THE GUARDIANS ~ Sept 2006 ~ The Blue Stars & the Flames ~ Val Fabian


Please come and explain these visions of the blue Stars and the Flames to me that I have just seen in my meditation.

We have travelled a long way to come sit with you, and we see that you are wanting answers to your viewing of the tiny stars and the flames.
We will start first with the Lights, and were they not beautiful? You are viewing them through your 3rd eye, and we know that it will be not long before you see much more than you are now. We are trying to send you something that will impact on you, for we do know that your viewing is strengthening in a way which will bring things in automatically.

What we haven’t told you is that you need to be aware that these things go along with a Knowledge of certain beliefs.

The lovely little Stars are representing your travels, which take you out of your body, and far into the unknown, but whence you go awards you a wonderland of wisdom and knowledge. Be as it may, your dream state is filled with these travels, and you are keeping a record of such things in your subconsciousness. For when you reach your pinnacle, and you become enlightened, we will then be calling on you to become as it were, a funnel, whereby others may be filled with amazing revelations, which will get them to where they wish to be. So fly high and we will pull you up the rest of the way. Through the sun, the clouds and the galaxies. Your trip is known now and excitement looms ahead of you. Be glad, be strong and be wise. All our love is sent to you at this time. Catch it in your hands and draw it into your heart. Your path is opening up to you now at a quick pace, and you are in awe still. But know the truth and live the truth. You are all powerful and you need to realize this. See yourself as a beautiful shining star throwing out stardust to all who wish to catch it. You are on your way. You are floating, you are in acceptance of everything. Feel the power, feel the goodness. God is Love, you know this. He smiles on you, He loves you, He reveres you. Never doubt that. He pours His love and peace into you, He pours His wisdom into you. He is you, remember this and go forward with all the strength you can muster.
No need to ask, the strength will be poured into you, as is needed. Stand on the top of your mountain, look up and take from us what is needed. We are waiting for this honour. To share with you, to give to you, to love you bright star. Your future is sealed in love and respect. You will be filled with all the strength you’ll need. What you desire to have, we will fill up your cup for you and surges of energy will be given. We wait for your call sweet child of ours.

Your journeying is doing a vast service, for when the time is right, it will be shared with many who are prepared to listen, and those who search for the knowledge and information that you will bring to them.

Your travels through zones at night takes you to the brink, and you are beginning to see the wonderment in all things. There is much to learn, but you are so thirsty for this knowledge, that you will simply keep searching until your cup is full to overflowing, and by then there will be not much else to know of The Circle of Life.

Your hands are going to be very busy with your journal, as is your mind, and we congratulate you on your effort to go that one step further.

And what of the Flame!! It was something which does represent your lifetime dream. It is you dear, burning bright with a never-ending love for your fellow travellers. It is encased in your Vehicle and glows brightly for all to see. That Flame cannot be dimmed by others, it is so strong and beautiful, and yet it is simply a symbol of your Intelligence, your Divine Consciousness. That Fire burns inside you, and it comprises of a current or energy, which is so powerful that it can move mountains if you will it to. You do not quite see this yet, it is all new to you, but believe us when we say that there will come a day soon when you will suddenly reach that peak of enlightenment, where it will become very clear to you that all you will need to do is to concentrate on something and you will draw it to you effortlessly. You are human, yes, but on the other hand you are an Intelligence, with much power, and your choices are endless.

You are coming into your knowing now, and soon it will be as a bright light is turned on around you, and you will gaze in wonderment at what you are really seeing. It will not be long, for you are inspiring yourself to step beyond what appears to be the Truth and Logic, and you are quite prepared to accept what lies beyond. Never doubt that the messages you receive are authentic. You are dealing with a powerful group of Beings, and it is not in anyone’s interests that wrong information be given to others.

You do have faith and trust in the Divine, and it seems that this makes your path much easier to travel down. Do you have any doubts? – yes at times – but purely in yourself – never in Spirit. We want to squash those doubts in yourself, for this does hold you back. It is an issue of worthiness, but hear us now, that there is no one who is more worthy than you are. Why would they be, for are we not all equal. You do accept that do you not? So how can you be unworthy, for that would make all of us unworthy. You must accept your worth, for you are a shining symbol of perfection, you truly are. Do not doubt us, for we are speaking our Makers’ words. His vast Love nourishes all of us. Feel His Love engulf you now, and breathe it into your being, into your heart where it will stay as long as you wish it to. We are so proud of your efforts and we know that you will accomplish all of your dreams.

Take time now to love yourself and appreciate what you have achieved, dear one. Your day is coming soon, and we will be jubilant. Many thanks for your time you spend with us, for we do love to come and visit.
We are The Guardians.