The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ The House of Wonder & The Masters of Disguise ~~ 27.5.13

Here we go again dear and many thanks for your stupendous increasing excitement which we see building up in you now, to such a crescendo that it makes our hearts’ sing. And thank you for the amount of time you give to this, as it almost consumes your life there at this point in time.

That being the case, we will begin our journey now, and suffice it to say that we are going to travel now today to a place where little is known of as yet. And yet it is this very place where your world is residing in, as we speak. Do not be alarmed at this, for there is much to be told to you yet, but we will endeavour to give it to you for your consumption as we see fit.

You are now going above and beyond our expectations, but for now, we will still be probing into the uncharted regions of your mindset, to bring forth for you a myriad of unbelievably beautiful adventurous insights into a world which for now is hidden from all of your sights.

You alone will take note of this, for this is something that we must hold close to our hearts for now. For it will be in this way that you will be able to prepare yourself in whichever way, to produce in other’s minds, a scenario of the exact and simply wonderful way that it all is.

We are here now to progress down our path that one step further, and be it known that at some point you will realize that none of this is surreal for you. That you have travelled along this path at Godspeed many times before. You just have no awareness of these adventures as it happens, as yet. But time will bridge that gap for you and soon, and you shall become fully aware of this pathway to wonder and beauty, which is always laid bare for all of you to adventure down. You just at this time do not have the faculties of allowance in you for your procedure upon it. But this will all change and a knowledge of this will spring forth amongst one and all, for this be the way that it will be.
Be it known also that your efforts to proceed now are taking you into a vast, powerful and significant influx of knowledge, and we will proceed now with more of what we speak of. Do you feel a stirring in you now my dear? It is your Godself bringing this forth, for you are now a one who is becoming more powerful as we speak. And so, therefore, we shall be giving you much that will allow you to spread this knowledge at a quicker pace than was first intended. Many thanks for your enthusiasm.

And now let us say to you that what you are envisaging there is not our real world.
Our real world lies deeper in the atmospheres, and what you have set up for yourselves there is an inkling of what lies beneath your surfaces. It is a majestic place where all are bound in love, peace and a joyousness that only you now can imagine it to be. There is a freedom unknown to you, and there is a total abundance for one and all of us.
In our Kingdom, we are travelling at the speed of lightening, and we also have the ability to be in many places at once. Though in your world you are governed by a resistance to all of this, for you have all put yourselves there into that environment with a knowing that to be there will bring about many themes for each of you. Through which you will build up inside of you a knowledge of many things, of which you are preparing to become at least for now, a more worthy and more progressive being. And through that, it will open up more of everything, while it also will bring you closer to your goals and dreams which you have set aside for knowledge to be brought through because of it all.
You are not there for your total selves, you are all consistently working as one, and with one goal. And that is to produce out of all of this a permanency through which a window will be opened for all of us, and a light will stream forth, and in it will be a torrent of new and marvellous unlimited knowledge that we will all benefit from.

This is something that you all dreamed of, and it will emerge as something that we could all be proud to witness. It is such that a few there have not followed their original paths, but let it be known that this will have little to no bearing on the end results. For it is all part of the bigger plan, and for us here, we do see an abundance of love and beauty personified which is raging across the Earth’s surface as we speak. You cannot always have 100% totality of goodness, for all must be balanced in The Kingdom of The Most High. We see now where it is all going, and be it not for all of you, and I do mean all of you, that this would not have transpired to its full benefit had it been any different.

What we have before us now though is to take it all one step further and higher, and so, therefore, you will now step forward with information that will allow for further and more beautiful freedom for all of you that are there now. And this will indeed take much of your time and vigilance. But we see before us now a star is born and in the making of this an intense power is now pouring forth from your crown chakra, and you are now ready for your battle of the wills of those who will put this all into question. But for those who will do this, this also has its merits, for it will give you the opportunity to show everyone that this is the real deal. It is not a fantasy, as some will say, but a magnificent masterpiece of weaving and merging of Love and beauty that the Most High has put into place for all of us.

We will bring to you now a piece by piece of this beauty for your perusal. What you are looking at now is a historical gigantic and masterfully built House of Wonder, and within its walls lies the Scrolls of Knowledge that we spoke about in previous literature. In this wording, there lies buried all of what life is. What it entails and the progression of it as you know it to be, down through the ages. And none of it is as you imagine that it is, for be it known to you the vastness of it all is totally unlimited and unimaginable to your mind now. But as you open it up and take all of this in, you will begin to feel the depth of this Miracle that is all of ours.

We are not little specks as you are thinking, we are monumental Spirits in God’s likeness, and we do have majestic powers in all of us, for this is the way He created us.
And He did this for a reason, and that was to become more of it all with the knowledge that we become as adventurous ones’ who will go in speed to discover what we may, which changes the dynamics of it all.

EARTH AND EAGLEBecause every movement in the Ethers will forever change the atmospheres to a point where abundance untold will again fill the environment which was in actual fact embodied upon. {Formed} This is science in the making, and your world there is not any different to anywhere else, and it is a fact that what you are all doing there is building up a crescendo, in which will cause a shift in the dynamics of your world there. And this, in turn, will cause, and bring about, a major change in the workings of all of nature. As it is nature which forges on and through, and envelopes all that is new, and transforms it into being something wonderful and majestic and beautiful.
She has the power in her to change whatever is in her path, and she does this with such magnificence that only she can embody these spaces into utmost beauty.

Your parts there up until now have been to build up in the atmospheres that which is needed to bring forth an explosion of wonder. And in its forefront, you will be guided as to what you will need to do to allow this to proceed further. And with that knowledge, you will also partake of the alignment of what we view as the neverending spaces around Mother Earth.

This will be done also with the help of The Higher Power, for nothing is ever generated without His love at the helm. We are all in this together, but through all of your vigilant help, it would not be transpiring to the point where it will. And it is for this reason that you are all now standing to attention and anticipation, and waiting for this wondrous event to show itself as Love in Action. Be not put off by what you see yourselves as, for that is not what you really represent. Wondrous, masterful, abounding Masters of Disguise is what you all are.

And do not be taken aback by this encounter with us, for this is only the start of much more to come, and we will leave you now with one thought to ponder on. You are now being guided to go where no man has before you gone, and on this day you will be in our world, for it is evident that you are now ready to abide in these Two Worlds that are for now swirling around side by side. But they will not stay this way. There shall be one and only one conjoined world for us all to frolic in. For some of us now are beginning to see the bigger picture rising up before us, and it will only be time that will bring this to fruition.

Go now dear and peruse this that has been given to you, and once more our utmost love abides there in your heart. We love you as always, your Band of Angels who come with much knowledge for you on this day. Be at peace.

Group angels 2




Archangel Michael ~ The Patriarch in the Realms of the Special Ones ~ 11.5.14


Good morning dear one. It is I, your very own mystical guide. And I do come from the God Light as you did request. And for you today we have a variety of lovely displays of information, just for your ears, may I say.

But before we go down that path I would first like to brief you on another situation, be it for your pleasure only. What we would love to disclose to you now has a single twist to it, for it has connotations which you will allude to as being of a mystical and pleasurable kind. But let’s first dwell on what we see now as being a just and reasonable situation, for in it, it holds a key to a variety of situations, which will lead you on further towards your goal. And with these keys that have been made available to you, there has attached to them, information of which your heart is yearning to find. But the reason for the holding back of some of this information is plain to see, as you are standing on a time line here, and with that comes a responsibility which is keeping you from the whole scenario. As it appears to form a solid mass of writings, of which your intellect is unable to thus far comprehend. But this is changing in the face of your intense withdrawal from your life there as you know it, for with that mindset it is allowing you into now receiving what it is that your heart is yearning for in the name of certain facts and figures, which are daunting, but none the less important in your grasp for knowledge.

Let us begin now to assume that your mind has taken in thus far quite a reasonable amount of this information, and we are now seeing that your overall attitude is quite in agreement to receive even more of this. For this reason now we are crowding your mind with beneficial information, which will grow into a massive intake in your mind, and thus you will be then, at your leisure, gifting yourself with massive amounts of this. And in probability you will then be requested to enlighten those around you with this knowledge, while you always simply keep it in the format by which you are very capable of seeing it through with. And for this we are holding you in the highest esteem, while we wait now for further requests to be given via you.

There is a cloud around you now, and it’s rising up to begin to perform a very warranted role in all of this. And this cloud contains in it a wondrous substance which will align with a mighty powerful energy, who for the most part is a seasoned traveller, who carries forth and puts in place certain vibrations, purely for the wholesome good of all.

A very Powerful Influence which shall encase what seems now to be forgotten prolific Abundant Cities, where just for now it will take a complete rising up of volumes of powerful and wondrous knowledge, encased in certain Volumes of Writings. And what these Volumes hold are the secrets to what LIFE is and to the ever moving forward of all that it wondrously binds around it, and holds it all in place with.

But this journey which you have undertaken is not just as a powerful influx of all of this knowledge, for it will encase much more simply a wholesome freedom begetting occurrence which for the better part, shall be spelt out to all of you in very simple flowing terms, enabling all of you to comprehend all of it in a very simple way.

But that will not allow that this knowledge shall replace anything else, for it does seem that a reassurance shall become to be the norm for one and all of you. Allowing in a necessary Magnetic Being of Light, who will encase all there in a timeless and much needed Fiery Flame. And it will rise up out of their Souls and perform for them, a subsequent and indeed a necessary forgotten belief, that what they have for themselves there now, and for all time, shall beget for them, a very powerfully peaceful place, where life will shine out as being a special magnificent encounter with all that is beautiful. And also it will be of extreme benefit to all who would believe that this Paradise is now their home, which will draw in for them whatever they would place inside their simply wonderful existence.

But unto this end, let us also now proportion out another scenario for you today, be it that in all probability you are becoming extremely needy in this instance. We are sending masses of Lights to you as we speak, while also we are preparing you also for a further step up the ladder, and thus far we are seeing what appears to be apparitions taking place around you there, while your Guardian Angels do a massive job of clearing away debris from your auric field. And this will leave you brighter than ever, while it will also put a Circle of Love around you, which will hold firmly in place throughout your entire time there in the future. This will combine within and without you, as being a solid base for you to become as One with us through.

And never ever think that anything untoward will happen now, as we see a rising up of you towards our massive Fiery Flame, which is becoming engrossed in a massive and yet very viable and illusive showering down of Light, which is appearing to be coming from the Heavens above. And yet it is reigning in its vibratory energies at a rate by which it will call on Mother Nature to begin to receive its enormous rays, which will herald in a substance, allowing for the take up of it to encircle what is known to be the Natural Environment in all its wondrous endeavours.

And this Light shall begin to flow across the night skies, lifting up bodily Choruses of Angels, who will put into place that which is needed thus far, to begin to germinate an overall new beginning of vibrant Life Forms, which will then carry on forth right across your Earth’s surface, germinating at a fast rate an enormous amount of coverage, putting into place this unique and utterly wondrous Plant Form, for which you shall be blessed beyond belief. For in it will contain an enormous amount of the type of Life Form for which your Plane is sadly missing, but it will also combine lovingly with other Plant Forms, which will gather up their seeds, combining themselves into a Wondrous Body of Living Forms of Beauty, which will have powers to benefit all of you in medicinal proportions. It will be just another one of the new Forms of Life, which will become known to you, and they will all be put there in place so as to become known for a variety of uses and enjoyments. Take heart dear that Life now for Earth has changed course, and it is to become such a loving environment that your heart will sing in chords of utter bliss.

What we are showing you here now is a simple version of the powerful beginning of your journey forth, but take this as an overall picture of fast coming events, which will hold for you a never forgotten memory of what will indeed be a dream which has come true my dear one. Especially for us now it is clear to see that your passion has risen up extremely, and this speaks volumes, that your mandatory awakening regarding your role has now been awakened fully. And that the time line has now forwarded to this supremely timely space, where this event shall now burst forth. For all and sundry it is placing you up and above your beloved life there. And it is putting you into a time zone, where your call has been awakened in such a way as to prepare you for what shall become a once in a lifetime event, though your undertaking is such that you are entirely now in zinc with us for what has become our greatest dream.

Be gone now and begin to ingest this, for it does hold intrigue for you dear one. Blessings dear from your friend and your guide. The illusive and yet the well known one, who is guiding you further on down your path. I am known as the Jovial One my dear, and yes, I am coming in accordance with what I am known for, but I also do speak a Truth. Be gone now and take note of this, for it will be all up to you now, to put your best foot forth.


I am The Patriarch in the Realms of The Special Ones, who come forth now to guide you further along your path. Be blest by this knowledge dear one, and go do your work now, and justly so, for the good of all. Go blessed one and achieve your goal there with our utmost blessings. We love you deeply.

Archangel Michael.



The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ ~ With a Message from Our Creator ~ ~ 29.4.14


Group angels 2We have a message from The Lord dear one, for you are tired in body and soul. Please be kind to you, and take precautions as to this dearest. He is telling you now to keep faith and to have the knowledge that you are one of us.

And now we shall speak once more on things of the heart. And be at one with us, and also at peace, for the time now is drawing nearer when you will be required to step out of your body, and to become as a bird flying high. In such a way so that you will once more become a major part of this profound and wondrous connection to what we shall term as the vibrant and the victorious Body of Angelic Beings, who are performing what is known as Celestial Interference, in a somewhat beguiling way, in order that this ongoing connection is destined to become, once we begin it, a surely wondrous and purely substantial beginning of the peaceful interlude, of which we have all been summoning forth for your wondrous planet.

And that entails all of the finest imaginings, that your world there has a buzz about it now. And the circumference around it also is aglow with the finest of Light Forms, enabling what we see as the separation, that will bring forth into existence another type of weather forming pattern, which shall engulf the whole of the light forming around the Earth now.

For this will flow in a form of the constellation, peaking at its finest, and bringing about a major clearance, enabling what we can see as an opening up in the major and minor exploratory fields, which are yielding their very own control. Upon which they will seek to find another such opening up. Allowing for the final and yet most permanent and prominent and amazing volume of Light and substantial wondrous form of Nature bearing presence, into an awakening up to the final countdown of what we see forming into “the major awakening process.” This will bring into formation what we believe will become the final adjustment, flourishing forth what will make itself known as an opening up of certain facts, bringing about a clearance and a coming together, of what will become the final scenario in the adjustment phase. Bringing into play a leverage, upon which it will be capable of becoming first and foremost the one particular ingredient needed for adjustment being made in the Habitats – and in the process which will come forth out of that.Angels in Waiting at the Stairs

We make it known here and now that what this will mean for society will be first and foremost the intricate bio chemical adjustment, which will herald in what is yearned for and craved for.

What will come out of this also is an abundance in the form of a particular kind of “reminiscence,” in those there that will speak volumes as they put into play exactly what it will be that will bring forth in them what they have been trying to come to terms with. In the way of their own beliefs and their very own feelings of their particular connection to their Beloved God.

And this will override what is their current belief pattern, allowing for them to stand up and be counted, in the way that they then substitute into their lives their current beliefs into what is now, they feel, appropriate. And this is the beginning of what will herald in a passing by of the now form of living, into a major flowing forth of victorious love and caring for one another.

And make no mistake on this, that what we are visualizing for it will be pure ecstasy for all who would wish it to be, not forgoing the industrious belief that all who seek shall find. Never doubting that their life change there is to become as ongoing as they would have it be.

But let’s now put into play another scenario which would take you further afield than we spoke of previously. And that is that this section of your own life as you know it to be will become a dim memory, at least for a time there. For what we are applying for you as we are speaking now, will be a more than average way by which you will be called on to begin perfecting your very own innovative ways in prompting forth what we shall call your celebrated and unswerving inner knowledge, that will become a special part of your repertoire in the near coming time as we see it to be.

But before this adventure does begin, we solely will now speak of another intricate and wondrous occurrence which shall boggle your mind. And that being put into a nutshell is the fact that your own being has been lifted up higher now. In order that you prepare yourself for an enormous overflow of this entire circumference that is being parted. So that we see a major influx into its centre, which will bring forward the enormous flow of intricate Light Formation, lifting up and carrying forth its glow around your surface. So that what you will have there finally shall be an enormous display of the vibrant and intricate Beam of Light flow. Which shall carry forth this amazing cloud of viable innate and wondrously glorious blessings in the form of a current. And it will bind into place a miraculous and forever flowing generous amount of Life Form, which will form its own beautiful presence, in a somewhat quizzical way, which will capture the imagination and beguile all those who would take reference to it. And this will indeed go on to form a body of supremacy in a way, that will overtake what you now know as “The Everglades.”

thL66CIK0C The Everglades

But this will simply form into another part of what will be seen as a submission into a fusion of some kind, as the overall experience that this will lead to will be a gigantic leap of faith forward, into a belief that all is not as is visualized by the naked eye.

But believe us that what the overall effect of this will form is the intended one. Which will carry forth in it a realization that your world there may be changed at a moments notice. Aligning with the theory that intent is behind all of it. And this will speak volumes to one and all, as they come to believe and to achieve their goals, forever changing the vibrations and the belief pattern that was formed many moons ago.

And what this will lead to will be a thunderous applause going through the hearts of the masses, as they begin to see and to achieve their very own goals. Believe us dear that the overall intent for this shall be Earth shattering, as those of you who would take the plunge shall be transported into a place of beauty and Light, which will become your very own Haven of Love and Peace.

Please become aware now of approaching the beginning of all of this with the feeling of longing for this occurrence to begin. For we do see the brightness increasing as we speak, which shall enable you yourself to blend with it perfectly, in such a way as to bring forth in yourself a knowledge now of wonders, in the way of the whole enticing way of Nature and the Cause and Effect of it.

Bring this now into your mind, and sort through this knowledge, for we speak of great things to come very soon.

We send our love to you this day and we send our caring for your swift recovery. Blessings beguiling one, to you from your very own Angels. We are waiting to become a part of this glorious Mirage of Nature. Mark this on your calendar as a one time event, to go down in the history of life on Earth. Au revoir dear one.


The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ Mother Nature & Her Garden of Eden ~ 2.4.16


GardenOfEden 4Beloved one, we make it known today that what is being performed now has a massive impact on you all there on Mother Earth. For at this time, and beyond this space, we are forming now quite a large barrier, which is knowingly holding up and in place, this magical World now, which you all call your home.

And be it here dear that I am placing into your hands now the very outward signs of a vision so Magical and Majestic that it would empower you beyond any words I can surely utter.

Put this here into a reasonable induction of all that is Holy, and we are able to once more see from here that your wondrous Planet is again aglow with the Magical Belief that it is a continuous Jewel in the Crown of all Life. For ushering in here we now have what is presumed to be the most Dynamically Wondrous and Beautiful Place known to any of us, bar here. And given that time and space are resounding now to the Rhythm of her newly developed Heartbeat, we are all so joyful at the sight of her.

And placing even more lovingly in her arms is Mother Nature’s achievements that you have now all been showered with. For if not for Mother Nature of course, there would be no course of action taken, to empower her on to bigger and better blessings. So we hold Mother Nature once more in total abandonment of wonder and love, for her ongoing gifts that she is so capable of bringing forth for us all. Blessed she is, and a wonder unknown she is.

And we shall speak of Mother Nature again, seeking to be further informing you with a certain Knowledge that what she brings forth, along with all of her finest accomplishments, is the total and the whole expectancy that life producers much more than is seen by any of you. And further on, that she is showing her power now, and arranging a vision so unique that it calls for an immediate and an awesome thunderous standing only ovation and applause. What she is bringing forth is the wholesome vision of wonder which she has prepared for you, and she shall blossom it forth for you all to acknowledge in total wonder and awe.

It is presumably in the Wastelands of Central America, and with it comes a Legacy of Miracles with enthralling Visions attached to it. For she has formed a vision of immense and utter beauty, in a place where no one thing could ever exist before. She has created her Heaven on Earth in Magnificent Proportions, in such a way as to call on all that she endeavoured to, to primarily appease the Hearts of Humans into awakening to the utter and complete joys that she gifted them with. You will all be aghast as you gaze at this wonder.

And prepare yourself even further here child, for the Miracles have not stopped there.
Her immense Powers have weaved their spells all over the face of your Globe, and wonders unspoken of shall be laid bare, encouraging everyone into a state of bliss, at the total perfection of all that she has on display for their pleasure and their viewing.

And this in itself has a unique twist to it, for woven into all of this is the final countdown of magical intrigue. For she has given much more than even this. For what she has prepared for all of you is a time stopping Explosion of Nature in the Raw. And believe me child that you shall all be gasping for breathe at its sight. Miracles are asunder now and her final curtain call is the full Icing on the Cake, never again to be outdone.

A true life vision of the Holiest and Purest of Wonderlands is aglow with all of its magnificent charms, & it breathes in a new life form there which shall test your abilities to behold such enthralling beauty in motion.

So the final countdown will be a perpetual and lifelong extremely perfect vision that breathes a Fire into all that it creates and it draws forth from them the absolute wondrous Miracle that could only be displayed by Our One True God, in His far reaching vision that will complete the picture. And it will become what will be understood as the Totality of Abundance that could ever be placed before His Beloved Children.

It is sublime peace and Love and the Vibration of Harmony, which springs forth from all Life, be it every flower, tree, mineral or animal. And His primary Love Eternal Energetic Forces, which remain as an Eternal Flame spreading forth from His Heart.

His cup runneth over my child, and His powers have formed an eternal Wonderland for you all to exist in, on your sojourn there. And in supreme and evidentiary wonder and bonding in it too, there is a Magic Substance which is aglow at all times, bringing forth the bonding and Mystique with all that is good and Holy. Eternal bliss it brings my girl, and it will cover over your Earth face in extreme pure Love. And the final realization that Life holds within it the purest of Our Creator’s gifts to all of us. Sublime happiness and joy, and the elation that springs forth from this knowledge. That all are One and that each one of us is A Magic Presence in the Eyes of Our Beloved. That Life is one Miracle after another, and also eternal bliss.

And believe me that all in all, the pleasure that beholds all Beings of Earth is awesome, and it tells them that their singular own place there speaks it’s own magic, which will illume them into being of the Light in every which way. Allowing in their own Wondrous One, their Creator, Who is the be all and end all of it all. And so then their own Magic begins, and takes form around them, never ever going back to their mundane lives, which have now faded away. …………………………..

Pink Wisteria







Cusami ~~ Predictions for Earth ~~5.10.13 ~~ Val Fabian

Group angels 2

Blessed be this day, for it brings with it what we would term as deepest blessings from Our Maker, never forgetting that the true and positive inspirations are yet to come to you. And in this way we shall be making out an in depth and yet a pleasant indication that up unto this date what has been received by you is but a mere portion of what is in focus now in respect of all of nature and the atmospheric conditions, as well as your union with us.

Whereby we will be saying that blessed events will take charge of the entire Universes in such a short time, and this will lead to an eruption of sorts. For everything that exists there on your Earth, shall be shrouded in the finest of dust flakes, symbolically, which will entice you all into becoming a reckoning force in yourselves, and giving all of you the opportunity to enlist your Higher Selves to empower you into becoming an entity which will have capabilities not expressed thus far. It will be for some of you, that this fiery substance which has enlightened you, shall gather to you a tempest of the finest and yet most desirable benefits which shall then lead you forth towards your intended destiny.

So dear one, it is time now for some other influences to immerge. And for this, we shall be in need of your very intricate and somewhat elusive mind. Inasmuch as what we are about to impart via these writings shall require that you be in full control of all of your wonderful and vital imaginings. For because of what we will proclaim to you now, it shall be of the utmost importance that you take this in as a small part of the following encryptions. But first allow us to say here at this point, that you are now very capable of receipt of more of this, as you have displayed for us a yearning for more, and also a submission to authority.

And by this we do mean that your outward body is in the process of releasing much of its entanglement, and is forthcoming in ushering in a program of which highly Intelligent information shall filter through to you, for the utmost good of all of you there on your Earth Plane.

Be aware though that the overall intent here shall be that for each one of you who will listen to all of this, there shall always be otherwise, the occasional one who may find it hard to surrender to such a vibratory energy, in the form of this knowledge. And for this reason we shall always be there, in preparation of an outward sign that all has not been lost in this endeavour. This is what is coming for sure, and we here have a yearning inside us which is bursting to come forth, for we do see that an overall explosion of Light and Love is beginning to rear it’s head, insofar as the present situation there on your Earth right now is not an exciting one, in terms of love and Light.

Holding Hands
What we are also focusing on per se, is that there is also looming on the horizon what can be explained as the brightest of Light. And in this Light is residing a thing of beauty, inasmuch as this Entity has many talents, and the greatest talent it has to offer is the Life Force of loving vibrations, and the ensuing theme of appropriate blending of it’s entire renaissance, which will definitely include the greatest of blessings that are able to be sent to all of you, as an individual and as an entirety.

This is forecast for sometime soon, and allow it to be told to you now that whatever is brought forth out of this shall be forever life changing on your Planet. We see an abundance of what could only be described as forthright and empowering beauty in the overall nations of your World.

Another thing that is preparing to happen also is the lighting up of the entire Universes in such a way as to draw in an abundance of very powerful and luminous energy, which will sweep across your Nations entirely, and in the force of it’s wake, there shall remain a residue of beauteous energies which will blend with your very own powerful abilities. And what this will do will be to lighten your own entire cosmic connections and draw in towards you the finest mystic knowledge and wondrous teachings that are available for your perusal.

What we have planned is a magnitude of majestic wonders which shall be placed before all of you with the hope and intent that you all take full usage of all of these gifts which are about to be bestowed onto all of you. Be as it may though, there will never ever be a time when you are all going to blissfully abide fully in this, for the simple reason being that the time span allowance will not coexist for many who are now preparing to remove themselves from their Earth home for whatever reason.

But all in all it shall indeed be a dynamic time for celebrations, and sharing news of change, which forthright shall bring it’s own rewards. But just for now let us assume that you shall be holding in your hands a magic piece of history, and for reason of total planetary transformation, we shall be going into a field of animal, vegetable and mineral, of Life in all of it’s many forms.

And also will be displayed all of the coverage which has been sought, for the release of a volume of timely notices which will be placed as an introduction to what will come to be known as a life changing and mind blowing, powerful stream of utmost intrigue, insomuch as what will be spoken of shall never have been entertained before as being of any substance in the so far known of plan of things.

But these things aside dear, and once more allow me to impart to you that the chance to become what it is that you need to be, is forthright now in your sights. And it’s because your struggle to be as you had indeed planned to be, has had such a strong pull on your psyche, that I am able to now give you the vision of your dreams being about to unfold in a place of peace and love. And for this you can be eternally grateful, for the pull to be all you wished to be has indeed stood up to transgressions, and you are about to proclaim your powerful and wonderful lifelong dream. This is enough for now and continue on as you are now seeing fit to, and always live in love, peace and harmony. For these gifts will be what will lead you to salvation my beloved one.
Go in peace now and my blessings I send to you, for I come this day in love and peaceful chatter. I remain your friend indeed. Cusami



The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ This is all an Illusion ~ 13.3.14 ~ Val Fabian


We have with us now another Being of Light who is new on the scene, and he is bringing in a vast range of immediately vital information which we have gathered together as One, for your perusal and intake. But before this is imparted, we should say to you here that this information is for your taking, and not for your usual handing out for all. This is vital information and will need to be covered over for some time, for the time is still not right for this to be given out. What we will inform you of on this day is particularly vital information, and it comes with a flourish, for it holds the keys inside it as to the whys and how, of many secrets which are dormant there.
But you are now being advised to pick up these keys and to carry them forward, and to open these doors in order that you might see that all is not as it appears to be. For some things are indeed wondrous and it will entail much courage on your part to be able to believe all that you will see, yet I promise you that your mind is very capable of including this in your knowledge. Up to date now we have dribbled things to you and though your mind was a part of all of this, you were being given it by degrees as this was the only way to proceed. For your mind was capable of being a beacon but not by any stretch was it a glowing substance, even though you were oh so willing to involve yourself much further. But now we are finding that there is less obstruction for us to deal with, and so it is for this reason that we will flow on with our message to you.
View now this field you spoke of, and take what you are seeing as gospel, and yet while you are viewing this, take it also that what you have there is a simple part of Life in the making. For it deals with all of the energetic flow which circumferences it, and it bypasses it all in a most loving way. And what this is implying to you is that what you are viewing is but a figment of your imagination. For anyone to see this it is but a mere stepping stone into a vast region which is simply as ongoing as it is wondrous. For the gist of it all is surely a make believe vision, which is partaken of by whomever is willing to be guided into it.
But before we look any further into this, we must clarify here that you are simply a flowing motion of Light being guided into a somewhat vision of sorts, enacting out what presumably will become for you a particular interval in time, where your major beliefs will intake all of this beauty before you in such a way as to become your own private and individual belief, whereby you can be assured that it will give you what you desire, but also guide you into a deeper understanding that Life begets Life, and that you do not ever stand alone in anything that you please to do. For it all becomes a Higher Power who will take the initiative, and become your once again Saviour who has put you in a surround of extreme and vital empathy, which will guide you back home to Him.

This is a mere explanation on the whole thing, but we give this to you so that you are wise to what is now occurring all around you. And that you are privy to at least what this is giving out to you all each and every day. For this is vitally what it is that is predominant in your lives there, and yet it is very exceptional that it is what you are understanding to be the fact of the matter.

But before we take any more of your power away from you, let us now show you that what this means is for you to be just aware of the process more, and to be able to allow in exactly what will come forth now to be of assistance to you, for your integration into our vision of it all. Many thanks dear one. You have answered our call for you to be aware just of the Light, and we further it on to say that what you are achieving now for yourself is to become world wise and world renowned make no mistake here. Blessing child of The Divine, we love you deeply.


What we see here as our lives is purely fictitious and is not real and is not actually happening. It is a part of Life that we make up. For we decide to have some kind of illusion and so we enfold ourselves into a type of energy which side steps the Energetic Flow of The Divine which flows on lovingly without interrupting us. And we then imagine something into existence, which becomes our now life.. This area is a vast region and only a stepping stone past reality, but is just as ongoing. And we can then make believe into vision anything that our heart desires, and anyone can be guided into this place should they wish to.
But remember that you are a flowing motion of Light, just being guided into some vision of sorts, and acting it out, in what you see as a time span or a life. When in actual fact there is no time as such, but to be able to live this life, it does entail a time line of sorts. And you know that it will give you exactly what you want. But it also puts you into a deeper understanding that you are at one with All, and that you are never alone. And then when it is time The Higher Power puts you into a state of empathy and guides you back home to Him.


The Emissaries of Light & Love ~ 14.3.14

Please, have I understood your message to me yesterday correctly?

Take this field now filled with roses, and become as one who has a dream. And place your dream inside a rose petal which has burst forth, into becoming a make believe wonderland, which has included in it while you live there, many beautiful paths to follow down, such as the Golden Path. And this includes all of the magic which is open for expectations. And what will happen in this field of wonder will be different little offers which will pop up out of nowhere and bid for your attention. Some you will take while others you will pass up, but they will all have a bearing on what your path in life shall become. For the glow from all of them will usher in a need in you to either take from or give to, in a way by which you are also then imploring them to receive or not receive.
But this will always entail a bearing on your own dreams, for it will give to you a reasonable experience in which you will propagate your own seeds for becoming a simply endowed Being in knowledge or simply just one who is not prepared to fulfil yourself in a way which could inspire.
What we see happen for most is a rising up in their attitude, and so it begins to become a place where they are preparing themselves for another certain belief that goes into a cluster of sorts, and is filed as a prize getting notion that to be as one with all of life is a precious commodity. And yet there are still those who do not see this as the case, and so they will continue on as in a dreamlike state, searching for that answer which evades them time and again. And so what they eventually do is to be disillusioned in this life, and they hazard a guess as to what the outcome of all of this is, believing in their naïve way, that they have found their answer, never dreaming that they have been duped into a belief which goes far beyond any truth they intended to uncover.
But this all is an illusion anyway, and so it matters not, for they have the opportunity to try again and again, to find what they are trying to figure out. What I am saying is that your dreams there are unique and indifferent to what the overall belief is, and while you are looking for answers, it is simply displayed along the road for you to take or to leave, but at some point you will look back and retrieve it none the less.

But is the Earth side stepping the Energy of the Divine Flow., while we are here living out our dream? For how could it, as we need it to survive?

Let us consider it this way dear one. You are taking this into a separate space which in actual fact is not conducive with life at all. And what this is implying is that you have a major separate existence there from us, which would be coming forth from a place or residence where you are merely taking your place upon your Earth and signalling in what you desire. [[[I think this means that I am imagining Earth as a totally separate place to what is the general Flow of Life Divine]]]
But this place is not as you are seeing it. This place is of a neutral substance, not withstanding that all Life needs to have a Flame in it, and the fact is that your own Planet there breathes a Fire of it’s own. And presuming that it is not a God given Flame is not a Truth. For all Life comes from Him, and nothing could survive without His Love. But let’s take it another way and see this field as a Field of Love, inspired by Him, Who places you there at a moments notice, at your call for this to take place. He breathes Fire, Flame and Love into you and you resume residence there partaking of all of your desires. And it is at this point that you are allowing for yourself to become as a single Unit and allowing for your freedom to partake of many wondrous things. Adventures untold and happiness unspoken of. But this all falls into the category of life without the expression of the Unit that it is. And believe us that what becomes your reality from here on in, is blissfully and purely a figment of your imagination, and that it all takes place then simply as an experiment in finding things to enthral you as a Being of Light, presiding in a human frame. But for this to maintain any substance, you do need to have no recall as to your true identity, and so you drop your powerful Light, to become a maze of frequencies, which are dealing with certain different vibrations that are enfolding you in their powerful essences, which you do have a reaction to. And believe us that it is all in the mind’s eye and so it has no bearing on Life beyond your surface of Earth, and it does not cause any interference put on surrounding clusters of vistas outside of Earth.
And so your dreams there are not made in heaven as some may think, they are simply what you have placed there before you in a need to fulfil that part of you which is crying out for a reactive though unnecessary moment where you place yourself into a situation where your world becomes one of intense drama in the making. Enough for now dear one.


Cusami ~ The Wondrous Wonderland All Around You ~ 13.5.13 ~ Val Fabian


There is a Wondrous Wonderland that’s all around you, that you cannot see. And you are now able to grasp this wonderful knowledge and to bring it forth. We are holding court here now, as you have displayed such a willingness to now step forward, and we thought it to be a forgone conclusion that it be given now to you in dribs and drabs. For be it not for this way it would be indeed hard for you to acquire the said information in a way for it to flow.

For at this moment in time, there does appear to be a mirage of lights beaming onto your Earth plane, and this is caused solely by one thing and one thing alone. This is no guessing game, it is as much pure knowledge as it is science. We know now that you are indeed ready and waiting, and it is appreciated by us no end.

Now that you are being shown how small the world actually is, in comparison to all of life, we are here to inform you of another wonder. For in the light of it all we are telling you that all of the wonders that you perceive to be there, are not by comparison anywhere near as great as the wonders that you do not see there.

For there are many things going on around you there that you do not see or that you cannot envisage. It all does seem to be cut and dried, and all going on at a certain pace and rate of speed. But dear one it is all far from that, for what you are actually seeing there is but a pre-empt of the bigger picture.

This bigger picture holds a true and new wonderland, far beyond any of your knowledge of what life there is. There is untold beauty flowing on around you, and about you right now, that your eyes do not have the ability to see as yet.

But that will surely come in due course. You all must learn to open your eyes and your hearts more, before you will allow yourselves to envisage such Divine beauty. You all have a knowledge in you to be able to form the requisite for this privileged wonder, and to discover for yourselves just what beauty does lie at your feet, which for now is untouched by human eyes.

We here up above, can envisage the masterpiece of God’s creations as it is happening, and the opening up to all of nature’s magnificence. But for now your world is clouded over by much, for you are unable to make yourselves available to behold these wonders. It is in God’s plan for all to see this beauty, but before you become aware of such things, there does appear to be a need for one and all of you to bathe yourselves in His magnificence, and to afford yourselves in some way, the gift of receiving. And to bring forth the knowledge that you all are indeed worthy of viewing this magnificent gift which is laid out before you all. It is a wonder unspoken of, and yet it is in the vibrations of the Earth Plane as we speak.

So to be afforded the gift of beholding all of this wondrous beauty, all you really need to do is to allow yourselves to be in acceptance of it. For life goes on around you whether you are open to it or not, and there is never anything that stands in your
way – bar yourselves.

And now for just this once we are more than able to at least give you more knowledge of Mother Nature. We will forward you with this now, intertwining you more into the history of what it may be that invariably draws you closer and into the dynamics of it all. For all of the flowing on of Nature has an inbuilt theme to it, and it is finely etched that whatever is flowing forth out there, everything has it’s roots connected firmly into a vast interlocking Energy Force, which has the ultimate plan or ability or power to control most of all that we see and hear. And it forms the basis of Life as a whole, for however the tides of time ebb and flow on, the existence of what Nature has planned for, and brought about, is all connected to the Life Force of the flow of Life itself, and the benefits of what lies beyond that are a remarkable and timely belief pattern that forever does hold a message in itself.

And that is, that Life on a broader scale is generally a part of the profound forms of Mother Nature, inasmuch as it all hooks up and loops up together, to form quite a temperate, yet loving corridor, which flows from season to season, while forever changing in ways applicable to the Environment, and yet never impeding on each other’s space.

There is a vast Energy Force that controls everything we see and hear. And everything that we do not see or hear. And everything everywhere has it’s roots connected firmly into this Energy Force.

Rest assured dear child, that our dream for a better life for all on the Earth Plane is fondly linked forever with all of this, for it brings home to everyone, without a doubt, everything that Mother Nature stands for. And even going beyond this dream, it will explain magnificently just exactly what everything is that is taking place there, beyond the now belief system, and just how and why it is all displayed as it is. For you alone with your teachings will have the power to intervene here, and to accord the notion of the reasons for what is taking place. And beyond that, even to the extent of the surplus usage of the not so well known currents beyond and under the surface of your Earth. For they all have a position of trust in the frame of the Earth, and they all do speak the language of love, to become once more a part of the Environmental flowing on of the Eternal Life Force, which is actually what takes hold for them to disperse as warranted. This is an intriguing fact, and yet it is a perpetual charge that they so give over to.

This is a basic spread sheet, while not stepping across the line so to speak. I bless you dear one, and I thank you for your vigilance and your interest in all of this majestic Truth. And be it known to you now that all of this in detail shall be revealed to you, so thus far it is appropriate that you allow this to envelope your mind and your aura, before it is abandoned and put aside. You are now in your power to receive such things, and they will be diligently given to you in this way, at least for a time. Until such times when you will be coming from a place where it shall be received via other means.

And this is all a short version of much more wondrous knowledge to come, so please stay open and aware and in your power to receive, for there is surely much, much more to come.

But without our messenger it would be an idle task, and you are the one who stepped forward to receive these wonders, and to then make yourself available to share with all others. Hold this thought, and God’s blessings go with you. Amen.