I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom ~ 6th May ‘03 ~ Val Fabian


I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom
I come as one of your teachers. You will be learning much on Ancient Knowledge and what is linked into the visions that you have been shown on The Star and the seven Beings from Syria lying around the Circle of Life. And that which is known as the Halls of Amenti or the Halls of Knowledge. This place is spoken of in books of old, in the Old Testament.
You will be shown some wondrous Truths and will gain much knowledge and wisdom from this. The Star fits into the Flower of Life, it is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge.
To start with you will be given all of this knowledge on a subconscious level, and later it will filter out into your conscious mind. You will find out more on this, as it is very difficult to put into words in a way that you could understand. I have given you some insight into this and you will find out more later, just be patient. There is more to be shown to you regarding The Star.
The Star fits into the Flower of Life. It is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge. See your mind as a computer with a hard drive. The Halls of Amenti is your computer screen, where you visualize the knowledge, and it comes out through your printer, which deciphers it for you. This is very important knowledge which will be spoken of, to help people make the transition when the new energy enters the planet. You are being given this information through a form of energy. And know also that you had something to do with that original process. This is enough now for you to take in. You will find out more later.
Next Day.

In your meditation today we took you up to a place where few ever enter. And your vibrations are still very strong. This place is spoken of as the Halls of Knowledge, in the Old Testament. Your soul yearned for this and you were taken to a wondrous old building where you were greeted by The Ancient Masters, who answered many questions you brought forth for them to enlighten you on. They have now taught you many things which are safely in your subconscious for now. And later they shall appear in your conscious mind when the time is right. And further on it will emerge as memories, for you do have work to do which will require use of this knowledge. It is all safely in your memory bank for now, for safe keeping, and will stay there for a time. These Truths have been entrusted to you, as they will become a big part of your
teachings which you are prepared to share with others. You will save many from turning the wrong way with this information, and it shall cause them to find their Heaven on Earth.
You have for many births now, been very hard on yourself when it comes to the emotions of others, of whom you love and care for. But this is also part of your learning – that of forgiveness to the self. Forgiveness to the self will set your heart free, and allow you to fly high amongst the heavens where Angels dwell. For you too are an Angel of God, an Earth Angel, hand picked and personally chosen by the Father, to touch the hearts and lives of those on Earth who struggle, and need to be reminded of their beauty. In your presence dear one, you allow this to come forth and shine, as others feel at home around you. And they, on an instinctive level, sense and feel that of Home, our Heavenly abode. This my dear is one of your many specialities. Trust that which comes from your own thoughts. Trust that your higher Self will allow the truth and accuracy of the situation at hand to unfold, as now is your time of clearing. Go with and allow your conscious mind to trust the first thoughts, memories and impressions that come, and when you do, you will gently allow the rest to flow through easily and effortlessly. Doubt will hinder and slow down your divine progress.

You have a wonderful connection and bond to The Lord and Jesus, who see you constantly in your true state of perfection. It is because of your past and present experiences that you found their company, but a beautiful transition took place from this. You take full benefit, as does The Father and Jesus, who together treasure your love. Few souls in the world today forge such a beautiful bond that transposes life’s difficulties and obstacles. They are personally assisting you with your clearing , and you are being gently reminded in order to release yourself from past experiences that no longer serve you in a constructive way.

What you get via your own instinct is a form of your innate Higher Intelligence, and believe in the true wonder of such happenings. This aspect of your psychic awareness is being highlighted for a very good reason child. Not long from now you will use your gifts to assist others. It is imperative that you truly trust and know that this is direct communication with your Guides, Angels, and yes, even The Father Himself. You are also able to connect with and talk personally with those who have passed over. These feelings and impressions are real. Doubt must never enter your mind. And do not be marred by the harsh words of others that create uncertainty in you. Reclaim your birth right as a Light worker for The Father, The Universal Source. It is true, this is really happening for you sweet child and companion of Our Maker, so enjoy and bask in the pure beauty and splendour of it all and in your God given gifts.
Would you have Magic or Logic. Why are we here and where do we go from here? What are the dimensions spoken about. Do you want the Truth on this or fudging. We have the whole picture here to lay bare at your feet. Where would we start? At the beginning you say – but there is no beginning. For time in reality does not exist. So we shall start at a single place, where time has no meaning.
Is there a God? Yes, there is a Majestic Being of Light, which sends It’s Love Eternal through all dimensions and spheres in a way which is incomprehensible to you and yours. This Love is multifunctional, and exists on every level of life. What is life? Life is an awareness, a Knowing, an Intelligence, and it spans across every Solar System, every planet, every galaxy and universe into infinity and into the unknown. What we all yearn for is to complete our never-ending quest for knowledge and to become wise in all areas, no matter where the answers take us.





The Masters
Dear one, there is a one waiting to speak to you on this beautiful morning. Make no mistake, they do come from the Light, as we always do. Congratulations on your many achievements, for to us your are an inspiration to all others who are shining their lights to the heavens. We come today to let you know of more inspiring information to be shared with others. Never think on the past, it is gone, just be in this moment, that’s all that is required. Your love for us is overwhelming to us and we do of course return it in the strongest possible way. Your life there is a joyful journey where your mind is constantly in contact with us in order to learn more and to then spread it around. Dear one, we have many wonderful treats in store for you believe us and we come in love always. We are now passing you across to a highly evolved Being who has much to offer. He has travelled far and wide as we all have, but with him it has been of a different experience, inasmuch as he has never availed himself of an earth life, he has always chosen to stay in the wings and to observe from a slight distance just what is taking place there. You know not of him, but he certainly does of you, for his eyes so to speak have been following you for some time. He is an inspiration to behold and he comes to you now with utmost love and respect in his heart. He calls himself a time machine for he travels to places unknown to you as yet and he observes so much magnificence that he has decided to come and share with you this beauty he perceives.

My friend, my name is Cusami, and I approach you this day with a heart bursting with love.
I watch and I take in many things that consume me with beauty. It is never easy to describe such things, for in your world there are no words to describe what I see. But believe me this beauty is surely out there and I can assure you that there will come to pass a day when you also will take this beauty into your heart and your psyche. This place I reside in is a paradise wonderland and it springs forth out of nowhere. There is beauty all around me beginning with the glorious trees and flowers unseen by any of you on your earth as yet, for their colours and their perfumes are unknown to you. There is no way for me to describe them, for you would not be able to absorb the information without prior knowledge of its existence. e.g. If I were to say to you to describe to me a certain animal that you had never seen nor heard of, your mind would be blank and you could not do so. And the same goes for this, for my world I see around me is still foreign to you as yet. But the beauty it expels is a constant reminder of just how vast and wondrous the Lords Kingdom really is. Just what you see around you there is not even a drop in the ocean, even though this is so hard for you all to take in for now, but life is a growing and expanding vibration and it goes on and will go on for all eternity. It never and can never stop. And it never remains the same but it just keeps on revolving. It is a great mystery unto itself, but Our God, in His infinite wisdom has it all under control, make no mistake. He is All of It, every single last part of it, including you and myself. We are all Him, just as every plant, animal and mineral are also. We all swirl around at different degrees and different speeds which changes our vibrations and what we appear as, but believe me we are all closely intertwined with each other, encased in this massive web of almost invisible cords as such. We flow around this way and that but we always remain in that massive enclosure of love. It is a truly wondrous thing to see if you are able, but until then keep it in your heart that it is so. The vibration you are on and the strength of your essence changes what you are, and just how much of all of this wonder you are able to perceive. You are not your humanness, you are a massive part of all of this wonder, for your human body is simply a part of the real you, that you sent there for a time to learn and feel things that you so desired. The real you is part of this eternal swirling beauty which is actually in formation all around you at all times. Now some of you have seen the aura around things when you have been in a certain state. You would not see this in a normal human frame of mind. The human part is not you, it is a part you have sent off to gather information for you. For Earth is the planet of emotions and you desired to feel and to understand all of what this entailed. It is as if the Mothership, being your Real Self sends out little pods, being your humanness, your human body, mind and feelings, to gather information and bring it back home to you. And all the while, you are under the umbrella of your Mother/ Fathership who is The Divine One. He allows us all out to play in whichever way we see fit. There are no boundaries or rules we need to follow. We come from Pure Love, we are pure love and we will all return to pure love, no matter what. It is the true vibration that we live in, the only vibration that we live in. All other vibrations have still come from it in some way or another. e.g. There is a very thin line between love and hate. It is still the same vibration only revolving at a much higher pace, which changes the formation, or the matter of it, changing the emotion it produces. And all negative vibrations also originate from love as they too are all a part of the hate vibration. They are a spin off of it. Fear is the father of hate. There is a fear of loss of some form or another which produces the hate vibration eventually. But my friends, this makes for a whole new lesson in itself which we shall return to at a later date, but the fact remains that the only true essence in the cosmos is love, love and more love.
You do not remain in one place in your true state, for you in your spirit form, the real you, are a master of disguise. You can be here, there and everywhere at a moments notice, in a flash if you will and also in many places at once. You are not restricted to any one place at any given time. You have the same abilities as The Creator has, the very same, for that is what He gifted you with in His wisdom and love. He made you completely in His likeness, a little microcosm of the macrocosm, identical in every single way and with exactly the same abilities. You are wonderful, masterful, all knowing and powerful beings. And that is how you reside in the Creators Sea of Love. But, just as children everywhere are, you all crave to learn and to understand the All of It. You already know the All of it but it is important to you all to understand the All of it. This is what constantly drives you all on. Searching for the ifs, buts, and the whys of the information you already have and also to explore and to feel all those deep emotions it brings up in you.
Yet, what is going on here, now, in this life with you is but a small part of the truth. And the strange thing about this is that the truth really never stays the same. It changes from second to second just as all else does. But our curiosity moves us on and on to further adventures, while always staying totally connected to The All, The Creator of all things. What a wonder it all is. What a wonderful privilege to all be a part of this amazing mystery of foreverness. I bless you dear ones, and God blesses you and you all bless one another, for you are all one another. For you all are Him. Yes we are all One…

Val Fabian

The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ Predictions of Life Changing Secrets Revealed ~~ 5.3.14 ~~ Val Fabian

Group angels
On this day we are all gathered around, to enable you to see what it is that we will be attempting to bring forth, regarding your quest for Love and Light to smother Mother Earth.

But before we do go further afield into that, we are requesting dear that you do become a funnel from which will flow down the most amazing information that you could ever hope to behold. Apart from that though, we are endeavouring to bring out in you what it is that lies deep within your consciousness.

But before this does transpire, allow us to again seek The Highest One to enfold you in His great Love, to encourage you that to be in His arms is all that you do require to begin your amazing journey. Let this become a part of your untold and extreme beliefs that to be enfolded in The God Love and Light, is the biggest and most important feeling that you could ever experience. Take this into your heart now, and breathe in more of The God Light, and that will enable you to continue on with your quest.

Allow us to point out also dear, that you do have inside you utter and complete information now, which is being processed by you, and indeed you have every possible source available to you to proceed with this now.

Do not put up any stumbling blocks regarding this, for it is clear to us now that your wish to proceed is heightened in the best possible way. So simply allow it all to run it’s course and that will bring it to the fore, allowing you to be put into a state so as to deliver it all as was intended.

So now once again, allow us to gather up more for you to decipher, so as to bring all this knowledge into the open. Allowing for those who wish to, to receive it into their own hearts and souls. Again for us, this is becoming clear now that your hold on this is beginning to heighten, for the simple reason that you are being guided into a zone where you will be delivering all of this out into the open.

We have with us now another Being of Light who is new on the scene, and he is bringing in a vast range of immediately vital information which we have gathered together as One, for your perusal and intake. But before this is imparted, we should say to you here that this information is for your taking, and not for your usual handing out for all. This is vital information and will need to be covered over for some time, for the time is still not right for this to be given out. What we will inform you of on this day is particularly vital information, and it comes with a flourish, for it holds the keys inside it as to the whys and how’s of many secrets which are dormant there.

But you are now being advised to pick up these keys and to carry them forward, and to open these doors, in order that you might see that all is not as it appears to be. For some things are indeed wondrous, and it will entail much courage on your part to be able to believe all that you will see. Yet I promise you that your mind is very capable of including this in your knowledge.

Up to date now we have dribbled things to you, and though your mind was a part of all of this, you were being given it by degrees, as this was the only way to proceed. For your mind was capable of being a beacon but not by any stretch was it a glowing substance, even though you were willing to involve yourself much further. But now we are finding that there is less obstruction for us to deal with, and so it is for this reason that we will flow on with our message to you.

For the time is coming now when your bright Light will begin to flicker out into the ethers. Bringing forth numerous encounters of Life behind the scenes there, who are about to step forth to give of themselves. Whereby bringing about many abundant scenarios, which shall bring into focus wonder after wonder, which will become for those there a picturesque fairyland, being somewhat vague. For it all will have to do with the intent of the receiver, and believe us that many will jump at this invitation.

This is a mere explanation on the whole thing, but we give this to you so that you are wise to what is now occurring all around you. And that you are privy to at least what this is giving out to you all each and every day. For this is vitally what it is that is predominant in your lives there, and yet it is very exceptional that it be what you are understanding to be the fact of the matter.

View now this field we spoke of, and take what you are seeing as gospel, and yet while you are viewing this, take it also that what you have there is a simple part of Life in the making. For it deals with all of the energetic flow which circumferences it, and it bypasses it all in a most loving way. And what this is implying to you is that what you are viewing is but a figment of your imagination. For anyone to see this it is but a mere stepping stone into a vast region which is simply as ongoing as it is wondrous. For the gist of it all is surely a make believe vision, which is partaken of by whomever is willing to be guided into it.

But before we look any further into this, we must clarify here that you are simply a Flowing Motion of Light, being guided into a somewhat vision of sorts, enacting out what presumably will become for you a particular interval in time. Where your major beliefs will intake all of this beauty before you in such a way as to become your own private and individual belief, whereby you can be assured that it will give you what you desire. But also guide you into a deeper understanding that Life begets Life, and that you do not ever stand alone in anything that you please to do. For it all becomes a Higher Power who will take the initiative, and become your once again Saviour who has put you in a surround of extreme and vital empathy, which will guide you back home to Him.

But before we take any more of your power away from you, let us now show you that what this means is for you to be just aware of the process more, and to be able to allow in exactly what will come forth now to be of assistance to you, for your integration into our vision of it all.

But allow here that your circumference there now will entail what will be marked as an opening, afire with a Flame, into which is being poured countless but necessary Vibration Forces, picking up the residue of the Earth’s Grey Matter, and enclosing it for good inside this awesome vibrating Energy, which shall disperse of all unwanted slush at it’s own pace.

{{{ This is explaining the occurrence of the complete cleansing of the Negative Energies away from Mother Earth, which are being cleared by the Higher Powers.}}}

This will be allowing in the first of many encounters of wonderful enticing Energies, which will take up residence there for Eternity. This of course is the general course for it all, allowing for changes due to environmental Forces, but the overall accounting of this is precise in all ways.

Take this now as an inspirational call to you, to connect further with us, to begin our entire program which will of course include your total attention and desires.
We send our love from above, and behold there is coming a Light which will enforce upon all of you, total love and abandonment in your hearts and your souls. We are banded together now for us all to proceed as planned.

Many thanks again dear for listening to us and bless you this day. You have answered our call for you to be aware just of the Light, and we further it on to say that what you are achieving now for yourself is to become world wise and world renowned, make no mistake here. Be the beacon we know you are. We are your Guiding Lights. And you are forever in our hearts dear one, forever. Blessings child of The Divine, we love you deeply.


Have I correctly understood your message to me as of yesterday, please.    When we incarnate here, what we experience here as our lives, is purely fictitious and is not real and is not actually happening. It is a part of Life that we dream up. For we decide to have some kind of illusion and so we enfold ourselves into a type of energy which side steps the Energetic Flow of The Divine, which flows on lovingly without interrupting us. And we then imagine something into existence, which becomes our now life.

I quote = “This area is a vast region and only a stepping stone past reality, but is just as ongoing.”
And we can then make believe into vision anything that our heart desires, and anyone can be guided into this place should they wish to.
I quote again = “But remember that you are a flowing Motion of Light, just being guided into some vision of sorts, and acting it out, in what you see as a time span or a life. When in actual fact there is no time as such, but to be able to live this life, it does entail a time line of sorts. And you know that it will give you exactly what you want. But it also puts you into a deeper understanding that you are at one with all and that you are never alone. And then when it is time The Higher Power puts you into a state of empathy and guides you back home to Him.”

Take this field now filled with roses, and become as one who has a dream. And place your dream inside a rose petal which has burst forth into becoming a make believe wonderland. Which has included in it while you live there, many beautiful paths to follow down, such as the Golden Path. And this includes all of the magic which is open for expectations. And what will happen in this field of wonder will be different little offers, which will pop up out of nowhere and bid for your attention. Some you will take, while others you will pass up, but they will all have a bearing on what your path in life shall become. For the glow from all of them will usher in a need in you to either take from or give to, in a way by which you are also then imploring them to receive or not receive.
But this will always entail a bearing on your own dreams, for it will give to you a reasonable experience in which you will propagate your own seeds for becoming a simply endowed Being in knowledge, or simply just one who is not prepared to fulfil yourself in a way which could inspire.
What we see happen for most is a rising up in their attitude, and so it begins to become a place where they are preparing themselves for another certain belief that goes into a cluster of sorts, and is filed as a prize getting notion that to be as one with all of life is a precious commodity.
And yet there are still those who do not see this as the case, and so they will continue on as in a dreamlike state, searching for that answer which evades them time and again. And so what they eventually do is to be disillusioned in this life, and they hazard a guess as to what the outcome of all of this is, believing in their naïve way, that they have found their answer, never dreaming that they have been duped into a belief which goes far beyond any truth they intended to uncover.
But this all is an illusion anyway, and so it matters not, for they have the opportunity to try again and again, to find what they are trying to figure out. What I am saying is that your dreams there are unique and indifferent to what the overall belief is, and while you are looking for answers, it is simply displayed along the road for you to take or to leave, but at some point you will look back and retrieve it none the less.


ME.        But is the Earth side stepping the Energy of the Divine Flow, while we are here living out our dream? For how could it, as we need it to survive?

THE EMISSARIES.        Let us consider it this way dear one. You are taking this into a separate space, which in actual fact is not conducive with life at all. For you are implying that you have a major separate existence there from us, which would be coming forth from a place or residence where you are merely taking your place upon your Earth and signalling in what you desire. {I think this means that I am imagining Earth as a totally separate place to what is the general Flow of Life Divine} But this place is not as you are seeing it. This place is of a neutral substance, not withstanding that all of Life needs to have a Flame in it, and the fact is that your own Planet there breathes a Fire of it’s own. And presuming that it is not a God given Flame is not a Truth. For all Life comes from Him, and nothing could survive without His Love. But let’s take it another way and see this field as a Field of Love, inspired by Him, Who places you there at a moments notice, at your call for this to take place. He breathes Fire, Flame and Love into you and you resume residence there partaking of all of your desires. And it is at this point that you are allowing for yourself to become as a single Unit and allowing for your freedom to partake of many wondrous things. Adventures untold and happiness unspoken of. But this all falls into the category of life without the expression of the Unit that it is {the Mass Consciousness of the Life Force} . And believe us that what becomes your reality from here on in, is blissfully and purely a figment of your imagination, and that it all takes place then simply as an experiment in finding things to enthral you as a Being of Light, presiding in a human frame. But for this to maintain any substance, you do need to have no recall as to your true identity, and so you drop your powerful Light, to become a Maze of Frequencies, which are dealing with certain different vibrations, that are enfolding you in their powerful essences, and which you do have a reaction to. And believe us that it is all in the mind’s eye and so it has no bearing on Life beyond your surface of Earth, and it does not cause any interference put on surrounding clusters of vistas outside of Earth.
And so your dreams there are not made in heaven as some may think, they are simply what you have placed there before you, in a need to fulfil that part of you which is crying out for a reactive though unnecessary moment where you place yourself into a situation where your world becomes one of intense drama in the making. Enough for now dear one.




The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ ~ With a Message from Our Creator ~ ~ 29.4.14


Group angels 2We have a message from The Lord dear one, for you are tired in body and soul. Please be kind to you, and take precautions as to this dearest. He is telling you now to keep faith and to have the knowledge that you are one of us.

And now we shall speak once more on things of the heart. And be at one with us, and also at peace, for the time now is drawing nearer when you will be required to step out of your body, and to become as a bird flying high. In such a way so that you will once more become a major part of this profound and wondrous connection to what we shall term as the vibrant and the victorious Body of Angelic Beings, who are performing what is known as Celestial Interference, in a somewhat beguiling way, in order that this ongoing connection is destined to become, once we begin it, a surely wondrous and purely substantial beginning of the peaceful interlude, of which we have all been summoning forth for your wondrous planet.

And that entails all of the finest imaginings, that your world there has a buzz about it now. And the circumference around it also is aglow with the finest of Light Forms, enabling what we see as the separation, that will bring forth into existence another type of weather forming pattern, which shall engulf the whole of the light forming around the Earth now.

For this will flow in a form of the constellation, peaking at its finest, and bringing about a major clearance, enabling what we can see as an opening up in the major and minor exploratory fields, which are yielding their very own control. Upon which they will seek to find another such opening up. Allowing for the final and yet most permanent and prominent and amazing volume of Light and substantial wondrous form of Nature bearing presence, into an awakening up to the final countdown of what we see forming into “the major awakening process.” This will bring into formation what we believe will become the final adjustment, flourishing forth what will make itself known as an opening up of certain facts, bringing about a clearance and a coming together, of what will become the final scenario in the adjustment phase. Bringing into play a leverage, upon which it will be capable of becoming first and foremost the one particular ingredient needed for adjustment being made in the Habitats – and in the process which will come forth out of that.Angels in Waiting at the Stairs

We make it known here and now that what this will mean for society will be first and foremost the intricate bio chemical adjustment, which will herald in what is yearned for and craved for.

What will come out of this also is an abundance in the form of a particular kind of “reminiscence,” in those there that will speak volumes as they put into play exactly what it will be that will bring forth in them what they have been trying to come to terms with. In the way of their own beliefs and their very own feelings of their particular connection to their Beloved God.

And this will override what is their current belief pattern, allowing for them to stand up and be counted, in the way that they then substitute into their lives their current beliefs into what is now, they feel, appropriate. And this is the beginning of what will herald in a passing by of the now form of living, into a major flowing forth of victorious love and caring for one another.

And make no mistake on this, that what we are visualizing for it will be pure ecstasy for all who would wish it to be, not forgoing the industrious belief that all who seek shall find. Never doubting that their life change there is to become as ongoing as they would have it be.

But let’s now put into play another scenario which would take you further afield than we spoke of previously. And that is that this section of your own life as you know it to be will become a dim memory, at least for a time there. For what we are applying for you as we are speaking now, will be a more than average way by which you will be called on to begin perfecting your very own innovative ways in prompting forth what we shall call your celebrated and unswerving inner knowledge, that will become a special part of your repertoire in the near coming time as we see it to be.

But before this adventure does begin, we solely will now speak of another intricate and wondrous occurrence which shall boggle your mind. And that being put into a nutshell is the fact that your own being has been lifted up higher now. In order that you prepare yourself for an enormous overflow of this entire circumference that is being parted. So that we see a major influx into its centre, which will bring forward the enormous flow of intricate Light Formation, lifting up and carrying forth its glow around your surface. So that what you will have there finally shall be an enormous display of the vibrant and intricate Beam of Light flow. Which shall carry forth this amazing cloud of viable innate and wondrously glorious blessings in the form of a current. And it will bind into place a miraculous and forever flowing generous amount of Life Form, which will form its own beautiful presence, in a somewhat quizzical way, which will capture the imagination and beguile all those who would take reference to it. And this will indeed go on to form a body of supremacy in a way, that will overtake what you now know as “The Everglades.”

thL66CIK0C The Everglades

But this will simply form into another part of what will be seen as a submission into a fusion of some kind, as the overall experience that this will lead to will be a gigantic leap of faith forward, into a belief that all is not as is visualized by the naked eye.

But believe us that what the overall effect of this will form is the intended one. Which will carry forth in it a realization that your world there may be changed at a moments notice. Aligning with the theory that intent is behind all of it. And this will speak volumes to one and all, as they come to believe and to achieve their goals, forever changing the vibrations and the belief pattern that was formed many moons ago.

And what this will lead to will be a thunderous applause going through the hearts of the masses, as they begin to see and to achieve their very own goals. Believe us dear that the overall intent for this shall be Earth shattering, as those of you who would take the plunge shall be transported into a place of beauty and Light, which will become your very own Haven of Love and Peace.

Please become aware now of approaching the beginning of all of this with the feeling of longing for this occurrence to begin. For we do see the brightness increasing as we speak, which shall enable you yourself to blend with it perfectly, in such a way as to bring forth in yourself a knowledge now of wonders, in the way of the whole enticing way of Nature and the Cause and Effect of it.

Bring this now into your mind, and sort through this knowledge, for we speak of great things to come very soon.

We send our love to you this day and we send our caring for your swift recovery. Blessings beguiling one, to you from your very own Angels. We are waiting to become a part of this glorious Mirage of Nature. Mark this on your calendar as a one time event, to go down in the history of life on Earth. Au revoir dear one.


Alexandria ~ The Secret Scrolls & The Garden of Eden ~~ 13.3.14 ~~ Val Fabian


You are all Powerful Masters of Supreme Intelligence, who are creating your lives there constantly, through your own thoughts & feelings & beliefs & expectations.


Dear one, our paths have crossed many moons ago, and much has happened since then. But now we are uniting once more for this amazing event to take place.

What we have for you today is a surprise. In knowing this, it will become a twofold thing. For your knowledge thus far is far removed from what we are about to reveal to you. And this is coming from the Most High, for He is the One who is guiding you now, as to be of this Light has connotations that by far do exceed your expectations. For you have not any idea as to the extent of His wisdom.

Let us begin now as if on a clean slate, and it is said that you are in a position now in the way of your intake, to be able to be aware of a splendid new array of what we have to offer. This is in depth, but yet again you are now prepared to become a more in tuned one, and so it is with pleasure that we do proceed further.
And know dear one that we are here at your disposal, and for future reference we shall be inclined to be coming forth with a most unusual proposal, in the form of literature which is now becoming a major part of your role in all of this.

But for this to take seed it will be impossible for you to be coming from your earth role. Insomuch as your being with us, in a way which shall bring forth your enabling to beseech others to perform at will, just what your message shall give forth for them to become a part of.

And genuinely speaking this now is to become a more substantial part of the procedure ‘In the Form of the Guiding Light for All to Perceive of‘. Which will then take them further along a road where they will combine their now beliefs into a much broader spectrum, which will shine forth in a loving way The Eternal Flame. Out of which they will partake of many other ways by which they will be guided along the now far reaching paths, and out into the blessed wonderland, at which their then all-powerful endeavours will call forth for them a much infused and beguiling integration. Out of which will blossom a loving relationship for mankind in general.

By this we are endeavouring to replace what is now seen as a ‘Blinding Façade’ which has ultimately become the standard overall occurring blockage, from which is formed many a tragic story. And yet it is simply a state of not seeing what is before one, in the light of day. But before long this intolerance will be replaced by yet another option, which shall be far reaching and long-lasting.

{{Alexandria is referring here to the Negativity that is rife on our Earth today, which runs relentlessly through the Social Consciousness of everyone that is on Earth at this time. It contains all of the unfortunate belief systems and negative expectations that are ingrained in our minds.}}

Become more at peace with your plight there now, and you will be able once more to place yourself in a bubble of love. And so it shall form then for you what could only be described as a heaven sent rush of knowledge, in kind. For you now have a job to perform, out of which you will only enrich society in general. So hark dear one, forget now what has placed itself on your path there at this time, and speak once more with intent to transform your world.

Be kind to yourself dear one and believe in yourself, for you are not simply a soul who has become engrossed in your everyday life there. You are truly more than that, and so now take control of your reins again, in the form of building up again your intense desire to give freely of yourself for the good of the whole. Begin again to see the plan in motion and move forward.

We are placing now in front of you a unique and kindly agenda which will carry forth for you a long and lasting amount of infinite knowledge and power, in the form of your very own and special writings. And beyond that we shall be displaying just what you are now very keen to behold. For your own selfworth now has been proven to be an example of extreme exemplary worth, so just begin now to have the knowledge that all is above and beyond this time of stress. And bring forth your very own powerful belief that your world there has reached a turning point from which sadness and misery have been replaced by all things of wonder and beauty.


What we are showing you now will be broadcast in such a way as to forward this information in quite small episodes, for it would be a hard take to expect others to accept all of this in one hit. And for this reason we are endeavouring to apply to you a scenario, by which you would be best suited to give this out.

For the heavy part of this is a preamble for what will become your very first talk to others, as it shall widen their curiosity in a way that will allow in the appropriate overtones that “all is a very different state of affairs to what they now believe.”

For instance, we are going to explain to you that the ever growing circumstance that has widened in scope, is to be taken that your own world there is afire with it’s own atmospheric inducements, in such a way as to attract to it, what is purely and simply a tangent of what life exudes out from it.

But the biological matter that is consuming the face of Earth now is by far a combination of highly powered substances, which are attracting in a new and again fiery intake, which has benign benefits. But to see that this has any benefits at all would be a stretch of the imagination, and yet it is in the hands of The Masterful Ones, who are working on changing the Atmospheric injunctions that “your particular field of Light there has damaged beyond belief,” and you are all subject to a wide range of happenings from this. Particularly in the way that you apply your own beliefs, and how you adjust to your own set of circumstances in such a way as to become what you have been aspiring to.

But the circumstance which is to be brought forward now in such a way as to become a transition to all of you has been put firmly in place and will be brought into existence when the time is right. For it will be in a time line that will become beneficial to all and sundry, as it will herald in a new and envisaged life style for you all to partake in.

But this is not what we were to imply as to your own services there. For they go very much beyond all of this, and it will entail that you place yourself into a cocoon of type, for the tumultuous vibrations which will reach out for you, will be something of which your very own person has to become infused with, in such a way as to become blended as one, over a short period of time, and this will take a type of adjusting to. For it will afire you in such a way as to become a lifting up of your Spirit. And believe us that this will take some adjusting to, for the overall feeling of this shall be extremely empowering for you, yet also it will allow for you to become a Tube of Light, which will spread forth over your Earth, and begin to influx and flow into all and sundry. Bringing into it’s wake a mild but a change in atmospheric conditions, which will then allow and bring forth the wondrous Light of the Powers That Be, to enhance this now changed pocket of the Universes. What we will suggest to you also would be to take some time now to become aware also that what you have now on your plate is a far cry from expectations, for you will be timing yourself and putting forth your vibrations in a way that will carry much energy across the Globe, always benefiting ones who are willing to adjust their Lights to it.

Prepare yourself now for a busy yet wonderful interlude, where you will be accounting for your own initiated terms and doings. Go now and make good use of this dear one, and be of the mind where you are knowing that all is to proceed exactly as planned, and take our blessings with you.





I Am The Mighty One, Isaiah ~~ The Secret Scrolls ~~ 15.4.14 ~ Val Fabian


Good morning child of The Divine. It is long since I last spoke to you, and justly so it be time now for a reverie. And now what we have for you to partake of has been sent from The Divine to you, as a knowing, in the fact that what presides for you there is simply a manifestation of your thoughts,

The time is now here dear when we are able to have a heart to heart about things not spoken of before. And for you now, this is a dream in the making as you know. But for many a long day, there have been things which were not spoken of even to you, for they brought up scenarios and reasons as to why your world there could ever be what it was planned to be. But for some time now those reasons have been but a memory, and for some, the Light began to become what was always known as Dark Matter. But now we are trying to bring to you all, just what it was that was meant for you while you played there. Allow this now to become a show of hands that may lead you on to empower yourself more to be in complete zinc with us. Allow us to show you in more detail that all that is to be given to you will indeed be coming from Our Divine One, who lovingly awaits your nod of approval. Bear in mind also that no time has passed in actual fact since you began this endeavour, for it is only on your plane that time arises. Let us begin now with a further message.

Dreams are surrounding you there, though for some time now your issues plagued you. But now you are going one step further to enfold yourself in the Light, as you know this is vital to your cause. Begin to see yourself in a field where roses bloom and surround you. And each one of them has a secret enfolded in it’s petals. Your purpose there is to show mankind that these secrets are real and necessary, to continue on with Life there.


But your world is so engrossed in everyday things that it does not see any of this. We think it needs a wake up call, and it is a myriad of information which will be instilled in their minds at a moments notice, allowing for a review of what they see now as the flow of life in general.

But that is only a small part of all of this, for you have other Truths on your plate, which you are going to hand over to them. And assuming that this will all be handled with kit gloves, it shall be accepted, all of it, into their flow of life. Your world is to turn on it’s face with the allowance that all this shall bring. And be it not for every soul who is participating in this, it would become dust. But we know that the majority of them will bless it into their hearts, allowing for peace and love to rein in their lives.

We are partly now into a regime where your calling has reached a peak, and before you know it there shall be a One there who will be forthright in assuming the unlikely call of protector for you, for the eventual and at the least amazing schedule that you will encounter. And before you know it your rise to fame will be the overall and yet a very timely thing that shall enforce yet again, just what it shall be that will become the driving force in your endeavour to be what we will call a one who will bring much joy into the lives of others who have battled with their thoughts and feelings for such a long time.

And before you know it you will be placed into a position of trust which will allow in a much needed system of intelligent entitlements, which will clear away much of the fear based beliefs which plague your Earth now.

And believe us dear one that your persistence in all of this is marked down as a very perfected and warranted working mission that will be known as a triumph, in the fact that you will be bringing about a much needed tolerance throughout your world. Be it for the simple reason that your heart will shine forth out of love for all man, and this shall encase all and sundry throughout your field.

Never forget though that your timely presence there has been dotted with minor and major happenings, though this all has been placed there afore with the intention of bringing out in you what we can describe as a tolerance, as also an understanding, in the form that of being in your world does not exclude you from mishaps and the like.

Remember always dear child that wherever your path may lead you down now it will ever be one that entices you further on towards your actual goal. And in all of this, it is clear that what you will achieve and bring about, shall be an overall conditioning in the form of what we can inscribe as being one of enthusiastic and vital information coming from you, in the form of yet this great and amazing Being, who will be guiding your every word, and becoming in this way a vital part of your repertoire and of the whole caboodle.

So be at peace with all of this while ever staying in focus, as we are becoming so close now to our intended and overall mission that whatever has occurred around you has no bearing on the real and present issue, which is ever in question. Take care to rest more dear one, and allow that we be called forth to be of some help while unburdening your load for you. We are here to be called on at a moments notice should you feel the urge to, and only then are we able to come forth for you. Believe us when we tell you that your very capable presence there has never been compromised as you are feeling. What has eventuated through all of this has been a resounding strength ever cemented more into your ever growing bright field of Light, which will enable you furthermore to be a vibrant support for all who shall seek you out.

Assume now that your field around you is a prominent one, and that your bearings are what we describe as limited. And then see yourself as giving out an energy which will awaken all of those around you into seeing the overall vista as coming to life before their eyes, springing forth flowers, trees, wild life in numbers, and the sound of the beauty of light serene music. This is to become the norm there for all who wish for it. And like a flash of thunder and lightening, the vista will light up into a fairyland with abundance in all things.

Your powerful Light will assume a glow which will encase all, and it will bring in a reasonable strong flow of energetic bliss, which will shine bright right across your world there. But in this Light there is an Energy which will become known as a monumental but Living Force, which will endow all of life there, allowing for what will become a placid ease of right of way. For if this flow did not carry on through, the vibrations would become muted, not continuous in themselves. But your place in this will cause a climatic interference in the atmosphere, but it will ease in what was intended. Your place in this also, will bring you into alignment with many others who are now the Gate Keepers, and one and all will carry out their pre planned missions to perfection.

And yet, don’t let this knowledge take you into a spin of sorts, for what we do need now from you is to draw on your every strength and to become a Master in disguise, in such a way as to allow into your heart this amazing adventure that we put down in front of you. Beloved one it is you alone who will carry this forth, and so it is up to you now to begin to become engrossed in all of this in such a way as to bring once more into your life a joyfulness in the spoken word, and forever to see this as your dream which you have aspired to for oh so long now. Bring to this day now exactly what it may be that will lead you further on into our world.

And forever be adjusting to your life in service, in a way which will eventually allow for you to see ahead of you, that none of the other things have meaning bar the one that does exist in your loving heart. And believe in yourself my child, as this has indeed forged a path forward for you in a way that is unseen by you as yet. But believe us that your own persistence has allowed that this unfold into your own blessed allowance of a flowing forth into a particular energy pattern. Blessed be thou my child of The Divine. It is you surely who will raise the vibrations of your Earth and put in place your dream for survival, bringing about a blissful end to the violence there.

And never forget that your own safety and happiness are forever being protected, as we are looking at a distant trumpet blowing at a magical beat in flowing formation. Which is heralding in your amazing triumphant endeavour, which will summon in what can only be described as a most unusual and magnificent calling for your entitled and very warranted love and respect. And flowing forth to you from many a corner of your Universe. This we promise dear, which shall be your just rewards for your part you will play in all of this. For never in history shall there have been acclimations which will have been spread so far and wide in many a time gone by.


Be prepared now dear. Take this and read it over and be of the belief that your life there is about to take an amazing turn. Many thanks for your time, and know I speak a truth.

I am The Mighty One, Isaiah.


The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ Mother Nature & Her Garden of Eden ~ 2.4.16


GardenOfEden 4Beloved one, we make it known today that what is being performed now has a massive impact on you all there on Mother Earth. For at this time, and beyond this space, we are forming now quite a large barrier, which is knowingly holding up and in place, this magical World now, which you all call your home.

And be it here dear that I am placing into your hands now the very outward signs of a vision so Magical and Majestic that it would empower you beyond any words I can surely utter.

Put this here into a reasonable induction of all that is Holy, and we are able to once more see from here that your wondrous Planet is again aglow with the Magical Belief that it is a continuous Jewel in the Crown of all Life. For ushering in here we now have what is presumed to be the most Dynamically Wondrous and Beautiful Place known to any of us, bar here. And given that time and space are resounding now to the Rhythm of her newly developed Heartbeat, we are all so joyful at the sight of her.

And placing even more lovingly in her arms is Mother Nature’s achievements that you have now all been showered with. For if not for Mother Nature of course, there would be no course of action taken, to empower her on to bigger and better blessings. So we hold Mother Nature once more in total abandonment of wonder and love, for her ongoing gifts that she is so capable of bringing forth for us all. Blessed she is, and a wonder unknown she is.

And we shall speak of Mother Nature again, seeking to be further informing you with a certain Knowledge that what she brings forth, along with all of her finest accomplishments, is the total and the whole expectancy that life producers much more than is seen by any of you. And further on, that she is showing her power now, and arranging a vision so unique that it calls for an immediate and an awesome thunderous standing only ovation and applause. What she is bringing forth is the wholesome vision of wonder which she has prepared for you, and she shall blossom it forth for you all to acknowledge in total wonder and awe.

It is presumably in the Wastelands of Central America, and with it comes a Legacy of Miracles with enthralling Visions attached to it. For she has formed a vision of immense and utter beauty, in a place where no one thing could ever exist before. She has created her Heaven on Earth in Magnificent Proportions, in such a way as to call on all that she endeavoured to, to primarily appease the Hearts of Humans into awakening to the utter and complete joys that she gifted them with. You will all be aghast as you gaze at this wonder.

And prepare yourself even further here child, for the Miracles have not stopped there.
Her immense Powers have weaved their spells all over the face of your Globe, and wonders unspoken of shall be laid bare, encouraging everyone into a state of bliss, at the total perfection of all that she has on display for their pleasure and their viewing.

And this in itself has a unique twist to it, for woven into all of this is the final countdown of magical intrigue. For she has given much more than even this. For what she has prepared for all of you is a time stopping Explosion of Nature in the Raw. And believe me child that you shall all be gasping for breathe at its sight. Miracles are asunder now and her final curtain call is the full Icing on the Cake, never again to be outdone.

A true life vision of the Holiest and Purest of Wonderlands is aglow with all of its magnificent charms, & it breathes in a new life form there which shall test your abilities to behold such enthralling beauty in motion.

So the final countdown will be a perpetual and lifelong extremely perfect vision that breathes a Fire into all that it creates and it draws forth from them the absolute wondrous Miracle that could only be displayed by Our One True God, in His far reaching vision that will complete the picture. And it will become what will be understood as the Totality of Abundance that could ever be placed before His Beloved Children.

It is sublime peace and Love and the Vibration of Harmony, which springs forth from all Life, be it every flower, tree, mineral or animal. And His primary Love Eternal Energetic Forces, which remain as an Eternal Flame spreading forth from His Heart.

His cup runneth over my child, and His powers have formed an eternal Wonderland for you all to exist in, on your sojourn there. And in supreme and evidentiary wonder and bonding in it too, there is a Magic Substance which is aglow at all times, bringing forth the bonding and Mystique with all that is good and Holy. Eternal bliss it brings my girl, and it will cover over your Earth face in extreme pure Love. And the final realization that Life holds within it the purest of Our Creator’s gifts to all of us. Sublime happiness and joy, and the elation that springs forth from this knowledge. That all are One and that each one of us is A Magic Presence in the Eyes of Our Beloved. That Life is one Miracle after another, and also eternal bliss.

And believe me that all in all, the pleasure that beholds all Beings of Earth is awesome, and it tells them that their singular own place there speaks it’s own magic, which will illume them into being of the Light in every which way. Allowing in their own Wondrous One, their Creator, Who is the be all and end all of it all. And so then their own Magic begins, and takes form around them, never ever going back to their mundane lives, which have now faded away. …………………………..

Pink Wisteria







The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ We are the bridge you walk across ~~ 10.3.14 ~~ Val Fabian

Golden Steps

We have much to be spoken of today and with your permission it would please us greatly if you would be obliging. In the fact that your sole purpose could be that of one who is bespoken to the fact that the time is now indeed right when you place yourself completely in our hands. With the complete and obvious trust which you do carry within you. For were it not dear for that trust, you would not be able to carry forth your yearned for mission and to display what was intended.

You have come from afar with these intentions allow us to say, and it is rightly so that now it shall come to pass when your sole and wonderful display of mighty intelligent information will be set down upon the Table of Love. And in such a way as to be of comfort to the many there who are struggling with what they have placed before them. In some ways as to be forever in a turbulence of sorts, unable to for one, rise up out of their dilemma’s and secondly, to not fully acquire the courage to begin to take their place beside what they may see as an introduction to a life begot of promise.
Be preparing yourself now and be awake to these suffering children who are clamoring for what they would perceive as a better way of living. For be it known to you, they shall be the ones to carry your books for you, giving that you will awaken in them exactly what has remained dormant for much time gone by.     Backdrop 4

Also we have something new again for you this day. And be assured that each piece will fall into place, and that you will then be able to grasp the whole scenario dear one.
What we will show for you today is indeed inspiring for you, for to be more precise it will carry within it a somewhat intriguing piece of information through which you should be able to visualize what is to become your own private garden.

That being said, let’s go forth now and we will show you what we would have you understand as being a big portion of the whole package. And this will require what we see as being an appropriate and yet a loving agenda, towards the now fast flowing accomplishments which you have inspiringly held fast to your heart.

Let’s assume now that the current way that is bringing in the flow of all there is, is vindicated, and is to be shown in yet another way, by which it will spring into life. And the surface there will intake a spreading forth of a vibrant new God Light, endowing all there with it’s powerful and wondrous vibrations. And yet to encounter this your field there will be coming into a phase where it is entirely able to partake of this magic. For it will bring unto itself the needed influx of Energetic Power which will sweep across plains and into every crevice, lighting up your sky with the wonder of it all. And yet this is a new awakening for many, as it enfolds in itself a powerful substance which will immediately clean up the surface there of any untoward issues which plagued your civilization up to this point.

What we have here now for you is a higher portion of this. For it will also come into play that your own usual quiet and serene existence shall now be caught up in the abundance of all of this, never shaking off exactly what we are presuming to be a Higher Power working through you. And bringing forth through you what will come to be known as vital issues, which will spread far and wide, and this will bring all of the other occurrences into a better alignment. For it will speak volumes of Truths which will progress forth into yet another case of vital information, bringing in abundantly what shall become a Milestone in History.

For little is known up to now about these things we shall speak of, but the irony of all of this shall take you into a world where your very Soul shall illume every corner of the globe, and life in and beyond this. We are here standing tall now waiting for the call, as we planned to, and so we speak to you now as one Great Being to another in such a way as to be of great hope that you do hear our call to you on this morn.

Do not begin to imagine that your life there is made up of anything which could damage this beloved, but begin to once more endeavour to believe that your life there has partaken of many things completely unknown to you as yet. But believe us that your endeavours are now to come forward and to pay off regarding your dream. Your dream is such that your great desire has always been to free up all those who walk your plane, and this is what will transpire in the shortest space of time.

For it will entice all others to look at things in a simpler form or way, allowing that they then are capable of expressing themselves in a way that will encourage them to become enlightened in the shape and form of their everyday existence. What this will acquire will be something that will reign peace and harmony all over your plain, while yet again still encouraging each one to become their own shining Force.

Many thanks for your luminous intents, and again be of the heart that your mission is now in place and is about to take off from it’s launching base. Be one with us dear one, and never be put to the mind that you are not catered for in all ways, for our main aim is to be carrying you through each and every block which occurs.
Be calm and love your life there, for miracles are about to begin for you dear one.

Allow for your loving Light to shine forth at every turn, and prepare yourself for a Guiding Light to become clearer to you, in order that you have the call to rise up and take the lead in what will become a lightening strike effect on your world and your environment.

And believe us dear one, that all you have transcribed is of the highest information, and you have put nothing onto paper which is not worthy of it’s space there. For you are one indeed who has travelled there on a mission, which has been many eons in the making. And believe us that your loving aptitude shall place you inside a tumultuous bubble of sorts, that shall carry you into spaces where no other has ever been or could ever place themselves before. For you are indeed one of us in every sense of the word, but do not ever be of the mind that this will have any bearing on anything. For your life there will become one of joy and peace once the call is complete.

And need I say to you that your own views on this shall take in the fact that you are simply the carrier of information, and that nothing is needed as a reward for this. For you will know in your heart that what has transpired is a dream you placed there for yourself, and that no need for thunderous applause is ever necessary. For you have a dream to be a giver in all of this, and never a taker. And what is thanks enough to you is to see the open glee in the eyes of your beloved fellow travellers. That will be all you will ask for my dear child.

Believe us that this day is to come sooner than later. So hold onto your seat and allow your own time to be of intense yearning. For what is coming is exactly what you have pined and wished for, for eons now child. We bless you wholeheartedly, and leave you now with a love unspoken of.

We are the bridge you walk across .Group Angels 3

White Cloud ~~ Predictions for Earth ~~ Amazing Grace ~~ 20.2.14 ~~ Val Fabian

rainbow_warrior_188x250 (1) - CopyWhiteCloudfeathers    Art by  David Kilpatrick  – of Canada   and   Art  by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman of Wales

Dear child. Yes the time has come now when the absolute wonder of all of this should be told to you, though just still in the assumption that you are still by far only skidding the surface of it all. But the current issue that we are now placing before you is one which will carry much weight. And yet your participation in all of this is widely spread forth as we speak. For the entire mission is to be called forth in such a way that what we are transpiring to do shall indeed cover a large amount of Energetic Force, being replaced by yet a simpler one in itself, and yet a much more movable and Serene Force.

For we have not yet displayed any lengthy thoughts of what this will carry around, but the average time line will be put into it’s needed place. Out of which we will then totally be assured that what we are bringing forth is of the magical substance that will rise up above any other. For we are keeping a watchful eye on that, and yet it is best to assume that the project is kept in keeping with the assumed creation being of the finest quality.

But now let’s proceed further for you and propose for you exactly what is intended that you give forth. For the highest quality of your personal attributes shall endeavour to become a type of illumination which will carry forth in it some kind of a dynamic assurance that your intense, yet partially known intention will bring about a reaction which will become a symbol of all that you have worked for.

For lesser things will fade away and the proportioned influence that this will carry forth will be in accompaniment with many presumed feelings, by which the public can interpret them in such a manner as to become engrossed with the knowledge that they themselves have now been engulfed with a life changing apparition. Which we presume that they will carry into their own psyche, to begin a life well worth the living.

Amazing Grace is the tone which we bring forward in this message, and also allow that your being there at this time is not for the reason we have spoken of before exactly. But to be as precise as possible it has always been with a ring of truth to it, and yet again it’s much more than that.

And now there are many Powerful Beings who are gathering for the initial stream of the God Light to infuse you, and to give forth from you this amazing and yet vital part of what you shall be spreading out amongst your very own people there. Though while also still begetting of the Love and the Fire of the Amazing Flame of the Bewitching One, Who will light up your own world for you, while again affording you the amazing honour of standing tall and strong through this vital timeline.

For this will prove to be exactly what you will be needing, in order that you glean from this what you have intensified, in the way of providing for others what they will need to become enticed into a separate and yet intensely interesting phase of their own lives.

For be it not for your persistence it would all prove to be another gesture that goes nowhere. And yet your glow which will shine forth for them shall be the enticement they will need before they seek and find their own truth. And having given of this, you will then become aware of another gesture of love which will fill your being, and this simply will spring forth, arising out of you and right across the paths of others. Beguiling them into yet another chance encounter which will contain benefits for them to assume that their own conscious mind is capable of capturing much in the way of forgotten memories. And this is what will awaken in them just precisely what they will need to acquire their own passage of belonging.

And so, our child of The Divine, we are placing ourselves before you once again to inspire you and to bring to you a maze of information, in a way that will titillate you into being of a more profound Beacon of Light. What we have prepared for you today shall indeed incline you into being of a more in tune one, and we are knowing that all of your efforts thus far have not been in vain. For you have inspired your own True Self into being a beacon for others. Yet what we are about to give you now shall inspire you no end.

Take this in confidence just for now, for there are many others who would dare not to speak of these things, and yet these unknown of things really do shine out and be of much importance. While we also have your attention, we are going to give you a last minute take on your whole substance of being. For you to know above all else that the Light that shines above you is a more lasting one than any other, and with it in it’s wake, it has a Luminous Being, who is guiding you on towards your goal. That which we do speak of has nestled itself around you with a flowing substance, of which there is a permanency taking over it.

Be prepared now for many others to appear also to you, for with this unique connection that we have, we are all permanently here to be of service to you and to The Divine One. For He has held all of this in place for much time now. And allow that our presence now shall illuminate your path into an opportunity of taking you that one step further on and above where you have placed yourself this day. Be prepared as we say also, for the time is coming very soon when the Bright Light shining down shall make it’s way deep down into your heart, and also into the cavity of your constant Soul space. For with this Light there shall come to you what we otherwise would call an illumination of your Being, and to your overall bodies. And that will put in place your Prominent Self to step forward, and to be as it wishes to be, heralding in the pre-empted writings in your mind’s eye and give you the spoken words which have been put in place inside you, waiting for the extra incentive to bring them out and forward them on to mankind.

Little is known yet of that which we shall speak of, but what we will give you is a token of our sincerity. And that is that you do have inside you already exactly what it is that you have a burning desire to speak of. But time is of the essence now, and we do await your call to bring much more on this to you. Many others have spoken much to you, but the message is now clear that you do put aside your Earth body and take on a more profound figure of substance, in the way that you are to perceive all of this information.

Stand tall in this dear one, and it shall all flow forward for you to embrace into your now very powerful intellect. Stay firm in your beliefs, and allow us to proceed as it was intended to. Be the beacon of Light that you are, and allow in the appropriate messages to enhance your already substantial knowledge in all of this.

But before this does happen, we see for you a resemblance of what we can describe as earth shattering and long lasting powerful achievements, which will take you further afield, and allow for you to have a Personal and Private Vision for you yourself to enjoy. Full knowing that what you are visualizing will become a seasoned reality for all, once the obvious segment which you aspire to is completed. And for that we are still continuing on with much ground work, for your very own powers are now rising up at a fast pace, and with this knowledge in tow, we are simply now biding our time for your glorious rising up to encumber all that you survey.

Be prepared also for The One True One to be coming to you also on a day to day basis, to set your soul aflame, and to speak His words of Knowledge and Wisdom to you child. We have a longing to appear to you again and to be the teachers from afar, and yet we are now in your space where we shall be spending much time from thence onwards.

Our love is shining down on you and we give of ourselves wholly to your cause.
With this dear one we shall now depart, full knowing that your time today is limited. Blessed be thou, and adieu for now.