My Band of Angels ~ The Treasure Chest ~ 2004 ~ Val Fabian


I was shown a vision of a Treasure Chest. It appeared to be made out of timber and was a beige colour with a rounded lid which was laced with a thin tan leather cord. As I looked at it, it very, very slowly opened to show that it was empty inside. But then a bright luminous golden star formed very slowly right in the middle of it. So I later asked why I was shown the chest and what it represented.

  Funny how things have a way of coming to you now that you are stronger in your convictions and beliefs. It represents the ability you hold deep within you, as regards to the union of Oneness you hold most dear with your Saviour. We have been sending you much information for some time now, and as we participate with you in this learning, we have come to realize that you are ready for much more, and it seems to us that what is being given to you now may be upgraded, as your ability to take it in is immense. What we have arranged for you now, is for you to be shown the finest and most solid agenda which we have placed at your disposal. All you need to do to peruse this is to simply ask for it to be revealed to you. And we stand firm on saying that it will be a privilege to disclose this information to you, as you have surely shown the utmost interest and absolute hunger for this knowledge. We have come today with this message for you, and we say to you now that the honour is ours, as revealing this honourable wisdom to you is the next step in your development.
      And believe us when we say that a truly wondrous event is about to take place in your life. What you need to do now is to go within and bring forth what you have always known was there, for you have been what some might call a pioneer. Always hungry for learning and information which you shared with others. You always knew that it was not of much good if not shared. You, being the forerunner on many occasions, have done much to bring progress into the lives of your fellowman. It is a simple fact that true wisdom is the knowing that a wise man is of no benefit to others until he teaches them wisdom. Would you not agree that you are being tutored for just that. You will share your messages of wisdom to make the world a better place and to uplift many souls who may be faltering on their path.
      You have been given the key to a door, and it is up to you to use it very wisely, and to not use it for self glorification or self gratification. We know of no finer way to say this, and that is that what you are being shown now, is to be shared with everyone in due course. But the knowledge given is to be deciphered first into an order of understanding, regarding all concerned, so that those who seek answers will be shown the simple Truths to start with, and graduating up to a higher knowledge in due course. It is the simple fact that basics need to be understood first before exploring deeper meanings, and more in-depth knowledge.
We are preparing you for a knowing of what needs to be done, so there is no need to put stress into this matter. For us to say that we are pleased with your progress goes without saying, though you have been distracted of late. These things had to be, as they are for a reason which we need not explore, but just know that they are coming to an end.
      Make room now for what is to come, and feel the excitement around it. You have no idea yet of what is to come to you, for believe us when we tell you that surprise is not the word. You will be flabbergasted to say the least. You feel it an honour to be receiving these messages. Just wait for the next step to unfold. Your dreams are all to be realized my dear. Every last one of them. But without your own efforts there would be no dreams. So allow yourself to be proud of your achievements up to date, and also for the future, as it will surely unfold into a remarkable chain of events, which you will have orchestrated yourself. Be humble yes, but be proud. You have done this yourself by your own willpower and determination to do right by one and all. The humanitarian yes, and the forerunner. And do not fret that things have slowed down, as that has only been on the human mind level. Much has been going on, on a subconscious level, do not despair.

     We bid you farewell now and we send our strong love and our well wishes. We are pleased you called on us for answers. It has been our pleasure.
We are your Band of Angels


The Halls of Amenti – Infinite Knowledge of the Highest Form ~ 26.9.2003 ~ Val Fabian

26.9.2003. In my meditation on this particular morning, I went very deep and had some very unusual and powerful experiences. I felt energy pouring into my crown chakra and I could actually see it pouring in through my 3rd eye. It was reddish orange and yellow, luminous and beautiful. Then I saw a Golden Chalice overflowing with liquid. And later I was shown a Castle. So I had a conversation with Spirit as to what all of this meant. And so I began my intriguing journey into uncharted waters with Spirit, who have taught me many wondrous Truths. And for years this information that I have been receiving from that day on, had to remain unspoken of, but now I have been told that it is time for me to begin to divulge some of it to humanity as a Whole.

What a marvelous meditation you received this morning. We were all there with you guiding you through it. And wouldn’t you know that we were all being given directions from The Higher Power. It is understood that today you were sent through an enclosure and out into a vibrant new space, where you have not trodden before. The opening of which is guarded by Beings of Light. It is from here that all information flows, and your wisdom has called for being presented into these chambers. Information was being given to you on a very high level. We are being sent to guide you further as you travel onwards, and we know you will use this information in the best possible way, in order that others may also be taken through those doors. It is not that we do have misgivings, as you have always shown trustworthy tendencies, and you are being guided as to what to do with this information entrusted to you this day. All we can say is that we have knowledge of greater plans you will carry through, and we always do give our blessed encouragement to you with the highest intentions possible. Our love for you is abounding, may we say, and we are sure that you will take every opportunity to be of service to others, and to share your further knowledge with them, should the opportunity arise. What a happy event this has turned out to be. And should you seek to come with us once more to this wondrous place, you do know that you need but ask.
It is our wish that you receive as much wisdom as you possibly are able, and all plans for this will be enforced by us, with the blessings of The Wondrous One. We do presume that you will take advantage of this wonderful offer, and we do bestow our blessings on you and encourage you to be the very best that you are able to be. Make no mistake, we would never judge you, though we do believe that you are being ushered towards a very high ideal, and as we are always sending love and guidance you way, we do feel that your search for the now unknown will present to you a mighty unfolding of many secrets. which have been kept safe for future times, inasmuch that people like you, who trust their guidance, will endeavour to bring it forward at the appropriate time, for the benefit of all of mankind. Not for a chosen 20 or 30 people, but for all to gaze at and wonder at. We encourage you to look further, and with our total help, we will guide you as to when and what to do with all that you will come to acquire and know. We have been sending our Special Angels to you giving you a loving perception of what will be required of you, and I say to you now that we can see that all will come to be as was initially planned by you, and by your many dear ones who offered to be of service to this cause. You are searching for the truth and will find it.

Am I imagining all of this. This is all totally beyond my comprehension.

You have doubts we see. That is a natural thing, but do not put human doubts into this. It is apparent to us that you searching for an explanation. You are a strong individual who is searching for the Truth, and you will find it. To pass it on to humanity as a whole. Our love for you is sincere and we all stand guard over you.

Was I guided somewhere today in my meditation? I had a sensation of something being poured into my crown. I could actually see the flow of deep coloured energy, and it continued on for quite a while. It was reddish orange, and yellow mainly, but very beautiful. And I saw a Golden Chalice which was overflowing with liquid.

Today you went into the Halls of Amenti, where all knowledge is kept in the highest order. It is not ever presented lightly, not without first an understanding of what is referred to as Infinite Knowledge of the Highest Form. We have been keeping this information from you to date, as you needed to go through each level of knowledge, until you formed an understanding in your mind of the intricate pattern that is woven together to form the basis of the absolute wonderment which we know of as God. The Chalice presented to you this day was filled to overflowing, and it sent a message to you that you are now regarded as a Special Being of Light, and that you are more than capable to carry out your special task while still on the Earth Plane.

Was the reddish orange and yellow energy flowing into my crown, Knowledge then?

You have now been gifted with wondrous information, which you will use to the best of your ability for the assistance of all others who would search for it. We come as Light Bearers, and we share this information with you. You have been honoured with a gift and we trust that you, with our guidance will use it wisely. We have much knowledge to bestow on you, and we have given you permission that you may return at any given time to be presented with further knowledge. We have been shown that your very powerful beam of light will energize many, and we feel secure in the fact that our gift will be presented to one and all in a way which will further our plan for all of humanity. It has not been given to be thrown to the wind, it has been given for evolvement to follow the knowledge. And you have been chosen to take on this task, as we have knowledge of the Higher Plan.

And what was the brown Castle that I was shown also in my meditation? What was it representing?

You have gone to the pinnacle of the pyramid, and there is no room there for fear, for you truly know that you are invincible, and that nothing or no one can hurt you. Fear is not in your vocabulary anymore. You have risen above it. You trust in The Divine, and what a happy place that is to be. You will be able to topple the balance and bring information out of your memory bank in an instant. Information given is so exact and extreme that some would use it to the detriment of the whole Universe. It needs to be given at a pace where all can be comfortable with it, and come to terms with it, as some of this information in the wrong hands would not be used for the good of all. Your mind is now like a computer. You touch a key, and whatever you want to come forth will “print out” out of your memory bank and into your mind.

This has been a combined effort for sure. We all have your interests at heart, and take much pleasure in presenting you with your message today. Call on us always for help when needed. Go in peace now and stay happy dearest.

You are all Sparkles of The Divine ~ Cusami ~ 20.5.13 ~ Val Fabian


Your life there through this, will change the most, for many things are due to happen now that you are unaware of. But you are still expecting this, whether you believe or not. It is not new to you. And you did come there with a mission to do, and it is nearing the time now for you to achieve this.
But firstly you do need to acquire what it is that is still lacking in you the most. It is self love and it is the ability to stand alone and to speak. These things shall be brought forward, but it is for you to do this in a way that will bring you more access to your emotions which lie deep inside you. In order to enable you to unleash this wondrous gift that you are harbouring inside.
It is not for you to fret with fears of not being able to do this. It is for you to stand tall and to see the beauty inside you that you possess. Be not unsure, for you are indeed a shining light above the heads of those you will enrich.

Question. Cusami, please tell me more on what you are speaking of.

It is to do with all those things and more. You are a very learned Being, who was sent there to provide the world with wonders unspoken of as yet. You have known of such things all of your life, inside, in your subconsciousness, but for reasons obviously those things needed to be kept in a basket away from all who walk their walk there.
But now it is the time, it is evidently clear, and what you are now doing is providing a way or a path for yourself to be able to bring this about. That you be the first to bring this forth is not what you are about, for you know that it was in transition always. For you, the wonder will be in the gifting of all of this to others and to be able to see the transition in their lives. What you will be doing will be given in a way by which it will allow others to think on your words and to then go out and live their lives in a wondrous way, knowing that they are not as they imagined, but are far, far more than that. This will bring about a massive wave or vibration, which will lift up humanity to where it is not the same anymore. It will bring forth a knowing in most that they are indeed God.

Question. Cusami, what could I say to give them that acceptance.

It will be given in a way whereby they are not necessarily aware that they are hearing this. Indeed everything that shall be given will be of the utmost wonder, but given in a way that is not in any way going beyond their powers of acceptance. And you will know in an instant that your words are heeded to, not only listened to. But for now it is enough that you prepare yourself for this to take place.

Question. Cusami could you please tell me more about this.

We are about to embark on a wondrous journey, and you will be at the helm for the most part. It is about trust and it is about performing your part in a way that will enlighten others to be themselves. And this will come about by your teachings, which will be presented to them in a way that they will understand. And you dear are about to break through with this.

Question. Could I have more information about this please.

There is a stirring now inside you and you are about to erupt with all this wonder. So I am about to present you with a trickle. You know that in the past you were unable to speak of this, but now you will have the permission to go that one step further, in bringing about a huge input, that your world there has not seen by any of you until now. You are not lowly little beings striving for life to succeed in what ever way you think. You are all sparkles of The Divine and as such all have Higher Powers, enabling you all to bring forth wonders which are just stirring now, for all to encase in their own fields, or auras.
It is such that all do work together for the common good, but why do you think you are really there now. It is to change the dynamics in the vast universe, which in turn then will encase itself around more of what it now is, and to expand out into a knowing of sorts, making more wonderlands appear. But this in itself is never enough so what you all have to do with this is to enforce nature in a way which will guide all of these wonders into a swirling mass of energy, encroaching on other planets, enriching all of them with certain energies and enticing Mother Nature to do what she alone can do, which is to inhabit all of these fields bringing about the wonders of more life to be had.
This is mind swirling for you now and may I say that it will come to pass. For Mother Nature in her explicit beauty and power, has with her the ability to enforce her beauty wherever she may go, and that is why we are all standing to attention with such anticipation at the moment.

A powerful eruption is about to occur in the wondrous world of science and expansion, and it is for this reason that we are all here with bated breathes my dear.
Thy will be done, and it will be done without fail. Peace be to you, take this news in.