I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom ~ 6th May ‘03 ~ Val Fabian


I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom
I come as one of your teachers. You will be learning much on Ancient Knowledge and what is linked into the visions that you have been shown on The Star and the seven Beings from Syria lying around the Circle of Life. And that which is known as the Halls of Amenti or the Halls of Knowledge. This place is spoken of in books of old, in the Old Testament.
You will be shown some wondrous Truths and will gain much knowledge and wisdom from this. The Star fits into the Flower of Life, it is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge.
To start with you will be given all of this knowledge on a subconscious level, and later it will filter out into your conscious mind. You will find out more on this, as it is very difficult to put into words in a way that you could understand. I have given you some insight into this and you will find out more later, just be patient. There is more to be shown to you regarding The Star.
The Star fits into the Flower of Life. It is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge. See your mind as a computer with a hard drive. The Halls of Amenti is your computer screen, where you visualize the knowledge, and it comes out through your printer, which deciphers it for you. This is very important knowledge which will be spoken of, to help people make the transition when the new energy enters the planet. You are being given this information through a form of energy. And know also that you had something to do with that original process. This is enough now for you to take in. You will find out more later.
Next Day.

In your meditation today we took you up to a place where few ever enter. And your vibrations are still very strong. This place is spoken of as the Halls of Knowledge, in the Old Testament. Your soul yearned for this and you were taken to a wondrous old building where you were greeted by The Ancient Masters, who answered many questions you brought forth for them to enlighten you on. They have now taught you many things which are safely in your subconscious for now. And later they shall appear in your conscious mind when the time is right. And further on it will emerge as memories, for you do have work to do which will require use of this knowledge. It is all safely in your memory bank for now, for safe keeping, and will stay there for a time. These Truths have been entrusted to you, as they will become a big part of your
teachings which you are prepared to share with others. You will save many from turning the wrong way with this information, and it shall cause them to find their Heaven on Earth.
You have for many births now, been very hard on yourself when it comes to the emotions of others, of whom you love and care for. But this is also part of your learning – that of forgiveness to the self. Forgiveness to the self will set your heart free, and allow you to fly high amongst the heavens where Angels dwell. For you too are an Angel of God, an Earth Angel, hand picked and personally chosen by the Father, to touch the hearts and lives of those on Earth who struggle, and need to be reminded of their beauty. In your presence dear one, you allow this to come forth and shine, as others feel at home around you. And they, on an instinctive level, sense and feel that of Home, our Heavenly abode. This my dear is one of your many specialities. Trust that which comes from your own thoughts. Trust that your higher Self will allow the truth and accuracy of the situation at hand to unfold, as now is your time of clearing. Go with and allow your conscious mind to trust the first thoughts, memories and impressions that come, and when you do, you will gently allow the rest to flow through easily and effortlessly. Doubt will hinder and slow down your divine progress.

You have a wonderful connection and bond to The Lord and Jesus, who see you constantly in your true state of perfection. It is because of your past and present experiences that you found their company, but a beautiful transition took place from this. You take full benefit, as does The Father and Jesus, who together treasure your love. Few souls in the world today forge such a beautiful bond that transposes life’s difficulties and obstacles. They are personally assisting you with your clearing , and you are being gently reminded in order to release yourself from past experiences that no longer serve you in a constructive way.

What you get via your own instinct is a form of your innate Higher Intelligence, and believe in the true wonder of such happenings. This aspect of your psychic awareness is being highlighted for a very good reason child. Not long from now you will use your gifts to assist others. It is imperative that you truly trust and know that this is direct communication with your Guides, Angels, and yes, even The Father Himself. You are also able to connect with and talk personally with those who have passed over. These feelings and impressions are real. Doubt must never enter your mind. And do not be marred by the harsh words of others that create uncertainty in you. Reclaim your birth right as a Light worker for The Father, The Universal Source. It is true, this is really happening for you sweet child and companion of Our Maker, so enjoy and bask in the pure beauty and splendour of it all and in your God given gifts.
Would you have Magic or Logic. Why are we here and where do we go from here? What are the dimensions spoken about. Do you want the Truth on this or fudging. We have the whole picture here to lay bare at your feet. Where would we start? At the beginning you say – but there is no beginning. For time in reality does not exist. So we shall start at a single place, where time has no meaning.
Is there a God? Yes, there is a Majestic Being of Light, which sends It’s Love Eternal through all dimensions and spheres in a way which is incomprehensible to you and yours. This Love is multifunctional, and exists on every level of life. What is life? Life is an awareness, a Knowing, an Intelligence, and it spans across every Solar System, every planet, every galaxy and universe into infinity and into the unknown. What we all yearn for is to complete our never-ending quest for knowledge and to become wise in all areas, no matter where the answers take us.


The Emissaries of Light and Love~ Vision of a Beautiful Master – Lord Lanto ~ 21.02.03 ~ Val Fabian


I was shown a beautiful being whom I felt was a Master. He had some type of headdress on and a long robe. He was wearing jewellery which appeared to be a very thick heavy necklace with some kind of medallion hanging from it.. So I asked Spirit who he was.

This is a question that we knew you would ask. And it is acceptable that you should wish to be familiarizlord-lantoed with this Master. In another time and place, and much time long past, it is true that your energies did meet. And allow us to say this to you now, that he has chosen this time to step forward for you to receive him once more into the field of your aura.
The time has come now for much to change in your life, and for you to begin your journey on your rightful path. He has stepped forward to share much knowledge and wisdom with you at your request, for he feels that it will be of great benefit to you at this particular time. Your longing to be of service to all of humanity is such that you do draw to you entities such as he. And he does see that your humility is such that no amount of knowledge and wisdom will effect your ego as it were. You kind heart does shine through, and we do feel that a constant flow of energy into you will actually benefit all in the long run. As you will see to it that this is so, we know. Our pleasure dear.

What is his name please?

Many names – many times past – many lives. Simply feel his energy.
Your longing to grow has spurred you on no end. You have worked hard and are very dedicated as we all know. You are blest and you have been chosen for this work, as you have unlimited knowledge inside of the way of the world.
A gold star is your symbol. It’s all there is. It’s the Knowing, it’s the opening up of everything. I see a star shining bright and you are in the centre. You will talk for benefit, the right words will come from within. You have been given the gift, accept it. You have now reached The I Am. It is the God Force. Know yourself and who you are. You’ve gone to the peak, all knowing, you have surrendered.
You’re remembering things long past at a soul level. You see it all clearly on a higher level, this was all a prearranged promise. You will be told more on this at a later date, just wait and listen. And your soul is bringing it through to your mind. It can do this, and it has chosen to because of your growth and because of the amazing amount of compassion your heart has always had for others. We all praise you on high for you willed this to happen, and you worked hard for it. Your love brings sunshine to others and your heart sends out vibrations which are picked up by all. How wonderful it is that you are on your destiny path. To have the time and the knowledge to help your fellowman. God is sending blessings to you day by day. His love for you is as a Father for His child. He knows your strengths, He knows your heart. And His pride is bursting at the seams. No one can steer you from your path – it is cast in cement.
Your Higher Self is finally free now to do the work which has always been in your heart and soul. There were things which needed to be completed first. And there were other things to be understood. You have sat for your exams and you have passed all your tests, and now you are at last free . Free to accomplish your life’s work, your dream, your destiny.
The cycle is complete, you are in the middle of the circle, and there is no going back. Draw others to you and lighten their loads. In the circle is to be found the great mystery of Life, life eternal, life everlasting. Go up to the spiral and dwell with The Lord. His home is your home, His love is your love, His joy is your joy. Take what is offered to you and know that there is more there. His Chalice is full to overflowing, and it is offered to you in the greatest and purest of love imaginable.
Drink from His Chalice and be filled up. There is no limit to this treasure. It is yours, take it. Feel the glow from it as it washes over you, purifies you and transports you into His Beautiful Heart. All peace and harmony reign there, all love and forgiveness reign there. Drink of this Chalice and you will never feel want again. You will be focused, you will be complete. Hear us in this and believe, for you are now enfolded in the arms of Your Beloved Creator. He holds you tight and safe and He will never let you slip and fall.
Your road has been long and weary, but now you are being enfolded in the arms of your Beloved One. He holds you tight and safe, and He will never let you slip and fall. Take heart, peace is now yours my child, and the Angels herald your efforts. A job well done. Yes a job very well done.

Our blessings go with you always, we are The Emissaries of Light and Love.
{ I was told at a later date that the beautiful Master in the robe is Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One. Not long after this encounter he made himself known to me and since then he has become a big part of my life, and taught me many things over the next few years.}

THE GUARDIANS ~ Sept 2006 ~ The Blue Stars & the Flames ~ Val Fabian


Please come and explain these visions of the blue Stars and the Flames to me that I have just seen in my meditation.

We have travelled a long way to come sit with you, and we see that you are wanting answers to your viewing of the tiny stars and the flames.
We will start first with the Lights, and were they not beautiful? You are viewing them through your 3rd eye, and we know that it will be not long before you see much more than you are now. We are trying to send you something that will impact on you, for we do know that your viewing is strengthening in a way which will bring things in automatically.

What we haven’t told you is that you need to be aware that these things go along with a Knowledge of certain beliefs.

The lovely little Stars are representing your travels, which take you out of your body, and far into the unknown, but whence you go awards you a wonderland of wisdom and knowledge. Be as it may, your dream state is filled with these travels, and you are keeping a record of such things in your subconsciousness. For when you reach your pinnacle, and you become enlightened, we will then be calling on you to become as it were, a funnel, whereby others may be filled with amazing revelations, which will get them to where they wish to be. So fly high and we will pull you up the rest of the way. Through the sun, the clouds and the galaxies. Your trip is known now and excitement looms ahead of you. Be glad, be strong and be wise. All our love is sent to you at this time. Catch it in your hands and draw it into your heart. Your path is opening up to you now at a quick pace, and you are in awe still. But know the truth and live the truth. You are all powerful and you need to realize this. See yourself as a beautiful shining star throwing out stardust to all who wish to catch it. You are on your way. You are floating, you are in acceptance of everything. Feel the power, feel the goodness. God is Love, you know this. He smiles on you, He loves you, He reveres you. Never doubt that. He pours His love and peace into you, He pours His wisdom into you. He is you, remember this and go forward with all the strength you can muster.
No need to ask, the strength will be poured into you, as is needed. Stand on the top of your mountain, look up and take from us what is needed. We are waiting for this honour. To share with you, to give to you, to love you bright star. Your future is sealed in love and respect. You will be filled with all the strength you’ll need. What you desire to have, we will fill up your cup for you and surges of energy will be given. We wait for your call sweet child of ours.

Your journeying is doing a vast service, for when the time is right, it will be shared with many who are prepared to listen, and those who search for the knowledge and information that you will bring to them.

Your travels through zones at night takes you to the brink, and you are beginning to see the wonderment in all things. There is much to learn, but you are so thirsty for this knowledge, that you will simply keep searching until your cup is full to overflowing, and by then there will be not much else to know of The Circle of Life.

Your hands are going to be very busy with your journal, as is your mind, and we congratulate you on your effort to go that one step further.

And what of the Flame!! It was something which does represent your lifetime dream. It is you dear, burning bright with a never-ending love for your fellow travellers. It is encased in your Vehicle and glows brightly for all to see. That Flame cannot be dimmed by others, it is so strong and beautiful, and yet it is simply a symbol of your Intelligence, your Divine Consciousness. That Fire burns inside you, and it comprises of a current or energy, which is so powerful that it can move mountains if you will it to. You do not quite see this yet, it is all new to you, but believe us when we say that there will come a day soon when you will suddenly reach that peak of enlightenment, where it will become very clear to you that all you will need to do is to concentrate on something and you will draw it to you effortlessly. You are human, yes, but on the other hand you are an Intelligence, with much power, and your choices are endless.

You are coming into your knowing now, and soon it will be as a bright light is turned on around you, and you will gaze in wonderment at what you are really seeing. It will not be long, for you are inspiring yourself to step beyond what appears to be the Truth and Logic, and you are quite prepared to accept what lies beyond. Never doubt that the messages you receive are authentic. You are dealing with a powerful group of Beings, and it is not in anyone’s interests that wrong information be given to others.

You do have faith and trust in the Divine, and it seems that this makes your path much easier to travel down. Do you have any doubts? – yes at times – but purely in yourself – never in Spirit. We want to squash those doubts in yourself, for this does hold you back. It is an issue of worthiness, but hear us now, that there is no one who is more worthy than you are. Why would they be, for are we not all equal. You do accept that do you not? So how can you be unworthy, for that would make all of us unworthy. You must accept your worth, for you are a shining symbol of perfection, you truly are. Do not doubt us, for we are speaking our Makers’ words. His vast Love nourishes all of us. Feel His Love engulf you now, and breathe it into your being, into your heart where it will stay as long as you wish it to. We are so proud of your efforts and we know that you will accomplish all of your dreams.

Take time now to love yourself and appreciate what you have achieved, dear one. Your day is coming soon, and we will be jubilant. Many thanks for your time you spend with us, for we do love to come and visit.
We are The Guardians.