Simon ~ ~ Surrender to Love ~~ 10.7.03 ~~ Val Fabian

Simon_Zealot (1)
Mars is close now for a reason. It brings certain vibrations with it which enable certain ones to become very aware of particular information which will eventually benefit all. It is very complex and some will be given this knowledge, as we know already those who will use it for the good of all. And this information will be coming from the Highest Masters, sent by rays of Light.
We are all but tiny drops in a huge ocean, but on saying that every drop is dynamic and very important. One could never survive without the others. We literally are all one, living separate lives, but linked internally by the heart cords, tied to The One. We pull and we sway this way and that, but we still need our nourishment which comes from The One. Knowledge and wisdom are part of that necessary nourishment, as also is being able to forgive others who harm us. Forgiveness is very necessary for nourishment of the soul, as to hold on to hate or any negative emotion blemishes us in the worst possible way, for it scars us indefinitely, making it impossible for our nourishment, which is for example the knowledge and the wisdom, to enter our beings.
You need to, as humans, raise your vibrations together, so as to receive this necessary food. For you are not only dealing with your own human consciousness there, but there is also a social consciousness which does affect all of you, being of the Whole. And the truth of this knowledge will hopefully help to change the vibrations in the world, but it needs to be a unanimous thing and it cannot happen in five minutes. People are beginning to heed this truth more now, but many turn a blind eye and refuse to listen. It is going to take time and patience to deal with this.
You know that the mind is a very powerful thing, and few of you use that power to your benefit or betterment, as yet. Always remember to call on us for assistance when you are confused or floundering, and we are already there. For, for each one of you who takes the time to search for their truth and finds it, makes our hearts sing, just seeing that beautiful glow in the ethereal body as it passes through into the Circle.
The Circle of Life and all that is beyond it. And the awareness that is found there. The knowledge of life eternal and all that it implies. That is the goal of all souls, to find that truth and to abide in it. And once this truth is reached and you have the key to unlock the door, then and only then do you understand fully the whole complex picture and the great magnitude of it all. For it embraces a field so great that it takes much wisdom and knowledge to even begin to understand it. But once a dear one puts out the intention to go searching for that truth, that is when it will appear before them in some form or another, and they will begin to grow towards the Light.
Meditation is a wonderful tool you can use to gain insight. It can lift you high and into another Sphere, where life does hold a truly different meaning, and it can bring you a peace that can be found within yourselves, deep in your hearts and your souls. It’s a place where you can be, and no one can touch you or harm you.. It is your haven within you, where sunshine never ends.
And know also that there are vibrations entering the earth now which can enable you to forge forward if that be your desire. They are Healing Rays which can open up the hearts of many. And this will make a big change in them as they are able to accept this new energy. Changing the way they think and feel regarding many things, even the way they feel about The Lord.
Yet all are not ready to accept this new energy, it will bounce off some, for they are closed down. For they have turned their back on The Lord, at times even denying His very existence for many different reasons. But deep down, on another level, they too yearn to be with Him. They do not know this and they search for worldly pleasures to fill the gap. But, in all honesty, what they are really searching for is to feel again their Fathers’ Love. It is sad that they do not know this, but they will come to know and to remember. Because their soul is pushing them to move forward and upward.

Many blessings to all of you, my loved ones.
I come to you today as just one of your many teachers, who abides with Our Lord, Our God.
My name is SIMON.





My Amazing Experience During Meditation ~ The Universal Life Force ~ 14.1.18 ~ Val Fabian

Hello everyone, this time I wanted to share my amazing experience with you. I began my usual meditation early this morning, and I went into my Heart space, which I call God’s Temple, God’s House. I asked to come and sit awhile with Beloved, for even though I know He is everywhere already, I still feel that my Heart space is a total feeling of connection with The Creator. I put my hand over my heart, as it seems to help me to concentrate and focus more, as my mind is a whirlwind of useless ongoing chatter. I knocked on the door into my Heart space and I visualized it as enlarging enough for me to enter. It opened and I went in and almost immediately I was filled with this very strong energy flow of absolute love, which got stronger and stronger. And before very long, I could not feel my body at all anymore and I seemed to be drifting off somewhere. Even though all of this was taking place, I was still aware of my thoughts. And as I drifted along, I became aware of the awesomeness of it all, and of the ongoing expanse of all of everything. I became one of many and I could feel the complete and Reverend Love and closeness we all have for one another. Regardless of the many different Energy Vibrations, we are all encased in this massive Sea of Love, which knows no judgements of any kind. There is no such thing as Negativity there, it is not known of. The only thing that is known is the undeniable feeling of Love for one another and the complete acceptance of each other, no matter what. For each one of us is still one complete Being of Light and Love, and each one of us is different with our own thoughts and knowing and awareness. We are completely intact within ourselves. It was such an unbelievable overpowering sense of love there, that I was divided. Part of me wanted to stay there but the other part wanted to come back to tell everyone of my wondrous experience.

God is the culmination of all of everything, of all of Life, whether it be us as Beings of Light, or Mother Nature, or the Suns, Moons or Stars or Planets. There is no end to the Life formations out there, there is nowhere that there is not any Life. There is Life there that we have no idea of or knowledge of. God is the One enormous Circle of Life intact. God is the ongoingness of all of Life. Everything and everyone of us is God existing inside this Wonder of ongoing Life and Love. Because of His great Love for us, He continually breathes His awesome Love and ongoing Supreme Intelligence into us, which provides us with our Eternal Life. It is His Nectar of Love and Life.

I was brought up in a religion that taught us that God is an old man with a long white beard, sitting on a throne in Heaven, where He judges us. Making sure that we all do the right thing, and if we don’t, then we suffer the consequences. So as a child, we were all filled with this terror. And I kept that vision of God in my mind for such a long time, even after I began to question all that I had been taught. Yet even through all of that I also felt this yearning love for God and a longing inside me to know Him. As I couldn’t quite match the feeling I felt inside me with this angry old man. So it took me a long time to really understand the Truth of God. And to come to terms with exactly Who God Is. And What He Is.

Since I began to channel Spirit‘s teachings I began to understand the overpowering unconditional Love that is showered down onto us at all times, no matter who or what we are. There is no judgement there, just this awesome love and acceptance and total respect for all of us, no matter what. I was so touched by this complete and undeniable love that’s main aim is to give us ongoing love and help and assistance with the utmost patience at any time we request it.
So I at times asked Spirit to describe God to me, to help me to understand more fully. This morning because of my beautiful experience, I just wanted to share them all with any of you who may be interested. And I hope that at least some of them may help you in some way. I understand that we are all completely different, even in our thoughts and feelings, but some of them may give you a Light Bulb experience. So below I have included quite a few different explanations, though I have just flowed them through together, as I felt that that may make it an easier read.


We are all virtually connected into this massive yet somewhat allowing Power Point at all times. Yet it is only at the time that we are displaying a need or a yearning to become engrossed in some way, with another one of us, that we do display our very own Format or Intentions to become illumed, for the initial reason to bring forth on entire arrangement of some knowledge or the like. And it be in this way where we allow through thoughts of endearment to one another also. It is simply a way whereby we continuously remain totally connected within the Walls or Framework of our entire existence as such. It is needed for a bonding more than anything, as we all gain such a graciousness and a connectedness from within it’s Walls. Though to be as free as a bird, yet remain in the alignment of it’s comforting enclosures is Joyous to us all. It speaks of such Love and virtual Joy and Elation that it draws us into it momentarily, at all phases of our existence. It is paramount to a Vital Cord that connects into a Permanent Socket if you will.
It is a virtual method where we are connecting through Love, into a facet that has all of everything that we could ever wish for, or desire at any given time. Yet to say that it is the wonder of All that is Good and Holy, is not quite enough of a description to be given here to you. For He is not a virtual Being of Light, as you are presuming that He be. He is the forever flowing motion of Life as you are seeing it now in your World, as He also is within ours. He is the forever beating of our drums. He is the splendour of what begets your eyes as you gaze forth at all you can visualize. He is wondrous in the extreme, and yet He is Magical and Loving to all of His creatures as such. Beguiling as it sounds He is what we all take into our hearts and souls at any given time. He is our breathe we breathe and He is the vital workings of your bodies, be it in one way or another. But yet above all else He is our comfort and our friend, who lights up our World in every which way for us. He Is the light of day and the dark of night in the true sense of the word. Vital to us at all times, yet allusive as we make Him. Our Joy to behold.
It is the awesome overpowering inexplicable binding and blending of all of what we view as the Life Formation, in each and every way. It is the gigantic en massed vibrating thread which binds all of Life together as One Universal Wonder in supreme loving motion. It is the massive Mechanism that sends forth it’s vibrations of love and worthy intent, while it lovingly takes up the charge and uniting all into a miraculous thread of Divine Intent, where every living and breathing wonder causes a balance to reform into the absolute immense space of the totality of all of life intact throughout all of it’s Universal wonders. Beaming forth unfathomable life giving treasures to uncover, which are contained within it, to all of it’s recipients, for their very own enjoyment and pleasure.
There is a Universal Life Force running within and between all things. And the whole of the Universes are simply one Massive Copying Machine, or Duplicating Machine. You are all Creators. You are constantly vibrating, and all vibration leads to creation. Passion is within your unique self, that part of you that resonates with whatever causes your zest or eagerness. You are all growth seeking Beings, ever Eternal and on a Quest for more of…..
Is there a God? Yes, there is a Majestic Being of Light, which sends It’s Love Eternal through all dimensions and spheres in a way which is incomprehensible to you and yours. This Love is multifunctional, and exists on every level of life. What is life? Life is an awareness, a Knowing, an Intelligence, and it spans across every Solar System, every planet, every galaxy and universe into infinity and into the unknown. What we all yearn for is to complete our never-ending quest for knowledge and to become wise in all areas, no matter where the answers take us. There is a continuation of life, always, and where the roads meet, there is jubilation on your return home.
God is the Supreme High Intelligence, the Life Force of Everything. He is Nature, God, the Tree of Knowledge. He is all of everything.
GOD IS THE MAGIC PRESENCE -There is an Ocean of Emotion which affects everything all the time – There beats a continual Vibrant Charge lighting up everywhere = to be immaculate wonder and vibrancy.
We are all tangents of Him, and He takes what you bring back and enfolds the wisdom derived from it around you, and you then become a bigger part of Him. For it all helps you to see more through His eyes. For His eyes are not what you envisage. His eyes are a part or all of the unknown.
He is the Universal Energy of Everything and We Are Sparks of His Energy.
It is your Consciousness – it is The River of Thought. Your whole self and every cell is continually fed by it – it’s your sustenance – you create your life by thought that you accept from it. You feel it in your Soul first – the thought you accept, and then your soul feeds and expands your entire being through that emotion that it felt. Then the Soul puts the thought of your Expanded Self, back out into the “river” which in turn expands the consciousness of life, as all others and all things take from it what they want to. And you are the Investigators, the Detectives of Nature, the Searchers. And you take home with you every detail of the fruits of our searchings.
Your Soul is the Fingerprint of God unique in it’s own expression, but filled with The Divinity. That is the essence of All That Is
Everything is a manifestation of the Presence of God.
Everything is a manifestation of the Nature of God
Spirituality is God’s calling in your Soul
That spark of God inside us allows us to feel the complete nurturing of The One, and that we’re not separated in some way. The Light we carry is an heirloom of His Mastery and it bonds us to Him for all time. The Lord is a unique Entity, and He has so much to give to all of us.
HE is the Sea of Love, the Unlimited ongoing Essence of Love and the all powerful Vibration that is constantly swirling around everywhere, and which is everything. He is eternally holding all other energies and vibrations [of which we are a part of] in place. Our thoughts, and actions, and our vibration is always changing and it always changes everything else, moving it around and about all ways, intermixing all of it. We are really all Gigantic Enormous Powerful ENTITIES, all loving, all knowing, all wanting and willing to please The One, Who IS The Whole of all of us. We are His Investigators, His Detectives of Nature, the Searchers.
God is in charge of all, the overseer if you will, who guards all while we play. The Ebb and the Flow, the Action and the Outcome,
Everything consists of all intact Universes, but always expanding out larger and larger. And we also expand out larger, as we change our vibrations. THE ONE holds all of this wonder in place as we all, as He does, enjoy the beauty of it all. Life is just one phase flowing into yet another phase, changing it & expanding it into more.
Everything expands out to make more of it. And THE WHOLE expands out to make more of THE WHOLE while keeping all of everything in place inside of Him

There is nothing that is outside of you, for you are all of everything already. You are it, you are everything just as you are seeing it now. We are all, all of everything, for we are all Him. JUST IN DIFFERENT FORMS. Whatever you see as you look around you, then you are it. You are a combination & a part of the whole of all of it, for none of it is really separate from you, it just appears that way to you, while there on Earth, for you needed separation from the truth. You are all powerful & are here, there & everywhere. It is all science & mathematics. We are all little particles of The One. We are all tangents of Him. We energize each other, feeding off of each other & in a sense, refurbishing each other into something different. We all have a part in this phenomenon & give to & receive from each other. We all tend to blend into ea other in a certain way but the main objective is to bring about what is needed as a whole, & not as a single entity.
Life is a growing & expanding vibration which goes on for all eternity, never stops but keeps on revolving, a great mystery unto itself. He is all of it , you, me, every plant animal & mineral, all swirling around at different degrees & different speeds which changes our vibrations & what we appear as, though we are all closely intertwined with each other, encased in this massive web of almost invisible cords as such. We flow around this way & that but always remain in that massive enclosure of love. A truly wondrous site to see. The vibe & the strength of your essence changes what you are & just how much of this wonder you are able to perceive. And you are all a massive part of this wonder, part of this eternal swirling beauty which is actually in formation all around you at all times. Pure love is the vibe we all live in, other vibes stem from it, vibrating & revolving at diff speeds accordingly, which changes their formation & the emotion they produce. You do not remain in one place in your true state, you are a master of disguise, you can be here, there & everywhere at a moments notice, in a flash, or in many places at once, not restricted to any one place at any given time. The Creator gifted you with the same abilities as Him, identical in all ways.
You’re the tree of knowledge. You are expanding beings in expanding universes. You are the growth seeking, ever eternal, most important part of ME. You have simply taken a journey within your own consciousness.
We are the pulsating forces which He created as part of His dream, His plan. We are pulsating Forces created by God. Little specks of Him.
We are each other’s Heartbeat.
We are each Dimensions of Him.
We are Strands of Him, of the Divine.
Sparks of Him, All of Him in minute form. Little Particles of Him.
We are Little Miracles, all God in Action.
All really Our Father, expanding out, creating more.
All linked internally by the Heart Cords, ties to God. We just pull and sway this way and that and are joined to ALL.
All Microcosms of the Great Macrocosm.




12. 5. 13

We have here a Bible of sorts, and it is not the kind you are used to, for this holds the key to all of life as it now is, and as it will be in time to come. For in this Bible lies a truth unknown to man as yet.
We are now about to bring forth something which will put you in a tail spin, but believe us that it is indeed a wondrous thing. And who’s to say where this wondrous truth may lead you all, as mankind now is opening up to beliefs which have as yet been purposely held back. I have here with me now a one who has much information to give which may lead on to a scenario whereby all of you will be wondering just what it is that indeed you are doing there. For be it known to you all that what it is, is something that you are totally as yet, unaware of.
These sheets I have before me now are said to contain secrets regarding life as a whole. And it is something that will entail much searching for some, whole others will simply go beyond that and will see where this is a probability. But that will all be in a days work, for we know that in time this will be broadcast as being a life changing Knowing, and it will suffice all of everything else. You have in you now a complete knowledge of these wonders, and it will be up to you to bring it all forth in a way that will be acceptable to one and all. For be it known to you that this will take much of your time, and for this reason we will be sending a one, who will be willing to be of assistance be it needed. I have much confidence in your ability and for this reason the plan is now about to proceed as we originally spoke of.
You are now on a journey of choice, though it was not one that was not fraught with problems. But now the gates are flung wide open and you barely will have the time to wonder at what is taking hold of your life. Be as it may my dear, we all stand behind you 100% as you know. So be inspired by this and fear not of anything. For we are a Band of Angels sent by The Lord, to be of assistance to you, and nothing will hold us back. Stay secure in your beliefs and go forward as planned, knowing that the truth will always rise up and be jubilant. My love is with you always. I am one of your Angels my dear, full of love for you and yours. Believe in yourself, for you are indeed the one chosen for this wondrous work. It is now yours to be brought forth.
Go in peace always wondrous one.

These truths will inspire people and lift them up the ladder of life, in a way that will bring peace and love into their lives. Be it known that all have this power inside them, and this will inspire them to bring this power forth, and to go into untrodden waters. For it will guide them into seeking what their paths entail, and will enable them to carry out to fulfilment, exactly what it was that their soul dreamed of happening. So be it.


Christ Consciousness



Cusami [2] 9-9-11

Hello there, it is I again, Cusami. I come in peace and love to you. We have much to impart, and yes, there is no time like the present, for now many are awakening to hear of these truths and we are standing by ready to aid those who may be interested. For you dear, there will be many of these messages coming thru and so prepare yourself for this. I am one of many who will come to you and I say to you now that you shall have your hands full, no pun meant. For now is a great time on your planet, as there is an excitement in the air, for many are questioning what is going on there. It is believed to be something it is not and so we are about to step forward now to prepare mankind for further revelations to be sure.
There is documentation that there is a knowledge of a second coming, but the context of that was misconstrued, for the second coming that was referred to is the enormous flood of energy being poured forth onto your Earth Plane, to enable you to be more open to allowing into your psyche a different kind of truth. One that has eluded most of you because of your former teachings. But it is still there deep inside you, all of this knowledge, it only needs to rise up again in all of you. For want of a better description, you have all been anesthetized or put to sleep. But now it is time to bring out these truths, for your Earth plane has become tired of the constant conflicts of one sort or another that it has been forced to deal with. It is sad, yes, but it is true never the less. It is time now for those of you whom are awakening to put on your cloaks of wisdom and strength and power and go forth and shine your beautiful bright Lights, and that will enable others to question themselves, for they shall feel this energy you put out and it will begin a process in them where they will question their beliefs and also their reason for being there on the Earth plane. “What is this all about,” they will say. “Why am I wandering about here. Where is the point to all of this?” And they will then begin a journey of their own. They will search for their answers to their questions. And that is where we will come in, dear ones. We stand by waiting to be asked for help where it is needed. And it does indeed come. You all will awaken at some point or another, and what a joyous day that is for all who watch and wait for your calls.
There is no pressure put on this, for everyone is different and has various beliefs, but the truth of the matter is that all are constantly in contact with Our Creator, no matter what their journey entails. This remains a mystery as yet, but the day will come when it will all become very clear to you all. There are many mysteries to be worked through and it will all take place, that is a certainty, and until that time comes, you all have free rein to enjoy the process of it in exactly the way you desire. That is Gods’ gift to you. I come in love to you once more and I shall do so again. Go in peace this day as always.

Val Fabian