you all bless one another, for you are all one another. For you all are Him. Yes we are all One…

Val Fabian


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