The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ We are the bridge you walk across ~~ 10.3.14 ~~ Val Fabian

Golden Steps

We have much to be spoken of today and with your permission it would please us greatly if you would be obliging. In the fact that your sole purpose could be that of one who is bespoken to the fact that the time is now indeed right when you place yourself completely in our hands. With the complete and obvious trust which you do carry within you. For were it not dear for that trust, you would not be able to carry forth your yearned for mission and to display what was intended.

You have come from afar with these intentions allow us to say, and it is rightly so that now it shall come to pass when your sole and wonderful display of mighty intelligent information will be set down upon the Table of Love. And in such a way as to be of comfort to the many there who are struggling with what they have placed before them. In some ways as to be forever in a turbulence of sorts, unable to for one, rise up out of their dilemma’s and secondly, to not fully acquire the courage to begin to take their place beside what they may see as an introduction to a life begot of promise.
Be preparing yourself now and be awake to these suffering children who are clamoring for what they would perceive as a better way of living. For be it known to you, they shall be the ones to carry your books for you, giving that you will awaken in them exactly what has remained dormant for much time gone by.     Backdrop 4

Also we have something new again for you this day. And be assured that each piece will fall into place, and that you will then be able to grasp the whole scenario dear one.
What we will show for you today is indeed inspiring for you, for to be more precise it will carry within it a somewhat intriguing piece of information through which you should be able to visualize what is to become your own private garden.

That being said, let’s go forth now and we will show you what we would have you understand as being a big portion of the whole package. And this will require what we see as being an appropriate and yet a loving agenda, towards the now fast flowing accomplishments which you have inspiringly held fast to your heart.

Let’s assume now that the current way that is bringing in the flow of all there is, is vindicated, and is to be shown in yet another way, by which it will spring into life. And the surface there will intake a spreading forth of a vibrant new God Light, endowing all there with it’s powerful and wondrous vibrations. And yet to encounter this your field there will be coming into a phase where it is entirely able to partake of this magic. For it will bring unto itself the needed influx of Energetic Power which will sweep across plains and into every crevice, lighting up your sky with the wonder of it all. And yet this is a new awakening for many, as it enfolds in itself a powerful substance which will immediately clean up the surface there of any untoward issues which plagued your civilization up to this point.

What we have here now for you is a higher portion of this. For it will also come into play that your own usual quiet and serene existence shall now be caught up in the abundance of all of this, never shaking off exactly what we are presuming to be a Higher Power working through you. And bringing forth through you what will come to be known as vital issues, which will spread far and wide, and this will bring all of the other occurrences into a better alignment. For it will speak volumes of Truths which will progress forth into yet another case of vital information, bringing in abundantly what shall become a Milestone in History.

For little is known up to now about these things we shall speak of, but the irony of all of this shall take you into a world where your very Soul shall illume every corner of the globe, and life in and beyond this. We are here standing tall now waiting for the call, as we planned to, and so we speak to you now as one Great Being to another in such a way as to be of great hope that you do hear our call to you on this morn.

Do not begin to imagine that your life there is made up of anything which could damage this beloved, but begin to once more endeavour to believe that your life there has partaken of many things completely unknown to you as yet. But believe us that your endeavours are now to come forward and to pay off regarding your dream. Your dream is such that your great desire has always been to free up all those who walk your plane, and this is what will transpire in the shortest space of time.

For it will entice all others to look at things in a simpler form or way, allowing that they then are capable of expressing themselves in a way that will encourage them to become enlightened in the shape and form of their everyday existence. What this will acquire will be something that will reign peace and harmony all over your plain, while yet again still encouraging each one to become their own shining Force.

Many thanks for your luminous intents, and again be of the heart that your mission is now in place and is about to take off from it’s launching base. Be one with us dear one, and never be put to the mind that you are not catered for in all ways, for our main aim is to be carrying you through each and every block which occurs.
Be calm and love your life there, for miracles are about to begin for you dear one.

Allow for your loving Light to shine forth at every turn, and prepare yourself for a Guiding Light to become clearer to you, in order that you have the call to rise up and take the lead in what will become a lightening strike effect on your world and your environment.

And believe us dear one, that all you have transcribed is of the highest information, and you have put nothing onto paper which is not worthy of it’s space there. For you are one indeed who has travelled there on a mission, which has been many eons in the making. And believe us that your loving aptitude shall place you inside a tumultuous bubble of sorts, that shall carry you into spaces where no other has ever been or could ever place themselves before. For you are indeed one of us in every sense of the word, but do not ever be of the mind that this will have any bearing on anything. For your life there will become one of joy and peace once the call is complete.

And need I say to you that your own views on this shall take in the fact that you are simply the carrier of information, and that nothing is needed as a reward for this. For you will know in your heart that what has transpired is a dream you placed there for yourself, and that no need for thunderous applause is ever necessary. For you have a dream to be a giver in all of this, and never a taker. And what is thanks enough to you is to see the open glee in the eyes of your beloved fellow travellers. That will be all you will ask for my dear child.

Believe us that this day is to come sooner than later. So hold onto your seat and allow your own time to be of intense yearning. For what is coming is exactly what you have pined and wished for, for eons now child. We bless you wholeheartedly, and leave you now with a love unspoken of.

We are the bridge you walk across .Group Angels 3


My Band of Angels ~ The Treasure Chest ~ 2004 ~ Val Fabian


I was shown a vision of a Treasure Chest. It appeared to be made out of timber and was a beige colour with a rounded lid which was laced with a thin tan leather cord. As I looked at it, it very, very slowly opened to show that it was empty inside. But then a bright luminous golden star formed very slowly right in the middle of it. So I later asked why I was shown the chest and what it represented.

  Funny how things have a way of coming to you now that you are stronger in your convictions and beliefs. It represents the ability you hold deep within you, as regards to the union of Oneness you hold most dear with your Saviour. We have been sending you much information for some time now, and as we participate with you in this learning, we have come to realize that you are ready for much more, and it seems to us that what is being given to you now may be upgraded, as your ability to take it in is immense. What we have arranged for you now, is for you to be shown the finest and most solid agenda which we have placed at your disposal. All you need to do to peruse this is to simply ask for it to be revealed to you. And we stand firm on saying that it will be a privilege to disclose this information to you, as you have surely shown the utmost interest and absolute hunger for this knowledge. We have come today with this message for you, and we say to you now that the honour is ours, as revealing this honourable wisdom to you is the next step in your development.
      And believe us when we say that a truly wondrous event is about to take place in your life. What you need to do now is to go within and bring forth what you have always known was there, for you have been what some might call a pioneer. Always hungry for learning and information which you shared with others. You always knew that it was not of much good if not shared. You, being the forerunner on many occasions, have done much to bring progress into the lives of your fellowman. It is a simple fact that true wisdom is the knowing that a wise man is of no benefit to others until he teaches them wisdom. Would you not agree that you are being tutored for just that. You will share your messages of wisdom to make the world a better place and to uplift many souls who may be faltering on their path.
      You have been given the key to a door, and it is up to you to use it very wisely, and to not use it for self glorification or self gratification. We know of no finer way to say this, and that is that what you are being shown now, is to be shared with everyone in due course. But the knowledge given is to be deciphered first into an order of understanding, regarding all concerned, so that those who seek answers will be shown the simple Truths to start with, and graduating up to a higher knowledge in due course. It is the simple fact that basics need to be understood first before exploring deeper meanings, and more in-depth knowledge.
We are preparing you for a knowing of what needs to be done, so there is no need to put stress into this matter. For us to say that we are pleased with your progress goes without saying, though you have been distracted of late. These things had to be, as they are for a reason which we need not explore, but just know that they are coming to an end.
      Make room now for what is to come, and feel the excitement around it. You have no idea yet of what is to come to you, for believe us when we tell you that surprise is not the word. You will be flabbergasted to say the least. You feel it an honour to be receiving these messages. Just wait for the next step to unfold. Your dreams are all to be realized my dear. Every last one of them. But without your own efforts there would be no dreams. So allow yourself to be proud of your achievements up to date, and also for the future, as it will surely unfold into a remarkable chain of events, which you will have orchestrated yourself. Be humble yes, but be proud. You have done this yourself by your own willpower and determination to do right by one and all. The humanitarian yes, and the forerunner. And do not fret that things have slowed down, as that has only been on the human mind level. Much has been going on, on a subconscious level, do not despair.

     We bid you farewell now and we send our strong love and our well wishes. We are pleased you called on us for answers. It has been our pleasure.
We are your Band of Angels