I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom ~ 6th May ‘03 ~ Val Fabian


I Meet Irvonah ~ Teacher of Ancient Wisdom
I come as one of your teachers. You will be learning much on Ancient Knowledge and what is linked into the visions that you have been shown on The Star and the seven Beings from Syria lying around the Circle of Life. And that which is known as the Halls of Amenti or the Halls of Knowledge. This place is spoken of in books of old, in the Old Testament.
You will be shown some wondrous Truths and will gain much knowledge and wisdom from this. The Star fits into the Flower of Life, it is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge.
To start with you will be given all of this knowledge on a subconscious level, and later it will filter out into your conscious mind. You will find out more on this, as it is very difficult to put into words in a way that you could understand. I have given you some insight into this and you will find out more later, just be patient. There is more to be shown to you regarding The Star.
The Star fits into the Flower of Life. It is symbolic of your mind receiving knowledge. See your mind as a computer with a hard drive. The Halls of Amenti is your computer screen, where you visualize the knowledge, and it comes out through your printer, which deciphers it for you. This is very important knowledge which will be spoken of, to help people make the transition when the new energy enters the planet. You are being given this information through a form of energy. And know also that you had something to do with that original process. This is enough now for you to take in. You will find out more later.
Next Day.

In your meditation today we took you up to a place where few ever enter. And your vibrations are still very strong. This place is spoken of as the Halls of Knowledge, in the Old Testament. Your soul yearned for this and you were taken to a wondrous old building where you were greeted by The Ancient Masters, who answered many questions you brought forth for them to enlighten you on. They have now taught you many things which are safely in your subconscious for now. And later they shall appear in your conscious mind when the time is right. And further on it will emerge as memories, for you do have work to do which will require use of this knowledge. It is all safely in your memory bank for now, for safe keeping, and will stay there for a time. These Truths have been entrusted to you, as they will become a big part of your
teachings which you are prepared to share with others. You will save many from turning the wrong way with this information, and it shall cause them to find their Heaven on Earth.
You have for many births now, been very hard on yourself when it comes to the emotions of others, of whom you love and care for. But this is also part of your learning – that of forgiveness to the self. Forgiveness to the self will set your heart free, and allow you to fly high amongst the heavens where Angels dwell. For you too are an Angel of God, an Earth Angel, hand picked and personally chosen by the Father, to touch the hearts and lives of those on Earth who struggle, and need to be reminded of their beauty. In your presence dear one, you allow this to come forth and shine, as others feel at home around you. And they, on an instinctive level, sense and feel that of Home, our Heavenly abode. This my dear is one of your many specialities. Trust that which comes from your own thoughts. Trust that your higher Self will allow the truth and accuracy of the situation at hand to unfold, as now is your time of clearing. Go with and allow your conscious mind to trust the first thoughts, memories and impressions that come, and when you do, you will gently allow the rest to flow through easily and effortlessly. Doubt will hinder and slow down your divine progress.

You have a wonderful connection and bond to The Lord and Jesus, who see you constantly in your true state of perfection. It is because of your past and present experiences that you found their company, but a beautiful transition took place from this. You take full benefit, as does The Father and Jesus, who together treasure your love. Few souls in the world today forge such a beautiful bond that transposes life’s difficulties and obstacles. They are personally assisting you with your clearing , and you are being gently reminded in order to release yourself from past experiences that no longer serve you in a constructive way.

What you get via your own instinct is a form of your innate Higher Intelligence, and believe in the true wonder of such happenings. This aspect of your psychic awareness is being highlighted for a very good reason child. Not long from now you will use your gifts to assist others. It is imperative that you truly trust and know that this is direct communication with your Guides, Angels, and yes, even The Father Himself. You are also able to connect with and talk personally with those who have passed over. These feelings and impressions are real. Doubt must never enter your mind. And do not be marred by the harsh words of others that create uncertainty in you. Reclaim your birth right as a Light worker for The Father, The Universal Source. It is true, this is really happening for you sweet child and companion of Our Maker, so enjoy and bask in the pure beauty and splendour of it all and in your God given gifts.
Would you have Magic or Logic. Why are we here and where do we go from here? What are the dimensions spoken about. Do you want the Truth on this or fudging. We have the whole picture here to lay bare at your feet. Where would we start? At the beginning you say – but there is no beginning. For time in reality does not exist. So we shall start at a single place, where time has no meaning.
Is there a God? Yes, there is a Majestic Being of Light, which sends It’s Love Eternal through all dimensions and spheres in a way which is incomprehensible to you and yours. This Love is multifunctional, and exists on every level of life. What is life? Life is an awareness, a Knowing, an Intelligence, and it spans across every Solar System, every planet, every galaxy and universe into infinity and into the unknown. What we all yearn for is to complete our never-ending quest for knowledge and to become wise in all areas, no matter where the answers take us.


The Halls of Amenti – Infinite Knowledge of the Highest Form ~ 26.9.2003 ~ Val Fabian

26.9.2003. In my meditation on this particular morning, I went very deep and had some very unusual and powerful experiences. I felt energy pouring into my crown chakra and I could actually see it pouring in through my 3rd eye. It was reddish orange and yellow, luminous and beautiful. Then I saw a Golden Chalice overflowing with liquid. And later I was shown a Castle. So I had a conversation with Spirit as to what all of this meant. And so I began my intriguing journey into uncharted waters with Spirit, who have taught me many wondrous Truths. And for years this information that I have been receiving from that day on, had to remain unspoken of, but now I have been told that it is time for me to begin to divulge some of it to humanity as a Whole.

What a marvelous meditation you received this morning. We were all there with you guiding you through it. And wouldn’t you know that we were all being given directions from The Higher Power. It is understood that today you were sent through an enclosure and out into a vibrant new space, where you have not trodden before. The opening of which is guarded by Beings of Light. It is from here that all information flows, and your wisdom has called for being presented into these chambers. Information was being given to you on a very high level. We are being sent to guide you further as you travel onwards, and we know you will use this information in the best possible way, in order that others may also be taken through those doors. It is not that we do have misgivings, as you have always shown trustworthy tendencies, and you are being guided as to what to do with this information entrusted to you this day. All we can say is that we have knowledge of greater plans you will carry through, and we always do give our blessed encouragement to you with the highest intentions possible. Our love for you is abounding, may we say, and we are sure that you will take every opportunity to be of service to others, and to share your further knowledge with them, should the opportunity arise. What a happy event this has turned out to be. And should you seek to come with us once more to this wondrous place, you do know that you need but ask.
It is our wish that you receive as much wisdom as you possibly are able, and all plans for this will be enforced by us, with the blessings of The Wondrous One. We do presume that you will take advantage of this wonderful offer, and we do bestow our blessings on you and encourage you to be the very best that you are able to be. Make no mistake, we would never judge you, though we do believe that you are being ushered towards a very high ideal, and as we are always sending love and guidance you way, we do feel that your search for the now unknown will present to you a mighty unfolding of many secrets. which have been kept safe for future times, inasmuch that people like you, who trust their guidance, will endeavour to bring it forward at the appropriate time, for the benefit of all of mankind. Not for a chosen 20 or 30 people, but for all to gaze at and wonder at. We encourage you to look further, and with our total help, we will guide you as to when and what to do with all that you will come to acquire and know. We have been sending our Special Angels to you giving you a loving perception of what will be required of you, and I say to you now that we can see that all will come to be as was initially planned by you, and by your many dear ones who offered to be of service to this cause. You are searching for the truth and will find it.

Am I imagining all of this. This is all totally beyond my comprehension.

You have doubts we see. That is a natural thing, but do not put human doubts into this. It is apparent to us that you searching for an explanation. You are a strong individual who is searching for the Truth, and you will find it. To pass it on to humanity as a whole. Our love for you is sincere and we all stand guard over you.

Was I guided somewhere today in my meditation? I had a sensation of something being poured into my crown. I could actually see the flow of deep coloured energy, and it continued on for quite a while. It was reddish orange, and yellow mainly, but very beautiful. And I saw a Golden Chalice which was overflowing with liquid.

Today you went into the Halls of Amenti, where all knowledge is kept in the highest order. It is not ever presented lightly, not without first an understanding of what is referred to as Infinite Knowledge of the Highest Form. We have been keeping this information from you to date, as you needed to go through each level of knowledge, until you formed an understanding in your mind of the intricate pattern that is woven together to form the basis of the absolute wonderment which we know of as God. The Chalice presented to you this day was filled to overflowing, and it sent a message to you that you are now regarded as a Special Being of Light, and that you are more than capable to carry out your special task while still on the Earth Plane.

Was the reddish orange and yellow energy flowing into my crown, Knowledge then?

You have now been gifted with wondrous information, which you will use to the best of your ability for the assistance of all others who would search for it. We come as Light Bearers, and we share this information with you. You have been honoured with a gift and we trust that you, with our guidance will use it wisely. We have much knowledge to bestow on you, and we have given you permission that you may return at any given time to be presented with further knowledge. We have been shown that your very powerful beam of light will energize many, and we feel secure in the fact that our gift will be presented to one and all in a way which will further our plan for all of humanity. It has not been given to be thrown to the wind, it has been given for evolvement to follow the knowledge. And you have been chosen to take on this task, as we have knowledge of the Higher Plan.

And what was the brown Castle that I was shown also in my meditation? What was it representing?

You have gone to the pinnacle of the pyramid, and there is no room there for fear, for you truly know that you are invincible, and that nothing or no one can hurt you. Fear is not in your vocabulary anymore. You have risen above it. You trust in The Divine, and what a happy place that is to be. You will be able to topple the balance and bring information out of your memory bank in an instant. Information given is so exact and extreme that some would use it to the detriment of the whole Universe. It needs to be given at a pace where all can be comfortable with it, and come to terms with it, as some of this information in the wrong hands would not be used for the good of all. Your mind is now like a computer. You touch a key, and whatever you want to come forth will “print out” out of your memory bank and into your mind.

This has been a combined effort for sure. We all have your interests at heart, and take much pleasure in presenting you with your message today. Call on us always for help when needed. Go in peace now and stay happy dearest.