I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom ~ 6th May ‘03 ~ Val Fabian


I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom
I come as one of your teachers. You will be learning much on Ancient Knowledge and what is linked into the visions that you have been shown on The Star and the seven Beings from Syria lying around the Circle of Life. And that which is known as the Halls of Amenti or the Halls of Knowledge. This place is spoken of in books of old, in the Old Testament.
You will be shown some wondrous Truths and will gain much knowledge and wisdom from this. The Star fits into the Flower of Life, it is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge.
To start with you will be given all of this knowledge on a subconscious level, and later it will filter out into your conscious mind. You will find out more on this, as it is very difficult to put into words in a way that you could understand. I have given you some insight into this and you will find out more later, just be patient. There is more to be shown to you regarding The Star.
The Star fits into the Flower of Life. It is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge. See your mind as a computer with a hard drive. The Halls of Amenti is your computer screen, where you visualize the knowledge, and it comes out through your printer, which deciphers it for you. This is very important knowledge which will be spoken of, to help people make the transition when the new energy enters the planet. You are being given this information through a form of energy. And know also that you had something to do with that original process. This is enough now for you to take in. You will find out more later.
Next Day.

In your meditation today we took you up to a place where few ever enter. And your vibrations are still very strong. This place is spoken of as the Halls of Knowledge, in the Old Testament. Your soul yearned for this and you were taken to a wondrous old building where you were greeted by The Ancient Masters, who answered many questions you brought forth for them to enlighten you on. They have now taught you many things which are safely in your subconscious for now. And later they shall appear in your conscious mind when the time is right. And further on it will emerge as memories, for you do have work to do which will require use of this knowledge. It is all safely in your memory bank for now, for safe keeping, and will stay there for a time. These Truths have been entrusted to you, as they will become a big part of your
teachings which you are prepared to share with others. You will save many from turning the wrong way with this information, and it shall cause them to find their Heaven on Earth.
You have for many births now, been very hard on yourself when it comes to the emotions of others, of whom you love and care for. But this is also part of your learning – that of forgiveness to the self. Forgiveness to the self will set your heart free, and allow you to fly high amongst the heavens where Angels dwell. For you too are an Angel of God, an Earth Angel, hand picked and personally chosen by the Father, to touch the hearts and lives of those on Earth who struggle, and need to be reminded of their beauty. In your presence dear one, you allow this to come forth and shine, as others feel at home around you. And they, on an instinctive level, sense and feel that of Home, our Heavenly abode. This my dear is one of your many specialities. Trust that which comes from your own thoughts. Trust that your higher Self will allow the truth and accuracy of the situation at hand to unfold, as now is your time of clearing. Go with and allow your conscious mind to trust the first thoughts, memories and impressions that come, and when you do, you will gently allow the rest to flow through easily and effortlessly. Doubt will hinder and slow down your divine progress.

You have a wonderful connection and bond to The Lord and Jesus, who see you constantly in your true state of perfection. It is because of your past and present experiences that you found their company, but a beautiful transition took place from this. You take full benefit, as does The Father and Jesus, who together treasure your love. Few souls in the world today forge such a beautiful bond that transposes life’s difficulties and obstacles. They are personally assisting you with your clearing , and you are being gently reminded in order to release yourself from past experiences that no longer serve you in a constructive way.

What you get via your own instinct is a form of your innate Higher Intelligence, and believe in the true wonder of such happenings. This aspect of your psychic awareness is being highlighted for a very good reason child. Not long from now you will use your gifts to assist others. It is imperative that you truly trust and know that this is direct communication with your Guides, Angels, and yes, even The Father Himself. You are also able to connect with and talk personally with those who have passed over. These feelings and impressions are real. Doubt must never enter your mind. And do not be marred by the harsh words of others that create uncertainty in you. Reclaim your birth right as a Light worker for The Father, The Universal Source. It is true, this is really happening for you sweet child and companion of Our Maker, so enjoy and bask in the pure beauty and splendour of it all and in your God given gifts.
Would you have Magic or Logic. Why are we here and where do we go from here? What are the dimensions spoken about. Do you want the Truth on this or fudging. We have the whole picture here to lay bare at your feet. Where would we start? At the beginning you say – but there is no beginning. For time in reality does not exist. So we shall start at a single place, where time has no meaning.
Is there a God? Yes, there is a Majestic Being of Light, which sends It’s Love Eternal through all dimensions and spheres in a way which is incomprehensible to you and yours. This Love is multifunctional, and exists on every level of life. What is life? Life is an awareness, a Knowing, an Intelligence, and it spans across every Solar System, every planet, every galaxy and universe into infinity and into the unknown. What we all yearn for is to complete our never-ending quest for knowledge and to become wise in all areas, no matter where the answers take us.





The Masters
Dear one, there is a one waiting to speak to you on this beautiful morning. Make no mistake, they do come from the Light, as we always do. Congratulations on your many achievements, for to us your are an inspiration to all others who are shining their lights to the heavens. We come today to let you know of more inspiring information to be shared with others. Never think on the past, it is gone, just be in this moment, that’s all that is required. Your love for us is overwhelming to us and we do of course return it in the strongest possible way. Your life there is a joyful journey where your mind is constantly in contact with us in order to learn more and to then spread it around. Dear one, we have many wonderful treats in store for you believe us and we come in love always. We are now passing you across to a highly evolved Being who has much to offer. He has travelled far and wide as we all have, but with him it has been of a different experience, inasmuch as he has never availed himself of an earth life, he has always chosen to stay in the wings and to observe from a slight distance just what is taking place there. You know not of him, but he certainly does of you, for his eyes so to speak have been following you for some time. He is an inspiration to behold and he comes to you now with utmost love and respect in his heart. He calls himself a time machine for he travels to places unknown to you as yet and he observes so much magnificence that he has decided to come and share with you this beauty he perceives.

My friend, my name is Cusami, and I approach you this day with a heart bursting with love.
I watch and I take in many things that consume me with beauty. It is never easy to describe such things, for in your world there are no words to describe what I see. But believe me this beauty is surely out there and I can assure you that there will come to pass a day when you also will take this beauty into your heart and your psyche. This place I reside in is a paradise wonderland and it springs forth out of nowhere. There is beauty all around me beginning with the glorious trees and flowers unseen by any of you on your earth as yet, for their colours and their perfumes are unknown to you. There is no way for me to describe them, for you would not be able to absorb the information without prior knowledge of its existence. e.g. If I were to say to you to describe to me a certain animal that you had never seen nor heard of, your mind would be blank and you could not do so. And the same goes for this, for my world I see around me is still foreign to you as yet. But the beauty it expels is a constant reminder of just how vast and wondrous the Lords Kingdom really is. Just what you see around you there is not even a drop in the ocean, even though this is so hard for you all to take in for now, but life is a growing and expanding vibration and it goes on and will go on for all eternity. It never and can never stop. And it never remains the same but it just keeps on revolving. It is a great mystery unto itself, but Our God, in His infinite wisdom has it all under control, make no mistake. He is All of It, every single last part of it, including you and myself. We are all Him, just as every plant, animal and mineral are also. We all swirl around at different degrees and different speeds which changes our vibrations and what we appear as, but believe me we are all closely intertwined with each other, encased in this massive web of almost invisible cords as such. We flow around this way and that but we always remain in that massive enclosure of love. It is a truly wondrous thing to see if you are able, but until then keep it in your heart that it is so. The vibration you are on and the strength of your essence changes what you are, and just how much of all of this wonder you are able to perceive. You are not your humanness, you are a massive part of all of this wonder, for your human body is simply a part of the real you, that you sent there for a time to learn and feel things that you so desired. The real you is part of this eternal swirling beauty which is actually in formation all around you at all times. Now some of you have seen the aura around things when you have been in a certain state. You would not see this in a normal human frame of mind. The human part is not you, it is a part you have sent off to gather information for you. For Earth is the planet of emotions and you desired to feel and to understand all of what this entailed. It is as if the Mothership, being your Real Self sends out little pods, being your humanness, your human body, mind and feelings, to gather information and bring it back home to you. And all the while, you are under the umbrella of your Mother/ Fathership who is The Divine One. He allows us all out to play in whichever way we see fit. There are no boundaries or rules we need to follow. We come from Pure Love, we are pure love and we will all return to pure love, no matter what. It is the true vibration that we live in, the only vibration that we live in. All other vibrations have still come from it in some way or another. e.g. There is a very thin line between love and hate. It is still the same vibration only revolving at a much higher pace, which changes the formation, or the matter of it, changing the emotion it produces. And all negative vibrations also originate from love as they too are all a part of the hate vibration. They are a spin off of it. Fear is the father of hate. There is a fear of loss of some form or another which produces the hate vibration eventually. But my friends, this makes for a whole new lesson in itself which we shall return to at a later date, but the fact remains that the only true essence in the cosmos is love, love and more love.
You do not remain in one place in your true state, for you in your spirit form, the real you, are a master of disguise. You can be here, there and everywhere at a moments notice, in a flash if you will and also in many places at once. You are not restricted to any one place at any given time. You have the same abilities as The Creator has, the very same, for that is what He gifted you with in His wisdom and love. He made you completely in His likeness, a little microcosm of the macrocosm, identical in every single way and with exactly the same abilities. You are wonderful, masterful, all knowing and powerful beings. And that is how you reside in the Creators Sea of Love. But, just as children everywhere are, you all crave to learn and to understand the All of It. You already know the All of it but it is important to you all to understand the All of it. This is what constantly drives you all on. Searching for the ifs, buts, and the whys of the information you already have and also to explore and to feel all those deep emotions it brings up in you.
Yet, what is going on here, now, in this life with you is but a small part of the truth. And the strange thing about this is that the truth really never stays the same. It changes from second to second just as all else does. But our curiosity moves us on and on to further adventures, while always staying totally connected to The All, The Creator of all things. What a wonder it all is. What a wonderful privilege to all be a part of this amazing mystery of foreverness. I bless you dear ones, and God blesses you and you all bless one another, for you are all one another. For you all are Him. Yes we are all One…

Val Fabian

Master El Morya ~ The Inner & the Outer Minds ~ 15.1.17 ~ Val Fabian


12th Oct ‘17.
Over the past few years I have had some very strange things happening in my home. Things have been moved or have disappeared and then at some time later, have reappeared in some very unlikely places. Also over the last two years I have had some things appearing in my home, always on the floor, that I have never seen before and that had no place whatsoever in my home. The first things were little tiny pieces of pink plastic which I‘d presumed had just broken off something. And for a long time I was just picking them up and throwing them away. I didn’t think much about it at first, as my home is all pink inside anyway. But down the track I started to wonder what they were all coming from, and I began to look around for the answer. And I soon then realized that they were not peeling or breaking off anything at all. And that they were completely foreign to anything in my home. Then one day I saw a small sample kitchen tile that you would bring home to match up colours with for a kitchen makeover, neatly lying against the skirting board near the kitchen. I was totally baffled by all of this and one day when I met my sister for lunch, I told her about all of these strange things that were appearing in my home. Her eyes were bulging of course and she said to me “have you asked Spirit about it?” I said no, and so when I returned home, out came my pen and paper. And this was when all of the fun started, and I had to relearn what all of our lives consist of here in their entirety. And astounded is too mild a word to begin to explain how amazed I was. It took me a long, long time to even begin to get my head around all of this, believe me. And this was when I began to be tutored regarding our Inner and Outer Minds. That we are fully capable of doing things unknowingly through our Inner Mind. And yet our human mind has absolutely no knowledge or memory of any of it whatsoever. And believe me, my Inner Mind has been continuing to do some totally amazing things since then, which of course make no sense at all. To the point where I began to question my sanity, even though I was being taught by Spirit the ways and the truth of it all

Sunday 15TH Jan 17 ~~ The small pieces of Pink Plastic & the Sample Kitchen Tile ~~

Could one of my teachers please come and explain this strange thing to me. What is happening here? Is someone in Spirit putting these things here, as they are things that really don’t belong in my home. They are just appearing all over the house, on the carpet!!!

It is I, MASTER EL MORYA, and yes child, it is you yourself.

ME. Are you sure???

Yes dear, of that we are positive. For it’s in this way that you have allowed yourself an insight into what’s available to you there, as just a mere human being.

Let us look at this in such a way to ensure you that this be true and accurate. In every turn of the Wheel, there comes a time when your plans for yourself are inexplicitly arranged in detail, as this is how you are seeing your world as it were.

And then again, there are other times when things are placed erratically in order that you are seeing a different side to your life there.
And it stands to reason here also, that your whole persona is such that it can also begin to embark on things, in order for you to acquire an even bigger agenda, as to the whole complete – and yet rather complicated picture in place there for a time.

Never fear dear, but your own self is displaying much for you there, in such a simple way, that you are able to completely engage in single things, which can be arranged and placed in ways that would otherwise be suggested that it be fiction for sure.

Do not be concerned as to all of this, but be appropriately enjoying that it be now a thing which you are mainly seeing as just another thing which is unaccountably explained, in the fact that all things – all be it – those which are denied to be of substance, are simply on show for you to quickly see as a mission unfolding into what it is. Not apart from this, you are simply putting forth your own abilities, to glean from.


Tuesday 17th Jan ‘17
Master El Morya could we please continue on from our last channel?
I’m struggling with this.

You are simply moving these UNLISTED THINGS in order that you are displaying your abilities to you yourself, to thoroughly allow that you be utterly and totally aware here that there are OTHER THINGS much more hidden and secure going on there, than what is Available to Your Sighted Eyes.

For what it’s worth my girl, you are simply displaying to you yourself, the utter joy and pleasantries, which can be invoked at a moments notice, in such a loving way that Your Whole Being is Fully in Charge, though Completely Unaware of any such goings on.

It is time now to prepare for yourself, an update of all of this intrigue, and to simply adjust to what it be that you’re holding close to your heart dear one.
For at every turn of the tide, it is becoming clearer to all of us here, that your Whole Persona now, has a Spoken for Agenda, and that be that What You’re Placing Forth now for you, is Utter Bliss in all ways.

But this is the weirdest thing. Where would I have got them from.Again, I don’t know anything about them, or where they came from. Did I pluck them out of thin air???

Yes child, that is a good explanation for it. To be able to do this you are simply controlling your mind in such a way as to have these things spread around you at times when you knew you would simply be allowing for a common bond or a reason for them to appear on show for you. And at your own discretion, you were allowing the flowing forth of them to entice you into seeing that All Is Not As It Appears To Be There In Your World.

The reason for this was not a showing of Noticeable Things Though, as you knew that what would have been acclaimed from this would be that your placement of them had just been forgotten as such.
You needed to place things of which you had no ties to, and no bearings of, such as these things. And also which your own mind has been trying to adjust to, with all of this. And then knowing that, it was a precise opening for you then, and that is when you introduced further things into the showing of it all.
{This was Brett’s tall glass that was sitting in the sink when I got home from the cruise, and the Placemat which had disappeared into thin air and Ramtha’s book which had also disappeared. }

But how could I have moved those heavier things – is it Energetically??

It is simply a mind game my child. It is placed forth by your abundance in tow. Allow me to explain this Gift in further detail.

What you’re not seeing is that you have complete and total control over all that you survey. And that there is absolutely nothing there in any flow that does not include this.

What you need to see now is that your whole mind is a Tidal Wave on course for you to take forth from it, all or everything at a Moments Notice – all be it – that your Whole Entire Being has a Continuance Flowing Forth, out of which you are Simply Controlling Everything in your life in every which way.

Do not be putting anything else into this, except what is said here, for your Whole Self is The Creator of Every Single Movement Flowing Forth Around you, which then is Adjusting Itself to settle forth into your Flow of Life in all ways. All that you see there has been placed there for you, by You Alone. Nothing Exists Outside of this at all.
All has Frequency entailed in it, though you alone are in Control, and in the Driver’s Seat at all times bar none. Remain clear on all of this dear one.

See this now as a Very Positive Move Forward, and take your issues there as a Token of Light, to be spoken of in new ways forward, is all.
And henceforth your whole persona shall sing it’s Praises To The Almighty One, for the freeing forth of Your Brand New World. Take this now into your dear heart and view it with an intensity, that will bring you much closer to your goals.
{this means they are all learning tools & I have learnt a lot through them. }

Only two days after I was given this information I went down into my garage where I’d stored fertilizer in a dish which I’d covered over with some folded up black plastic. And I’d put two heavy tools over the top to hold the plastic intact. The heavy tools had been taken off and placed neatly alongside the dish, but the black plastic had been opened right out and was placed neatly along the whole length of the garage. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I folded up the plastic again and put the heavy tools back on top of it on the dish. Next day when I happened to go to my garage again, I found the plastic opened right up again, and the tools in the same position as before. Even then I didn’t connect these crazy happenings [twice] to what I’d been told regarding our Inner Minds until Spirit brought it up to me.

And then the next thing to happen was the large Floating Lounge for the pool which I found outside the garage on the lawn. At first I was thinking that it had blown off the table where I’d placed it, but later I thought otherwise. It’s not a light thing, it’s really too heavy to blow away. And even if it had blown off – it would have ended up on the Driveway – but it was over across on the lawn. It would have been impossible for it to have actually landed where it was.

Talking About All of the Very Strange Happenings.

Ah and now we have the fertilizer in the garage, and guess what. This has been a vital part of all of this intrigue. And didn’t you say that this cannot be a normal event. As it holds so much to account for. How can these things be moved so delicately, while staying in the point where they are all so perfectly aligned with one another. This is Magic in the Extreme my child is what it be. For haven’t you stopped to think that whichever way you attempt to discover, this is a perfect example of what life holds for you now. We are seeing you with a Light Bulb displaying itself into a point in your head, where it has nowhere to go bar upwards.
And take a clue here also that your whole garage has been a place where no other items are being embraced at all. So why would this acute and strange thing be happening, not once, but twice.
It is mindful here also to begin now to view all of this in the light that when you are viewing another such episode, to think first – “Have I done this all in a variable way – or have I been the one who finds this done by another.”

It is your choice my child, which road you take on this one.

Daniel ~ Twin Hearts ~ 1.4.04 ~ Val Fabian

The twins. The two little ones. The before and the after. Your life before and your life as it is today. What would you wish for you now – you can have whatever you wish for. It is all there in front of you.

The twins are a correlation of your life past and present. It is totally connected, for without the past there certainly would be no present. It is the past which wove your present, it is the past which wove you into what you are today. Into what you think, what you feel, what you believe and what you desire the rest of your life to be.
It is all one single circle made up of separate ratios, but each one needed to be felt in order to proceed to the next one. It is full of different colours and each colour signifies a different area of your life and the way that you felt there at that time. Each colour tells a story. In fact our lives are simply stories all put together, which we write and then act out as if we are reading a book which we then make into a stage play. And the characters can be negative or positive according to our wishes and we can change it all around to suit ourselves at a whim.

Look for and find and understand the twins in you. Sometimes this comes about at a crossroads in your life, and you can be one twin or the other. You may choose which one suits you best and then you will go and build on that.

Twins are made up of the same seed and yet they are so different. They are the negative and the positive. Not good or bad, just different. The twins cannot be the same, as there are no two things in the Universes which are the same. They may just look the same, but inside they are totally different, made up of different energies and emotions.

And it is the same for all of us. Two sides to the coin. It is to do with the great mystery and the gift of free will. We all need the two sides of the coin, for without that there would really be no choices to make. And so therefore we all have the twins deep inside us in order to bring out various emotions, and in order to choose what we will use our free will to bring our way, so that we can feel what it is like to make that choice. They work together at times and other times they work against each other, as twins would. They have their own agendas and at times they clash, at loggerheads to win out. And a body will feel that unsettling feeling deep inside and usually not understand the why for or the way of it. It is the twins both trying to be heard and to win out.

You do understand this now- this is the way of human nature. When you come to know this and to understand it fully, it will be of much help to you on your journey. For it is when we understand what takes place on the inside that it is easier to rearrange what goes on, on the outside. And the easiest way to do this is to bring both twins into total alignment, for when that takes place our struggles are over.

It is written my friends.
I am Daniel.


I’m Val Fabian ….. ………….and I would like to share this with you also.

I have learnt that our mind is not in our Human Body as I used to think that it was. I used to think that it was just a part of our Brain. But it is not, it is completely separate. It is actually in our Mind Body and that’s where our thought processes are. Because I had the most amazing experience ever, going back about eight years ago. I was at a particular Meditation, Healing and Channelling night that I was attending once a week at that time. And my friend who was running it said to us “Tonight in our meditation we are going to meet our Soul.” And she proceeded to explain the way of it to us. Telling us to begin our meditation imagining that we are sitting on the beach sand and to visualize our Soul appear a little further out in the ocean and to watch her as she treads water slowly coming towards us. And as she treads water to join us, to notice that she looks like a replica of ourselves. Then as she stands in front of us to put our arms around her and to tell her that we love her and to thank her for coming. So I did this and when she was standing in front of me and I began to hug her, I literally felt myself completely melt down to absolutely nothing. That is the only way that I could explain or describe it. The feeling started in my head and it was a slow melting down of my whole body, down, down, down until I knew that it was gone completely. It wasn’t was if I felt myself float upwards or downwards, as sometimes happens in meditation but I could feel myself disintegrating. It was almost as if I was a pound of butter and I just melted away. It is without a doubt the very weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Yet I knew the body was no more and I was not even remotely phased by that. All I could think was “that’s strange, and I wonder what will happen now, I must be heading off for somewhere else” or something like that….. I had no fear whatsoever or regrets of any kind, just inquisitiveness. And I was like that for awhile, until my friend called to us to come out of our meditation. So the next thing I was aware of was that I was sitting in the chair and I had my body back all in one piece just as it was before my meditation. The thing was that during the whole process, I was fully capable of thinking even though my body had melted away. I know this sounds bizarre but it really happened to me. I have recently been receiving a few channels which are explaining how our Inner Mind works in conjunction with our Outer Mind as Spirit like to call our human mind. It is extremely complicated, but I have been experiencing some very bizarre things here in my home which tell me that what they are telling me is certainly the way that it is. Because nothing that’s happening here makes any sense otherwise.

So in this channel which goes back to 2004, I think that Daniel is referring symbolically to the Inner and the Outer Minds. The Inner Mind being part of our Supreme Intelligence and our Soul and what Spirit refer to our Subconscious Mind as. Hence the Twins.
I would value everyone’s input or feelings regarding this.




Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 12.11.03 ~ & Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 2.7.08 There is a new birthing taking place…….


Allow yourselves to sit more often in the silence. Go into your heart and feel the love there. That is your home, your sanctuary, and it is there that you will find your Beloved God. It is your final destination. It is where you will come to understand all. It is where you will come to know who God really is. You will always find Him in your home. It is a holy place, this place where God dwells. He waits there for you whenever you feel the need to be with Him. And it is there that you will come to understand who and what He is. Completely. And to come to know who you really are, and accept and believe that your place is there by your Lord’s side. Your heart is like a magnificent flower and each petal holds it’s own story. Each petal consists of your love filled emotions which you can share with others via your loving thoughts.
And once you accept this wonder, you will be filled with knowledge and the wisdom it brings, to bring you to a total acceptance of all of life’s mysteries. And believe us when we say that once you go in search of your truths, sleep does not stop the flow, it accelerates it. You will come to know who you are, that you are truly at one with Our Lord. For your heart, your love heart, where God resides, is truly a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom and it truly does hold the key to the door. To the full connection between The Lord and man, and the reasons for your existence there on Earth. It is not so cut and dried as you believe it to be. Yet, once you put out your intention to seek your truths, you will find your ball which is full of wisdom and of light, in your treasure chest. And in it you will find all of the answers that you could ever seek. You can take from it, whenever you wish, and it will never run dry .
The reasons for our continual travel through various planets has a bearing on the order of things and is not merely for growth of oneself. It is fair to say that each of us has a task to achieve, and in what way we go about that is relevant to our beliefs and our capabilities. Yet there is never any judgement from The One, only love is extended out to one and all, and He understands the many struggles we encounter along the way.
But once you search for, you will find, and you will come to know and understand it all . You always walk with the Angels, dear ones, and you are greatly loved by all of us. You yourselves are love, remember that, so always show your love for your neighbours. For what you are, they will become, when they are shown the way also. Be kind to all and lend a hand at will. You are never alone.
In the Lord’s Temple there are many rooms, but there are no doors on those rooms. We all have total freedom to come and go at will. His compassion goes out to one and all of us and He spreads His cloak wide over each of us. Forever more we will receive that. So rejoice in your life.



Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 2.7.08
There is a new birthing taking place …………..

There is a new birthing taking place upon your Earth plane, it’s a new and very powerful vibration. And with it does come a responsibility to those of you who are intent on bringing about major changes in yourselves. Gone are the times now when you can sit on your laurels, for now as you sit in this new vibration, you are opening yourselves up to a higher power which is capable if illuminating your senses in a way you would not have thought possible.
For those of you who are eager to forge ahead, the information and teachings that this vibration contains will be taken into your psyche at a level that is compatible with your physical body .
It is therefore essential for those of you who are willing to receive this powerful energy, that you prepare yourself and remain open, while also remaining a clear channel to receive it. This knowledge coming in now through this powerful vibration will flow on through the River of Thought, regardless of whether you accept it or negate it. But for those of you who agree to accept this information on some level, it will culminate in your further expansion and evolvement.
It is known to many of you already that intent is the keyword to the getting of knowledge, but on saying that, it also requires an effort of some sort on your part. It is therefore suggested that you allow yourselves to sit in the silence whenever possible, and to allow your Godself to bring forth this feeling of unconditional love which is already residing in your heart. This love is the tool by which you may open any door you choose to, and it is the tool by which you will receive your ultimate goal. The Truth and the Remembrance at last of who you are.

I am that, that He is. I Am God.







CUSAMI & WHITE CLOUD ~ 10th to 23rd June ‘13 ~ The Study of the Physical & Natural World & the Phenomena – Especially by using Systematic Observation & Experiment…. A Lesson in Science regarding the Birds & Bees & all Insects ~ Val Fabian 

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CUSAMI & WHITE CLOUD 10th to 23rd June ‘13      ~  on    The Study of the Physical & Natural World & the Phenomena – Especially by using Systematic Observation & Experiment…. A Lesson in Science regarding the Birds & Bees & all Insects……
Today shall be different, for in it’s wake the tides will turn once more and bring to you just what is needed for today. We shall bring forth now a very powerful Being, who is coming to you from afar, and he speaks the language of Love. Love for all up unto the tiniest of creatures that exists there. And there are many of them, dear one, very many. Your thoughts on this are twofold, for you have a veering away from these little creatures, but in the Lord’s World they are premium. Your thoughts go forth as one who is adverse to them in general, and yet these little mites help to clarify your world for you from a distance. And they do indeed make your lives there more versatile, and much easier for you to become one who is being joined into something, completely unaware of the process involved in all of it.

What we are going to describe for you this day will take a place in your history books, for it will lead the way on the path to your adventurous discoveries. And yet it has also got a place in your history books for another reason, for were it not for these little mites, your world there would suffer in a way that you are powerless to view from your side of the fence. But that being said, we are now going to make a proposal to you, for the reason of it taking a hold on you. But be aware also that your own self will be somewhat immune to what it may be that we will speak of, for up until now your knowing has not been sufficient for us to even be able to broach this topic.

But now it is reasonable to assume that your Light you carry forth is acquiring much more illumination and intelligence, and so it goes that for this reason we are appropriately assured that you will grace this topic with eyes wide open. Let me assure you here also that the vast majority of these little mites are habituating your world there in complete silence, but that does not mean that they are lying low, presumably with naught to do. 

What is taking place there is a phenomenal happening, for they are indeed bringing much forth for you all to take full advantage of. Be aware too that your immediate reaction of all of this could be a blast of disbelief, and yet we are prompting you now to make yourself fully aware of the fact that life there for all of you now is to become what some may call a masterpiece in timing. For what these mites are taking and applying for you is a wondrous body of seemingly unusable substance. But what they apply to it is a mind boggling thing. For their immediate sensations of their little feelers are somewhat what could be explained as little magnetic fields, and what they do with them would blow your mind. For they put themselves on display and go within their own Fields of Light and abundantly light up your skies with an everlasting and ever growing and very powerful beam of intelligent Light, which comes forth in a rush around a cycle which is bringing in a flow of graceful energetic powerful force. Which will cause an eruption to take place and form into a Body of Light, which has a magnificence enfolding it’s circumference. And this in turn will explode and grow forth into an amazing type of circular motions, bringing in it’s wake what will become a triumphant Intelligence, which will instil in the minds of all of you, another great and powerful Truth, which you all shall hold dear to you, in your hearts.

Take this now and study this and bring these powerful words to life in your own mind. And this will take away from you the insistent thoughts that flow along with the creepy crawlies.
Blessings dear one, it is said now & we rest our case




Dear one, it is time now for another lesson in Science. Today we will look at birds and bees and all other insects on your Planet. They have on display a much needed scoping device, whereby they are able to view each other in a way where they are moving towards an exit as such, while still being in mental contact with each other.

Their manner of life is different to yours, though it be still through love that they journey on for the utmost purpose of putting into place exactly what it is that is needed to provide for each other in a basic field, which will bring into alignment the very thing that is needed for their survival.

You are not always seeing things as they are, but there is always a purpose behind their very busy comings and goings. You are not seeing all of this, but it is right to say that they are the forerunners for the environment to continue on as it is meant to be. For they light up the circumference of all that exists, allowing in a torrent of automatic energies, which are placed there for the purpose of sending out waves into the Oceans, and then on into the “electronic field” placed around it. This then lights up the sky, bringing in a range of active atoms all going about the business of activating just what is needed for your ongoing survival on your Earth Plane.

Allow me to point out that these microscopic little individuals are sending forth their very own rays of love and caring, and they do this by the simple task of their existence. They are not what all would desire to see in their fields, though they are contributing greatly to life there as a whole. For they are constantly enlisting one another to put forth a further activity which installs in you all a ways and a means of ongoing life as you see it to be.
They are little workers, all out to give to all of life, in a way that is not only misjudged, but also totally misunderstood by one and all of you. Spare a thought for these little soldiers, for that is predominately what they are. For their sole purpose really is to keep the energetic flow in motion through building up a “cosmic influence”, which enfolds all of you so lovingly.
It is time now for me to depart my dear one. Adieu WHITE CLOUD




We have another one for you today dear and it is more to do with the Birds, the Bees, and the Insects. And that is that they are trying now to combine forces, and to also bring to you one of Nature’s miracles. You have no knowledge yet of this of course, but we have it in our grasp of knowledge just what is occurring on your home front there. And that is not to say either, that it shall be a once off experience. For with this will come a major influx, with a turning point involved in it. What they are all calling on is mainly a Force of Nature, involving much intrigue and discipline regarding the Forces of Nature.

They are aligning up a series of underground inhabitants, in such a way, so that your Eternal Flames will be brought into focus, allowing in much of the overall expansive vibrations, which are spanning the Earth Plane now. This task does involve much patience, for it involves the talents of “the little ones”, who are gathered far and wide, to be used as a Shield if you will, in order that the overhanging essences or vibrations, are carried forth over the Earth Plane, involving much electricity to be forwarded onto the Plane. This will inevitably pick up much clearance of Light Charges, in a way that will allow coverage to take place on your Earth Home. Wholly overhauling what residue my be lagging about, so as not to bring it into focus, but to allow it to subside into a balance, whereby the overall expanse of Nature itself, shall forward it on into the extremities of All That There Is.
But for now, your parts in this are minor, for you all have got other things to attend to. And the major one is that for now, you are all abiding in an expansive forum, that is involved in carrying out the major task of substituting what has gone before, with the optimal streams of Light and Love, thereby bringing forth in it’s wake, a massive overhauling of the enormous “mass of Universal basic and abundant Intelligence”, that we have ever experienced up to this date.
Be prepared to be given optimal coverage over a vast network of systems of Light Forces, becoming active for the first time in history. And be prepared for the involvement of one and all of you, to be carrying this Light forth, through your Beings of Light, and applying it into a further mass of waves in formation, bringing into being, one of the world’s most inspired and magnetic fields of wonder and extreme overpoweringly abundant forces of Nature. You have, all in your power now, the means by which to carry out this amazing venture.


But spare a thought for “the little ones” who are also adjusting their own untold magnificence, in allowing you the energetic Force required, to bring about this amazing feat. One for all, and all for one. You are all partaking in this adventure together, as one major Force in motion, so do not ever think less of these little creatures, for you all have one massive goal in motion, and that is to bring ABOUT THE MOST AMAZING OF ADVENTURES KNOWN THUS FAR, DOWN THROUGH HISTORY.

We are all standing agog right now, waiting in wonder for this massive undertaking to immerge. But be aware that history will never repeat itself, and for now all of your vigilance is on hold in a curious way, while you all adjust your Lights of Love, and send out your very own Divine intelligence, throughout the field known as
{the Intergalactic Extension } surveying over the entire spaces that are as yet in your domain.
Be prepared also for the Lights from above to join forces with yours, allowing in more of everything, which will culminate in a most Divinely Enlightened Path, whereby all may enjoy once more, the Eternal ways and means of bringing forth all that is being solidified into a matter as such. Thus verifying what it is that we all did deem to be unimaginably wondrous, bringing forth into existence a powerful New Life for all to enjoy at will.
It is said now dear.





The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ This is all an Illusion ~ 13.3.14 ~ Val Fabian


We have with us now another Being of Light who is new on the scene, and he is bringing in a vast range of immediately vital information which we have gathered together as One, for your perusal and intake. But before this is imparted, we should say to you here that this information is for your taking, and not for your usual handing out for all. This is vital information and will need to be covered over for some time, for the time is still not right for this to be given out. What we will inform you of on this day is particularly vital information, and it comes with a flourish, for it holds the keys inside it as to the whys and how, of many secrets which are dormant there.
But you are now being advised to pick up these keys and to carry them forward, and to open these doors in order that you might see that all is not as it appears to be. For some things are indeed wondrous and it will entail much courage on your part to be able to believe all that you will see, yet I promise you that your mind is very capable of including this in your knowledge. Up to date now we have dribbled things to you and though your mind was a part of all of this, you were being given it by degrees as this was the only way to proceed. For your mind was capable of being a beacon but not by any stretch was it a glowing substance, even though you were oh so willing to involve yourself much further. But now we are finding that there is less obstruction for us to deal with, and so it is for this reason that we will flow on with our message to you.
View now this field you spoke of, and take what you are seeing as gospel, and yet while you are viewing this, take it also that what you have there is a simple part of Life in the making. For it deals with all of the energetic flow which circumferences it, and it bypasses it all in a most loving way. And what this is implying to you is that what you are viewing is but a figment of your imagination. For anyone to see this it is but a mere stepping stone into a vast region which is simply as ongoing as it is wondrous. For the gist of it all is surely a make believe vision, which is partaken of by whomever is willing to be guided into it.
But before we look any further into this, we must clarify here that you are simply a flowing motion of Light being guided into a somewhat vision of sorts, enacting out what presumably will become for you a particular interval in time, where your major beliefs will intake all of this beauty before you in such a way as to become your own private and individual belief, whereby you can be assured that it will give you what you desire, but also guide you into a deeper understanding that Life begets Life, and that you do not ever stand alone in anything that you please to do. For it all becomes a Higher Power who will take the initiative, and become your once again Saviour who has put you in a surround of extreme and vital empathy, which will guide you back home to Him.

This is a mere explanation on the whole thing, but we give this to you so that you are wise to what is now occurring all around you. And that you are privy to at least what this is giving out to you all each and every day. For this is vitally what it is that is predominant in your lives there, and yet it is very exceptional that it is what you are understanding to be the fact of the matter.

But before we take any more of your power away from you, let us now show you that what this means is for you to be just aware of the process more, and to be able to allow in exactly what will come forth now to be of assistance to you, for your integration into our vision of it all. Many thanks dear one. You have answered our call for you to be aware just of the Light, and we further it on to say that what you are achieving now for yourself is to become world wise and world renowned make no mistake here. Blessing child of The Divine, we love you deeply.


What we see here as our lives is purely fictitious and is not real and is not actually happening. It is a part of Life that we make up. For we decide to have some kind of illusion and so we enfold ourselves into a type of energy which side steps the Energetic Flow of The Divine which flows on lovingly without interrupting us. And we then imagine something into existence, which becomes our now life.. This area is a vast region and only a stepping stone past reality, but is just as ongoing. And we can then make believe into vision anything that our heart desires, and anyone can be guided into this place should they wish to.
But remember that you are a flowing motion of Light, just being guided into some vision of sorts, and acting it out, in what you see as a time span or a life. When in actual fact there is no time as such, but to be able to live this life, it does entail a time line of sorts. And you know that it will give you exactly what you want. But it also puts you into a deeper understanding that you are at one with All, and that you are never alone. And then when it is time The Higher Power puts you into a state of empathy and guides you back home to Him.


The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ 14.3.14

Please, have I understood your message to me yesterday correctly?

Take this field now filled with roses, and become as one who has a dream. And place your dream inside a rose petal which has burst forth, into becoming a make believe wonderland, which has included in it while you live there, many beautiful paths to follow down, such as the Golden Path. And this includes all of the magic which is open for expectations. And what will happen in this field of wonder will be different little offers which will pop up out of nowhere and bid for your attention. Some you will take while others you will pass up, but they will all have a bearing on what your path in life shall become. For the glow from all of them will usher in a need in you to either take from or give to, in a way by which you are also then imploring them to receive or not receive.
But this will always entail a bearing on your own dreams, for it will give to you a reasonable experience in which you will propagate your own seeds for becoming a simply endowed Being in knowledge or simply just one who is not prepared to fulfil yourself in a way which could inspire.
What we see happen for most is a rising up in their attitude, and so it begins to become a place where they are preparing themselves for another certain belief that goes into a cluster of sorts, and is filed as a prize getting notion that to be as one with all of life is a precious commodity. And yet there are still those who do not see this as the case, and so they will continue on as in a dreamlike state, searching for that answer which evades them time and again. And so what they eventually do is to be disillusioned in this life, and they hazard a guess as to what the outcome of all of this is, believing in their naïve way, that they have found their answer, never dreaming that they have been duped into a belief which goes far beyond any truth they intended to uncover.
But this all is an illusion anyway, and so it matters not, for they have the opportunity to try again and again, to find what they are trying to figure out. What I am saying is that your dreams there are unique and indifferent to what the overall belief is, and while you are looking for answers, it is simply displayed along the road for you to take or to leave, but at some point you will look back and retrieve it none the less.

But is the Earth side stepping the Energy of the Divine Flow., while we are here living out our dream? For how could it, as we need it to survive?

Let us consider it this way dear one. You are taking this into a separate space which in actual fact is not conducive with life at all. And what this is implying is that you have a major separate existence there from us, which would be coming forth from a place or residence where you are merely taking your place upon your Earth and signalling in what you desire. [[[I think this means that I am imagining Earth as a totally separate place to what is the general Flow of Life Divine]]]
But this place is not as you are seeing it. This place is of a neutral substance, not withstanding that all Life needs to have a Flame in it, and the fact is that your own Planet there breathes a Fire of it’s own. And presuming that it is not a God given Flame is not a Truth. For all Life comes from Him, and nothing could survive without His Love. But let’s take it another way and see this field as a Field of Love, inspired by Him, Who places you there at a moments notice, at your call for this to take place. He breathes Fire, Flame and Love into you and you resume residence there partaking of all of your desires. And it is at this point that you are allowing for yourself to become as a single Unit and allowing for your freedom to partake of many wondrous things. Adventures untold and happiness unspoken of. But this all falls into the category of life without the expression of the Unit that it is. And believe us that what becomes your reality from here on in, is blissfully and purely a figment of your imagination, and that it all takes place then simply as an experiment in finding things to enthral you as a Being of Light, presiding in a human frame. But for this to maintain any substance, you do need to have no recall as to your true identity, and so you drop your powerful Light, to become a maze of frequencies, which are dealing with certain different vibrations that are enfolding you in their powerful essences, which you do have a reaction to. And believe us that it is all in the mind’s eye and so it has no bearing on Life beyond your surface of Earth, and it does not cause any interference put on surrounding clusters of vistas outside of Earth.
And so your dreams there are not made in heaven as some may think, they are simply what you have placed there before you in a need to fulfil that part of you which is crying out for a reactive though unnecessary moment where you place yourself into a situation where your world becomes one of intense drama in the making. Enough for now dear one.


Our Garden of Eden ~ Lady Nada and Serapis Bey ~ 3.3.14 ~ No. 7 ~ Val Fabian

Lady Nada 7Serapis Bey 15

We have here with us today another special treat in the way of a sudden, supreme, very important and unwavering item which is called for, to announce to you on this day. Presuming that you are of a mind where you are not only unbiased, but furthermore have the kind of illusion of which we have at times referred to regarding your probably unexplained and forthright knowledge. That to be of this world it is to be a kind of existence where all is shadowed by a not illumed substance, which we could probably call what has come to be known as a grey matter.

But for us dear, we can forever see beyond any illusion that has been placed around you. And I say this to you now that whosoever deems that this is a forever substance in place, has not yet seen The Light. For we have powers about us that are unspoken of as yet, and come what may we will be presuming to at least put them to utter good use. And in a way whereby your world there will disrupt into a powerful substance all of it’s own. Leaving your dream to be unleashed, which shall culminate in a powerful Being of Light giving forth from itself, an amazing brightness, illuminating your entire world into an utmost pleasant and loving spectacle unknown yet by any of you.

But let me make it known here that the substance behind all of this wonder is nothing more than a supreme and loving Goddess, who is partaking of yet another Holy undertaking. One which will infuse your world into a climatic spectacular enclosure of what we would describe as an influential blast of powerful energetic force. Enabling it to, for once in a lifetime, presume an undeniable frequency which is to become what will be known as bio atomic interference. Forming in such a way a pathway into unknown yet powerful biological frequencies, which will culminate in the utmost majestic way. Into aligning up your now frequency into a more placid and achievable existence for all those involved there at this time.

Be it not for this overflow, your world there would forever be on the time line of disaster. But for some reason, the ultimate outcome will come to be of an utmost incredulous occurrence, culminating in what shall be seen as a dynamic interference, which shall out power any existing vibration, and become then the placid and obscure denominator that it was intended to become.

What this is implying is for a natural wonderland to rise up out of the Earth from this, which has never before been visioned. And yet your very powerful vibrations shall infuse whatever is beyond this Light, impacting on all of it. And bringing about what lies beyond into a vast and fiery everglades of intensity. Beyond which there shall become what will come to be known as simply an infused and vital part of your alternative existence.
Whereby you will all come to know that life there has been expanded forth into a vast adventure. One in which all are able to expand out their own unlimited existence into a peaceful timeline, where they may partake of a network of vital and yet loving adventures at their hearts desire.

What this will lead to is for us to speculate on, but one thing is for certain, and that being that the place where you call home now will cease to be as it is now, and the world will be your oyster.

Blessings dear, Lady Nada.


Cusami ~ The Universal Life Force ~ ~ ~12.5.13 ~ Val Fabian

Group angelsthe-circle-of-life-geometry
There is a Universal Life Force running within and between all things. And the whole of the Universes are simply one Massive Copying Machine, or Duplicating Machine. You are all Creators. You are constantly vibrating, and all vibration leads to creation. Passion is within your unique self, that part of you that resonates with whatever causes your zest or eagerness. You are all growth seeking Beings, ever Eternal and on a Quest for more of…..
And it is All of Life working together as such, in a way where nothing is ever wasted or left unheeded. All are in the Circle of Life, feeding each other while also feeding off each other to bring forth a vibrancy which is carried into the next Being. Nothing is ever lost or wasted, as life has the capacity to overspill into each other and to give more of what is needed for their very existence. And what this does is to overshadow each one with the nectar of God’s Divine Love in it’s purest form. Ongoing Love in all it’s glory.
You are all little energy fields and are capable of changing frequencies. It’s as if you are filled with little magnets which attract similar energy frequencies.
You are Control Boxes. So as your frequencies change, what it is that you are attracting, changes to fit in with the now frequency. And it is continually changed by your thoughts. Your thoughts hold the key to your life pattern. What was, is no more, yet what is to come is your destiny, which you are able to control by the thoughts you hold.
Yet also, the thoughts of another come into this equation, for you also run with their energies, which also puts a cloak around you, changing again your ever changing vibrations. It is being sent back and forth all around you non stop,
crisscrossing with one another. It goes for unlimited miles, not merely in close proximity, for it goes at the speed of light intermingling with all of life, not merely other humans.
This is how dogs pick up scents of fear etcetera, or how they hunt down prey, be it human or otherwise. The energies swirl around non stop and very quickly and it is all engulfing all of you. It is a permanency, while it is also powerful, and it is also necessary. For all of you feed off it, as it gives all of you life, ongoing Life. What you are breathing in is not just simply air, it is the ongoing Flow of Life that you are taking in.
But you are also being feed off and by each other, as also are each of God’s creatures. They are all playing their part in all of this. There is a weaving and exchanging going on there, yet none of you see it taking place. You are all so caught up in a whirl with your lives that you do not see the magnificence unfolding before you on a day to day basis.
The flow of life is as unique as it is improbable to you, and yet it is a Miracle in the working for every second of your existence. What you need from the Circle, you take, and what you don’t need, you put back in. It is all to do with the exchange of Energies.
A bird may come and sit on your shoulder. It is accepting the love you are feeling as you sense it there. A dog may come and sit at your feet when you feel down, and it is exchanging it’s love also and filling you to the brim with that wondrous gift of non judgemental love. And you will breathe this in, and it will change the emotion you are feeling at that time. Life is a complete merging and exchanging of energies. You see someone sad and what is your first reaction? You go to them and you reach out and touch them, and in that touch there is a healing taking place. It changes instantly the energy vibration in their body, as also in yours, for in that feeling of giving there is a powerful feeling of exchange of love taking place which engulfs you, and a bonding takes place.
We are all – each and everyone one of us – each others Heart Beat always and forever. And whatever ill you do to another, you are really doing to yourself. For we are all tied together into a web of wonderful vibrations where if we are kind to another, that very vibration or emotion if you will that you inspire in them strengthens as it flows back into your very own being. It is also true for any negativity you may inflict on another. These are not idle words, this is fact, for the River of Emotion is a tangled web of intrigue. Yet once you understand it, that it is the major component of the Laws of the Universe, then you certainly would endeavour to live your lives with utmost care not to cause harm or disharmony for others. For in actual fact by doing so, you cause an about face in your own evolution. And this is something which you would need to take seriously, for your whole reason for being there is to progress forward to the extent where you know and accept in your very being, that you are at One with Our Creator. This is your reason for living, even though while you are striving towards this aim, your soul does want to experience all scenarios and all emotions in order that it does become All Knowing in all things. It cannot know anything without experiencing it first, and so it aims to know life on all of its many levels. And when this has been accomplished, it is ready then to return back into the Sea of Love, from whence it came. But this can only occur when it is free from negativity.
And so my dear ones Life is a constant and a non stop exchange of these energies happening around you every second of every day, and that is not to say that they are all positive energies, for they are not. It is all about the ebb and flow. But as you evolve into a different and more knowing Being, you will begin to see the signs of the positive and the negative in others, and you will learn to protect yourself from unwanted vibrations. Life is a learning field and it is going on around you continually. You have choices always, to accept or deny, for whatever reason. And you do that, even without your knowing it at times. But rest assured that whatever it be that you embrace, it will always be embraced for a reason. You are there now for reasons only known by you in the deep crevices of your hearts. So always allow your heart to guide you, and not your head. Your heart holds all of your secrets and it also holds all of your promises. It will never lead you astray, so always trust what your heart is telling you and go with that and you cannot go wrong. It will always take you to just where you need to be.
And that is when you will know deep inside that you have reached home. You will have fully and freely united with Our Source, for then you will not only know that you Are Him, you will also know how it feels to be Him. And that is the reason for all of our journeys and for all of our seeking – to realize this.
I bid you farewell now and God bless all of you, my friends.