My Supreme Intelligence – My Higher Self ~~ 24.5.13

5e6b2f3f4300c58d03d79cc012cdcef8Coming forth now is the Wondrous One, with tidings of joy and love and he will give you more on what it is you are asking about. The time is right now and you are strong in your desires to be as one with us. Be it known now that the love we are sending is for all of life as it now stands.

But we also see a glow of light beyond which you see, and this glow will bring about a major change in your world. For now, allow us to begin what it is that we have planned out for you to disclose. For this task is about to take you into uncharted waters, while also sending your life into a spin of sorts.

You are one of us, that is real, and this mission you are embarking on will be a worldwide experience. And for this dear it will entail much travel for you and yours, for it will be that others may accompany you. Because for your task to be accomplished, it will take much input, and so allowing for this, there will be a kind of entourage for your convenience. Enough said on that, I now will allow time for your questions my dear.
Our existence here and your existence there seem to be worlds apart. And yet we are continuously told that we are all One, and all tied to each other and to Our Creator. There are so many questions around this fact that so many of us do not understand, even though it is clear that some here are able to communicate with those in Spirit.
And also, there are many people here do not even believe in the hereafter life. There is a lot of confusion around the whole scenario. Could you please explain all of this to us, in more detail.

This is indeed a very good question, and it is one which does need to be explained for you. It is right that these wonders do occur, and why this is so, is the topic which we will endeavour to answer. Your first thought was that this is a major hurdle to overcome, and that is so, for this knowledge does bring with it some very vast and unknown about topics. But your mind now is accepting of much, and so we will take you to a place where life is very different……..

For you now to travel elsewhere, you would take a bus, plane or any other means of motivation. And that is why you are dreaming of seeing a different world. One which is projecting you out into places unknown, by other means. And believe us that this is so. You are very capable of doing this, my child. What you have to know here is that the world as you all see it is a fraction of what it really is. And by that I mean that your embodiment, as you see it, is a very small part of you, and as such it has limiting qualities.

But for us here, where we reside, we are held in place by other means, and as such are able to be at all places at once. This is the way we are projecting out our powers, and how we become what others may deem as questionable. What you are seeing before you now is a moderate type of existence, but for us here, it is a dream unfolding in the most majestic of ways. And this is occurring by means of a ‘knowing’ that we hold dear to us. It is not something that one earns, it is merely the way that life is.

And what this does mean, is that you are all living there in a dream world. And it is one that is entirely made up by all of you. For you all have roles to play in this, and be of a mind that your journeys there have not been disclosed to you all as yet. For something very different is actually unfolding around you, to what you are aspiring to in your minds.
It is not for you to digest all of this at once, but by a slow means. And then a form of understanding will arise in you so that you may take it all that one step further and do with it what you came there for. But for now we will progress slowly down our path of knowledge and wonder, and be it up to you how far you take this on a day to day progress. For it is known to you that you are the one in charge of this wonder, and so I lay my knowledge bare for you to interpret as you are able to.

In this world I speak of, there is nothing going on that we are not all aware of, but for all of you there, you have a cloud over your knowledge for now. But all this is about to change, and this change will be brought about by you, for the enlightenment of all those who walk your walk.

Be it known that your job there shall not be in vain, and many will partake of and even take part in pursuing this even further. But your goal will be to spread the knowledge, regardless of those less informed as to why this is all taking place. And know that your goal will be welcomed knowledge for most of life there as you know it to be.

This is a major undertaking for you, for this to sink into your psyche. I will endeavour to produce a knowing in you now, that you may run with. Though with this it shall lay bare much that you did not plan for. For you have in you now what is needed to produce in others, their dreams and desires that are deeply hidden in them. But on saying that, that does not help you to overcome barriers set up by you yourself. Be now quiet and listen to this dear one, for I do have a knowing in me that what you are feeling now will quickly pass into oblivion.

And with this new awakening will come a burst of utmost intelligence and wonder that no man can envisage. You have it all locked away, and now I am producing this key that you gave me. And with this key, you are now taking it and unlocking the workings of your innermost sanctuary. And I see now a light flooding in and out, which is unseen by human eyes, and this light has arisen up to The Father, to The King, and you are sitting on a throne beside Him as we speak. This is not Fairy stories, this is the real thing, and I now am crowning you in a glory unspoken of.

I salute you my dearest one and I have such unbelievable love for you and for your dreams to break through this barrier, which was put forth onto this Earth Plane so many eons ago. This was indeed your dream to accomplish this, whereby you set yourself into a motion, yearning to bring about a whole new and better environment on Earth, for others to come and play in, in a peaceful way, and not in the fashion that has existed there for eons of time.

Your dream long ago, was to put into place a way of harbouring beauty and peace and joy there, in a way whereby all may benefit. But your efforts for eons went in vain, and suffice it to say that now is the time for dreams to be realized.

You are known here as the Mighty One, the one who opens up chasms or pathways for all others to embark on wondrous adventures. But your dream for peace on Earth and other realms overtook all other undertakings for a time, and so you procured a vision, and that vision entailed what is about to take place there now.

Though as we speak, I see in you a frown and a question mark. Be not afraid to take a stance. You have all the ammunition that you will need beloved one, and go forward now and plant your seeds. The seeds of life, uncomplicated by human minds. But what lies within these minds is a wonder to behold.

I will explain dear in another way. For you have in you now, this ability to see the world as we see it, and not as humans do. And what you will produce for them, is to see the ability that they too of course have in them, and to see beyond the now known world. This world they are seeing is a vision their mind produced, to blend in with their society. But it is not the real deal. The real world is a magic place. A place where all are free to go as they please and to be unhindered by anything that their mind conjures up.

It is for you to decide which way to make this endeavour be realized, but you will come to terms with a way to forward this information, and it will not be as you imagine. For you are feeling a flurry inside you as we speak, and what is causing this is a raising up of your Prolific Powers of Persuasion, which you hold inside you. And the outpouring of this will empower all those who listen to your words of wonder.

Do not ever think this will not be realized, for you alone will sink ships if that be what it will take. You will not be stopped, no matter what. You now find this hard to deal with, but your power has now reached the point of no return. Gone are the times of disbelief, and now stands this Powerful Entity, whose dream is about to surface and to be realized.

We all salute you my Greatest One. Godspeed ahead.
I am indeed your Supreme Intelligence- your Higher Self, who shelters you from any harm. I love you.



Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One ~~ The Lotus is Now in Full Awakening ~~ 25.3.13

Sacred lotus 2Good morning child, this day will be one to remember for you. For it will be on this day, that we shall speak again of our very sought after captivating Scroll of Truths, that we have been endeavouring to bring forth for much time now. So let us begin now by explaining to you in a few words, exactly what this will entail for you, and therefore for us, as we will be leading you into this.

For reasons which we have made clear to you, there shall be put into place a regime by which you will need to adhere to, as for us to progress down our path, this will take much intent and courage. Be it known to you now that all roads shall be cleared for you to go down, so do not ever put any dismay into any of this. We shall now begin in our method of developing the information through you. I have here before me now a copy of The Scrolls, and I will list them for you step by step.

We know now that you have within you a vast knowledge of these things, and yet you are so far unable, or unwilling to bring them forth and adjust them into your life there. For you know in your heart that once you do this, you are forever in another space. And we know that there is a part of you which is not willing to let go of all that you have there now. For to you, you are in a safe space. But allow us to share with you that this space you have there is unstable, for it is not as it seems. It is imaginary, whereas what you have here with us is the real deal. It is ongoing life, and not anyone can change this. For this reason child, do not be balked by all of this, for you do have courage in you. We know that. Do not fear the unknown, for what you feel now is unknown to you, is in fact very much known to you. Be it not for you dear, we would not be able to bring forth much information which lies hidden. So it is for this reason that we would like to say to you that it is within you, without a doubt, that you have a lifetime of knowledge in there to share with your fellowman.

So continue with your meditations, and that will allow us to fill your subconscious with the knowledge made available to you, for you do have the capacity there to absorb all of this. You do have within you a small computer of sorts, to enable this knowledge in. And you will then sort through it, putting it into sections for later referral. We will master this our child of The Divine. It will take place in this field you now find yourself in, believe me that it will. We all stand behind you with amazing strength, and we feel that the coming months in particular will bring about many changes for you, in all ways, not just in the Spiritual.

Allow us now to begin what it was we started moons ago, and to seal a promise we did make to each other at one point in time, when we were aspiring to a belief, whereby we could bring through potential energies via the Air Waves, and put them into spaces which could and would deal with unnecessary blockages. We were known then as Masters of High Intelligence and be it known to you or not, your lot then was to bring forth information from on high, and to then distribute your information to various waiting authorities. And it was a very successful procedure, that is until your heavenly flow of information all dried up, owing to the expanse of the knowledge becoming too vast for you to be able to decipher it in a way which could be applied to our lives then as we knew it to be.

But things have changed now, my dear, and you are now continuing on with this dream we had in that life, and also in some other ensuing ones. But this time it does all appear to be a different vibration that you are living in, and we do know in our heart of hearts that this time it will be different. Success is ringing very loud and clear. I for one am not a one to presume anything that is unreasonable, but I have the utmost respect and tolerance for your ways and for the ways in which you will proceed with this. But for us, I feel the time is right, this time around. For when the time is right, then the pupils will be ready, and now I do feel that many will stand to attention and grasp hold of this wondrous knowledge that we as a team are attempting to enlighten them with.

And be not now thinking that this will be a once off, for there shall be hundreds of these flashes of information that will flow from your lips. For this is the way that it will progress to. You think you are not able to cope with this my dear, but you are an amazing Being. One who has been around the block time and time again, so do not think that this is a first and a last. This has been in the making since time began. It is used for people to succeed in a way by which they can allow their Godself to perform things which are foreign to them. This will not be a last, it is written on the winds that your way of teaching these chosen ones will be world-renowned. To say less would be a misconception my beloved one. Be not afraid of fame, for you are rewarding of this. You have slogged long and hard to be able to produce this environment, whereby you will be accepted as a leader of such knowledge.
Stand tall and say what is in your heart, and this will bring forth a torrent of information unheard of as yet, on your plane. Why you, do you say? You are not as you appear to be. You are progress in the making. You are to be the expansion of much information and knowledge which will then allow many a one to be more vigilant in their lives, and in their dealings with another party. You will blossom with this, and you will be acknowledged for your forthrightness and for your generous dealings with others. Go forth now child and open up that big heart of yours. The Lotus is now in full awakening.


And so now my dear one, allow me to take you on a journey into our world for a time. We are swirling around the Earth’s surface now, and just above this surface we see swirling energies rising. What is this you ask? It is the Life Force, the Blood of the Earth. What it contains in its magnificence is the Embodiment of The Most High, The Creator of all of us. And in this swirling mass of Energy there does lie another Force. A dynamic Force, out of which also feeds the Beings who are inhabiting the Earth’s surface at this time.

You are not Beings of Light only. You are beloved threads of The Divine, who are also swirling forth your own powerful substance, which is encased within your body, but is also outside your body. And it is a mixture of High Intelligence and Love personified, and it goes forth constantly with the Knowing Force behind it, while it places itself within others, and also upon surfaces such as the rocks, the stones, water and the such. That is, it sends its vibrations into the inhabitants of the Earth, and also into the Elements as you know them to be. And there is a reason for this transaction between all of you and them. The reason is to sustain them into being a Force themselves, for all is working for a common goal. And that is to align everything into a union of sorts, for the common good of everything, as a Whole. But this cannot happen without the Life Blood of The One and His Band of Helpers, which appear on the horizon as tiny little influxes of Energy. But it is actually not as it appears to be, for it is such that your Real Selves are travelling back and forth, for the purpose of giving Life and sustainability to all others on the Earth’s surface.

Be prepared now for your world to change, and for the better. We are gazing at a beautiful Being, when we set eyes on you, never think less than that. You are beauty personified, and allow your mind to be consumed by this knowledge. Go now child, in peace and love, and allow in all the love and healing we send you. It is said now.
Behold, I am Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One, and I have a great love for you, my dearest one.


Lord Lanto – The Enlightened One ~~ Crossing Over the Bridge ~~ 28.3.13

2c69160cccb93168339edea73a8b1aa9Today we will look at something different. For you now have travelled into a zone where you have never been before, and yet with this have come to the knowledge that you have been yearning to know. Be it said now that this was predestined and prearranged, and you have now lifted yourself out of your life there, and into ours. This is a once in a lifetime feeling, this will not come again, as you are now in this zone whenever you wish to be.

So congratulations dear one, you have advanced one step higher up the ladder. It is to your advantage, surely, but also on saying that it is also for the benefit of all and sundry. Never forget what your purpose is here my dear. It has not simply been for yourself alone, the reason for all your struggles. It is for the good of all of them. The dear ones who are walking their paths beside you. They will never be free until they do see the Light that is shining from within them. And it is ones such as yourself who may be able to advance them in knowledge and in the wonders of The Divine.

Be still now child and see this day as a blessing, for you have allowed yourself to go beyond where you have ever been before, and have crossed over the Bridge, with our guidance and our love. That is not to say that this wondrous event would not have taken place had we not have been there. But what it is, is that you called on us dear one, for assistance, and we did indeed heed the call. Be not ashamed in any way for past encounters, no matter what they may be. But now stand firm and strong in the knowledge that your path has been cleared for your work to continue. And continue it will, for you are one who will not fail at this my dear one. Many times before, yes, it was inevitable that you did not proceed as planned, but we have knowledge that this time you will set the world aglow with your information that you will impart to others. There have been many come and go, who, before you did, attempted to bring this in, but there it is again, that the time was really not in place to fit into any belief of the time. And so it ebbed away once more. But as we said, this time it is different, for society now has a basic knowledge that all is not as it seems, and for once things will be made easier for those who attempt to be bringing the curtain down. The veil is lifting to unravel what lies there behind it.

But this alone does not immediately bring forth your yearned for knowing of all, for this still needs to be set in motion, and it will be up to you as to the timing of this. But you now have it all in place, and you will now be able to advance to this place very easily and quickly, should you so desire. It shall be up to you entirely dear one. You are one of us, make no mistake about this. It has been said many times to you up to this date, and we feel you had a genuine feeling that it was so, though at the same time there was distrust there regarding yourself. But my dear one, you are one who is greatly revered and respected amongst your circle here, and we know now that great things will come out of this. Be not afraid of what others may feel regarding this. Your turn to be acclaimed for your work will come, and there shall be many who will be enlightened because of the knowledge that you, with your writings, will inspire in them.

Be not feeling any strain with this, for we are always by your side and ready to give upliftment. For you now, there is a dark cloud that has been lifted, and yes, you are invincible, and there is nothing standing in your way now. Be prepared for amazing information to stream through, and memories will flash back from long forgotten times. You have so much in there to bring forth already, that it will be a wonder for all who will take heed and listen. Be not dismayed at any who turn around, for they will simply be not ready at this stage. It all comes when it needs to – when it is invited in – and who knows when that will be.

This is certainly a purpose made in heaven. For the upliftment of the beings who are allowing it to penetrate through the barriers of their minds. This is not something that will take place in five minutes. This will take a bit of endurance, though all will be different this time. But the main thing to remember really is that it is very achievable and it shall be successful, for many will lay aside old beliefs and will answer the call.

And that is the sole purpose of it all. To help those who know in their hearts of the existence of something outside of themselves, that is calling them on to a knowing of the existence of a Higher Power. One whose very existence is Supreme and All Knowing and All Powerful. For they do hold a memory inside them of that, but are at 6’s and 7’s as to what that memory really is.

But the information that you will produce for them to ponder on will bring it right on up to the surface. And that then will be sufficient to set their wheels in motion. You will have hit a nerve, the nerve of remembrance. That is all it will take to allow them to bring in the knowledge which has been long since forgotten.

the-scrollsThis is the way of it. It is, some of it, very sensitive work, and it will be held in the highest esteem by you, we know. But for now, allow our congratulations to ring loud and clear. You have reached the pinnacle my dear one. Allow us to be on hand and be of help when it is asked for. We are one with you, we are you. Remember that always. Our hearts are intertwined with yours. It is a pleasure to be working with you at this time, and we know that wonderful things will come from this. Your endeavours also shall be greatly rewarded, but for now, your path is extremely important to many dear ones who are searching for answers. Be not fearful, and hold your head up high always. We are here 100% for you, never doubt this.

And be very glad, for you will open up a door for many to go through, and inside this door will be many blessings for those who believe in us. We are coming to them with guidance and help, and not to judge or condemn in any way. We always stand in love, as you do, for you are really one of us. We greatly appreciate your endeavour to be more than you are now, and believe us that you have succeeded. For this is a true awakening for you now, and your future now is up to you alone. Make what you will of it, and the utmost of love and blessings to you.

For it is true that we are all one, and yet many are unaware of this. Your teachings will help them with this and it will bring about an abundance of change, entirely over the globe. It will spread far and wide, and awaken in many the memory of the Joy of Who They Are.

You have been heaven sent and blest by The Creator. Go and do your work you aspired to. Our love walks with you always. Be prepared for more now, to enter into your aura and your field of Light. Be happy now, for your plans have had a kickstart. We are one, you and I, forever.
I am the amazing Enlightened One, Lord Lanto




Cusami~~ The Magic Presence – The Universal Life Force~~12th Feb ‘13

The Ground of Being-likeBeloved one, we will go somewhere on this morning where you have not been before. It is not as you would imagine any place to be. For it is such that there are Beings here who have never been in the confines of Mother Earth. This place where we will go now, where I will take you, is but a breathe away, yet it is such that it is a million miles away. And yet the way that we may choose to travel is that we are there before you may take another breathe. And this is but my mode of travel at any given time. And it is also the way by which you choose to travel in your times of sleep. It is not something that is unique to me, it is simply the manner by which we all do roam free in our true state of being. That is, the Beings of Light that we all are, and this is the same for all of us, no matter where it may be that we may hang our hats per sey.

On saying this, allow me to explain to you that this place that we shall visit today, is a place not known to you as yet, and yet you do already have sensations in you by which you will be bringing forth a knowledge of most of what we shall partake of. For it is this memory you are carrying within your heart that is the catalyst for much that you are doing now, at this time of your life there on your Earth Plane. What you are procuring and what you are then deciphering is not new to you, even though it does appear to be that way. It is something that you have been aware of and did participate in a very long time ago, and the crescendo which is building up on the inside of you is undeniable. For we see from here that once you put your mind aside for a time, then it will be so much easier for those in question to come through with dynamic information for you. Who are we to say what you are carrying inside, though let it be known to you, that forever you are a different one from now on. It is preparing you for what your life will entail, and be it not for us to say where the petals will fall. But fall they will my child and be not in a spin, for we know that you will breeze through all of this.

So now we are resuming what we shall call your much loved investigative work. For you once were one who thought very highly of the outgoings and inputs into the minds of the human race, but you were not in a position to spread this knowledge around, for then all had restrictions on them and you were no exception. And life then was not as simple as now. But for now, let us say that the time is right this time around. And it now does seem fitting that you once more do bring to light a memory of these things, for the sole purpose of advancing man’s knowledge of things, and of places long forgotten. And also of the ultimate bearing that they do indeed have on life there today in your everyday lives. But more so in the ultimate end result that you are all so lovingly aspiring to.

Backdrop 6

There is much there on your Plane, and in your energy fields around you, which at this point in time is not understood, much less spoken of. And yet it all does have such a bearing on your lives there, and in the decisions you do tend to arrive at, in your struggle to be at one with The Divine. And also then, with the consequences of such decisions or choices. You are all as tiny grains of sand, set upon an enormous and ongoing beach, though every little grain of sand is there for a reason, all are needed to make up the whole. Yet all are part of each other, blended together as one, all have a purpose they are fulfilling and with a particular end in sight. Yet if the sands were all to shift, then the beach would be no more.

You are all going through transitions of one kind or another, and the way in which you all tend to reach your goal is strictly by a simple code that you choose to live by. And it is never in the plan of things that there may be a Driving Force behind your everyday lives, charging you on to fulfill a dream or a task which you have indeed set up for yourselves. And yet you all do struggle on trying to make some sense or rhyme or reason out of all of this, while never really coming to a realization that the driving Force which is spurring you on is such that it is an Energy, which has been taken out of context.

It is a Living and a Breathing Force that is behind all of your endeavours, and it is such that it guides you along a pathway where you still have ultimate choices to make, while still being under its umbrella. This Force is so powerful that it has its ways and means of picking up your every emotion and dream, and transforming them into a much wider spectrum. And by doing so it then changes each and every vibration around it in a way which all Souls then pick up and carry anew within them. It is a means of connection for you all, while still always allowing you full rein of your own dreams, but yet empowering you more so with additional tools by which you may then manifest more of what you choose to draw into your innermost circle of life.

It is an ongoing Force, yet also a most loving and attentive one, which never pervades your intentions to carry out certain chosen deeds. But it brings about a possible solution for you to run with, should you choose to. It is still all about free will, while ultimately realizing that you do have at your disposal, a backup and a backstop, should you feel the need for one. And it is also a way by which you can then begin to draw to you, should you choose to, a more loving and lasting field of energy to abide in. Allowing you to grow more loving every day, drawing you in closer to All That Is and All That Could Ever Be.

It is all of life working together as such, in a way where nothing is ever wasted or left unheeded. All are in the Circle of Life, feeding each other while also feeding off each other, bringing forth a vibrancy which is then carried into the next being. Nothing is ever lost or wasted, as Life has the capacity to overspill into each other and to give us more of what is needed for our very existence. And what this does is to overshadow each one of us with the Nectar of God’s Divine Love in it’s purest form. Ongoing Love in all of its glory. It is the final surrender I speak of. The final realization of who and what we are, and of the ultimate surrender and acknowledgement of such.
I Am That I Am.






The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ The House of Wonder & The Masters of Disguise ~~ 27.5.13

Here we go again dear and many thanks for your stupendous increasing excitement which we see building up in you now, to such a crescendo that it makes our hearts’ sing. And thank you for the amount of time you give to this, as it almost consumes your life there at this point in time.

That being the case, we will begin our journey now, and suffice it to say that we are going to travel now today to a place where little is known of as yet. And yet it is this very place where your world is residing in, as we speak. Do not be alarmed at this, for there is much to be told to you yet, but we will endeavour to give it to you for your consumption as we see fit.

You are now going above and beyond our expectations, but for now, we will still be probing into the uncharted regions of your mindset, to bring forth for you a myriad of unbelievably beautiful adventurous insights into a world which for now is hidden from all of your sights.

You alone will take note of this, for this is something that we must hold close to our hearts for now. For it will be in this way that you will be able to prepare yourself in whichever way, to produce in other’s minds, a scenario of the exact and simply wonderful way that it all is.

We are here now to progress down our path that one step further, and be it known that at some point you will realize that none of this is surreal for you. That you have travelled along this path at Godspeed many times before. You just have no awareness of these adventures as it happens, as yet. But time will bridge that gap for you and soon, and you shall become fully aware of this pathway to wonder and beauty, which is always laid bare for all of you to adventure down. You just at this time do not have the faculties of allowance in you for your procedure upon it. But this will all change and a knowledge of this will spring forth amongst one and all, for this be the way that it will be.
Be it known also that your efforts to proceed now are taking you into a vast, powerful and significant influx of knowledge, and we will proceed now with more of what we speak of. Do you feel a stirring in you now my dear? It is your Godself bringing this forth, for you are now a one who is becoming more powerful as we speak. And so, therefore, we shall be giving you much that will allow you to spread this knowledge at a quicker pace than was first intended. Many thanks for your enthusiasm.

And now let us say to you that what you are envisaging there is not our real world.
Our real world lies deeper in the atmospheres, and what you have set up for yourselves there is an inkling of what lies beneath your surfaces. It is a majestic place where all are bound in love, peace and a joyousness that only you now can imagine it to be. There is a freedom unknown to you, and there is a total abundance for one and all of us.
In our Kingdom, we are travelling at the speed of lightening, and we also have the ability to be in many places at once. Though in your world you are governed by a resistance to all of this, for you have all put yourselves there into that environment with a knowing that to be there will bring about many themes for each of you. Through which you will build up inside of you a knowledge of many things, of which you are preparing to become at least for now, a more worthy and more progressive being. And through that, it will open up more of everything, while it also will bring you closer to your goals and dreams which you have set aside for knowledge to be brought through because of it all.
You are not there for your total selves, you are all consistently working as one, and with one goal. And that is to produce out of all of this a permanency through which a window will be opened for all of us, and a light will stream forth, and in it will be a torrent of new and marvellous unlimited knowledge that we will all benefit from.

This is something that you all dreamed of, and it will emerge as something that we could all be proud to witness. It is such that a few there have not followed their original paths, but let it be known that this will have little to no bearing on the end results. For it is all part of the bigger plan, and for us here, we do see an abundance of love and beauty personified which is raging across the Earth’s surface as we speak. You cannot always have 100% totality of goodness, for all must be balanced in The Kingdom of The Most High. We see now where it is all going, and be it not for all of you, and I do mean all of you, that this would not have transpired to its full benefit had it been any different.

What we have before us now though is to take it all one step further and higher, and so, therefore, you will now step forward with information that will allow for further and more beautiful freedom for all of you that are there now. And this will indeed take much of your time and vigilance. But we see before us now a star is born and in the making of this an intense power is now pouring forth from your crown chakra, and you are now ready for your battle of the wills of those who will put this all into question. But for those who will do this, this also has its merits, for it will give you the opportunity to show everyone that this is the real deal. It is not a fantasy, as some will say, but a magnificent masterpiece of weaving and merging of Love and beauty that the Most High has put into place for all of us.

We will bring to you now a piece by piece of this beauty for your perusal. What you are looking at now is a historical gigantic and masterfully built House of Wonder, and within its walls lies the Scrolls of Knowledge that we spoke about in previous literature. In this wording, there lies buried all of what life is. What it entails and the progression of it as you know it to be, down through the ages. And none of it is as you imagine that it is, for be it known to you the vastness of it all is totally unlimited and unimaginable to your mind now. But as you open it up and take all of this in, you will begin to feel the depth of this Miracle that is all of ours.

We are not little specks as you are thinking, we are monumental Spirits in God’s likeness, and we do have majestic powers in all of us, for this is the way He created us.
And He did this for a reason, and that was to become more of it all with the knowledge that we become as adventurous ones’ who will go in speed to discover what we may, which changes the dynamics of it all.

EARTH AND EAGLEBecause every movement in the Ethers will forever change the atmospheres to a point where abundance untold will again fill the environment which was in actual fact embodied upon. {Formed} This is science in the making, and your world there is not any different to anywhere else, and it is a fact that what you are all doing there is building up a crescendo, in which will cause a shift in the dynamics of your world there. And this, in turn, will cause, and bring about, a major change in the workings of all of nature. As it is nature which forges on and through, and envelopes all that is new, and transforms it into being something wonderful and majestic and beautiful.
She has the power in her to change whatever is in her path, and she does this with such magnificence that only she can embody these spaces into utmost beauty.

Your parts there up until now have been to build up in the atmospheres that which is needed to bring forth an explosion of wonder. And in its forefront, you will be guided as to what you will need to do to allow this to proceed further. And with that knowledge, you will also partake of the alignment of what we view as the neverending spaces around Mother Earth.

This will be done also with the help of The Higher Power, for nothing is ever generated without His love at the helm. We are all in this together, but through all of your vigilant help, it would not be transpiring to the point where it will. And it is for this reason that you are all now standing to attention and anticipation, and waiting for this wondrous event to show itself as Love in Action. Be not put off by what you see yourselves as, for that is not what you really represent. Wondrous, masterful, abounding Masters of Disguise is what you all are.

And do not be taken aback by this encounter with us, for this is only the start of much more to come, and we will leave you now with one thought to ponder on. You are now being guided to go where no man has before you gone, and on this day you will be in our world, for it is evident that you are now ready to abide in these Two Worlds that are for now swirling around side by side. But they will not stay this way. There shall be one and only one conjoined world for us all to frolic in. For some of us now are beginning to see the bigger picture rising up before us, and it will only be time that will bring this to fruition.

Go now dear and peruse this that has been given to you, and once more our utmost love abides there in your heart. We love you as always, your Band of Angels who come with much knowledge for you on this day. Be at peace.

Group angels 2



Our Saviour ~~ Our Personal Plan You Will Bring Forth ~~ Predictions of Things to Come ~~ 19.4.04


Dear child, I come to you on this day to bring some profound knowledge your way. Nothing is as it seems to be, and neither are you.

There are many lives, many masters. You are one who will bring forth much information which will be placed there for the eternal benefit of all mankind. It is not a frivolous task, allow Me to say, and it is one that will need devotion and vigilance on your part. What is the point of knowing much if it is not spread around?

We are trying here, to spread Light onto Earth as it is bleeding at the seams, and we do know that it desperately is in need of much TLC from Us. It will be shown to you dearest one, the way your path is to go, and never would we throw you in at the deep end. But on saying that, it is important to state here that you now have been shown many wondrous things, and have been told the answers to much. Keep yourself clear always, as the clearer you become then the more will pour forth into your being, to be held there awaiting future developments.

What we do need now, is a final total surrender on your part, and in this way it will allow us to penetrate fully into the depths of your subconscious, and in this manner, all forms of knowledge will be permanently encased there and you will have the ability given to you, to surface whatever is required at any given moment, for the benefit of who is at hand at the time.

This will cause you no confusion at all as it will freely flow from your lips in a manner which the other party resonates with. All will go well never fear, and seeing as this was planned much time ago, it will all be handled with utmost care. Your connection to us now is complete, and it pleases us greatly to take this time to reiterate that we are involved in this 200%, and that careful planning will bring about the desired results we are hoping for.

Now is the time to step up the focus on the healing, as you are being guided to give out this beautiful Energy to those who seek it out. What simpler method could there be than to lay another on the table and to weave your magic spell on them. That is all that will be required of you, and did you see to your amazement the dynamic effect it did have on “the boy” on Friday? He did not rise off that table as the same man who lay down on it, did he? Indeed not. He definitely did not. And yes, his soul was awakened. It brought something to life inside him. He went up to visit the Heavenly Hosts and he will never be the same ever again. He does not understand any of it yet, he just knows that he is different, is all. But he will come to know what has taken place, in his own time and in his own way. Do you see how wonderful all of this is? And how easy it is? There is a time for everything, and all will happen as it should, and in its own time.

My Question.
So Lord, are you talking about some kind of particular healing that is required of me?

Our Lord.
No child it is not healing as you know it to be. But your healings will bring forth for you, more of an understanding of certain energies may I say.
It is a prearranged agreement which is much more than what you are envisaging. And it is something that you have attempted to bring forth at various times in your past. And though many years have now passed since then, whatever goes into your mental body always remains there, and what was studied and learnt in any particular lifetime is no exception. In one particular lifetime your knowledge was of wondrous things.
It was to do with the stars, the suns and the moons, of which there are many. You learnt of the cycle by which they function and you learnt of which ones were situated in any given spot. You had an aptitude for learning in that lifetime and you carried books around with you constantly. You enjoyed the challenge and the harder the topic the more it gave you a buzz to go that one step further.

Your academic achievements also included mathematics, which you breezed through, eventually becoming a human calculator. You were proud of your achievements and were always bettering yourself.

Science was something that interested you also, and the lab in which you studied thoroughly fascinated you. You saw some amazing experiments take place and you realized that nothing is ever as it seems, even though there will always be an explanation of why things are as they are. Your mind was always spinning around, always looking to see what else was around the corner, and whatever you learnt you made good use of. Most things that you experimented with were not accepted then. It was too early for the human race to take any of these truths on, so it was all put aside and discarded. A shame, as these truths could have changed much for the better, but the time was not right and things were not understood and were perceived as a threat of some kind. And so they were turned away from. It has taken many centuries for this fear to go but now people are more willing to question and find answers.

You must not waste the knowledge you attained in that lifetime. You have brought all that intelligence and knowledge through with you. So do not waste it.

My Question. What does all this mean? I’m completely out of my depth!!

Our Lord.
One thing you will do is show others how to accept things and to then let them go. It will be an important part of your regime. Have a strong belief in yourself and what you are capable of. For you are being filled with information now from the Highest Masters and it is their wish that you use this knowledge very wisely, so as to not topple the balance in the Universes. Mars is now close for a reason. It brings certain vibrations with it which enable chosen ones to become very aware of certain information which will eventually benefit all. It is very complex and you are one who will be given this knowledge, as we know already those who will use it for the good of all. So accept this knowledge into your memory bank where it will be able to be pulled back out at a moments notice when you see fit and know that the time is right. Some will never accept these truths, while others will stop and listen and think on it. It will happen this way. We are sending rays of Light and Knowledge into you to do with as you see fit, for we trust in you.

My Question.
Could you please explain these truths to me. What kind of truths are they and what are they about?

Our Lord.
We are all one, and we are linked by heart cords. There is no separation as you see it to be.
My Question. Could you explain more to me than this.

Our Lord.
Yes but your vibrations need raising to deal with this. It cannot enter your brain at this level. But when you can, you can step into your golden Chariot and fly into thus far, unchartered waters. An ecstatic state, where you will arrive at in an instant, for the mind is very powerful.

And so my dear, we will draw this message now to an end, though let us say first that it is with much love that we say farewell for now. Our love and respect for you is undaunted and so very strong. Take care to love yourself and to nurture yourself in every way you are able. Our pride in you is great dearest. All is well.
From The Saviour.








We are the Masters of the Seven Sacred Flames from The Lords’ Realm~~ The Secret Scrolls ~~ 27.10.03

Continuing on from last week,  this was my next contact from the Lord’s Realm regarding my journey with them.


We are thrilled to come to you on this day beloved one, and let us speak of things to come. We agree that your all knowing, regarding the truth, has not yet surfaced and we feel that the time is right now to speak a little on this. It is right that you do need to grow more in knowledge and I say to you that whatever comes forth now will be the truth alone.
There are many things which are lying dormant in your Tree of Knowledge, in your Sub-Conscious. But once you put out the intention to find your truths, they will be revealed to you. For that is the way that it is, you ask and you receive. Yet there are many things which you could not understand at this stage, as your brain power will not allow this.

And we have been noting that you have been dealing with some very profound information and that you have taken the initiative in your mind as to what to do with it. Allow things to progress in a subtle way, as if this were a first offering. For in time we will be sending others’ your way also from whom you will learn many wondrous things. So you need to perhaps sit back and take what is actually offered to you, as in this way you will be steered in the right direction. We know that you are very eager to begin your journey with us, and please be sure that the time is drawing very near. But you first must be tutored in the very way which will guide you so easily through each session. We have profound faith in you and we know also that our work together will be 100% success rate.

But that is not to say that there is not still more fine tuning to be exercised on your body. So that it will be able to accept the higher vibrations. That does not come naturally, adjustments need to be made slowly, for if they are not, it would affect your internal system in a grave way, and this would be totally unacceptable to all of us concerned. We do have your utmost welfare to be considered at all times, believe us. Nothing will ever be done which would interfere with your perfect health. We would never allow this. So to be certain that all is done in a way which will benefit you healthwise, it needs to be changed slowly so that your welfare is a priority. That is a promise which we make to you and never have any doubts on that issue. The shaking sensation you feel at times is the input of different energy, which we are putting slowly into your system. It needs to be delivered in this slow manner as you have a very delicate and fine tuned system, including your nervous system. It has a very delicate balance, even though you are strong minded. It is easily effected and we do not want to cause you any stress of any kind. And so easy does it.

But this body which is housing you for now, is only a very small part of you. The real you is all knowing, all powerful and is totally Unconditional Love. And this part of you, this infinite Flame of Love, is never still. At night it is in orbit and it flies hither and thither, and as it does, it grows in momentum. Why does it do this you ask? It is evaluating the way things are, the state of things. It is perceiving lovingly what is needed and where, to assist others. It will know the answer, and as it flies around it will dispense love and caring into areas in want or in lack. It sees many things and it desires greatly to be of service, but it never judges any situation, it simply nurtures where there is loss or grief. And as you venture forth, you are being guided by a Band of Angels, and where you go, they too do follow, always loving and caring for those in want or lack. This is one thing which you do well my dear one, as your spirit does feel the utmost love and empathy for the whole of the human race. It does not stop to think on what man is doing to another, it simply applies itself to ministering where necessary.

This is a small part of unconditional Love my dear one, the ability to love all as Jesus does and as The Lord and Master Himself does. They do not see one as better than the other, they see all as the same, no matter what the circumstances.
  JesusnAngelsv2                                                                                          Your growing towards the Light has sped up in recent times and you will be opening up more and more to other things which you do wish for. We see that your auric field is glowing now as never before and we also see an abundance of knowledge coming through to you, even as you sleep.

You also are being guided by certain Planets which are close within your system right now and as you know, valuable information can come in many ways and in many forms.
There is constant interaction with beings from other zones too, and they are coming into areas where they offer their healing gifts. They are trying to overturn the feelings of hatred which many a man holds for his neighbour. Hate is healed with love, as you do know, and it does not help any situation by sitting back and uttering condemnations. That only fuels the fire. Some situations need for calm and for understanding of the total unawareness of some others for what is truth and what is right. For they are living their lives in the only way they were taught to, and their minds have no conception of what disasters are unfolding or of what they are adding to the situation. And for some, their perception is merely kill or be killed. It is in their thought pattern. And it will only be through much love that this cycle can ever be changed or broken down. It is a big task, but it will be achieved with the help of the many who travel to your Planet from afar to be of service, also out of love. The ties are strong with these neighbours, never doubt that. Their heart strings are such that they give of themselves with time and energy and they do so very willingly, as that is their desire. To spread their love throughout the whole of the Universes, wherever it may be needed. No questions asked, just simply a gift of love. They know that in the end love will win out, it always does, and so they give of their time for the common cause.

And you have dealings with these entities. You are unaware of such happenings, but none the less it is a fact. You combine your energies and you travel far as a Band of Love and caring, and it will be that the memory of such will sift through into your mind some day. This will come, it will happen. Service is the key. It is a gift of love given from one to another and it comes at a time when it is sadly needed.

We are guiding what is being absorbed by you all the same, as we realize that too much too quickly is not always beneficial. It will all come in good time. Time is of no consequence anyway. You are progressing as desired and we are on hand at all times if we are needed. Remember to call on us. Your spirit is admirable and we all look on you proudly
This is all totally confusing to me and I’m not sure what is expected of me. Did I arrange for this in my blueprint?
Yes you did put your hand up for this, and we are all playing our part in it also, as arranged. There were many trials you needed to experience first, to put you in the right picture as it were. Those were not easy years for you, but if you had not experienced certain things, you would not be able to understand different behavioural patterns which people lapse into. Their ways of behaviour and the effect of such, will have a bearing on our work and especially on how they will receive help if it is sought after. We certainly did not enjoy seeing the despair you fell into at times, but we had to keep our vision on the end result. And you did not disappoint us or yourself. You rose above all of it and most important of all without any bitterness or ill feeling. So now that you have buried all of that past, we are ready to proceed. It all needed to go so that nothing was left hanging over your head. For if so, it can always jump back at you and cause you distress, which would not be good for anyone. So we have set the wheels all in motion now and so just allow us to guide you.
Your interest in certain things is good, all knowledge learnt is not wasted, they all have gifts to share, so drink it all in. Though what you will be doing will be on a different level altogether from any of that. We are not ready to divulge the content to you as yet, but it will be a mission of love, make no mistake there. And it will come in the form of certain teachings of topics unknown to any one of you as yet.
And part of your ongoing work will entail knowledge of the individual which will be given to you from within them. From their soul. All work will be done in conjunction with their soul. It will be our Guiding Light, for as you stand close by them and tune in, it will actually be their soul which you will tune into. And you, as well as all of us, will take instructions from it. After all, who knows better than their own soul just what they desire, to advance towards their intended goal. This is a rough outline of what we will be doing. It will be all their decision and their choice and we will not interfere in this. Their own soul is their bright Light in their storm.
Be strong and follow your heart dear one and we do praise your efforts. Your diligence will pay off.
We love you beyond words and we come in love to speak words of encouragement and love. Be strong in your beliefs and go forth on your quest.
Our blessings to you today dearest one.
We are the Masters of the Seven Sacred Flames from The Lords’ Realm.