12. 5. 13

We have here a Bible of sorts, and it is not the kind you are used to, for this holds the key to all of life as it now is, and as it will be in time to come. For in this Bible lies a truth unknown to man as yet.
We are now about to bring forth something which will put you in a tail spin, but believe us that it is indeed a wondrous thing. And who’s to say where this wondrous truth may lead you all, as mankind now is opening up to beliefs which have as yet been purposely held back. I have here with me now a one who has much information to give which may lead on to a scenario whereby all of you will be wondering just what it is that indeed you are doing there. For be it known to you all that what it is, is something that you are totally as yet, unaware of.
These sheets I have before me now are said to contain secrets regarding life as a whole. And it is something that will entail much searching for some, whole others will simply go beyond that and will see where this is a probability. But that will all be in a days work, for we know that in time this will be broadcast as being a life changing Knowing, and it will suffice all of everything else. You have in you now a complete knowledge of these wonders, and it will be up to you to bring it all forth in a way that will be acceptable to one and all. For be it known to you that this will take much of your time, and for this reason we will be sending a one, who will be willing to be of assistance be it needed. I have much confidence in your ability and for this reason the plan is now about to proceed as we originally spoke of.
You are now on a journey of choice, though it was not one that was not fraught with problems. But now the gates are flung wide open and you barely will have the time to wonder at what is taking hold of your life. Be as it may my dear, we all stand behind you 100% as you know. So be inspired by this and fear not of anything. For we are a Band of Angels sent by The Lord, to be of assistance to you, and nothing will hold us back. Stay secure in your beliefs and go forward as planned, knowing that the truth will always rise up and be jubilant. My love is with you always. I am one of your Angels my dear, full of love for you and yours. Believe in yourself, for you are indeed the one chosen for this wondrous work. It is now yours to be brought forth.
Go in peace always wondrous one.

These truths will inspire people and lift them up the ladder of life, in a way that will bring peace and love into their lives. Be it known that all have this power inside them, and this will inspire them to bring this power forth, and to go into untrodden waters. For it will guide them into seeking what their paths entail, and will enable them to carry out to fulfilment, exactly what it was that their soul dreamed of happening. So be it.



Christ Consciousness



Cusami [2] 9-9-11

Hello there, it is I again, Cusami. I come in peace and love to you. We have much to impart, and yes, there is no time like the present, for now many are awakening to hear of these truths and we are standing by ready to aid those who may be interested. For you dear, there will be many of these messages coming thru and so prepare yourself for this. I am one of many who will come to you and I say to you now that you shall have your hands full, no pun meant. For now is a great time on your planet, as there is an excitement in the air, for many are questioning what is going on there. It is believed to be something it is not and so we are about to step forward now to prepare mankind for further revelations to be sure.
There is documentation that there is a knowledge of a second coming, but the context of that was misconstrued, for the second coming that was referred to is the enormous flood of energy being poured forth onto your Earth Plane, to enable you to be more open to allowing into your psyche a different kind of truth. One that has eluded most of you because of your former teachings. But it is still there deep inside you, all of this knowledge, it only needs to rise up again in all of you. For want of a better description, you have all been anesthetized or put to sleep. But now it is time to bring out these truths, for your Earth plane has become tired of the constant conflicts of one sort or another that it has been forced to deal with. It is sad, yes, but it is true never the less. It is time now for those of you whom are awakening to put on your cloaks of wisdom and strength and power and go forth and shine your beautiful bright Lights, and that will enable others to question themselves, for they shall feel this energy you put out and it will begin a process in them where they will question their beliefs and also their reason for being there on the Earth plane. “What is this all about,” they will say. “Why am I wandering about here. Where is the point to all of this?” And they will then begin a journey of their own. They will search for their answers to their questions. And that is where we will come in, dear ones. We stand by waiting to be asked for help where it is needed. And it does indeed come. You all will awaken at some point or another, and what a joyous day that is for all who watch and wait for your calls.
There is no pressure put on this, for everyone is different and has various beliefs, but the truth of the matter is that all are constantly in contact with Our Creator, no matter what their journey entails. This remains a mystery as yet, but the day will come when it will all become very clear to you all. There are many mysteries to be worked through and it will all take place, that is a certainty, and until that time comes, you all have free rein to enjoy the process of it in exactly the way you desire. That is Gods’ gift to you. I come in love to you once more and I shall do so again. Go in peace this day as always.

Val Fabian