Cusami~~ The Magic Presence – The Universal Life Force~~12th Feb ‘13

The Ground of Being-likeBeloved one, we will go somewhere on this morning where you have not been before. It is not as you would imagine any place to be. For it is such that there are Beings here who have never been in the confines of Mother Earth. This place where we will go now, where I will take you, is but a breathe away, yet it is such that it is a million miles away. And yet the way that we may choose to travel is that we are there before you may take another breathe. And this is but my mode of travel at any given time. And it is also the way by which you choose to travel in your times of sleep. It is not something that is unique to me, it is simply the manner by which we all do roam free in our true state of being. That is, the Beings of Light that we all are, and this is the same for all of us, no matter where it may be that we may hang our hats per sey.

On saying this, allow me to explain to you that this place that we shall visit today, is a place not known to you as yet, and yet you do already have sensations in you by which you will be bringing forth a knowledge of most of what we shall partake of. For it is this memory you are carrying within your heart that is the catalyst for much that you are doing now, at this time of your life there on your Earth Plane. What you are procuring and what you are then deciphering is not new to you, even though it does appear to be that way. It is something that you have been aware of and did participate in a very long time ago, and the crescendo which is building up on the inside of you is undeniable. For we see from here that once you put your mind aside for a time, then it will be so much easier for those in question to come through with dynamic information for you. Who are we to say what you are carrying inside, though let it be known to you, that forever you are a different one from now on. It is preparing you for what your life will entail, and be it not for us to say where the petals will fall. But fall they will my child and be not in a spin, for we know that you will breeze through all of this.

So now we are resuming what we shall call your much loved investigative work. For you once were one who thought very highly of the outgoings and inputs into the minds of the human race, but you were not in a position to spread this knowledge around, for then all had restrictions on them and you were no exception. And life then was not as simple as now. But for now, let us say that the time is right this time around. And it now does seem fitting that you once more do bring to light a memory of these things, for the sole purpose of advancing man’s knowledge of things, and of places long forgotten. And also of the ultimate bearing that they do indeed have on life there today in your everyday lives. But more so in the ultimate end result that you are all so lovingly aspiring to.

Backdrop 6

There is much there on your Plane, and in your energy fields around you, which at this point in time is not understood, much less spoken of. And yet it all does have such a bearing on your lives there, and in the decisions you do tend to arrive at, in your struggle to be at one with The Divine. And also then, with the consequences of such decisions or choices. You are all as tiny grains of sand, set upon an enormous and ongoing beach, though every little grain of sand is there for a reason, all are needed to make up the whole. Yet all are part of each other, blended together as one, all have a purpose they are fulfilling and with a particular end in sight. Yet if the sands were all to shift, then the beach would be no more.

You are all going through transitions of one kind or another, and the way in which you all tend to reach your goal is strictly by a simple code that you choose to live by. And it is never in the plan of things that there may be a Driving Force behind your everyday lives, charging you on to fulfill a dream or a task which you have indeed set up for yourselves. And yet you all do struggle on trying to make some sense or rhyme or reason out of all of this, while never really coming to a realization that the driving Force which is spurring you on is such that it is an Energy, which has been taken out of context.

It is a Living and a Breathing Force that is behind all of your endeavours, and it is such that it guides you along a pathway where you still have ultimate choices to make, while still being under its umbrella. This Force is so powerful that it has its ways and means of picking up your every emotion and dream, and transforming them into a much wider spectrum. And by doing so it then changes each and every vibration around it in a way which all Souls then pick up and carry anew within them. It is a means of connection for you all, while still always allowing you full rein of your own dreams, but yet empowering you more so with additional tools by which you may then manifest more of what you choose to draw into your innermost circle of life.

It is an ongoing Force, yet also a most loving and attentive one, which never pervades your intentions to carry out certain chosen deeds. But it brings about a possible solution for you to run with, should you choose to. It is still all about free will, while ultimately realizing that you do have at your disposal, a backup and a backstop, should you feel the need for one. And it is also a way by which you can then begin to draw to you, should you choose to, a more loving and lasting field of energy to abide in. Allowing you to grow more loving every day, drawing you in closer to All That Is and All That Could Ever Be.

It is all of life working together as such, in a way where nothing is ever wasted or left unheeded. All are in the Circle of Life, feeding each other while also feeding off each other, bringing forth a vibrancy which is then carried into the next being. Nothing is ever lost or wasted, as Life has the capacity to overspill into each other and to give us more of what is needed for our very existence. And what this does is to overshadow each one of us with the Nectar of God’s Divine Love in it’s purest form. Ongoing Love in all of its glory. It is the final surrender I speak of. The final realization of who and what we are, and of the ultimate surrender and acknowledgement of such.
I Am That I Am.







Cusami ~~ Predictions for Earth ~~5.10.13 ~~ Val Fabian

Group angels 2

Blessed be this day, for it brings with it what we would term as deepest blessings from Our Maker, never forgetting that the true and positive inspirations are yet to come to you. And in this way we shall be making out an in depth and yet a pleasant indication that up unto this date what has been received by you is but a mere portion of what is in focus now in respect of all of nature and the atmospheric conditions, as well as your union with us.

Whereby we will be saying that blessed events will take charge of the entire Universes in such a short time, and this will lead to an eruption of sorts. For everything that exists there on your Earth, shall be shrouded in the finest of dust flakes, symbolically, which will entice you all into becoming a reckoning force in yourselves, and giving all of you the opportunity to enlist your Higher Selves to empower you into becoming an entity which will have capabilities not expressed thus far. It will be for some of you, that this fiery substance which has enlightened you, shall gather to you a tempest of the finest and yet most desirable benefits which shall then lead you forth towards your intended destiny.

So dear one, it is time now for some other influences to immerge. And for this, we shall be in need of your very intricate and somewhat elusive mind. Inasmuch as what we are about to impart via these writings shall require that you be in full control of all of your wonderful and vital imaginings. For because of what we will proclaim to you now, it shall be of the utmost importance that you take this in as a small part of the following encryptions. But first allow us to say here at this point, that you are now very capable of receipt of more of this, as you have displayed for us a yearning for more, and also a submission to authority.

And by this we do mean that your outward body is in the process of releasing much of its entanglement, and is forthcoming in ushering in a program of which highly Intelligent information shall filter through to you, for the utmost good of all of you there on your Earth Plane.

Be aware though that the overall intent here shall be that for each one of you who will listen to all of this, there shall always be otherwise, the occasional one who may find it hard to surrender to such a vibratory energy, in the form of this knowledge. And for this reason we shall always be there, in preparation of an outward sign that all has not been lost in this endeavour. This is what is coming for sure, and we here have a yearning inside us which is bursting to come forth, for we do see that an overall explosion of Light and Love is beginning to rear it’s head, insofar as the present situation there on your Earth right now is not an exciting one, in terms of love and Light.

Holding Hands
What we are also focusing on per se, is that there is also looming on the horizon what can be explained as the brightest of Light. And in this Light is residing a thing of beauty, inasmuch as this Entity has many talents, and the greatest talent it has to offer is the Life Force of loving vibrations, and the ensuing theme of appropriate blending of it’s entire renaissance, which will definitely include the greatest of blessings that are able to be sent to all of you, as an individual and as an entirety.

This is forecast for sometime soon, and allow it to be told to you now that whatever is brought forth out of this shall be forever life changing on your Planet. We see an abundance of what could only be described as forthright and empowering beauty in the overall nations of your World.

Another thing that is preparing to happen also is the lighting up of the entire Universes in such a way as to draw in an abundance of very powerful and luminous energy, which will sweep across your Nations entirely, and in the force of it’s wake, there shall remain a residue of beauteous energies which will blend with your very own powerful abilities. And what this will do will be to lighten your own entire cosmic connections and draw in towards you the finest mystic knowledge and wondrous teachings that are available for your perusal.

What we have planned is a magnitude of majestic wonders which shall be placed before all of you with the hope and intent that you all take full usage of all of these gifts which are about to be bestowed onto all of you. Be as it may though, there will never ever be a time when you are all going to blissfully abide fully in this, for the simple reason being that the time span allowance will not coexist for many who are now preparing to remove themselves from their Earth home for whatever reason.

But all in all it shall indeed be a dynamic time for celebrations, and sharing news of change, which forthright shall bring it’s own rewards. But just for now let us assume that you shall be holding in your hands a magic piece of history, and for reason of total planetary transformation, we shall be going into a field of animal, vegetable and mineral, of Life in all of it’s many forms.

And also will be displayed all of the coverage which has been sought, for the release of a volume of timely notices which will be placed as an introduction to what will come to be known as a life changing and mind blowing, powerful stream of utmost intrigue, insomuch as what will be spoken of shall never have been entertained before as being of any substance in the so far known of plan of things.

But these things aside dear, and once more allow me to impart to you that the chance to become what it is that you need to be, is forthright now in your sights. And it’s because your struggle to be as you had indeed planned to be, has had such a strong pull on your psyche, that I am able to now give you the vision of your dreams being about to unfold in a place of peace and love. And for this you can be eternally grateful, for the pull to be all you wished to be has indeed stood up to transgressions, and you are about to proclaim your powerful and wonderful lifelong dream. This is enough for now and continue on as you are now seeing fit to, and always live in love, peace and harmony. For these gifts will be what will lead you to salvation my beloved one.
Go in peace now and my blessings I send to you, for I come this day in love and peaceful chatter. I remain your friend indeed. Cusami



CUSAMI & WHITE CLOUD ~ 10th to 23rd June ‘13 ~ The Study of the Physical & Natural World & the Phenomena – Especially by using Systematic Observation & Experiment…. A Lesson in Science regarding the Birds & Bees & all Insects ~ Val Fabian 

Beautiful Butterfly484360_430313320387699_1766866734_nVarious Insects66815_629581537067890_1043259600_n

CUSAMI & WHITE CLOUD 10th to 23rd June ‘13      ~  on    The Study of the Physical & Natural World & the Phenomena – Especially by using Systematic Observation & Experiment…. A Lesson in Science regarding the Birds & Bees & all Insects……
Today shall be different, for in it’s wake the tides will turn once more and bring to you just what is needed for today. We shall bring forth now a very powerful Being, who is coming to you from afar, and he speaks the language of Love. Love for all up unto the tiniest of creatures that exists there. And there are many of them, dear one, very many. Your thoughts on this are twofold, for you have a veering away from these little creatures, but in the Lord’s World they are premium. Your thoughts go forth as one who is adverse to them in general, and yet these little mites help to clarify your world for you from a distance. And they do indeed make your lives there more versatile, and much easier for you to become one who is being joined into something, completely unaware of the process involved in all of it.

What we are going to describe for you this day will take a place in your history books, for it will lead the way on the path to your adventurous discoveries. And yet it has also got a place in your history books for another reason, for were it not for these little mites, your world there would suffer in a way that you are powerless to view from your side of the fence. But that being said, we are now going to make a proposal to you, for the reason of it taking a hold on you. But be aware also that your own self will be somewhat immune to what it may be that we will speak of, for up until now your knowing has not been sufficient for us to even be able to broach this topic.

But now it is reasonable to assume that your Light you carry forth is acquiring much more illumination and intelligence, and so it goes that for this reason we are appropriately assured that you will grace this topic with eyes wide open. Let me assure you here also that the vast majority of these little mites are habituating your world there in complete silence, but that does not mean that they are lying low, presumably with naught to do. 

What is taking place there is a phenomenal happening, for they are indeed bringing much forth for you all to take full advantage of. Be aware too that your immediate reaction of all of this could be a blast of disbelief, and yet we are prompting you now to make yourself fully aware of the fact that life there for all of you now is to become what some may call a masterpiece in timing. For what these mites are taking and applying for you is a wondrous body of seemingly unusable substance. But what they apply to it is a mind boggling thing. For their immediate sensations of their little feelers are somewhat what could be explained as little magnetic fields, and what they do with them would blow your mind. For they put themselves on display and go within their own Fields of Light and abundantly light up your skies with an everlasting and ever growing and very powerful beam of intelligent Light, which comes forth in a rush around a cycle which is bringing in a flow of graceful energetic powerful force. Which will cause an eruption to take place and form into a Body of Light, which has a magnificence enfolding it’s circumference. And this in turn will explode and grow forth into an amazing type of circular motions, bringing in it’s wake what will become a triumphant Intelligence, which will instil in the minds of all of you, another great and powerful Truth, which you all shall hold dear to you, in your hearts.

Take this now and study this and bring these powerful words to life in your own mind. And this will take away from you the insistent thoughts that flow along with the creepy crawlies.
Blessings dear one, it is said now & we rest our case




Dear one, it is time now for another lesson in Science. Today we will look at birds and bees and all other insects on your Planet. They have on display a much needed scoping device, whereby they are able to view each other in a way where they are moving towards an exit as such, while still being in mental contact with each other.

Their manner of life is different to yours, though it be still through love that they journey on for the utmost purpose of putting into place exactly what it is that is needed to provide for each other in a basic field, which will bring into alignment the very thing that is needed for their survival.

You are not always seeing things as they are, but there is always a purpose behind their very busy comings and goings. You are not seeing all of this, but it is right to say that they are the forerunners for the environment to continue on as it is meant to be. For they light up the circumference of all that exists, allowing in a torrent of automatic energies, which are placed there for the purpose of sending out waves into the Oceans, and then on into the “electronic field” placed around it. This then lights up the sky, bringing in a range of active atoms all going about the business of activating just what is needed for your ongoing survival on your Earth Plane.

Allow me to point out that these microscopic little individuals are sending forth their very own rays of love and caring, and they do this by the simple task of their existence. They are not what all would desire to see in their fields, though they are contributing greatly to life there as a whole. For they are constantly enlisting one another to put forth a further activity which installs in you all a ways and a means of ongoing life as you see it to be.
They are little workers, all out to give to all of life, in a way that is not only misjudged, but also totally misunderstood by one and all of you. Spare a thought for these little soldiers, for that is predominately what they are. For their sole purpose really is to keep the energetic flow in motion through building up a “cosmic influence”, which enfolds all of you so lovingly.
It is time now for me to depart my dear one. Adieu WHITE CLOUD




We have another one for you today dear and it is more to do with the Birds, the Bees, and the Insects. And that is that they are trying now to combine forces, and to also bring to you one of Nature’s miracles. You have no knowledge yet of this of course, but we have it in our grasp of knowledge just what is occurring on your home front there. And that is not to say either, that it shall be a once off experience. For with this will come a major influx, with a turning point involved in it. What they are all calling on is mainly a Force of Nature, involving much intrigue and discipline regarding the Forces of Nature.

They are aligning up a series of underground inhabitants, in such a way, so that your Eternal Flames will be brought into focus, allowing in much of the overall expansive vibrations, which are spanning the Earth Plane now. This task does involve much patience, for it involves the talents of “the little ones”, who are gathered far and wide, to be used as a Shield if you will, in order that the overhanging essences or vibrations, are carried forth over the Earth Plane, involving much electricity to be forwarded onto the Plane. This will inevitably pick up much clearance of Light Charges, in a way that will allow coverage to take place on your Earth Home. Wholly overhauling what residue my be lagging about, so as not to bring it into focus, but to allow it to subside into a balance, whereby the overall expanse of Nature itself, shall forward it on into the extremities of All That There Is.
But for now, your parts in this are minor, for you all have got other things to attend to. And the major one is that for now, you are all abiding in an expansive forum, that is involved in carrying out the major task of substituting what has gone before, with the optimal streams of Light and Love, thereby bringing forth in it’s wake, a massive overhauling of the enormous “mass of Universal basic and abundant Intelligence”, that we have ever experienced up to this date.
Be prepared to be given optimal coverage over a vast network of systems of Light Forces, becoming active for the first time in history. And be prepared for the involvement of one and all of you, to be carrying this Light forth, through your Beings of Light, and applying it into a further mass of waves in formation, bringing into being, one of the world’s most inspired and magnetic fields of wonder and extreme overpoweringly abundant forces of Nature. You have, all in your power now, the means by which to carry out this amazing venture.


But spare a thought for “the little ones” who are also adjusting their own untold magnificence, in allowing you the energetic Force required, to bring about this amazing feat. One for all, and all for one. You are all partaking in this adventure together, as one major Force in motion, so do not ever think less of these little creatures, for you all have one massive goal in motion, and that is to bring ABOUT THE MOST AMAZING OF ADVENTURES KNOWN THUS FAR, DOWN THROUGH HISTORY.

We are all standing agog right now, waiting in wonder for this massive undertaking to immerge. But be aware that history will never repeat itself, and for now all of your vigilance is on hold in a curious way, while you all adjust your Lights of Love, and send out your very own Divine intelligence, throughout the field known as
{the Intergalactic Extension } surveying over the entire spaces that are as yet in your domain.
Be prepared also for the Lights from above to join forces with yours, allowing in more of everything, which will culminate in a most Divinely Enlightened Path, whereby all may enjoy once more, the Eternal ways and means of bringing forth all that is being solidified into a matter as such. Thus verifying what it is that we all did deem to be unimaginably wondrous, bringing forth into existence a powerful New Life for all to enjoy at will.
It is said now dear.





Cusami ~ The Universal Life Force ~ ~ ~12.5.13 ~ Val Fabian

Group angelsthe-circle-of-life-geometry
There is a Universal Life Force running within and between all things. And the whole of the Universes are simply one Massive Copying Machine, or Duplicating Machine. You are all Creators. You are constantly vibrating, and all vibration leads to creation. Passion is within your unique self, that part of you that resonates with whatever causes your zest or eagerness. You are all growth seeking Beings, ever Eternal and on a Quest for more of…..
And it is All of Life working together as such, in a way where nothing is ever wasted or left unheeded. All are in the Circle of Life, feeding each other while also feeding off each other to bring forth a vibrancy which is carried into the next Being. Nothing is ever lost or wasted, as life has the capacity to overspill into each other and to give more of what is needed for their very existence. And what this does is to overshadow each one with the nectar of God’s Divine Love in it’s purest form. Ongoing Love in all it’s glory.
You are all little energy fields and are capable of changing frequencies. It’s as if you are filled with little magnets which attract similar energy frequencies.
You are Control Boxes. So as your frequencies change, what it is that you are attracting, changes to fit in with the now frequency. And it is continually changed by your thoughts. Your thoughts hold the key to your life pattern. What was, is no more, yet what is to come is your destiny, which you are able to control by the thoughts you hold.
Yet also, the thoughts of another come into this equation, for you also run with their energies, which also puts a cloak around you, changing again your ever changing vibrations. It is being sent back and forth all around you non stop,
crisscrossing with one another. It goes for unlimited miles, not merely in close proximity, for it goes at the speed of light intermingling with all of life, not merely other humans.
This is how dogs pick up scents of fear etcetera, or how they hunt down prey, be it human or otherwise. The energies swirl around non stop and very quickly and it is all engulfing all of you. It is a permanency, while it is also powerful, and it is also necessary. For all of you feed off it, as it gives all of you life, ongoing Life. What you are breathing in is not just simply air, it is the ongoing Flow of Life that you are taking in.
But you are also being feed off and by each other, as also are each of God’s creatures. They are all playing their part in all of this. There is a weaving and exchanging going on there, yet none of you see it taking place. You are all so caught up in a whirl with your lives that you do not see the magnificence unfolding before you on a day to day basis.
The flow of life is as unique as it is improbable to you, and yet it is a Miracle in the working for every second of your existence. What you need from the Circle, you take, and what you don’t need, you put back in. It is all to do with the exchange of Energies.
A bird may come and sit on your shoulder. It is accepting the love you are feeling as you sense it there. A dog may come and sit at your feet when you feel down, and it is exchanging it’s love also and filling you to the brim with that wondrous gift of non judgemental love. And you will breathe this in, and it will change the emotion you are feeling at that time. Life is a complete merging and exchanging of energies. You see someone sad and what is your first reaction? You go to them and you reach out and touch them, and in that touch there is a healing taking place. It changes instantly the energy vibration in their body, as also in yours, for in that feeling of giving there is a powerful feeling of exchange of love taking place which engulfs you, and a bonding takes place.
We are all – each and everyone one of us – each others Heart Beat always and forever. And whatever ill you do to another, you are really doing to yourself. For we are all tied together into a web of wonderful vibrations where if we are kind to another, that very vibration or emotion if you will that you inspire in them strengthens as it flows back into your very own being. It is also true for any negativity you may inflict on another. These are not idle words, this is fact, for the River of Emotion is a tangled web of intrigue. Yet once you understand it, that it is the major component of the Laws of the Universe, then you certainly would endeavour to live your lives with utmost care not to cause harm or disharmony for others. For in actual fact by doing so, you cause an about face in your own evolution. And this is something which you would need to take seriously, for your whole reason for being there is to progress forward to the extent where you know and accept in your very being, that you are at One with Our Creator. This is your reason for living, even though while you are striving towards this aim, your soul does want to experience all scenarios and all emotions in order that it does become All Knowing in all things. It cannot know anything without experiencing it first, and so it aims to know life on all of its many levels. And when this has been accomplished, it is ready then to return back into the Sea of Love, from whence it came. But this can only occur when it is free from negativity.
And so my dear ones Life is a constant and a non stop exchange of these energies happening around you every second of every day, and that is not to say that they are all positive energies, for they are not. It is all about the ebb and flow. But as you evolve into a different and more knowing Being, you will begin to see the signs of the positive and the negative in others, and you will learn to protect yourself from unwanted vibrations. Life is a learning field and it is going on around you continually. You have choices always, to accept or deny, for whatever reason. And you do that, even without your knowing it at times. But rest assured that whatever it be that you embrace, it will always be embraced for a reason. You are there now for reasons only known by you in the deep crevices of your hearts. So always allow your heart to guide you, and not your head. Your heart holds all of your secrets and it also holds all of your promises. It will never lead you astray, so always trust what your heart is telling you and go with that and you cannot go wrong. It will always take you to just where you need to be.
And that is when you will know deep inside that you have reached home. You will have fully and freely united with Our Source, for then you will not only know that you Are Him, you will also know how it feels to be Him. And that is the reason for all of our journeys and for all of our seeking – to realize this.
I bid you farewell now and God bless all of you, my friends.

















































































Cusami ~ The Workings of the Chakra System ~ 24.2.16 ~ Val Fabian


Questions to Cusami on the complete Workings of the Chakra System.


Dear child, they are all there in an alignment which produces a Light system in your body. And this in turn causes an influx of major proportion of magnificent Light to encircle your major parts, allowing the flow of the God Light to spread evenly throughout your system. What this places in you is the actual joyous capacity to live there as Human Beings, encasing your organs in actual fact with a vibrancy, which produces in them the normal flowing motions which keep you vital and alive.

What is performing here is an actual Miracle in Motion, for it enables you to be subject to an amazing array of privileges, which entice you further along your Path of Discovery, which is indicative of why you are there at this point in time.

Allow me now to suggest to you that your every organ has a function, it is true, but above and beyond that it has another function to play out here. And that is simply to apply to you an exact timing frame, which you then use to participate in what you call your immediate time schedule, for the initial opening up in general to all of what Life is all about. And it comes in stages my child, for it is not all black and white.

There needs to be a timing put in place there, an initial opening up to the joys of what life entails. There is a Magic theme to apply to all of this. It is Bliss, it is Magic, and more importantly it is your own Selves applying for you, exactly what it be that your are searching for in your heart of hearts. There is nothing to fear here, for it is all applied in the most loving of ways, and at a time frame that is conducive to what your own minds participation is allowing you to.

There will be bells going off in your heads as you produce in yourselves, the exact outcome that you are desiring, and that is when your joy in Life breaks free, and you know inside that your cup runneth over.



The significance here is the total capacity of the system as a whole, to function to full capacity with the Powerful Body of extreme God Light that it intakes at the speed of lightening, up your inner system or frame, alluding to the joy of life in all of its magnificence. Which then provides for you the initial supply of The God Flow of Life, and enables you to perform in the total capacity that you do, without even needing to give any of it another thought.

For every motion that you apply to your body is a product of your whole Linage, being the total chakra system as we know it. For nothing can produce anything in you or through you, which does not carry through this amazing Linage as we shall call it. It places all and everything at your feet. For it has the capacity to enfold you in The God Love of the Universes, to such an extent that it is a part of The Divine, in Working Mode, bringing to you and through you the exact inward and outward gifts that your body function is producing at any given time.

It is Magic in Motion, this system we speak of. It is part of The God Light, the never ending Light that causes your heart to beat, and keeps all and everything in place, while you journey on your path of intrigue there, for your amusements and joy. It is your “Life Line to The Divine“ in all ways bar none. It is a complete Miracle in itself, born out of Love. A gift displayed by The Creator, to carry you forth along your path there.

It is time in motion, and the significance IS what you make of it. For you all have the freedom to make of your lives there, whatever you wish that it be.



My child there are always miracles at work which are not always displayed. But for Healers, it is certainly a major plus that they use their powers and their skills, and apply them in a simple way, which signifies to them that they are giving that Soul exactly what is needed at that time.

It is always placed there by Our Beloved One, no matter which way they choose to use their skills and their gifts. Their cup runneth over at all times, I make myself clear on this. And however their heart is guided to go, then that is the perfect way of it. Perfection in motion we shall call it.



No dear child, for it is all in the Thought, in the expectation of it all. Nothing is barred or banned from any of you, for that is simply a thought pattern put in place there for many numerous reasons.

Let my explain it to you this way. Should your heart desire something, then you yearn for this thing, and it will build up in you till it takes over your thoughts in every way. And not subtly any more. It will then become a craving from deep inside you, and hey presto. Your mind is infused with a permanent and non stop need to have this thing. Your thoughts regarding food will do the same thing, and these longings produced in your body are not conducive to happiness and joy, and the sense of freedom. This then produces in you all a sense of loss or of being deprived of your rights in life.

This is not good medicine for your soul my dear one, and this is why I say that all and everything is alright for you which produces a happiness in your heart or soul. There is nothing that should be barred from you, for it all goes towards your feeling a joy in life. Not a deprivation. If you allow yourself to eat anything you wish for then you are giving to yourself a joy and a gift.

The only thing at play here is the “emotion” that you apply to all of this. No food is harmful in itself, “ it is simply the thought applied to it as you ingest it. That is all that it is, simply that.” Allow in happy thoughts positive thoughts, knowing that you are gifting your body with what it is you are wanting, and then just enjoy it and let it go.

You will find that there shall be no catastrophe that follows. Life will not cease. Allow yourself the total freedom of enjoyment of anything and everything, and know that you are always simply full of life, health, and happiness.

“ Unless you choose not to be. Remember child it is all in the Thought. Always in the Thought. Change the Thought – you change the Reaction.”


The same rule applies for one and all my dear one. That is all that it is – nothing different. Just one simple rule applies to all of life at all times.

Use this as a Guideline from hence forth.
It is the rule of thumb.
It is the Law of the Universes.
It is all in the Thought.
Always in the Thought.
Your Thoughts create your lives.



CUSAMI ~ 14th FEB ‘15 ~ More on the Mind Versus the Body & the Higher Self ~~ Val Fabian

Dear child, it is time now for us to view another issue of sorts. One that will hold you intrigued just as much as this last one did. Believe me you are now flying on wings of steel, but the issue which we shall broach today is one of similar intrigue. Where do you think that the arrangement of the mind comes from?
It is a necessary tool if you like, for the different points in your body, for the allowance of the flowing on of the finer forms in total [ all our working parts?] which have sprung forth from your duty or loyalty, without a proper point of entry into the phase of begetting what in total is what is required for the onward balancing of your very own Intelligence .


And the Mind is, in a way, a major part of a system which is flowing continually up through the chakras, and out into the now unknown spaces above your forehead. This is a similar thing to the Knowing of your inner workings, for there are guiding points set up above your aura, and in it there dwells the absolute wonder of your “Infinite Knowing” as we shall call it. {Your Higher Self }
For it indeed has perpetual contact throughout your frame, with your working parts as such, enabling them to keep control of the infinite number of working sections which are constantly healing and reinventing themselves. But above all just how this works is inextricably gelled up with the mind and all of it’s fanciful ways, [ IT’S STUBBORN BELIEF SYSTEM ] which are in part always conjuring up blockages for this wondrous event to take place.
It is not known just for now exactly what is taking place here, but believe me dear one that your intuition as it stands now, is a major point to understanding this working theme, for it is a guiding light for you as such.
This being said though, now that you are being guided into this knowing, you will be able to view this and to picture for yourself, exactly what is transpiring. What we have for you also is the strong sense of your own healing, and that it has indeed taken hold, and progressed oh so beautifully. You are in charge of this make no mistake, and allow in more Light, as this is the bonding or the gelling if your prefer, which encases your whole self into becoming one of major magnificent health in all ways. This we promise dear one.

MY understanding of this is : …. The Mind is a major part of a system, which continually flows through the chakras and up through the crown chakra. It’s a similar thing to our inner workings, and there are guiding points set up above our Aura where our Higher Self dwells. Our Higher Self has non stop contact with our whole body, along with tutoring our Library Cards, enabling our body, through the Cards, to control all parts, which are always healing and reinventing themselves. But this working phenomenon is gelled with the Mind which continually blocks it’s progress. { And this problem is because of our beliefs which are the result of the various negative things we have been taught. That our bodies are prone to disease, and that some are hereditary, and we have no control over any of it. So the mind cuts off the natural healing process. It thinks we need Dr’s, that we always need outside help to repair ourselves. That we ourselves are helpless in all of this. And seeing as the Mind is a necessary Tool to allow in the flow on and of the balancing of our body in union with our Intelligence, it is constantly sabotaging our system, as it won’t relinquish it’s beliefs in the negative thoughts it’s been taught. }



CUSAMI. 19.2.15
The Mind is set up to ensure the flow on of all of the major and minor points in the body. It has the ability to control all of these parts, simply by the allowance of the forming of a program, whereby similar parts form their own control of themselves, while leaving out the control of the others, to the Higher Intelligence, in the form of the separate others.
The initial Blue Print for all of this has the power to control the overall, but what the Brain/Mind brings into play here is the questioning of it all, in the form of the belief that all is not what it is presuming that it be, for the simple reason that what has been handed down from Mothers and Fathers to sons and daughters, has prevalence over all else. For what is preached therefore must be true, and alas whatever has gone before shall indeed inflict upon the child etc, etc.
But this is truly not the case, for each one of us is born free of any ill disease. But what happens is the thought takes root in the Mind, and so all of the while it is therefore producing these symptoms in the normally healthy body. It is in itself a form of control of the body, for it has the power to do this, and it is unfortunate that this is what is taking place, though in some respects, it is what is used to form the basis for the life to be taken away. [ the Mind uses this to bring about a reason for our demise if we are wanting to go back home to Our Lord]
It is one of the reasons that are used to initiate an ending of a life. But there are other reasons behind this also. For the Mind is extremely powerful and ongoing, and once it sets itself up on a course, it is always very difficult to part the ways of it all.

But then somehow, somewhere, a Knowing will arise in you, and wipe away these kinds of thoughts, and allow in another and more appropriate one, which is exactly what it is now that you are experiencing for yourself. This is not blind idle talk, this is the real deal, and yet most are incapable of getting their heads around this, even to the point where they could even take it into their mind. And for this to occur, it is only right that they could even begin to process what they are feeling is an exemplarily Mind changing event. And this is not easy by any stroke of the brush.


Let us now explain dear one that you’re on the right path now, and for this to flow on, it is simply a matter of seeing yourself as being a massively Powerful Being of Light, who has powers unlimited in all ways. And not just in the ways of healing the body. It spans on over all things in all ways. For you really are simply just a Control Box, who is experiencing life on the Earth Plane, and the simplest way to have you understand this to the fullest, is to show you how it all works, in a simple form.
Take your Powerful Self now, and visualize something, for which you pine, and see this as forming around you in a fashion whereby it will bring you much pleasure. And then take the time to feel the result of all of this, and bring in the emotion of Joy, and secure this in your Mind. This is simple, and it is all it takes for you to REINVENT YOUR WORLD. This is my gift for you today dear one. And I thank you for your Question.


Cusami ~ The Workings of the Body ~ our Library Cards ~ 13.2.15 ~ Val Fabian


Cusami, Will I be talking to people about the Brain in my Teachings, as part of what will be spoken of. That it can be opened up to full capacity if we put out the intention for that to take place?

We are aspiring to a knowledge of the workings of the mind and its ways, and into the field of the biology of the body. For it is all connected my child, just as now this is accepted. We are referring now, to a field of reasoning, in which the mind and the body interact with each other in a way that brings forth a tempering of the unspoken word, and of it’s connection to the atmospheres and to the life beyond all of that. It is a very indepth field of most investigative work.

And so yes indeed child, that which you speak of shall be one of the things, and also about how the Brain is perpetually influenced by a triad of complete and utter nonsense, of which it has endeavoured to take seriously. And this being said, it is fitting here to state that not only will this be one of the themes, but it shall encompass many other issues regarding the human form, of which there is almost no knowledge of up to this date. Along the lines of the encasement of the Thorax or Thyroid.

It is in part a mystery now, but allowing for further knowledge to be brought forth, it shall be revealed that what is actually operating the finer points of your bodies, is a multitude of infinite lines of similar substance, which for now we shall call your very own “Library Cards.” And all of these tiny little Blueprints form what will later become the entire frame of your bodies. Enlisting one another to recall at random exactly what it will take for the control of the Frame to remain grounded and intact.
What other variations of this topic there are, are to be revealed to you alone for most, in preparation for your wondrous work to unfold in an appropriate way.
Not forgetting here also that along the lines of this we will be preparing for you soon to escape your city dwelling, and take a break of sorts, in the form of a holiday, which shall give you a boost in energy, as you will be largely catered to for a time. This will prepare you more for your unseasoned journey into your unique and very guided and flowing messages to one and all.
This is happening upon us so quickly now my dear one, that it is a permanent fixture in our mind’s eye.

Cusami, are you talking about our DNA.

No dear, it’s totally foreign to your DNA strands, which control the blood flows etc.
These other dissimilar tiny little modules house your Memory Records as such, and they enlist one another to recall for you, at a moments notice, your entire and individual history of sorts, through which you acquire your very own personal Memory Bank, which forms the basis of your control over your own selves, out of which you will then form a complete control of your Organs, as well as your complete inner workings.
For these tiny little modules receive your inner sensations, which are being transmitted through the Senses, and what they then transpire to do is to completely take your whole system through it’s cleansing process, while also providing your inner organs with an entire working motion, out of which they then themselves take a form of complete and utter refuge, while still allowing in a knowing if you like, that your own self is in control mode of all of it’s working parts.

This is the basis of it all, but in time we shall reveal in more detail the exact form of the motion of it all. By then you shall have acquired more learning experience, by which it shall be made easier for your mind to grasp my dear one.



13th July, 2017.
Cusami when you gave me the channel on The Workings of the Body back in 13.2.15 you told me that there was more to come later. Do you have more to give me now on this please.

The Library Cards are a System of Uniqueness, and I will say this to you now again dear one, that each and every system is a Unique Working Body in itself.
For the Life Force that enfolds throughout and around it, bespeaks that you as a one would be taking your own choices in, into your own unique Supreme Beings of Wonder which is your Driving Force and your own free will, as such.

And the same rule applies as it does to all other things. And that is that the way the System works is contained therein in your very own Field of Knowing. Which means simply that your very own and personal space is entwined therefore around each Tiny Particle of Life therein your System, while it continues to flow forth at such an amazing rate of speed, enfolding throughout your Body of Wonder, and enclosing into your said form, whatever beguiling amount of intrigue it endeavours to enforce inside your own frame.

For as you well know now, that whichever way you presume to be taking yourself forward in this lifetime, it shall place a charge inside your body which will seek out certain issues to be justifiably enriched.

And so the flow on forward from this will have an eminent role to play in it all, presuming that your own Self be enamoured with what it breathes forward, and then later, what it gleans out of your life there.

It is all very perplexing dear child, just as it is inviting. For it all takes a precedence as to your fates you seek to hold dear to, while you are there.

Believe me that what you focus on you get, so incline towards the paths of love and freedom, and change the overpowering beliefs that life there runs on a pattern of intense known expectations and beliefs. For it does not. Not be any stretch of the imagination does it. So endeavour to see it all now as though you are walking with the God Light around you.