Daniel ~ Twin Hearts ~ 1.4.04 ~ Val Fabian

The twins. The two little ones. The before and the after. Your life before and your life as it is today. What would you wish for you now – you can have whatever you wish for. It is all there in front of you.

The twins are a correlation of your life past and present. It is totally connected, for without the past there certainly would be no present. It is the past which wove your present, it is the past which wove you into what you are today. Into what you think, what you feel, what you believe and what you desire the rest of your life to be.
It is all one single circle made up of separate ratios, but each one needed to be felt in order to proceed to the next one. It is full of different colours and each colour signifies a different area of your life and the way that you felt there at that time. Each colour tells a story. In fact our lives are simply stories all put together, which we write and then act out as if we are reading a book which we then make into a stage play. And the characters can be negative or positive according to our wishes and we can change it all around to suit ourselves at a whim.

Look for and find and understand the twins in you. Sometimes this comes about at a crossroads in your life, and you can be one twin or the other. You may choose which one suits you best and then you will go and build on that.

Twins are made up of the same seed and yet they are so different. They are the negative and the positive. Not good or bad, just different. The twins cannot be the same, as there are no two things in the Universes which are the same. They may just look the same, but inside they are totally different, made up of different energies and emotions.

And it is the same for all of us. Two sides to the coin. It is to do with the great mystery and the gift of free will. We all need the two sides of the coin, for without that there would really be no choices to make. And so therefore we all have the twins deep inside us in order to bring out various emotions, and in order to choose what we will use our free will to bring our way, so that we can feel what it is like to make that choice. They work together at times and other times they work against each other, as twins would. They have their own agendas and at times they clash, at loggerheads to win out. And a body will feel that unsettling feeling deep inside and usually not understand the why for or the way of it. It is the twins both trying to be heard and to win out.

You do understand this now- this is the way of human nature. When you come to know this and to understand it fully, it will be of much help to you on your journey. For it is when we understand what takes place on the inside that it is easier to rearrange what goes on, on the outside. And the easiest way to do this is to bring both twins into total alignment, for when that takes place our struggles are over.

It is written my friends.
I am Daniel.


I’m Val Fabian ….. ………….and I would like to share this with you also.

I have learnt that our mind is not in our Human Body as I used to think that it was. I used to think that it was just a part of our Brain. But it is not, it is completely separate. It is actually in our Mind Body and that’s where our thought processes are. Because I had the most amazing experience ever, going back about eight years ago. I was at a particular Meditation, Healing and Channelling night that I was attending once a week at that time. And my friend who was running it said to us “Tonight in our meditation we are going to meet our Soul.” And she proceeded to explain the way of it to us. Telling us to begin our meditation imagining that we are sitting on the beach sand and to visualize our Soul appear a little further out in the ocean and to watch her as she treads water slowly coming towards us. And as she treads water to join us, to notice that she looks like a replica of ourselves. Then as she stands in front of us to put our arms around her and to tell her that we love her and to thank her for coming. So I did this and when she was standing in front of me and I began to hug her, I literally felt myself completely melt down to absolutely nothing. That is the only way that I could explain or describe it. The feeling started in my head and it was a slow melting down of my whole body, down, down, down until I knew that it was gone completely. It wasn’t was if I felt myself float upwards or downwards, as sometimes happens in meditation but I could feel myself disintegrating. It was almost as if I was a pound of butter and I just melted away. It is without a doubt the very weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Yet I knew the body was no more and I was not even remotely phased by that. All I could think was “that’s strange, and I wonder what will happen now, I must be heading off for somewhere else” or something like that….. I had no fear whatsoever or regrets of any kind, just inquisitiveness. And I was like that for awhile, until my friend called to us to come out of our meditation. So the next thing I was aware of was that I was sitting in the chair and I had my body back all in one piece just as it was before my meditation. The thing was that during the whole process, I was fully capable of thinking even though my body had melted away. I know this sounds bizarre but it really happened to me. I have recently been receiving a few channels which are explaining how our Inner Mind works in conjunction with our Outer Mind as Spirit like to call our human mind. It is extremely complicated, but I have been experiencing some very bizarre things here in my home which tell me that what they are telling me is certainly the way that it is. Because nothing that’s happening here makes any sense otherwise.

So in this channel which goes back to 2004, I think that Daniel is referring symbolically to the Inner and the Outer Minds. The Inner Mind being part of our Supreme Intelligence and our Soul and what Spirit refer to our Subconscious Mind as. Hence the Twins.
I would value everyone’s input or feelings regarding this.





CUSAMI ~ 14th FEB ‘15 ~ More on the Mind Versus the Body & the Higher Self ~~ Val Fabian

Dear child, it is time now for us to view another issue of sorts. One that will hold you intrigued just as much as this last one did. Believe me you are now flying on wings of steel, but the issue which we shall broach today is one of similar intrigue. Where do you think that the arrangement of the mind comes from?
It is a necessary tool if you like, for the different points in your body, for the allowance of the flowing on of the finer forms in total [ all our working parts?] which have sprung forth from your duty or loyalty, without a proper point of entry into the phase of begetting what in total is what is required for the onward balancing of your very own Intelligence .


And the Mind is, in a way, a major part of a system which is flowing continually up through the chakras, and out into the now unknown spaces above your forehead. This is a similar thing to the Knowing of your inner workings, for there are guiding points set up above your aura, and in it there dwells the absolute wonder of your “Infinite Knowing” as we shall call it. {Your Higher Self }
For it indeed has perpetual contact throughout your frame, with your working parts as such, enabling them to keep control of the infinite number of working sections which are constantly healing and reinventing themselves. But above all just how this works is inextricably gelled up with the mind and all of it’s fanciful ways, [ IT’S STUBBORN BELIEF SYSTEM ] which are in part always conjuring up blockages for this wondrous event to take place.
It is not known just for now exactly what is taking place here, but believe me dear one that your intuition as it stands now, is a major point to understanding this working theme, for it is a guiding light for you as such.
This being said though, now that you are being guided into this knowing, you will be able to view this and to picture for yourself, exactly what is transpiring. What we have for you also is the strong sense of your own healing, and that it has indeed taken hold, and progressed oh so beautifully. You are in charge of this make no mistake, and allow in more Light, as this is the bonding or the gelling if your prefer, which encases your whole self into becoming one of major magnificent health in all ways. This we promise dear one.

MY understanding of this is : …. The Mind is a major part of a system, which continually flows through the chakras and up through the crown chakra. It’s a similar thing to our inner workings, and there are guiding points set up above our Aura where our Higher Self dwells. Our Higher Self has non stop contact with our whole body, along with tutoring our Library Cards, enabling our body, through the Cards, to control all parts, which are always healing and reinventing themselves. But this working phenomenon is gelled with the Mind which continually blocks it’s progress. { And this problem is because of our beliefs which are the result of the various negative things we have been taught. That our bodies are prone to disease, and that some are hereditary, and we have no control over any of it. So the mind cuts off the natural healing process. It thinks we need Dr’s, that we always need outside help to repair ourselves. That we ourselves are helpless in all of this. And seeing as the Mind is a necessary Tool to allow in the flow on and of the balancing of our body in union with our Intelligence, it is constantly sabotaging our system, as it won’t relinquish it’s beliefs in the negative thoughts it’s been taught. }



CUSAMI. 19.2.15
The Mind is set up to ensure the flow on of all of the major and minor points in the body. It has the ability to control all of these parts, simply by the allowance of the forming of a program, whereby similar parts form their own control of themselves, while leaving out the control of the others, to the Higher Intelligence, in the form of the separate others.
The initial Blue Print for all of this has the power to control the overall, but what the Brain/Mind brings into play here is the questioning of it all, in the form of the belief that all is not what it is presuming that it be, for the simple reason that what has been handed down from Mothers and Fathers to sons and daughters, has prevalence over all else. For what is preached therefore must be true, and alas whatever has gone before shall indeed inflict upon the child etc, etc.
But this is truly not the case, for each one of us is born free of any ill disease. But what happens is the thought takes root in the Mind, and so all of the while it is therefore producing these symptoms in the normally healthy body. It is in itself a form of control of the body, for it has the power to do this, and it is unfortunate that this is what is taking place, though in some respects, it is what is used to form the basis for the life to be taken away. [ the Mind uses this to bring about a reason for our demise if we are wanting to go back home to Our Lord]
It is one of the reasons that are used to initiate an ending of a life. But there are other reasons behind this also. For the Mind is extremely powerful and ongoing, and once it sets itself up on a course, it is always very difficult to part the ways of it all.

But then somehow, somewhere, a Knowing will arise in you, and wipe away these kinds of thoughts, and allow in another and more appropriate one, which is exactly what it is now that you are experiencing for yourself. This is not blind idle talk, this is the real deal, and yet most are incapable of getting their heads around this, even to the point where they could even take it into their mind. And for this to occur, it is only right that they could even begin to process what they are feeling is an exemplarily Mind changing event. And this is not easy by any stroke of the brush.


Let us now explain dear one that you’re on the right path now, and for this to flow on, it is simply a matter of seeing yourself as being a massively Powerful Being of Light, who has powers unlimited in all ways. And not just in the ways of healing the body. It spans on over all things in all ways. For you really are simply just a Control Box, who is experiencing life on the Earth Plane, and the simplest way to have you understand this to the fullest, is to show you how it all works, in a simple form.
Take your Powerful Self now, and visualize something, for which you pine, and see this as forming around you in a fashion whereby it will bring you much pleasure. And then take the time to feel the result of all of this, and bring in the emotion of Joy, and secure this in your Mind. This is simple, and it is all it takes for you to REINVENT YOUR WORLD. This is my gift for you today dear one. And I thank you for your Question.