Our Garden of Eden ~ Lady Nada and Serapis Bey ~ 3.3.14 ~ No. 7 ~ Val Fabian

Lady Nada 7Serapis Bey 15

We have here with us today another special treat in the way of a sudden, supreme, very important and unwavering item which is called for, to announce to you on this day. Presuming that you are of a mind where you are not only unbiased, but furthermore have the kind of illusion of which we have at times referred to regarding your probably unexplained and forthright knowledge. That to be of this world it is to be a kind of existence where all is shadowed by a not illumed substance, which we could probably call what has come to be known as a grey matter.

But for us dear, we can forever see beyond any illusion that has been placed around you. And I say this to you now that whosoever deems that this is a forever substance in place, has not yet seen The Light. For we have powers about us that are unspoken of as yet, and come what may we will be presuming to at least put them to utter good use. And in a way whereby your world there will disrupt into a powerful substance all of it’s own. Leaving your dream to be unleashed, which shall culminate in a powerful Being of Light giving forth from itself, an amazing brightness, illuminating your entire world into an utmost pleasant and loving spectacle unknown yet by any of you.

But let me make it known here that the substance behind all of this wonder is nothing more than a supreme and loving Goddess, who is partaking of yet another Holy undertaking. One which will infuse your world into a climatic spectacular enclosure of what we would describe as an influential blast of powerful energetic force. Enabling it to, for once in a lifetime, presume an undeniable frequency which is to become what will be known as bio atomic interference. Forming in such a way a pathway into unknown yet powerful biological frequencies, which will culminate in the utmost majestic way. Into aligning up your now frequency into a more placid and achievable existence for all those involved there at this time.

Be it not for this overflow, your world there would forever be on the time line of disaster. But for some reason, the ultimate outcome will come to be of an utmost incredulous occurrence, culminating in what shall be seen as a dynamic interference, which shall out power any existing vibration, and become then the placid and obscure denominator that it was intended to become.

What this is implying is for a natural wonderland to rise up out of the Earth from this, which has never before been visioned. And yet your very powerful vibrations shall infuse whatever is beyond this Light, impacting on all of it. And bringing about what lies beyond into a vast and fiery everglades of intensity. Beyond which there shall become what will come to be known as simply an infused and vital part of your alternative existence.
Whereby you will all come to know that life there has been expanded forth into a vast adventure. One in which all are able to expand out their own unlimited existence into a peaceful timeline, where they may partake of a network of vital and yet loving adventures at their hearts desire.

What this will lead to is for us to speculate on, but one thing is for certain, and that being that the place where you call home now will cease to be as it is now, and the world will be your oyster.

Blessings dear, Lady Nada.



Serapis Bey & Lady Nada ~ 26.2.14 ~ No. 6 ~ Val Fabian

We are bringing to you today, an array of facts, and wish that you will endorse them Serapis Bey & Lady Nada 2first, and succeeding that, that you will bless them into existence for your very own sublime and wonderful belief in the most loving way.

We come to you first with one of life’s mysteries, this being of a substance that you are all believing to be powerless to even begin to take all of this information into consideration.

For The Renowned One has spoken this day, and His plans are now for you to become a part of the team in a more advanced way. For your knowledge now is about to expand out and into a variable type of manner, forging in it’s wake what we can tell you is for a viable and yet a reasonably strong message that what you have been looking to gather up, is side stepping now for a pure and masterfully new and secluded truth.

We have spoken many times before to you on this, but in a guarded environment. But now the fact is clear that your sole and only Beloved One has procured in it’s place for you, what we can only assume to be a living model of a new scenario. To have this in place is far more advanced than anything that we previously dreamt of, and that will invocate what you shall be looking at, prompting you into a vast yet mediocre cycle, in the way that you begin your own versatile way of achieving your longed for plans.

What is arising now on the horizon in such a way as to beget our intense focus, is a short form of intense beauty. But it holds within it what we can only describe as something that is inspiring, to say the least. Your own Guiding Light is affront now, and seeking to assume guidance from The One. But He is taking charge now of yet another presuming vibrantly wonderful yet quirky and in depth, powerful, bewildering atmospheric wonder, which is flying high above your horizons as we speak.

Intellectually you are aware of these goings on, for you are out and about much of the time, perusing what we now may call your magnificent wonderland. For we have got a viewing of what will transpire there on your Planet. And yet we are all simply aplomb, at this magnificent major event. For who could have imagined what is about to transpire. And in it’s wake there will be a build up of energetic powerful forces spreading right across Earth at a speed unknown of before. For it’s very powerful wake will build to a crescendo, causing magical waves of sunshine to shine down on all of you. The powerful substance that will spread forth from all of this will bless all those who are beginning to become aware of such powerful beauty. For it has within it what can only be described as a wondrous Guiding Light for each and all of you.

Become aware now of your own intriguing intricate personal power, for you are now in a transition of a certain kind. But before we are able to apply your techniques to your body, you will be required to be put into a space where your powers are evidently accepted as being of a wholesome and Holy type. This will only require your own knowledge that you are the Guiding Light for others, so that you faithfully put your trust in The Divine One, and know that you are a part now of what is a wonderful adventure for you and for us. And go with the flow of it all.

Our love for you is great dear one. Bless this day and also you.
Lady Nada.

Serapis Bey & Lady Nada ~ 21.2.14 ~ 5th ~ Val Fabian

Serapis Bey 17    Lady Nada 8                                                                           I bring you blessings dear one. What a joyous time this is for all of us. For you are blooming now and are an inspiration to all of us. Little did we dream that your time there would be blest with such splendour, but believe us that it has been. And now you are up and running in a way which will inspire all of us on to bigger and better things. For what we have planned now is certainly the coming of an event which will be world wide.
You are longing for more to be explained to you now dear one, and the best is yet to come we do say. What you have aspired to is a whirlwind of knowledge and powerful information which will be spread around. Let us show you in some small way, the unbelievable wonder of all of this, for you say that you are ready now to take more of this wonder in.

The world is brimming with an Implicit Code, and yet it is of varying degrees. There is an unmistakable and truly extreme life form which hovers around on the Earth Plane, displaying what appears to be many fine and intricate strands of very fine textile type substance. And this is actually what is being spread around and about all of you now. For it holds inside it what we would term as the major awakening tool, as it does include in it what you all do need to be able to sustain life there. And what else it holds in itself reveals all of your finest dreams and promises that linger inside you. What we haven’t told you yet though is that the light it gives forth is a very powerful substance, which can drag out of you whatever you each deem to be there, against your better judgement. It’s not to say that this intriguing organism has got any holds over you, but it’s intent is to cleanse all of you in a way that will leave your time line intact, and put you into a space where you will be coming into your own dreams of finding your connection to what you believe to be the Wonder of It All.

And We have personally been trying to uphold your inner knowledge regarding this, but for some reason you have shied away from all this. But bye and bye, it will bring you closer, and into a world of picturesque sereneness which will benefit you much, including what we now see as your typical selfless intent to rid this Planet of unjust intents.

Be prepared now for us to be bringing to you a maze of news in regard to many other things, but take what you have now and dwell on this, and apportion it out as you see fit. We love to be the ones to come to you with much fresh and eye opening information. And we feel that your whole planet now will be holding in it’s hands a new and very streamlined existence. For we have seen that whoever and whatever steps into the new way of seeing things, will be benefited much by this.

Regards to you dear one and I pour forth to you all of the heartfelt blessings we are able to. I am Lady Nada, with Serapis Bey.

Serapis Bey & Lady Nada ~ 20.2.14 ~ No. 4 ~ Val Fabian



Child of The Divine, we are placing ourselves before you once again, to inspire you and to bring to you a maze of information, in a way that will titillate you into being a more profound Beacon of Light. What we have prepared for you today shall indeed incline you into being of a more in tuned one, and we are knowing that all of your efforts thus far have not been in vain. For you have inspired your own true self into being a beacon for others. Yet what we are about to give you now, shall inspire you no end.
Take this in confidence just for now, for there are many others who would not dare to speak of these things, and yet these things really do shine out and are of much importance. While we also have your attention, we are going to give you a last minute take on your whole substance of being. For you do know above all else, that that Light that shines above you is a more lasting one than any other, and with it, in it’s wake, it has a Luminous Being, who is guiding you on towards your goal. That which we do speak of has nestled itself around you with a glowing substance, of which there is a permanency taking over it.
Be prepared now for many others to appear also to you, for with this unique connection that we have, we are all permanently here to be of service to you, and to The Divine One. For Our Creator has held all of this in place for much time now, and allow that our presence now shall illuminate your path into an opportunity of taking you that one step further, on and above where you have placed yourself up to this day. And we say also to be prepared, for the time is coming very soon when the bright Light shining down shall make it’s way deep down into your heart, and also into the cavity of your constant soul space. For with this Light there shall come to you what we otherwise would call an illumination of your being and of your overall bodies. And that will put in place your Prominent Self, to step forward and to be as it wishes to be, heralding in the pre-empted writings in your mind’s eye, and give you the spoken words, which have been put in place inside you, waiting for the extra incentive to bring them out and forward them on to mankind.
Little is known yet of that which we shall speak of, which you do have inside you, and have a burning desire to bring forth. But what we will give you is a token of our sincerity. Time is of the essence now, and we do await your call to bring this word to you. Many others have spoken much to you, but the message is now clear that you do put aside your Earth body, and take on a more profound figure of substance, in the way that you are able to perceive all of this information.
Stand tall in this dear one, and it shall all flow forward for you to embrace into your now very powerful intellect. Stay firm in your beliefs and allow us to proceed as it was intended to. Be the beacon of Light that you are and allow in the appropriate messages to enhance your already substantial knowledge in all of this. Be prepared also for The One True One to be coming to you also on a day to day basis, to set your soul aflame and to speak His words of knowledge and wisdom to you child. We have a longing to appear to you again and to be the teachers from afar, and yet we are now in your space where we shall be spending much time from hence onwards. Our love is shining down on you and we give of ourselves wholly to your cause.
Blessed be thou and adieu for now.

Serapis Bey and Lady Nada ~ Of the Seven Sacred Flames ~ 19.2.14 No.3 ~ Val Fabian

Good morning dear one. It is I, Lady Nada along with Serapis Bey and we have come from on high this day with blessings from above. It is proper here to suggest to you that from this day forward, we shall shine a Light down on you above your head and all of the peace and love we shall enfold in this Light, and we make it clear to you now that from this day forward your world shall be glorified in every field. There shall be many blessings bestowed upon you dear one, and we shall both see to it that there shall always and forever be a mountain of love sent your way, every second of every day. We bless you with our love and we comfort you in times of stress, be it of your making or others.
We have here with us this day a series of symbols, which we are placing on your crown chakra, and be it known to you that through these symbols you shall be blessed with abundance in all things. Blessed be thou child, and with that we shall now proceed with our loving duties.
There shall be many changes in your Earth Plane, but little is known of this as yet. But we have now come to be of assistance with this. Your world will be ushering in Lights from afar, bringing in abundances of peace and love. And let us make it clear right here that none of this will be changing the overall environment of your Earth. But what it will do will change the attitudes of all of you into being of a lighter frequency, enabling you all to breathe in this love and peace and togetherness in a more subtle way than before. And this will have a major impact on each and everyone of you to the extent that you will all be blest in the way you deal with certain emotions, and even with the way that you put out your very own thought patterns. All in all it shall encourage a greater love and caring towards your fellowman. And what is needed for the welfare of one another shall be the utmost thoughts in the minds of one another.
This Light shall travel right across the skies, and it shall enable one and all of you to grasp it up and to breathe it into your Life Force in such a way as to bring about such a loving society. And there shall be no more struggling for whatever is needed for survival at that point in time. Gone will be the ravaging and the tyranny, and in it’s place there shall be a calmness and peace and an in depth caring for your fellowman.
What we have planned for you to do, is to cordon off your very own but highly intelligent abilities, and to allow in what shall now be stepping forth from the mist, to spread about the seeds of new Life Energy. And what better way to do this than to take this opportunity, and to gather up the energies and to place them all around.
I see a field of flowers as far as the eye can see. Golden Buttercups, and Angels are gathering them up as they fly over them, hovering there as they gather them up into their arms. And off they fly with them, their arms full of the beauty that they are. And they deliver them to each front door, ready to be seen and taken in by those inside. And as the people step forth and pick them up, and take them into their homes, a feeling rushes over them and a dark cloud is lifted from their hearts. A feeling of peace, harmony, love and joy rushes through their veins, and it changes their thought patterns for all time. This is purely a symbol we choose to use for what will eventuate throughout your Kingdom, and never put this thought from your mind. For this symbolizes the intent and the progress put into this occurrence. Many thanks dear for your time once more. We spread our own wings high at this point and bid you farewell for now. Blessings to you dear one.

Lord Serapis Bey & Lady Nada ~ No 2~ 14.2.18 ~ Val Fabian


Just gaze into the mist dear and see us standing there. Now watch us walk towards you with hands outstretched. And as we near closer and closer, feel that bond we share with one another. Much time has passed since our last connection that you are aware of, but none the less this chain shall never be broken. It is a bond made in heaven and there shall never ever be anything that could ever cut these ties that bind us together as One. If you were to ask us which way this bond was created, we would have to say to you that it was created through love and out of love. That is all you need to know as yet.
But we do ask you to put your faith in us one more time and enthusiastically take up your banner and walk with us. For there is much to be done and said, and now it is the time for many things to be spoken of. And yet we do feel that the reason for us coming to you now is a two sided coin, for we are all constantly being guided by The One Great Creator of all of us, and for this reason alone we ask of you to be now vigilant as to your connection to the Hierarchy and to all that this implies. Do not forget your bond with all that is above and beyond your now vision, for this is where you will find all of your answers which you seek.
And do not ever despair that your complete and ultimate realizations shall not be forthcoming, for there is nothing which could ever impede this, our dear one. Let us make this very clear to you now as we speak these words to you, that forthright from now your blessings shall be 100 fold, and your cherished wishes shall all be granted.
But let’s for now speak of another thing which we are impressed to say to you. And that is that your overall health is now being guided along a path of complete and final repair. For it is truly in a way, a final showing that your desperate trials to fix this issue are being granted to you, in a way whereby there shall be no need hence forth to put yourself into a bind over this. A reward is in progress dear one.
Forthcoming also we see a Light shine down on you, and this brings with it a Knowing. For in this Light there is held a torrent of information which you will make good use of, for in your heart of hearts you have been calling out for this for much time now. But a finalization was needed to occur first before this could be realized. But now the shades are drawn up and you are about to step forth out of love for your human race. This is your dream in a nutshell, though to be able to proceed forth with this did take a few twists and turns to be straightened out. But you have an inherent strength inside dear child, and your perseverance has now claimed victory. Many thanks for your doggedness, for that is what will lead you to victory. Now it is full steam ahead for you and for everyone. Be guided now by our innate Knowing and just sit and allow the flow to take hold, as it will blessed one.
This is a privilege to be sent as a Guidance for you, and we take this opportunity to allow that our mission shall be a joyous one. Thank you for your time and be guided by these words spoken from Love.
We are your dear ones, Serapis Bey and Lady Nada.

Lord Serapis Bey and Lady Nada ~ of The Seven Sacred Flames ~ 1 ~ Val Fabian


LORD SERAPIS BEY Comes on the 4th Ray, He is The Guardian of the Ascension Flame AND

LADY NADA, GODDESS OF LOVE Comes on the 6th Ray, It is Service and ministration of the Love of Christ


1st Message.
May we come and sit with you awhile? We bring ourselves forth now as two more of your many teachers. And with this, allow that it be a long and lasting connection. Before we start on this day, we will say that rest assured our visits shall indeed bring with them, major if not bewildering information, which is coming directly from The One, and the Hierarchy. For let it be said to you now that this shall indeed be of utmost wonder, and a permanency of sorts shall develop out of all of this. Our major task shall be calling forth the Wondrous Ones who are already standing before you now, bringing in their powerful knowledge. And what you will then do with it, shall be sorting it out in order so that you are able to bring forth exactly what we will deem as perpetual and exacting and wondrous knowledge regarding many things which have never been spoken of before to any of you.
But before we start now, allow us the honour of signalling in another one who is waiting patiently for this occurrence, and he shall begin to advise you in the terms of our connection to you, and to the evermore ability that you do hold within your being. This is certainly something which we will call innate and all consuming Fireballs of knowledge and wonder. But be it not for you dear one we would not be standing before you now, and beginning this all consuming talk of which we are about to begin.
What we do ask of you now is that you allow yourself to drop any preconceived ideas as to what will transpire, and to therefore allow in just what it shall be that we narrate to you. For this to happen you will need to set yourself well apart from this, and to embody all that is good and Holy to branch out and into your space. Before we do begin this conversation we would suggest to you that you light a Light around you now, so as to keep out unwanted energies as such.