The Seven Beings around the Seed of Life ~ Your Ancient Brothers from Sirius ~ 8.2.2003 ~ Val Fabian

I was shown a vision of the seven Beings around the Seed of Life. So I asked what the reason was as to why I was shown this, and also what it meant.


Hark know this, exceptional circumstances. We are your brothers and sisters. Our path has been long. Work in place now. Memory dims authentic knowledge. Go to the Circle, and the Sphere. Many moons ago we travelled to your home, weary, out of sorts. The Masters derived a plan, we enacted it. The Kingdom was completed, areas revealed nothingness. The Planet was dry and we saw mists of circulating steam.
We came as One with a message and a mission. Earth was young and experience was sought.

But what has that got to do with now?

Hark, sent you first to learn connection with after life and Moon. The thread lies deep inside the mind. Relax and know we’re all here helping. Love binds us together, hope keeps us together. Meditate on this. Our aims are high and in place. Blessed be you. We are One, we are peace, we are Love. Hold us in your heart. The end is near. A Flame goes forth and restores what was lost.

We are your brothers.
24.2.2003       I was shown the next vision of the Being in the Sphere..  So I asked what this one meant also.

You opened your heart chakra to flow out love to all. Yes you were one of them, moons ago. You love gold, you are gold. Relax your mind and remember who you are. Important decisions were made and put in place. And your Soul is getting you ready now to remember. You will send love to all. The world is crying out for healing and love. Understand the plight. You’ve come to help Earth again.
And think not things are any different now, but the times are remote from then. You still have the power to draw those to you who need protection in other ways. And they will come in droves. Prepare yourself, build your body strong for this event, for it will be draining work. But you have chosen this, it is your heart’s desire. Your love for the people, for the weak and sick and sad. Do what you can for them, and we will assist you along your path, never fear. You will never be alone dear one. We cherish you for your goodness and your patience. All of this will be called upon and you will provide willingly. From your heart chakra, your amazing heart centre which you have opened to all. Your Beloved sends blessings to you, He is well pleased, loved one. All is as it should be. Take the step forward now and know we all walk with you.
But part of you still denies your talents. Self worth. Your capabilities are numerous and ongoing. Be not phased by doubts, but trust in us and trust in yourself. For you are forging ahead dramatically, never doubt that. You moved mountains moons ago, you will move mountains again. You have been chosen for the coming times when people and the Planet will need help. Your services will be called on and people will come to you for your strengths, and to bask in your energy field. Not out of selfishness but from need. To be strengthened by you in an emotional way.
For you will be doing something unique, totally different from anyone else. You don’t run with the crowd, you have your own way of doing things.
You’re a princess wearing her gold crown sitting next to the King. You’ll be doing something that nobody else has ever done. Your path has been opened up for you. You won’t have to do anything – it’s already done. You know all about the stairs up to the top of the triangle. You will be the stairs for the people to walk on while they find their way to the top.
You won’t worry about how you’re connected to others, you just know you are. You’ve passed to another level of understanding. Not only are you going through the doorway, but you will take others through that doorway.
You see no division. You see a Circle instead, full to overflowing- expanding without limits. Life is expansion, it keeps being more. It’s a Circle and you will live in the Circle. You are that Circle.
So always say to yourself. “I can build them up higher. I can build them as high as is needed. Up to The Divine, up to Our Creator. My power is limitless, all this I know now.”

Blessings to you child, we shower you constantly with love, love and more love, and the everlasting Light.

We are all One. Your Ancient brothers from Sirius


The Emissaries’ of Light and Love ~ The Blue Aqua Ball filled with Golden Symbols ~ 19th Feb 2004 ~ Val Fabian

In my meditation I saw this large Ball which was a beautiful shade of aqua, and it contained lovely little Golden Symbols running through it. It just kept spinning around slowly for quite some time. So after I came out of the meditation I asked what this ball represented, and what all of this meant.
We lifted you up today where few do venture to. Your vibrations are very strong because of this. It is a place that is spoken of in books of old, in the Old Testament. Your dreams took you to this wondrous place and you visited with many Ancient Masters, who addressed many more questions you came there with. It is all buried for safe keeping in your subconscious and you do have access to it when needed. When the time is right it will emerge as memories, for you do have work to do which will require use of this knowledge. It is in your memory bank for safe keeping and will stay there. It has been entrusted to you, as you are prepared to share it with others. You will change people’s lives with this knowledge and they in turn will use it to help others.

This ball symbolizes the realms you are now entering into. It will stabilize all the current thoughts which manifest in your mind. It is very powerful and holds a symbolic meaning which you do know very well on some level. You have seen it many times. Keep it private just for you, as to show it around would detract from the energy of it. And look at it as much as possible, as it has some very powerful energy in it and it also sends out healing. You are coming into your own power now, you are finding your true self. This symbol is very important for you. The Circle goes around and around and all of everything is inside it. You are knowing more and more now as to who you really are. Your power is emerging more and it’s all about important work which is coming. The symbols are lifting up your vibrations to a higher frequency. You will be woken up more often now in the middle of the night to meditate and receive information. There is a lot more to come through.

Perfectly balanced knowledge will soon appear for you to draw into your auric field, which goes far above and beyond your now knowing. We have made it clear that you have been chosen to do this special work. To be a part of this is not a thing which should be taken lightly, and you do know what the benefits will be for mankind as a whole. We would hope that this may bring some incentive into their lives and also show them that life has a much deeper meaning than most think.
You will bring forth an energy which will cause major changes in other peoples auras and this will enable a wonderful healing to take place in them. Be aware of this power in you. Your own very strong beliefs in The Almighty and His Realms has been a very strong learning opportunity for you and for what you have now become. It will guide you through much that will come your way, and it will inspire you. You have inspired knowledge of a magic place where all are One. You have been shown much in your meditative states, and you have travelled to many places unknown to man. Your soul is restless now to be taken on further, and so it pushes you at every opportunity. Seek out what you feel you need and discern what is right for you. Just trust in us and in The Divine One, though we already know that you do. Things are not always as they appear at first, so do not judge them too quickly. What you are receiving is beyond your understanding, so always know that no matter what may be going on in the human life, your needs are being well taken care of. This is for you to realize and remember. What we are revealing to you is honourable wisdom. There will be messages on subjects which up until now are unknown of, and still need to be hidden, for they are quite complex. Believe and trust and all will come to you. Have faith in The One and all else will follow.

Never doubt that the messages you receive are authentic. And you know that what will be coming through you will be for the betterment of mankind. In the future we will be sending you far and wide, but first you need to prepare yourself for this occurrence. And we know that the human mind is such that it can only absorb so much at one time.

It is this connection with The Almighty which you will work with. This bond which will never be broken is a strong one and it ties you to Him for all eternity. For you have learnt now of who you are, keep this in your focus and always remember that you are a precious entity who is only there to help with the crisis around you, and to help others to spread the peace and love needed so desperately. Your future there is to show others that the rocky road they are travelling on can be smoothed out in an instant, should they choose, and that no other one can control their destiny, should they not desire this.

You have many souls watching over you and guiding your every step as we have your deep interests at heart. And we shower love down on you each and every day, so remain diligent. For this is your prism, which will guide you further into our Realm. Take our hands held out to you, encase this prism around yourself and let yourself be guided into this truly wondrous space where time stands still, and where love is the one and only bond which links us irrevocably together as one. It is a world on its own. There is nothing that could be compared to this place – nothing. Life eternal. Happiness and pleasure sublime being the reigning emotion. It is yours for the asking so let go now of all negative and gaze to the heavens. We are waiting for you, we are your strength.
You are dealing with a powerful group of Beings here, and it is not in anyone’s interests that wrong information be given to others.

Your friends we are indeed and you know that you have our love and caring. Go forth now and live your life – live your dream. Yes, every one of us are here as your supporters and your guides. The road is much easier to travel down once you know where you are headed. And you do know that now. It is true.