Lord Serapis Bey & Lady Nada ~ No 2~ 14.2.18 ~ Val Fabian


Just gaze into the mist dear and see us standing there. Now watch us walk towards you with hands outstretched. And as we near closer and closer, feel that bond we share with one another. Much time has passed since our last connection that you are aware of, but none the less this chain shall never be broken. It is a bond made in heaven and there shall never ever be anything that could ever cut these ties that bind us together as One. If you were to ask us which way this bond was created, we would have to say to you that it was created through love and out of love. That is all you need to know as yet.
But we do ask you to put your faith in us one more time and enthusiastically take up your banner and walk with us. For there is much to be done and said, and now it is the time for many things to be spoken of. And yet we do feel that the reason for us coming to you now is a two sided coin, for we are all constantly being guided by The One Great Creator of all of us, and for this reason alone we ask of you to be now vigilant as to your connection to the Hierarchy and to all that this implies. Do not forget your bond with all that is above and beyond your now vision, for this is where you will find all of your answers which you seek.
And do not ever despair that your complete and ultimate realizations shall not be forthcoming, for there is nothing which could ever impede this, our dear one. Let us make this very clear to you now as we speak these words to you, that forthright from now your blessings shall be 100 fold, and your cherished wishes shall all be granted.
But let’s for now speak of another thing which we are impressed to say to you. And that is that your overall health is now being guided along a path of complete and final repair. For it is truly in a way, a final showing that your desperate trials to fix this issue are being granted to you, in a way whereby there shall be no need hence forth to put yourself into a bind over this. A reward is in progress dear one.
Forthcoming also we see a Light shine down on you, and this brings with it a Knowing. For in this Light there is held a torrent of information which you will make good use of, for in your heart of hearts you have been calling out for this for much time now. But a finalization was needed to occur first before this could be realized. But now the shades are drawn up and you are about to step forth out of love for your human race. This is your dream in a nutshell, though to be able to proceed forth with this did take a few twists and turns to be straightened out. But you have an inherent strength inside dear child, and your perseverance has now claimed victory. Many thanks for your doggedness, for that is what will lead you to victory. Now it is full steam ahead for you and for everyone. Be guided now by our innate Knowing and just sit and allow the flow to take hold, as it will blessed one.
This is a privilege to be sent as a Guidance for you, and we take this opportunity to allow that our mission shall be a joyous one. Thank you for your time and be guided by these words spoken from Love.
We are your dear ones, Serapis Bey and Lady Nada.


Lord Serapis Bey and Lady Nada ~ of The Seven Sacred Flames ~ 1 ~ Val Fabian


LORD SERAPIS BEY Comes on the 4th Ray, He is The Guardian of the Ascension Flame AND

LADY NADA, GODDESS OF LOVE Comes on the 6th Ray, It is Service and ministration of the Love of Christ


1st Message.
May we come and sit with you awhile? We bring ourselves forth now as two more of your many teachers. And with this, allow that it be a long and lasting connection. Before we start on this day, we will say that rest assured our visits shall indeed bring with them, major if not bewildering information, which is coming directly from The One, and the Hierarchy. For let it be said to you now that this shall indeed be of utmost wonder, and a permanency of sorts shall develop out of all of this. Our major task shall be calling forth the Wondrous Ones who are already standing before you now, bringing in their powerful knowledge. And what you will then do with it, shall be sorting it out in order so that you are able to bring forth exactly what we will deem as perpetual and exacting and wondrous knowledge regarding many things which have never been spoken of before to any of you.
But before we start now, allow us the honour of signalling in another one who is waiting patiently for this occurrence, and he shall begin to advise you in the terms of our connection to you, and to the evermore ability that you do hold within your being. This is certainly something which we will call innate and all consuming Fireballs of knowledge and wonder. But be it not for you dear one we would not be standing before you now, and beginning this all consuming talk of which we are about to begin.
What we do ask of you now is that you allow yourself to drop any preconceived ideas as to what will transpire, and to therefore allow in just what it shall be that we narrate to you. For this to happen you will need to set yourself well apart from this, and to embody all that is good and Holy to branch out and into your space. Before we do begin this conversation we would suggest to you that you light a Light around you now, so as to keep out unwanted energies as such.