Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One ~~ The Lotus is Now in Full Awakening ~~ 25.3.13

Sacred lotus 2Good morning child, this day will be one to remember for you. For it will be on this day, that we shall speak again of our very sought after captivating Scroll of Truths, that we have been endeavouring to bring forth for much time now. So let us begin now by explaining to you in a few words, exactly what this will entail for you, and therefore for us, as we will be leading you into this.

For reasons which we have made clear to you, there shall be put into place a regime by which you will need to adhere to, as for us to progress down our path, this will take much intent and courage. Be it known to you now that all roads shall be cleared for you to go down, so do not ever put any dismay into any of this. We shall now begin in our method of developing the information through you. I have here before me now a copy of The Scrolls, and I will list them for you step by step.

We know now that you have within you a vast knowledge of these things, and yet you are so far unable, or unwilling to bring them forth and adjust them into your life there. For you know in your heart that once you do this, you are forever in another space. And we know that there is a part of you which is not willing to let go of all that you have there now. For to you, you are in a safe space. But allow us to share with you that this space you have there is unstable, for it is not as it seems. It is imaginary, whereas what you have here with us is the real deal. It is ongoing life, and not anyone can change this. For this reason child, do not be balked by all of this, for you do have courage in you. We know that. Do not fear the unknown, for what you feel now is unknown to you, is in fact very much known to you. Be it not for you dear, we would not be able to bring forth much information which lies hidden. So it is for this reason that we would like to say to you that it is within you, without a doubt, that you have a lifetime of knowledge in there to share with your fellowman.

So continue with your meditations, and that will allow us to fill your subconscious with the knowledge made available to you, for you do have the capacity there to absorb all of this. You do have within you a small computer of sorts, to enable this knowledge in. And you will then sort through it, putting it into sections for later referral. We will master this our child of The Divine. It will take place in this field you now find yourself in, believe me that it will. We all stand behind you with amazing strength, and we feel that the coming months in particular will bring about many changes for you, in all ways, not just in the Spiritual.

Allow us now to begin what it was we started moons ago, and to seal a promise we did make to each other at one point in time, when we were aspiring to a belief, whereby we could bring through potential energies via the Air Waves, and put them into spaces which could and would deal with unnecessary blockages. We were known then as Masters of High Intelligence and be it known to you or not, your lot then was to bring forth information from on high, and to then distribute your information to various waiting authorities. And it was a very successful procedure, that is until your heavenly flow of information all dried up, owing to the expanse of the knowledge becoming too vast for you to be able to decipher it in a way which could be applied to our lives then as we knew it to be.

But things have changed now, my dear, and you are now continuing on with this dream we had in that life, and also in some other ensuing ones. But this time it does all appear to be a different vibration that you are living in, and we do know in our heart of hearts that this time it will be different. Success is ringing very loud and clear. I for one am not a one to presume anything that is unreasonable, but I have the utmost respect and tolerance for your ways and for the ways in which you will proceed with this. But for us, I feel the time is right, this time around. For when the time is right, then the pupils will be ready, and now I do feel that many will stand to attention and grasp hold of this wondrous knowledge that we as a team are attempting to enlighten them with.

And be not now thinking that this will be a once off, for there shall be hundreds of these flashes of information that will flow from your lips. For this is the way that it will progress to. You think you are not able to cope with this my dear, but you are an amazing Being. One who has been around the block time and time again, so do not think that this is a first and a last. This has been in the making since time began. It is used for people to succeed in a way by which they can allow their Godself to perform things which are foreign to them. This will not be a last, it is written on the winds that your way of teaching these chosen ones will be world-renowned. To say less would be a misconception my beloved one. Be not afraid of fame, for you are rewarding of this. You have slogged long and hard to be able to produce this environment, whereby you will be accepted as a leader of such knowledge.
Stand tall and say what is in your heart, and this will bring forth a torrent of information unheard of as yet, on your plane. Why you, do you say? You are not as you appear to be. You are progress in the making. You are to be the expansion of much information and knowledge which will then allow many a one to be more vigilant in their lives, and in their dealings with another party. You will blossom with this, and you will be acknowledged for your forthrightness and for your generous dealings with others. Go forth now child and open up that big heart of yours. The Lotus is now in full awakening.


And so now my dear one, allow me to take you on a journey into our world for a time. We are swirling around the Earth’s surface now, and just above this surface we see swirling energies rising. What is this you ask? It is the Life Force, the Blood of the Earth. What it contains in its magnificence is the Embodiment of The Most High, The Creator of all of us. And in this swirling mass of Energy there does lie another Force. A dynamic Force, out of which also feeds the Beings who are inhabiting the Earth’s surface at this time.

You are not Beings of Light only. You are beloved threads of The Divine, who are also swirling forth your own powerful substance, which is encased within your body, but is also outside your body. And it is a mixture of High Intelligence and Love personified, and it goes forth constantly with the Knowing Force behind it, while it places itself within others, and also upon surfaces such as the rocks, the stones, water and the such. That is, it sends its vibrations into the inhabitants of the Earth, and also into the Elements as you know them to be. And there is a reason for this transaction between all of you and them. The reason is to sustain them into being a Force themselves, for all is working for a common goal. And that is to align everything into a union of sorts, for the common good of everything, as a Whole. But this cannot happen without the Life Blood of The One and His Band of Helpers, which appear on the horizon as tiny little influxes of Energy. But it is actually not as it appears to be, for it is such that your Real Selves are travelling back and forth, for the purpose of giving Life and sustainability to all others on the Earth’s surface.

Be prepared now for your world to change, and for the better. We are gazing at a beautiful Being, when we set eyes on you, never think less than that. You are beauty personified, and allow your mind to be consumed by this knowledge. Go now child, in peace and love, and allow in all the love and healing we send you. It is said now.
Behold, I am Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One, and I have a great love for you, my dearest one.



Lord Lanto – The Enlightened One ~~ Crossing Over the Bridge ~~ 28.3.13

2c69160cccb93168339edea73a8b1aa9Today we will look at something different. For you now have travelled into a zone where you have never been before, and yet with this have come to the knowledge that you have been yearning to know. Be it said now that this was predestined and prearranged, and you have now lifted yourself out of your life there, and into ours. This is a once in a lifetime feeling, this will not come again, as you are now in this zone whenever you wish to be.

So congratulations dear one, you have advanced one step higher up the ladder. It is to your advantage, surely, but also on saying that it is also for the benefit of all and sundry. Never forget what your purpose is here my dear. It has not simply been for yourself alone, the reason for all your struggles. It is for the good of all of them. The dear ones who are walking their paths beside you. They will never be free until they do see the Light that is shining from within them. And it is ones such as yourself who may be able to advance them in knowledge and in the wonders of The Divine.

Be still now child and see this day as a blessing, for you have allowed yourself to go beyond where you have ever been before, and have crossed over the Bridge, with our guidance and our love. That is not to say that this wondrous event would not have taken place had we not have been there. But what it is, is that you called on us dear one, for assistance, and we did indeed heed the call. Be not ashamed in any way for past encounters, no matter what they may be. But now stand firm and strong in the knowledge that your path has been cleared for your work to continue. And continue it will, for you are one who will not fail at this my dear one. Many times before, yes, it was inevitable that you did not proceed as planned, but we have knowledge that this time you will set the world aglow with your information that you will impart to others. There have been many come and go, who, before you did, attempted to bring this in, but there it is again, that the time was really not in place to fit into any belief of the time. And so it ebbed away once more. But as we said, this time it is different, for society now has a basic knowledge that all is not as it seems, and for once things will be made easier for those who attempt to be bringing the curtain down. The veil is lifting to unravel what lies there behind it.

But this alone does not immediately bring forth your yearned for knowing of all, for this still needs to be set in motion, and it will be up to you as to the timing of this. But you now have it all in place, and you will now be able to advance to this place very easily and quickly, should you so desire. It shall be up to you entirely dear one. You are one of us, make no mistake about this. It has been said many times to you up to this date, and we feel you had a genuine feeling that it was so, though at the same time there was distrust there regarding yourself. But my dear one, you are one who is greatly revered and respected amongst your circle here, and we know now that great things will come out of this. Be not afraid of what others may feel regarding this. Your turn to be acclaimed for your work will come, and there shall be many who will be enlightened because of the knowledge that you, with your writings, will inspire in them.

Be not feeling any strain with this, for we are always by your side and ready to give upliftment. For you now, there is a dark cloud that has been lifted, and yes, you are invincible, and there is nothing standing in your way now. Be prepared for amazing information to stream through, and memories will flash back from long forgotten times. You have so much in there to bring forth already, that it will be a wonder for all who will take heed and listen. Be not dismayed at any who turn around, for they will simply be not ready at this stage. It all comes when it needs to – when it is invited in – and who knows when that will be.

This is certainly a purpose made in heaven. For the upliftment of the beings who are allowing it to penetrate through the barriers of their minds. This is not something that will take place in five minutes. This will take a bit of endurance, though all will be different this time. But the main thing to remember really is that it is very achievable and it shall be successful, for many will lay aside old beliefs and will answer the call.

And that is the sole purpose of it all. To help those who know in their hearts of the existence of something outside of themselves, that is calling them on to a knowing of the existence of a Higher Power. One whose very existence is Supreme and All Knowing and All Powerful. For they do hold a memory inside them of that, but are at 6’s and 7’s as to what that memory really is.

But the information that you will produce for them to ponder on will bring it right on up to the surface. And that then will be sufficient to set their wheels in motion. You will have hit a nerve, the nerve of remembrance. That is all it will take to allow them to bring in the knowledge which has been long since forgotten.

the-scrollsThis is the way of it. It is, some of it, very sensitive work, and it will be held in the highest esteem by you, we know. But for now, allow our congratulations to ring loud and clear. You have reached the pinnacle my dear one. Allow us to be on hand and be of help when it is asked for. We are one with you, we are you. Remember that always. Our hearts are intertwined with yours. It is a pleasure to be working with you at this time, and we know that wonderful things will come from this. Your endeavours also shall be greatly rewarded, but for now, your path is extremely important to many dear ones who are searching for answers. Be not fearful, and hold your head up high always. We are here 100% for you, never doubt this.

And be very glad, for you will open up a door for many to go through, and inside this door will be many blessings for those who believe in us. We are coming to them with guidance and help, and not to judge or condemn in any way. We always stand in love, as you do, for you are really one of us. We greatly appreciate your endeavour to be more than you are now, and believe us that you have succeeded. For this is a true awakening for you now, and your future now is up to you alone. Make what you will of it, and the utmost of love and blessings to you.

For it is true that we are all one, and yet many are unaware of this. Your teachings will help them with this and it will bring about an abundance of change, entirely over the globe. It will spread far and wide, and awaken in many the memory of the Joy of Who They Are.

You have been heaven sent and blest by The Creator. Go and do your work you aspired to. Our love walks with you always. Be prepared for more now, to enter into your aura and your field of Light. Be happy now, for your plans have had a kickstart. We are one, you and I, forever.
I am the amazing Enlightened One, Lord Lanto




Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One ~ on The Circle of Life ~ 24.2.14 ~ Val Fabian

LORD LANTO - 4flower_of_life-flower_of_life-
Good morning dear one, we bless this day you called on us. And reverently speaking, it comes at a time when we are all now prepared for the next blast of intrigue.
What is surely coming is mind boggling, and yet it is a simple thing to us here. For as we do speak, it speaks of many suggestions, which you are totally unaware of. Though allowing for you not being of the same mind as us, is purely an assumption on your side. For the fact remains that you do know the probability that what is about to transpire will be all or nothing, in the fact that there is a lightening bulb in your head going off as we speak. And it is lighting up your inner knowing and bringing to life an abundance of probabilities, insofar as the redeeming side of all of this will be afire in the making, and allowing you to branch forth with your knowledge intact, so that you can display it around to where it needs to be.

Do not forget though that your very own Supreme Intelligence will be forthright in all of this, and take it from on high that on the horizon there is looming now an intricate pattern of substance unspoken of as yet, which will herald in all that you shall be needing to enforce that which you have undertaken to produce. Do not be aware of anything which will dampen this and stay focused on your role there. And it shall indeed create what some would speak of as another miracle. But a miracle it is not, it is seemingly a thought process which shall be put in place by us to you, and it will speak volumes as to the assumptions that the throngs will put into it, and indeed take from it.

Amazing stuff is about to proceed here, and I go on notice here and inspire you one step further of your capabilities on all issues at hand, believing that your role is about to explode into reality.

And I put you on notice now as to your own self induced role in all of this, for without your Intelligence and vigilance, there would not be this final imperative accounting of all of our dreams and plans. For take it from me that yourself, as no other, is solely responsible for the bigger portion of all that I speak of. And allow that your knowledge also was forthright in proposing that all of this transpire, and that we As a One could enforce it all into a reality, being the saving grace for humanity.

{{{Here, he now speaks of the parting of the ways of a very long standing friendship and the effect that it is having on me.}}}

Before I go dear one, let me proclaim here also that your own Guiding Light goes much afar into every nook and cranny of the Universe, and never allow your mighty Light to dim regarding unimportant manmade issues. For they shall all fall into oblivion once this amazing quest is reached and foreclosed. This is simply a trial which you do need to address, for it all comes to form a reality for you, allowing that all life still flows on, no matter the different circumstances which do all need to be addressed and accepted.

Your ongoing plight regarding this is not allowing in more of the flow of the Light into you. So may I say that you at least make resolution regarding this, and produce in yourself a reasonable acceptance that with each ebb there does come a flow. And this flow shall be so bright that the naked eye will be unable to behold it.

Love to you this day and peace be in your heart. We speak of the God Love. No need for tears anymore, it is all in God’s hands. We send blessings to you.

Before you go Lord Lanto may I ask a question please. I go back to a short while ago when you were speaking to me of the Circle of Life, and of how everything in The Circle of Life has “Placements” in each other. Please explain this to me.

These Placements child are what enables them to constantly flow on within The Circle of Life, in such a way to complete an action, which entices one another of them into a continuance of perfected Circular Turning Motion, putting in place a gigantic singular entry flow. Forming a bonding with each other, whereby they can remain true within their own solidarity, while then also becoming as a joint endeavour, out of which each belies it’s very own Intellectual Knowledge of becoming a sensitive part of the entire flowing on of Nature in it’s Grandest Scheme possible.

Make no mistakes here that this amazing Feat of Perfection has applied it’s unbelievable perfection into becoming a worthy and stupendous ‘Piece of Machinery in Living Motion”.

Whereby all of the other flow on’s as such, perform their ongoing Feats of Comparing wonders, bringing about what we will call God’s Own Majestic Wonders.

It is a perpetual set in motion of the Turning Wheel of Life, in all of its amazing and intriguing wonder and in its total perfection.

It is Magical and it is illogical, and it holds tight in its arms all of it’s miracles it portrays. It is the beginning and the end to all of it’s secrets it encases without prejudice.

Lord Lanto ~ The Enlightened One ~ 23.2.14 ~ Val Fabian

My Question.   You have taught me much over the past several years regarding the amazing changes which will be now coming in shortly. But why have Spirit chosen now exactly, at this particular time, to come and help, through changing the world into a more loving place. Why not hundreds of years ago when things were much worse, and people were extremely cruel and violent. Actually much more so than now.
My Answer I received.
Be calm dear one and listen. It is a simple truth, that which you have stated, and yet Earth was allowed it’s space to be as it wished to be.
But now at this time on the Earth there are massive changes in the ongoing flow of the vibrational changes, which have been brought about by the Suns, Moons and the Stars in unison. Though this is a normal progression, it is though at this time, a time where they are doing a merging of sorts, aligning with one another into an Atmospheric tumbling, which is bringing about turbulence. And in it’s wake it will be hurling off massive dynamic energy forces which will take up positions fairly close to the Earth’s face. And with that, it brings in mighty flows of Energetic Force, which will cause currents to awake in the Earth’s floor, allowing for a massive change in the flow of vibrational energies.
It is this massive hurling around which is going to allow in this permanency of change into Earth’s space. For there shall be an opening by which these energies will be able to flow across the Earth with ease. Never forgetting though that with every ebb there is a flow and vice versa. And that will be how it will be accepted with ease and love.
Mother Nature is never out of sight, and right now she is preparing for many changes to her usual pattern. And one of these will be a massive shake up of all of Life Form in and around this field of acute inner turbulence.
But we must say that with all of this flow, there will be many changes brought about, but nothing will interfere with the dynamic intake and influx of energy being poured onto Earth as we speak. And the reason being is simply that your own guiding Light is set in place, and united with ours, allowing in only peaceful and loving vibrations which are ultimately beneficial to all of you there.
We now are going into a new phase of reckoning for the whole of the Kingdom of God, and we are seeing all of this as a gigantic cleansing for the throngs. Your main aim is to shed Light everywhere, as this deems to cleanse and awaken those who have become complacent in their viewing of everything. But also it will herald in the enormous and massive spreading of vibrational intrigue, and bring about all of the dynamic and mysterious Truths which have yet been unspoken. This is coming very soon, so put yourself into a very reverent space so that you are able to heed the call from within, and to act on it.
May I ask another question please?       I have been told many times that what we are actually doing here is completely different from what we all think it is. Could you please give me some insight as to what is really happening here, and of the powers that Mother Earth holds within her.

My Answer.        Earth is completely intact dear and breathes a life into itself. It’s always in motion, as it carrels around with other planets. It’s a Planet of Mystery, it brings to life Magical Enactments for all to bring in their dreams and desires. It’s actual Crusts hold a Miraculous Substance which provide you with ways to achieve your dreams as nowhere else could. And wherever probable and possible it performs such Magic and applies it to your dreams while you are there.
And it has Magical and Powerful arrangements of Solar Power, which have their own environmental intrigue, placing you all in a Magic and Mysterious Embrace, which draw you in further into it’s unique and wondrous goodness. This is Magic in it’s own right, and it’s exactly this Magic that keeps you afloat whilst there living your dreams. And it’s all a Miracle in the extreme, serving a purpose for you while you gaze at it’s Magical Beauty. And it’s constant swirl of Energetic Forces hold you safe. And this dear is a minor part of an explanation.

Could I please have more information?

My Answer.       In all the huge & amazingly expansive space, which is all of everything, is one complete yet separate scenario, which whirls around non stop forever, even though it has a Guiding Force. Yet that Guiding Force displays intricate parts to it, while it turns and upheavals. For it always aligns with similar parts of itself, even though there’s massive amounts of interference at play within it. Also extreme and violent actions are eroding many parts of it, while it births new ones to carry forth on their own journey. It’s a massive place of uniqueness and worth and co-operation within it’s massive swirls of violence and turbulence. It’s a gigantic place where cause and effect come into play, yet a place of peaceful wonder with all forms of Nature intermixing to form a control overall. And this causes all and sundry to align with each other, forming complete paths of beauty, which light up the way for more initial interaction. It’s never ending and never still.

This is Nature in it’s complete perpetual Wonder and Mystique, forming the basis for what we call our Driving Force, Our Benevolent & Vibrant One, who MASTERMINDS THE WHOLE OF EVERYTHING – to keep it’s wheels turning to perfection.
And what has been created there on your Earth now, has a widespread effect on the Whole of Nature. For it’s guiding other planets in now to form a basic surround for your wondrous planet there, to become it’s vision of beauty. For these other planets all have intricate wondrous knowledge held in them, which you can’t fathom yet. They will guide in a Charge with certain Forces in it, sending a Knowing across your Earth’s surfaces. And through this we are guiding in Knowledge, through these other planet’s abilities to hold the Plates of Energies needed to hold such wonders intact.

And this will be one of your Teachings dear. You will be fully tutored first.

My Question.         What are we trying to do here really ?

My Answer.           This will be a total surprise. It’s part and parcel of a whole picture, coming to life in front of you now. It’s been revealing itself to you slowly. The Powerful Knowing that a bridge has been unfolded for you, and you’re being guided now into a space where all shall be revealed to you. And you’re jumping into a River of Knowing now in readiness to spread your Truth forth.
Everyone’s heart now is yearning to rise up, and all of this intrigue will bring to them everything their hearts desire, utter serenity and peace and freedom, for there will be an unfoldment of what was holding the secrets they have all searched and yearned for.
My love for you is very deep and true dear. I walk by your side in love and respect and gratitude. Go in grace.


The Emissaries of Light and Love~ Vision of a Beautiful Master – Lord Lanto ~ 21.02.03 ~ Val Fabian


I was shown a beautiful being whom I felt was a Master. He had some type of headdress on and a long robe. He was wearing jewellery which appeared to be a very thick heavy necklace with some kind of medallion hanging from it.. So I asked Spirit who he was.

This is a question that we knew you would ask. And it is acceptable that you should wish to be familiarizlord-lantoed with this Master. In another time and place, and much time long past, it is true that your energies did meet. And allow us to say this to you now, that he has chosen this time to step forward for you to receive him once more into the field of your aura.
The time has come now for much to change in your life, and for you to begin your journey on your rightful path. He has stepped forward to share much knowledge and wisdom with you at your request, for he feels that it will be of great benefit to you at this particular time. Your longing to be of service to all of humanity is such that you do draw to you entities such as he. And he does see that your humility is such that no amount of knowledge and wisdom will effect your ego as it were. You kind heart does shine through, and we do feel that a constant flow of energy into you will actually benefit all in the long run. As you will see to it that this is so, we know. Our pleasure dear.

What is his name please?

Many names – many times past – many lives. Simply feel his energy.
Your longing to grow has spurred you on no end. You have worked hard and are very dedicated as we all know. You are blest and you have been chosen for this work, as you have unlimited knowledge inside of the way of the world.
A gold star is your symbol. It’s all there is. It’s the Knowing, it’s the opening up of everything. I see a star shining bright and you are in the centre. You will talk for benefit, the right words will come from within. You have been given the gift, accept it. You have now reached The I Am. It is the God Force. Know yourself and who you are. You’ve gone to the peak, all knowing, you have surrendered.
You’re remembering things long past at a soul level. You see it all clearly on a higher level, this was all a prearranged promise. You will be told more on this at a later date, just wait and listen. And your soul is bringing it through to your mind. It can do this, and it has chosen to because of your growth and because of the amazing amount of compassion your heart has always had for others. We all praise you on high for you willed this to happen, and you worked hard for it. Your love brings sunshine to others and your heart sends out vibrations which are picked up by all. How wonderful it is that you are on your destiny path. To have the time and the knowledge to help your fellowman. God is sending blessings to you day by day. His love for you is as a Father for His child. He knows your strengths, He knows your heart. And His pride is bursting at the seams. No one can steer you from your path – it is cast in cement.
Your Higher Self is finally free now to do the work which has always been in your heart and soul. There were things which needed to be completed first. And there were other things to be understood. You have sat for your exams and you have passed all your tests, and now you are at last free . Free to accomplish your life’s work, your dream, your destiny.
The cycle is complete, you are in the middle of the circle, and there is no going back. Draw others to you and lighten their loads. In the circle is to be found the great mystery of Life, life eternal, life everlasting. Go up to the spiral and dwell with The Lord. His home is your home, His love is your love, His joy is your joy. Take what is offered to you and know that there is more there. His Chalice is full to overflowing, and it is offered to you in the greatest and purest of love imaginable.
Drink from His Chalice and be filled up. There is no limit to this treasure. It is yours, take it. Feel the glow from it as it washes over you, purifies you and transports you into His Beautiful Heart. All peace and harmony reign there, all love and forgiveness reign there. Drink of this Chalice and you will never feel want again. You will be focused, you will be complete. Hear us in this and believe, for you are now enfolded in the arms of Your Beloved Creator. He holds you tight and safe and He will never let you slip and fall.
Your road has been long and weary, but now you are being enfolded in the arms of your Beloved One. He holds you tight and safe, and He will never let you slip and fall. Take heart, peace is now yours my child, and the Angels herald your efforts. A job well done. Yes a job very well done.

Our blessings go with you always, we are The Emissaries of Light and Love.
{ I was told at a later date that the beautiful Master in the robe is Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One. Not long after this encounter he made himself known to me and since then he has become a big part of my life, and taught me many things over the next few years.}

Lord Lanto, the Enlightened One ~ The Teacher of Ancient Wisdom ~ 30.1.14 ~ ~ Val Fabian





We are here dear. Amazing stuff wouldn’t you say? This is an experience we brought to you, as now you are having the ability to lift yourself up out of your body, and into our world. But this comes as no surprise to you of course, as your total shock as to this is only your human side for it is all already known to you deep inside. But just the fact that you enlisted us as to an explanation is for us, a pleasant experience. For it is bringing to the fore, just what we are preparing you for. And it is not as you are thinking child. It is reasonable for you to think the thoughts that you are having, but believe me dear one, it is far more involved than whatever you could possibly dream that it be.

I for one now, are standing by very close to you. For it gives me great pleasure to be privy to all of this, yet also it is I who will be helping you to adjust to all of this magnificence, should you for one, need me to. And secondly for the great pleasure that I feel as I stand and watch you. It is an untold and wonderful experience for me, for it is showing me just how wondrous thou be, and not only that, I am beginning to be put into a state of mystique and beauty, just by encountering your innermost Being, and of the beauty which lies within you.

I am being now totally honest in the fact that I come and speak to you in this way, for what I am seeing now is a magnificent Being of wondrous beauty, who is however endeavouring to become the Light that shines for all of your Kingdom. And that being said my dear, I am now bringing to you an immediate response of the likely scenarios by which you will be carrying this wonder and mystique forward.

What I shall say now could take you by surprise, but then on saying that, we are sure that your Light will be in a state to receive this. By bringing this Light to you this morning, what pleases me the most was to see the wonder in the experience that it gave you. And I say this to you now without any sense that the reality of it was not in any way bereft of the total and wonderful realization, that you were having an experience by which you were lifted up to The Divine, to sit with Him and His Angels. He is standing before you now at this moment as we speak, and I dare to say to you that His greatest love and enormous blessings He is bestowing on you. For He lifted you up this day to unite with Him in such a way as to bring to you what we are preparing you for. And it is not an easy quest that you seek, and yet you are in total and full control over all of it. And that is to say that your Inner Being has been preparing for this for eons now, but before it could be realized, you had to undertake what we refer to here as a final knowing of the workings of the wonders of Life and of all that it represents, and all that it will transpire to be. And that was not an easy feat, for it involved much travel and much inner power before you could piece it all together, in such a way as to bring it forth for others to deal with the knowledge. But that you have done now, and we savor now the beginning of yet another phase in which you shall stand and speak your wondrous knowledge in such a way as to become more of what you are now.
But this is all subjection, but then it leads you on to yet another challenge. One with which you will bring down the curtain in such a way as to become an instant success. But this is furthering your expanse of what is to come and believe us that your world is changing there in such a way as to herald in what most might call a major miracle. But we just simply call it a beginning of a new and wondrous life for Earthlings.

Many thanks dear for your question.
I am the Wondrous One, the Enlightened One, Lord Lanto,
The Teacher of Ancient Wisdom.