The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ The Circle of Life ~ Cosmic Connections ~ 29.4.16 ~ Val Fabian

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Does Earth itself actually really exist and also the other Planets etc. Or are they also just Illusions in our Minds?


Yes dear, Earth does exist, it is not an Illusion, as do also the other Planets, the Moon, Sun and Stars. For this amazing picture surely I speak of, is a vast and wondrous place where time of course does not exist. And yet it is all going around full circle with a complete Knowing inside it’s Energetic Forces.
Be prepared now to forsake your human form, and come Riding the Waves of Love with us, and allow yourself to be entangled amidst their Mystery and Mystic.
Become as a bird flying high, and allow for yourself to float around at will, and before you know it you will have it all in the bag. Though believe me that where you are, there really does have a meaning to it, and a life there is certainly in existence. But before we look into that further I will guide you along in a different way so that you can see that Magic is alive and well.
And I can assure you also that there certainly is the existence of places there around you, which are Planetary Formations, and they do call on each other at every second of every day, to support the actual flow on of the Energetic Forces which are rising and falling at spectacular speeds eternally, and without a cessation. As that is a whole and complete part of the ways of it all, in that whatever flows forth must reverse and return, to keep the motion complete and perfectly aligned to one another in union. And for this to complete it’s cycle it presents itself in a certain way, which beckons forth, and accurately proportions forth a major influence on it, which shall then form a bonding beside or around it, to cause an interference in it’s vibrations and Energies, and enable such to perform a separate motion to display itself further afield with the potential to enlighten further, the exact initial and fully ignited presence that it is becoming melded with. This Maze of Beauty, this vast and wondrous place where there is a Knowing inside it’s Energetic Forces.
And this Realm we speak of is such that time and space never existed here. What we are viewing now as we speak, is timeless and a Joyous Wonder to behold, at your bidding. It is Power Unlimited in itself, and it breaths in wonders to display to you at your beck and call. And this is never ending, for the glow that it perpetually shines forth for you to admire and enjoy is of such ravishing beauty that your eyes could find it inconceivable to take in.
This is where Magic and Miracles exist. Remind me now of your dreams you have, and it’s illusion shall spring forth in an instant. For this place I speak to you of, has Magic and Majestic qualities, that time has no bearing on at all. And therefore your own self has a control over all you survey at any given time. You are capable of allowing in whatever your heart believes to be a precious commodity. And believe me, that each and every placement you bring into this place, will forever shine its worth in Love and Purity. We have a vision here of complete and utter wonder, and it glows forth on and on, into foreverness. Into the glow of Mystery and Mystique, that we all abide in so lovingly and joyously
We are being projected further afield now, and out into a maze of Majestic Wonder where Life holds firmly onto it’s other Energetic Forces, which enable everything to blend into one, as required or requested. It is a maze of Wonder and High Intelligence that we have here, as is all over the Atmospheres. But believe me dear one that it all blends in, and works in perfect order none the less. No doubt it all blends together as one Unspoken Wonder in Itself, as God created it all as One Package child.

Is there any type of Life in between the Planets or in the Universes, or is it total nothing = a complete Void.


No dear, not total nothing. Total nothing does not and cannot exist anywhere. There is no such thing as total nothing. For what we have between your Planets for instance, as in the Whole of those Wondrous Spaces, is a multitude of Life Forms, living and breathing as you surely are. The only difference between the two of you is that you have a permanency about you and they have not. But what they do have is a variation to Life, that breathes forth it’s own wonders. And they have all been placed there in a certainty, by The Divine in His absolute Knowing that to be of a vibrancy as they in particular are, they have sustainability through His Amazing Powers. And they are living and breathing Entities, sustaining a form of bodies, which are perpetually breathing their Own Force into the Atmospheres and it’s Currents, which are forming a bond with natural Forces, while adjusting the benign entirety, which hold up the vibrations of NATURE in her quest for Supremacy. It is all in a working mode, for it holds a Power unto Itself, where everything is of great value to THE ALL, and nothing is ever shied off or wasted. There is always a power in everything, and everything all gives to each other in ways which you have no thought forms to adhere to as yet.

What is the “New Life Form” that will be “Breathed in” here that was spoken of please? Did I misinterpret this, as I imagined that you were referring to Mother Nature’s beautiful new growth?


No dear, nothing growing. It is ‘LIFE.’ It is ‘CHANGE IN BELIEF.’
It is the ability and the wonder of it all that you are all awakened to in such a Magic way, that time becomes a memory of the past, and the total elation that you all behold as you gaze upon this Miracle and Magic, is the Supreme Knowing that Life itself holds its breathe in such a way that Mysteries shall enfold all of you every step of the way along your path. And visions of minute wonder and beauty are beholding to you around each and every corner. And such a Knowing arises in all of you that it matters not as to where you travel or whatever you may do, that peace and love and the enthralling magnificence of complete abundance are yours to have and to hold at every step you take, no matter where it be or when.
It is the joy and the powerful response to the joyous awakening in you all, that it breathes in an amazing sensation running through all of you, that your place there now, is total Magic in Motion, beyond belief. That what you are all allowing to spring forth through your Loving Hearts is a natural Wonder, which begets more wonder and love than any one of you ever dreamed possible, or even capable of showing you such beauty in the extreme.

For Life has complete abundance for all of us, and since there is no time to reason with, our lives are complete and utter joy and love, at every turn around the Circle, no matter where it be. The Circle of Life is the Circle of Love, and it is the complete and awesome wonder of the Sublime and Treasured Awesomely Beautiful Force that we know as Our Creator.

Your lives have now formed around a Wonderland of the Purest of Energies, which have allowed you all to blend in with it, while it weaves it’s own spell around and through all of you, which has begun to draw into all of you the absolute wonderment of what Life actually really presents to you all in each and every heartbeat.

Your joy you all are feeling is beyond comprehension, and you are all sealing it all in a promise that Life now seeks out the joys and the happiness that is actually your very own GOD GIVEN RIGHT. And the Gifts that flow forth out of this knowledge are your abundance in total , ALL of everything. Nothing is ever denied to any one of you, no matter who or where you are. Complete and total and utter prosperity and abundance I speak of child = nothing less than this is ever on offer.

OUR CREATOR is Provision itself, make no mistake on this. He is everything in One Package = the Totality of it ALL. And He is forever offering it all as such, to all of us within The Circle of Life.

And the flow on to this is a major part of all that I speak of, for what it brings forth out of all of us is our very own Treasured Knowing that to be in this beloved space, where we are all so greatly loved, cherished and honoured, is the Sublime Ecstasy, joy and wonder and Knowing, that we are All and Everything to Him in each and every way. We complete and close The Circle of Life. And this Beloved One I speak of is The Phenomena that is the Existence of a Vital Compelling, Energizing Force in operation, permanently pervading the Universes. And It is the Source of All Life intact within the entire Circle of Life.



Archangel Michael ~ Cosmic Connections ~ 24.5.13 ~ Val Fabian




Coming forth now is the Wondrous One Archangel Michael, with tidings of joy and love and he will give you more on what it is you are asking about.

Archangel Michael.
The time is right now and you are strong in your desires to be as one with us. Be it known now that the love we are sending is for all of life as it now stands, but we also see a glow of light beyond which you see, and this glow will bring about a major change in your world. And now allow us to begin what it is that we have planned out for you to disclose. And for this task to proceed, it is about to take you into
un-chartered waters while also sending your life into a spin of sorts.
You are one of us, that is real, and this mission you are embarking on will be a worldwide experience. And for this dear it will entail much travel for you and yours, for it will be that others may accompany you. As for your needs to be accomplished, it will take much input, and allowing for this there will be a kind of entourage for your convenience. Enough said on that, I now will allow time for your questions my dear.
My Question.
It was suggested that I ask questions regarding the Sun, Moon and Stars – that it may be very important to me.

This is indeed a very good question, and it is one which does need to be explained to you. It is right that many various wonders do occur, and why this is so is the topic which we will endeavour to answer.

Your first thought was that this is a major hurdle to overcome, and that is so, for this knowledge does bring with it some very vast and unknown about topics. But your mind now is accepting of much, and so we will take you to a place where life is very different.

For, for you now to travel elsewhere you would take a bus, a plane or any other means of transport. And that is why you are now dreaming of seeing a different world. One in which it’s projecting you out into places unknown to you by any other means. But believe us that this is so. You are very capable of doing this, my child. What you have to know here is that the world as you all see it is a fraction of what it really is, and by that I mean that your embodiment as you see it, is a very small part of you, and as such it has limiting qualities.
But for us here, where we reside, we are held in place by other means, and as such are able to be at all places at once. This is the way we are projecting out our powers and how we become what others may deem as questionable.
What you are seeing before you now is a moderate type of existence, but for us here, it is a dream unfolding for us in the most majestic of ways. And this is occurring by means of a ‘knowing’ that we hold dear. It is not something that one earns, it is merely the way that life is.

And what this does mean, is that you are all living there in a dream world. And it is one that is entirely made up by all of you. For you all have roles to play in this, and be of a mind that your journey’s there have not been disclosed to you all as yet. For something very different is actually unfolding around you to what you are aspiring to in your minds.

It is not for you to digest all of this at once, but by a slow means, and then a form of understanding will arise in you so that you may take it all that one step further and do with it what you came for. But for now we will progress slowly down our path of knowledge and wonder, and it will be up to you how far you take this in on a day to day progress. For it is known to you that you are the one in charge of this wonder, and so I lay my knowledge bare for you to interpret as you are able to. In this world I speak of, there is nothing going on that we are not all aware of, but for all of you there you have a cloud over your knowledge for now. But all this is about to change and this change will be brought about by you, for the enlightenment of all those who walk your walk.

Be it known that your job there shall not be in vain, and many will partake of, and even take part in pursuing this even further. But your goal will be to spread the knowledge regardless of those less informed as to why this is all taking place, and know that your goal will be welcomed knowledge for most of life there as you know it to be.

My Question.
How do the Suns, the Moons and the Stars and other Planets etc effect us?

This will be a major undertaking so that this can sink into your psyche. I will endeavour to produce a knowing in you now, that you may run with, though with this it shall lay bare much that you did not plan for. For you have in you now what it is that will be needed to produce in others, their dreams and their desires that are deeply hidden in them. But on saying that, that does not help you to overcome barriers set up by you yourself.
Be now quiet and listen to this dear one, for I do have a knowing in me that what you are feeling now will quickly pass into oblivion, and then with this awakening it will bring out a burst of utmost intelligence and wonder that no man can envisage. You have it all locked away, and now I am producing this key that you gave me, and with this key you are now taking it and unlocking the workings of your innermost sanctuary. And I see now a light flooding in and out, which is unseen by human eyes, and this light has arisen up to The Father, to The Creator, and you are sitting on a throne beside Him as we speak. This is not Fairy stories, this is the real thing, and I now am crowning you in a glory unspoken of.

I salute you my dearest one and I have such unbelievable love for you and for your dreams to break through this barrier, which was put forth onto this Earth Plane so many eons ago. This was indeed your dream to accomplish this, whereby you set yourself into a motion, yearning to bring about a whole new and better environment on Earth for others to come and play in, in a peaceful way, and not in the fashion that has existed there for eons of time.

Your dream was to put into place, a way of harbouring beauty and peace and joy there, and in a way whereby all may benefit. But your efforts for eons went in vain, and suffice it to say that now is the time for dreams to be realized.

You are known here as the Mighty One, the one who opens up chasms or pathways for all others to embark on wondrous adventures. But your dream for peace on Earth and other realms overtook all other undertakings, and so you procured a vision, and that vision entailed what is about to take place there now.

Though as we speak, I am seeing a frown and a question mark. Be not afraid to take a stance. You have all the knowledge that you will need beloved one, and go forward now and plant your seeds. The seeds of life, uncomplicated by human minds. But what lies within these minds is a wonder to behold.

I will explain dear in another way. For you have in you now, this ability to see the world as we see it, and not as humans do. And what you will produce for them is the ability that they too of course have in them, to see beyond the now known world.
This world they are seeing is a vision their mind produced to blend in with their society. But it is not the real deal. The real world is a magic place. A place where all are free to go as they please and to be unhindered by anything that their mind conjures up.
It is for you to decide which way to make this endeavour be realized, but you will come to terms with a way to forward this information, and it will not be as you imagine, for you are feeling a flurry inside you as we speak, and what is causing this is a raising up of your Prolific Powers of Persuasion, which you hold inside you. And the outpouring of this will empower all those who listen to your words of wonder.

Do not ever think this will not be realized, for you alone will sink ships if that be what it will take. You will not be stopped, no matter what. You now find this hard to deal with, but your power has now reached the point of no return. Gone are the times of disbelief, and now stands this Powerful Entity, whose dream is about to surface and to be realized.

We all salute you my Greatest One. God speed ahead.
I am Archangel Michael, who shelters you from any harm. I love you.

Lord Lanto ~ The Enlightened One ~ 23.2.14 ~ Val Fabian

My Question.   You have taught me much over the past several years regarding the amazing changes which will be now coming in shortly. But why have Spirit chosen now exactly, at this particular time, to come and help, through changing the world into a more loving place. Why not hundreds of years ago when things were much worse, and people were extremely cruel and violent. Actually much more so than now.
My Answer I received.
Be calm dear one and listen. It is a simple truth, that which you have stated, and yet Earth was allowed it’s space to be as it wished to be.
But now at this time on the Earth there are massive changes in the ongoing flow of the vibrational changes, which have been brought about by the Suns, Moons and the Stars in unison. Though this is a normal progression, it is though at this time, a time where they are doing a merging of sorts, aligning with one another into an Atmospheric tumbling, which is bringing about turbulence. And in it’s wake it will be hurling off massive dynamic energy forces which will take up positions fairly close to the Earth’s face. And with that, it brings in mighty flows of Energetic Force, which will cause currents to awake in the Earth’s floor, allowing for a massive change in the flow of vibrational energies.
It is this massive hurling around which is going to allow in this permanency of change into Earth’s space. For there shall be an opening by which these energies will be able to flow across the Earth with ease. Never forgetting though that with every ebb there is a flow and vice versa. And that will be how it will be accepted with ease and love.
Mother Nature is never out of sight, and right now she is preparing for many changes to her usual pattern. And one of these will be a massive shake up of all of Life Form in and around this field of acute inner turbulence.
But we must say that with all of this flow, there will be many changes brought about, but nothing will interfere with the dynamic intake and influx of energy being poured onto Earth as we speak. And the reason being is simply that your own guiding Light is set in place, and united with ours, allowing in only peaceful and loving vibrations which are ultimately beneficial to all of you there.
We now are going into a new phase of reckoning for the whole of the Kingdom of God, and we are seeing all of this as a gigantic cleansing for the throngs. Your main aim is to shed Light everywhere, as this deems to cleanse and awaken those who have become complacent in their viewing of everything. But also it will herald in the enormous and massive spreading of vibrational intrigue, and bring about all of the dynamic and mysterious Truths which have yet been unspoken. This is coming very soon, so put yourself into a very reverent space so that you are able to heed the call from within, and to act on it.
May I ask another question please?       I have been told many times that what we are actually doing here is completely different from what we all think it is. Could you please give me some insight as to what is really happening here, and of the powers that Mother Earth holds within her.

My Answer.        Earth is completely intact dear and breathes a life into itself. It’s always in motion, as it carrels around with other planets. It’s a Planet of Mystery, it brings to life Magical Enactments for all to bring in their dreams and desires. It’s actual Crusts hold a Miraculous Substance which provide you with ways to achieve your dreams as nowhere else could. And wherever probable and possible it performs such Magic and applies it to your dreams while you are there.
And it has Magical and Powerful arrangements of Solar Power, which have their own environmental intrigue, placing you all in a Magic and Mysterious Embrace, which draw you in further into it’s unique and wondrous goodness. This is Magic in it’s own right, and it’s exactly this Magic that keeps you afloat whilst there living your dreams. And it’s all a Miracle in the extreme, serving a purpose for you while you gaze at it’s Magical Beauty. And it’s constant swirl of Energetic Forces hold you safe. And this dear is a minor part of an explanation.

Could I please have more information?

My Answer.       In all the huge & amazingly expansive space, which is all of everything, is one complete yet separate scenario, which whirls around non stop forever, even though it has a Guiding Force. Yet that Guiding Force displays intricate parts to it, while it turns and upheavals. For it always aligns with similar parts of itself, even though there’s massive amounts of interference at play within it. Also extreme and violent actions are eroding many parts of it, while it births new ones to carry forth on their own journey. It’s a massive place of uniqueness and worth and co-operation within it’s massive swirls of violence and turbulence. It’s a gigantic place where cause and effect come into play, yet a place of peaceful wonder with all forms of Nature intermixing to form a control overall. And this causes all and sundry to align with each other, forming complete paths of beauty, which light up the way for more initial interaction. It’s never ending and never still.

This is Nature in it’s complete perpetual Wonder and Mystique, forming the basis for what we call our Driving Force, Our Benevolent & Vibrant One, who MASTERMINDS THE WHOLE OF EVERYTHING – to keep it’s wheels turning to perfection.
And what has been created there on your Earth now, has a widespread effect on the Whole of Nature. For it’s guiding other planets in now to form a basic surround for your wondrous planet there, to become it’s vision of beauty. For these other planets all have intricate wondrous knowledge held in them, which you can’t fathom yet. They will guide in a Charge with certain Forces in it, sending a Knowing across your Earth’s surfaces. And through this we are guiding in Knowledge, through these other planet’s abilities to hold the Plates of Energies needed to hold such wonders intact.

And this will be one of your Teachings dear. You will be fully tutored first.

My Question.         What are we trying to do here really ?

My Answer.           This will be a total surprise. It’s part and parcel of a whole picture, coming to life in front of you now. It’s been revealing itself to you slowly. The Powerful Knowing that a bridge has been unfolded for you, and you’re being guided now into a space where all shall be revealed to you. And you’re jumping into a River of Knowing now in readiness to spread your Truth forth.
Everyone’s heart now is yearning to rise up, and all of this intrigue will bring to them everything their hearts desire, utter serenity and peace and freedom, for there will be an unfoldment of what was holding the secrets they have all searched and yearned for.
My love for you is very deep and true dear. I walk by your side in love and respect and gratitude. Go in grace.