The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ The Circle of Life ~ Cosmic Connections ~ 29.4.16 ~ Val Fabian

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Does Earth itself actually really exist and also the other Planets etc. Or are they also just Illusions in our Minds?


Yes dear, Earth does exist, it is not an Illusion, as do also the other Planets, the Moon, Sun and Stars. For this amazing picture surely I speak of, is a vast and wondrous place where time of course does not exist. And yet it is all going around full circle with a complete Knowing inside it’s Energetic Forces.
Be prepared now to forsake your human form, and come Riding the Waves of Love with us, and allow yourself to be entangled amidst their Mystery and Mystic.
Become as a bird flying high, and allow for yourself to float around at will, and before you know it you will have it all in the bag. Though believe me that where you are, there really does have a meaning to it, and a life there is certainly in existence. But before we look into that further I will guide you along in a different way so that you can see that Magic is alive and well.
And I can assure you also that there certainly is the existence of places there around you, which are Planetary Formations, and they do call on each other at every second of every day, to support the actual flow on of the Energetic Forces which are rising and falling at spectacular speeds eternally, and without a cessation. As that is a whole and complete part of the ways of it all, in that whatever flows forth must reverse and return, to keep the motion complete and perfectly aligned to one another in union. And for this to complete it’s cycle it presents itself in a certain way, which beckons forth, and accurately proportions forth a major influence on it, which shall then form a bonding beside or around it, to cause an interference in it’s vibrations and Energies, and enable such to perform a separate motion to display itself further afield with the potential to enlighten further, the exact initial and fully ignited presence that it is becoming melded with. This Maze of Beauty, this vast and wondrous place where there is a Knowing inside it’s Energetic Forces.
And this Realm we speak of is such that time and space never existed here. What we are viewing now as we speak, is timeless and a Joyous Wonder to behold, at your bidding. It is Power Unlimited in itself, and it breaths in wonders to display to you at your beck and call. And this is never ending, for the glow that it perpetually shines forth for you to admire and enjoy is of such ravishing beauty that your eyes could find it inconceivable to take in.
This is where Magic and Miracles exist. Remind me now of your dreams you have, and it’s illusion shall spring forth in an instant. For this place I speak to you of, has Magic and Majestic qualities, that time has no bearing on at all. And therefore your own self has a control over all you survey at any given time. You are capable of allowing in whatever your heart believes to be a precious commodity. And believe me, that each and every placement you bring into this place, will forever shine its worth in Love and Purity. We have a vision here of complete and utter wonder, and it glows forth on and on, into foreverness. Into the glow of Mystery and Mystique, that we all abide in so lovingly and joyously
We are being projected further afield now, and out into a maze of Majestic Wonder where Life holds firmly onto it’s other Energetic Forces, which enable everything to blend into one, as required or requested. It is a maze of Wonder and High Intelligence that we have here, as is all over the Atmospheres. But believe me dear one that it all blends in, and works in perfect order none the less. No doubt it all blends together as one Unspoken Wonder in Itself, as God created it all as One Package child.

Is there any type of Life in between the Planets or in the Universes, or is it total nothing = a complete Void.


No dear, not total nothing. Total nothing does not and cannot exist anywhere. There is no such thing as total nothing. For what we have between your Planets for instance, as in the Whole of those Wondrous Spaces, is a multitude of Life Forms, living and breathing as you surely are. The only difference between the two of you is that you have a permanency about you and they have not. But what they do have is a variation to Life, that breathes forth it’s own wonders. And they have all been placed there in a certainty, by The Divine in His absolute Knowing that to be of a vibrancy as they in particular are, they have sustainability through His Amazing Powers. And they are living and breathing Entities, sustaining a form of bodies, which are perpetually breathing their Own Force into the Atmospheres and it’s Currents, which are forming a bond with natural Forces, while adjusting the benign entirety, which hold up the vibrations of NATURE in her quest for Supremacy. It is all in a working mode, for it holds a Power unto Itself, where everything is of great value to THE ALL, and nothing is ever shied off or wasted. There is always a power in everything, and everything all gives to each other in ways which you have no thought forms to adhere to as yet.

What is the “New Life Form” that will be “Breathed in” here that was spoken of please? Did I misinterpret this, as I imagined that you were referring to Mother Nature’s beautiful new growth?


No dear, nothing growing. It is ‘LIFE.’ It is ‘CHANGE IN BELIEF.’
It is the ability and the wonder of it all that you are all awakened to in such a Magic way, that time becomes a memory of the past, and the total elation that you all behold as you gaze upon this Miracle and Magic, is the Supreme Knowing that Life itself holds its breathe in such a way that Mysteries shall enfold all of you every step of the way along your path. And visions of minute wonder and beauty are beholding to you around each and every corner. And such a Knowing arises in all of you that it matters not as to where you travel or whatever you may do, that peace and love and the enthralling magnificence of complete abundance are yours to have and to hold at every step you take, no matter where it be or when.
It is the joy and the powerful response to the joyous awakening in you all, that it breathes in an amazing sensation running through all of you, that your place there now, is total Magic in Motion, beyond belief. That what you are all allowing to spring forth through your Loving Hearts is a natural Wonder, which begets more wonder and love than any one of you ever dreamed possible, or even capable of showing you such beauty in the extreme.

For Life has complete abundance for all of us, and since there is no time to reason with, our lives are complete and utter joy and love, at every turn around the Circle, no matter where it be. The Circle of Life is the Circle of Love, and it is the complete and awesome wonder of the Sublime and Treasured Awesomely Beautiful Force that we know as Our Creator.

Your lives have now formed around a Wonderland of the Purest of Energies, which have allowed you all to blend in with it, while it weaves it’s own spell around and through all of you, which has begun to draw into all of you the absolute wonderment of what Life actually really presents to you all in each and every heartbeat.

Your joy you all are feeling is beyond comprehension, and you are all sealing it all in a promise that Life now seeks out the joys and the happiness that is actually your very own GOD GIVEN RIGHT. And the Gifts that flow forth out of this knowledge are your abundance in total , ALL of everything. Nothing is ever denied to any one of you, no matter who or where you are. Complete and total and utter prosperity and abundance I speak of child = nothing less than this is ever on offer.

OUR CREATOR is Provision itself, make no mistake on this. He is everything in One Package = the Totality of it ALL. And He is forever offering it all as such, to all of us within The Circle of Life.

And the flow on to this is a major part of all that I speak of, for what it brings forth out of all of us is our very own Treasured Knowing that to be in this beloved space, where we are all so greatly loved, cherished and honoured, is the Sublime Ecstasy, joy and wonder and Knowing, that we are All and Everything to Him in each and every way. We complete and close The Circle of Life. And this Beloved One I speak of is The Phenomena that is the Existence of a Vital Compelling, Energizing Force in operation, permanently pervading the Universes. And It is the Source of All Life intact within the entire Circle of Life.


The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ This is all an Illusion ~ 29.4.16 ~ Val Fabian.

I have been thinking about the fact that both you & Cusami have been taking me up during my Meditative states for some time now, to show me visions of loveliness in Gardens of Eden there, which are around you all the time for your pleasure. Unbelievable beauty that my eyes could not take in. But as you also have been describing to me, you are all Beings of Light, and wisps of Energy in formation. So that suggests to me of course that there is NO MATTER there, so therefore NO Gardens of Eden floating around. So could you please explain this intriguing situation to me. How does it all eventuate?
This is a good question child, and allow me to say here firstly that all is not as it seems to be. For give lea way here for me to explain in more detail what you are visualizing, inasmuch as what we here are privy to, and have access to whatever our dreams do desire. And giving also that your own mind there is functioning on what you are seeing as real, is not at all what it is.
For allow me to give you one example of all of this, which therefore will quiet your mind as it were. For what you are seeing there in your life now is an illusion, and for that to be of any good for you to understand, what I will try to bring forth for you now is an explanation.
It is that where you are looking from, is from a place in your Inner Heart, and it is defining all of this for you to enjoy and take in. But it is not really a place that is formerly there as it were. It is all going on in your minds eye.
And needless to say it is purposefully doing this as an entertainment so to speak. For it is allowing for you to summon forth this beauty intact, in a way that quiets the mind, as it is so pleasurable to you.
That in itself has a massive input in your ability to adjust yourself into a reasonable place that exudes what you are trying to perform while there, while still being able to live a life which holds massive amounts of untold allowance and pleasure.
Be this an explanation for now.

MY QUESTION next day 30.4.16
So is Mother Earth a barren Planet?

No child not barren, but it does hold a key that you are all trying to unlock while there. And it is also giving you reference through which you are all relying on whatever it be that comes to you,  to be a massive far cry from what your dreams have been.

If Earth is not barren then what is here??

It is a complete intact substance in itself, minute in comparison to many others. But it does breathe a life unto itself. It is perpetually in motion within the Circle of Life, and it has sojourns with other Planets as they carrel around. This being said though, it is of course a Planet of Mystery, for it brings to life a Magical Enactment for all to aspire to whatever their dreams desire.
For in it’s actual Crusts it holds a Miraculous Substance which provides for a life there to be achieved in ways as no other could.  And this in turn will portray to all, that wherever it is probable and possible to perform such Magic, it will supply such as, to whatever dreams are to be pursued while on its surface.
This is finally displayed also in its Magical array of powerful arrangements of Solar Power, which performs its own environmental intrigue, placing all while there in a Magic and Mysterious Embrace, which binds them further into it’s explicit and wondrous benevolence. This is Magic in its own right my dear, and it is this Magic that keeps you all afloat while there living your dreams – nothing more or less than this. It is all a Miracle in the extreme, and it serves a purpose for you all while you gaze upon it’s surface and it’s Magical beauty. It is a constant swirl of energetic forces which hold you safely on board while there. And this explanation is a minor part of it all dear, but enough to quiet your mind for now.

So while our heart is showing us visions of loveliness to keep us content — What are we trying to do while here really ????

This is one answer which will come as a total surprise to you my child. For in itself, it is part and parcel of a whole picture, which is therefore coming to life in front of you at this point in time. And what is revealing itself to you in minute ways to begin with, is the powerful Knowing that a bridge has been unfolded, and put out into a space, where you are now putting stepping stones underfoot, and being guided forth along it and out into a space, where finally all shall be revealed to you.

The total illusion of what you are viewing there for now, is somewhat put aside, and once again we are seeing a rising up of Kingdoms, in your near future, which shall speak in massive amazing formations, bringing into each one’s heart a continuous yearning to be put onto a rising, which will give forth to them, all of everything that speaks to their heart.

This is actually being done now as we speak, in amazing volumes, and it begs to differ that what you are seeing through your now eyes is forever extinct, and gone from sight. And with that in your Knowing, know that now there has risen forth a Kingdom of final and utter serenity and beauty, which holds the secrets for which all have searched for and yearned for.

This is no bible bashing speech I give to you now child. It is a living and breathing Truth I say to you now as we speak. Allow for this to brighten your heart in so many ways. And this is a promise I also give to you in that wherever you all go forward to, it shall hold much trust, love and beauty personified for you in every way and  form possible dear one. Trust in us and our forever love.




The Emissaries of Light and Love~ Vision of a Beautiful Master – Lord Lanto ~ 21.02.03 ~ Val Fabian


I was shown a beautiful being whom I felt was a Master. He had some type of headdress on and a long robe. He was wearing jewellery which appeared to be a very thick heavy necklace with some kind of medallion hanging from it.. So I asked Spirit who he was.

This is a question that we knew you would ask. And it is acceptable that you should wish to be familiarizlord-lantoed with this Master. In another time and place, and much time long past, it is true that your energies did meet. And allow us to say this to you now, that he has chosen this time to step forward for you to receive him once more into the field of your aura.
The time has come now for much to change in your life, and for you to begin your journey on your rightful path. He has stepped forward to share much knowledge and wisdom with you at your request, for he feels that it will be of great benefit to you at this particular time. Your longing to be of service to all of humanity is such that you do draw to you entities such as he. And he does see that your humility is such that no amount of knowledge and wisdom will effect your ego as it were. You kind heart does shine through, and we do feel that a constant flow of energy into you will actually benefit all in the long run. As you will see to it that this is so, we know. Our pleasure dear.

What is his name please?

Many names – many times past – many lives. Simply feel his energy.
Your longing to grow has spurred you on no end. You have worked hard and are very dedicated as we all know. You are blest and you have been chosen for this work, as you have unlimited knowledge inside of the way of the world.
A gold star is your symbol. It’s all there is. It’s the Knowing, it’s the opening up of everything. I see a star shining bright and you are in the centre. You will talk for benefit, the right words will come from within. You have been given the gift, accept it. You have now reached The I Am. It is the God Force. Know yourself and who you are. You’ve gone to the peak, all knowing, you have surrendered.
You’re remembering things long past at a soul level. You see it all clearly on a higher level, this was all a prearranged promise. You will be told more on this at a later date, just wait and listen. And your soul is bringing it through to your mind. It can do this, and it has chosen to because of your growth and because of the amazing amount of compassion your heart has always had for others. We all praise you on high for you willed this to happen, and you worked hard for it. Your love brings sunshine to others and your heart sends out vibrations which are picked up by all. How wonderful it is that you are on your destiny path. To have the time and the knowledge to help your fellowman. God is sending blessings to you day by day. His love for you is as a Father for His child. He knows your strengths, He knows your heart. And His pride is bursting at the seams. No one can steer you from your path – it is cast in cement.
Your Higher Self is finally free now to do the work which has always been in your heart and soul. There were things which needed to be completed first. And there were other things to be understood. You have sat for your exams and you have passed all your tests, and now you are at last free . Free to accomplish your life’s work, your dream, your destiny.
The cycle is complete, you are in the middle of the circle, and there is no going back. Draw others to you and lighten their loads. In the circle is to be found the great mystery of Life, life eternal, life everlasting. Go up to the spiral and dwell with The Lord. His home is your home, His love is your love, His joy is your joy. Take what is offered to you and know that there is more there. His Chalice is full to overflowing, and it is offered to you in the greatest and purest of love imaginable.
Drink from His Chalice and be filled up. There is no limit to this treasure. It is yours, take it. Feel the glow from it as it washes over you, purifies you and transports you into His Beautiful Heart. All peace and harmony reign there, all love and forgiveness reign there. Drink of this Chalice and you will never feel want again. You will be focused, you will be complete. Hear us in this and believe, for you are now enfolded in the arms of Your Beloved Creator. He holds you tight and safe and He will never let you slip and fall.
Your road has been long and weary, but now you are being enfolded in the arms of your Beloved One. He holds you tight and safe, and He will never let you slip and fall. Take heart, peace is now yours my child, and the Angels herald your efforts. A job well done. Yes a job very well done.

Our blessings go with you always, we are The Emissaries of Light and Love.
{ I was told at a later date that the beautiful Master in the robe is Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One. Not long after this encounter he made himself known to me and since then he has become a big part of my life, and taught me many things over the next few years.}

The Emissaries’ of Light and Love ~ The Blue Aqua Ball filled with Golden Symbols ~ 19th Feb 2004 ~ Val Fabian

In my meditation I saw this large Ball which was a beautiful shade of aqua, and it contained lovely little Golden Symbols running through it. It just kept spinning around slowly for quite some time. So after I came out of the meditation I asked what this ball represented, and what all of this meant.
We lifted you up today where few do venture to. Your vibrations are very strong because of this. It is a place that is spoken of in books of old, in the Old Testament. Your dreams took you to this wondrous place and you visited with many Ancient Masters, who addressed many more questions you came there with. It is all buried for safe keeping in your subconscious and you do have access to it when needed. When the time is right it will emerge as memories, for you do have work to do which will require use of this knowledge. It is in your memory bank for safe keeping and will stay there. It has been entrusted to you, as you are prepared to share it with others. You will change people’s lives with this knowledge and they in turn will use it to help others.

This ball symbolizes the realms you are now entering into. It will stabilize all the current thoughts which manifest in your mind. It is very powerful and holds a symbolic meaning which you do know very well on some level. You have seen it many times. Keep it private just for you, as to show it around would detract from the energy of it. And look at it as much as possible, as it has some very powerful energy in it and it also sends out healing. You are coming into your own power now, you are finding your true self. This symbol is very important for you. The Circle goes around and around and all of everything is inside it. You are knowing more and more now as to who you really are. Your power is emerging more and it’s all about important work which is coming. The symbols are lifting up your vibrations to a higher frequency. You will be woken up more often now in the middle of the night to meditate and receive information. There is a lot more to come through.

Perfectly balanced knowledge will soon appear for you to draw into your auric field, which goes far above and beyond your now knowing. We have made it clear that you have been chosen to do this special work. To be a part of this is not a thing which should be taken lightly, and you do know what the benefits will be for mankind as a whole. We would hope that this may bring some incentive into their lives and also show them that life has a much deeper meaning than most think.
You will bring forth an energy which will cause major changes in other peoples auras and this will enable a wonderful healing to take place in them. Be aware of this power in you. Your own very strong beliefs in The Almighty and His Realms has been a very strong learning opportunity for you and for what you have now become. It will guide you through much that will come your way, and it will inspire you. You have inspired knowledge of a magic place where all are One. You have been shown much in your meditative states, and you have travelled to many places unknown to man. Your soul is restless now to be taken on further, and so it pushes you at every opportunity. Seek out what you feel you need and discern what is right for you. Just trust in us and in The Divine One, though we already know that you do. Things are not always as they appear at first, so do not judge them too quickly. What you are receiving is beyond your understanding, so always know that no matter what may be going on in the human life, your needs are being well taken care of. This is for you to realize and remember. What we are revealing to you is honourable wisdom. There will be messages on subjects which up until now are unknown of, and still need to be hidden, for they are quite complex. Believe and trust and all will come to you. Have faith in The One and all else will follow.

Never doubt that the messages you receive are authentic. And you know that what will be coming through you will be for the betterment of mankind. In the future we will be sending you far and wide, but first you need to prepare yourself for this occurrence. And we know that the human mind is such that it can only absorb so much at one time.

It is this connection with The Almighty which you will work with. This bond which will never be broken is a strong one and it ties you to Him for all eternity. For you have learnt now of who you are, keep this in your focus and always remember that you are a precious entity who is only there to help with the crisis around you, and to help others to spread the peace and love needed so desperately. Your future there is to show others that the rocky road they are travelling on can be smoothed out in an instant, should they choose, and that no other one can control their destiny, should they not desire this.

You have many souls watching over you and guiding your every step as we have your deep interests at heart. And we shower love down on you each and every day, so remain diligent. For this is your prism, which will guide you further into our Realm. Take our hands held out to you, encase this prism around yourself and let yourself be guided into this truly wondrous space where time stands still, and where love is the one and only bond which links us irrevocably together as one. It is a world on its own. There is nothing that could be compared to this place – nothing. Life eternal. Happiness and pleasure sublime being the reigning emotion. It is yours for the asking so let go now of all negative and gaze to the heavens. We are waiting for you, we are your strength.
You are dealing with a powerful group of Beings here, and it is not in anyone’s interests that wrong information be given to others.

Your friends we are indeed and you know that you have our love and caring. Go forth now and live your life – live your dream. Yes, every one of us are here as your supporters and your guides. The road is much easier to travel down once you know where you are headed. And you do know that now. It is true.