Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One ~~ The Lotus is Now in Full Awakening ~~ 25.3.13

Sacred lotus 2Good morning child, this day will be one to remember for you. For it will be on this day, that we shall speak again of our very sought after captivating Scroll of Truths, that we have been endeavouring to bring forth for much time now. So let us begin now by explaining to you in a few words, exactly what this will entail for you, and therefore for us, as we will be leading you into this.

For reasons which we have made clear to you, there shall be put into place a regime by which you will need to adhere to, as for us to progress down our path, this will take much intent and courage. Be it known to you now that all roads shall be cleared for you to go down, so do not ever put any dismay into any of this. We shall now begin in our method of developing the information through you. I have here before me now a copy of The Scrolls, and I will list them for you step by step.

We know now that you have within you a vast knowledge of these things, and yet you are so far unable, or unwilling to bring them forth and adjust them into your life there. For you know in your heart that once you do this, you are forever in another space. And we know that there is a part of you which is not willing to let go of all that you have there now. For to you, you are in a safe space. But allow us to share with you that this space you have there is unstable, for it is not as it seems. It is imaginary, whereas what you have here with us is the real deal. It is ongoing life, and not anyone can change this. For this reason child, do not be balked by all of this, for you do have courage in you. We know that. Do not fear the unknown, for what you feel now is unknown to you, is in fact very much known to you. Be it not for you dear, we would not be able to bring forth much information which lies hidden. So it is for this reason that we would like to say to you that it is within you, without a doubt, that you have a lifetime of knowledge in there to share with your fellowman.

So continue with your meditations, and that will allow us to fill your subconscious with the knowledge made available to you, for you do have the capacity there to absorb all of this. You do have within you a small computer of sorts, to enable this knowledge in. And you will then sort through it, putting it into sections for later referral. We will master this our child of The Divine. It will take place in this field you now find yourself in, believe me that it will. We all stand behind you with amazing strength, and we feel that the coming months in particular will bring about many changes for you, in all ways, not just in the Spiritual.

Allow us now to begin what it was we started moons ago, and to seal a promise we did make to each other at one point in time, when we were aspiring to a belief, whereby we could bring through potential energies via the Air Waves, and put them into spaces which could and would deal with unnecessary blockages. We were known then as Masters of High Intelligence and be it known to you or not, your lot then was to bring forth information from on high, and to then distribute your information to various waiting authorities. And it was a very successful procedure, that is until your heavenly flow of information all dried up, owing to the expanse of the knowledge becoming too vast for you to be able to decipher it in a way which could be applied to our lives then as we knew it to be.

But things have changed now, my dear, and you are now continuing on with this dream we had in that life, and also in some other ensuing ones. But this time it does all appear to be a different vibration that you are living in, and we do know in our heart of hearts that this time it will be different. Success is ringing very loud and clear. I for one am not a one to presume anything that is unreasonable, but I have the utmost respect and tolerance for your ways and for the ways in which you will proceed with this. But for us, I feel the time is right, this time around. For when the time is right, then the pupils will be ready, and now I do feel that many will stand to attention and grasp hold of this wondrous knowledge that we as a team are attempting to enlighten them with.

And be not now thinking that this will be a once off, for there shall be hundreds of these flashes of information that will flow from your lips. For this is the way that it will progress to. You think you are not able to cope with this my dear, but you are an amazing Being. One who has been around the block time and time again, so do not think that this is a first and a last. This has been in the making since time began. It is used for people to succeed in a way by which they can allow their Godself to perform things which are foreign to them. This will not be a last, it is written on the winds that your way of teaching these chosen ones will be world-renowned. To say less would be a misconception my beloved one. Be not afraid of fame, for you are rewarding of this. You have slogged long and hard to be able to produce this environment, whereby you will be accepted as a leader of such knowledge.
Stand tall and say what is in your heart, and this will bring forth a torrent of information unheard of as yet, on your plane. Why you, do you say? You are not as you appear to be. You are progress in the making. You are to be the expansion of much information and knowledge which will then allow many a one to be more vigilant in their lives, and in their dealings with another party. You will blossom with this, and you will be acknowledged for your forthrightness and for your generous dealings with others. Go forth now child and open up that big heart of yours. The Lotus is now in full awakening.


And so now my dear one, allow me to take you on a journey into our world for a time. We are swirling around the Earth’s surface now, and just above this surface we see swirling energies rising. What is this you ask? It is the Life Force, the Blood of the Earth. What it contains in its magnificence is the Embodiment of The Most High, The Creator of all of us. And in this swirling mass of Energy there does lie another Force. A dynamic Force, out of which also feeds the Beings who are inhabiting the Earth’s surface at this time.

You are not Beings of Light only. You are beloved threads of The Divine, who are also swirling forth your own powerful substance, which is encased within your body, but is also outside your body. And it is a mixture of High Intelligence and Love personified, and it goes forth constantly with the Knowing Force behind it, while it places itself within others, and also upon surfaces such as the rocks, the stones, water and the such. That is, it sends its vibrations into the inhabitants of the Earth, and also into the Elements as you know them to be. And there is a reason for this transaction between all of you and them. The reason is to sustain them into being a Force themselves, for all is working for a common goal. And that is to align everything into a union of sorts, for the common good of everything, as a Whole. But this cannot happen without the Life Blood of The One and His Band of Helpers, which appear on the horizon as tiny little influxes of Energy. But it is actually not as it appears to be, for it is such that your Real Selves are travelling back and forth, for the purpose of giving Life and sustainability to all others on the Earth’s surface.

Be prepared now for your world to change, and for the better. We are gazing at a beautiful Being, when we set eyes on you, never think less than that. You are beauty personified, and allow your mind to be consumed by this knowledge. Go now child, in peace and love, and allow in all the love and healing we send you. It is said now.
Behold, I am Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One, and I have a great love for you, my dearest one.



Cusami~~ The Magic Presence – The Universal Life Force~~12th Feb ‘13

The Ground of Being-likeBeloved one, we will go somewhere on this morning where you have not been before. It is not as you would imagine any place to be. For it is such that there are Beings here who have never been in the confines of Mother Earth. This place where we will go now, where I will take you, is but a breathe away, yet it is such that it is a million miles away. And yet the way that we may choose to travel is that we are there before you may take another breathe. And this is but my mode of travel at any given time. And it is also the way by which you choose to travel in your times of sleep. It is not something that is unique to me, it is simply the manner by which we all do roam free in our true state of being. That is, the Beings of Light that we all are, and this is the same for all of us, no matter where it may be that we may hang our hats per sey.

On saying this, allow me to explain to you that this place that we shall visit today, is a place not known to you as yet, and yet you do already have sensations in you by which you will be bringing forth a knowledge of most of what we shall partake of. For it is this memory you are carrying within your heart that is the catalyst for much that you are doing now, at this time of your life there on your Earth Plane. What you are procuring and what you are then deciphering is not new to you, even though it does appear to be that way. It is something that you have been aware of and did participate in a very long time ago, and the crescendo which is building up on the inside of you is undeniable. For we see from here that once you put your mind aside for a time, then it will be so much easier for those in question to come through with dynamic information for you. Who are we to say what you are carrying inside, though let it be known to you, that forever you are a different one from now on. It is preparing you for what your life will entail, and be it not for us to say where the petals will fall. But fall they will my child and be not in a spin, for we know that you will breeze through all of this.

So now we are resuming what we shall call your much loved investigative work. For you once were one who thought very highly of the outgoings and inputs into the minds of the human race, but you were not in a position to spread this knowledge around, for then all had restrictions on them and you were no exception. And life then was not as simple as now. But for now, let us say that the time is right this time around. And it now does seem fitting that you once more do bring to light a memory of these things, for the sole purpose of advancing man’s knowledge of things, and of places long forgotten. And also of the ultimate bearing that they do indeed have on life there today in your everyday lives. But more so in the ultimate end result that you are all so lovingly aspiring to.

Backdrop 6

There is much there on your Plane, and in your energy fields around you, which at this point in time is not understood, much less spoken of. And yet it all does have such a bearing on your lives there, and in the decisions you do tend to arrive at, in your struggle to be at one with The Divine. And also then, with the consequences of such decisions or choices. You are all as tiny grains of sand, set upon an enormous and ongoing beach, though every little grain of sand is there for a reason, all are needed to make up the whole. Yet all are part of each other, blended together as one, all have a purpose they are fulfilling and with a particular end in sight. Yet if the sands were all to shift, then the beach would be no more.

You are all going through transitions of one kind or another, and the way in which you all tend to reach your goal is strictly by a simple code that you choose to live by. And it is never in the plan of things that there may be a Driving Force behind your everyday lives, charging you on to fulfill a dream or a task which you have indeed set up for yourselves. And yet you all do struggle on trying to make some sense or rhyme or reason out of all of this, while never really coming to a realization that the driving Force which is spurring you on is such that it is an Energy, which has been taken out of context.

It is a Living and a Breathing Force that is behind all of your endeavours, and it is such that it guides you along a pathway where you still have ultimate choices to make, while still being under its umbrella. This Force is so powerful that it has its ways and means of picking up your every emotion and dream, and transforming them into a much wider spectrum. And by doing so it then changes each and every vibration around it in a way which all Souls then pick up and carry anew within them. It is a means of connection for you all, while still always allowing you full rein of your own dreams, but yet empowering you more so with additional tools by which you may then manifest more of what you choose to draw into your innermost circle of life.

It is an ongoing Force, yet also a most loving and attentive one, which never pervades your intentions to carry out certain chosen deeds. But it brings about a possible solution for you to run with, should you choose to. It is still all about free will, while ultimately realizing that you do have at your disposal, a backup and a backstop, should you feel the need for one. And it is also a way by which you can then begin to draw to you, should you choose to, a more loving and lasting field of energy to abide in. Allowing you to grow more loving every day, drawing you in closer to All That Is and All That Could Ever Be.

It is all of life working together as such, in a way where nothing is ever wasted or left unheeded. All are in the Circle of Life, feeding each other while also feeding off each other, bringing forth a vibrancy which is then carried into the next being. Nothing is ever lost or wasted, as Life has the capacity to overspill into each other and to give us more of what is needed for our very existence. And what this does is to overshadow each one of us with the Nectar of God’s Divine Love in it’s purest form. Ongoing Love in all of its glory. It is the final surrender I speak of. The final realization of who and what we are, and of the ultimate surrender and acknowledgement of such.
I Am That I Am.






The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ The House of Wonder & The Masters of Disguise ~~ 27.5.13

Here we go again dear and many thanks for your stupendous increasing excitement which we see building up in you now, to such a crescendo that it makes our hearts’ sing. And thank you for the amount of time you give to this, as it almost consumes your life there at this point in time.

That being the case, we will begin our journey now, and suffice it to say that we are going to travel now today to a place where little is known of as yet. And yet it is this very place where your world is residing in, as we speak. Do not be alarmed at this, for there is much to be told to you yet, but we will endeavour to give it to you for your consumption as we see fit.

You are now going above and beyond our expectations, but for now, we will still be probing into the uncharted regions of your mindset, to bring forth for you a myriad of unbelievably beautiful adventurous insights into a world which for now is hidden from all of your sights.

You alone will take note of this, for this is something that we must hold close to our hearts for now. For it will be in this way that you will be able to prepare yourself in whichever way, to produce in other’s minds, a scenario of the exact and simply wonderful way that it all is.

We are here now to progress down our path that one step further, and be it known that at some point you will realize that none of this is surreal for you. That you have travelled along this path at Godspeed many times before. You just have no awareness of these adventures as it happens, as yet. But time will bridge that gap for you and soon, and you shall become fully aware of this pathway to wonder and beauty, which is always laid bare for all of you to adventure down. You just at this time do not have the faculties of allowance in you for your procedure upon it. But this will all change and a knowledge of this will spring forth amongst one and all, for this be the way that it will be.
Be it known also that your efforts to proceed now are taking you into a vast, powerful and significant influx of knowledge, and we will proceed now with more of what we speak of. Do you feel a stirring in you now my dear? It is your Godself bringing this forth, for you are now a one who is becoming more powerful as we speak. And so, therefore, we shall be giving you much that will allow you to spread this knowledge at a quicker pace than was first intended. Many thanks for your enthusiasm.

And now let us say to you that what you are envisaging there is not our real world.
Our real world lies deeper in the atmospheres, and what you have set up for yourselves there is an inkling of what lies beneath your surfaces. It is a majestic place where all are bound in love, peace and a joyousness that only you now can imagine it to be. There is a freedom unknown to you, and there is a total abundance for one and all of us.
In our Kingdom, we are travelling at the speed of lightening, and we also have the ability to be in many places at once. Though in your world you are governed by a resistance to all of this, for you have all put yourselves there into that environment with a knowing that to be there will bring about many themes for each of you. Through which you will build up inside of you a knowledge of many things, of which you are preparing to become at least for now, a more worthy and more progressive being. And through that, it will open up more of everything, while it also will bring you closer to your goals and dreams which you have set aside for knowledge to be brought through because of it all.
You are not there for your total selves, you are all consistently working as one, and with one goal. And that is to produce out of all of this a permanency through which a window will be opened for all of us, and a light will stream forth, and in it will be a torrent of new and marvellous unlimited knowledge that we will all benefit from.

This is something that you all dreamed of, and it will emerge as something that we could all be proud to witness. It is such that a few there have not followed their original paths, but let it be known that this will have little to no bearing on the end results. For it is all part of the bigger plan, and for us here, we do see an abundance of love and beauty personified which is raging across the Earth’s surface as we speak. You cannot always have 100% totality of goodness, for all must be balanced in The Kingdom of The Most High. We see now where it is all going, and be it not for all of you, and I do mean all of you, that this would not have transpired to its full benefit had it been any different.

What we have before us now though is to take it all one step further and higher, and so, therefore, you will now step forward with information that will allow for further and more beautiful freedom for all of you that are there now. And this will indeed take much of your time and vigilance. But we see before us now a star is born and in the making of this an intense power is now pouring forth from your crown chakra, and you are now ready for your battle of the wills of those who will put this all into question. But for those who will do this, this also has its merits, for it will give you the opportunity to show everyone that this is the real deal. It is not a fantasy, as some will say, but a magnificent masterpiece of weaving and merging of Love and beauty that the Most High has put into place for all of us.

We will bring to you now a piece by piece of this beauty for your perusal. What you are looking at now is a historical gigantic and masterfully built House of Wonder, and within its walls lies the Scrolls of Knowledge that we spoke about in previous literature. In this wording, there lies buried all of what life is. What it entails and the progression of it as you know it to be, down through the ages. And none of it is as you imagine that it is, for be it known to you the vastness of it all is totally unlimited and unimaginable to your mind now. But as you open it up and take all of this in, you will begin to feel the depth of this Miracle that is all of ours.

We are not little specks as you are thinking, we are monumental Spirits in God’s likeness, and we do have majestic powers in all of us, for this is the way He created us.
And He did this for a reason, and that was to become more of it all with the knowledge that we become as adventurous ones’ who will go in speed to discover what we may, which changes the dynamics of it all.

EARTH AND EAGLEBecause every movement in the Ethers will forever change the atmospheres to a point where abundance untold will again fill the environment which was in actual fact embodied upon. {Formed} This is science in the making, and your world there is not any different to anywhere else, and it is a fact that what you are all doing there is building up a crescendo, in which will cause a shift in the dynamics of your world there. And this, in turn, will cause, and bring about, a major change in the workings of all of nature. As it is nature which forges on and through, and envelopes all that is new, and transforms it into being something wonderful and majestic and beautiful.
She has the power in her to change whatever is in her path, and she does this with such magnificence that only she can embody these spaces into utmost beauty.

Your parts there up until now have been to build up in the atmospheres that which is needed to bring forth an explosion of wonder. And in its forefront, you will be guided as to what you will need to do to allow this to proceed further. And with that knowledge, you will also partake of the alignment of what we view as the neverending spaces around Mother Earth.

This will be done also with the help of The Higher Power, for nothing is ever generated without His love at the helm. We are all in this together, but through all of your vigilant help, it would not be transpiring to the point where it will. And it is for this reason that you are all now standing to attention and anticipation, and waiting for this wondrous event to show itself as Love in Action. Be not put off by what you see yourselves as, for that is not what you really represent. Wondrous, masterful, abounding Masters of Disguise is what you all are.

And do not be taken aback by this encounter with us, for this is only the start of much more to come, and we will leave you now with one thought to ponder on. You are now being guided to go where no man has before you gone, and on this day you will be in our world, for it is evident that you are now ready to abide in these Two Worlds that are for now swirling around side by side. But they will not stay this way. There shall be one and only one conjoined world for us all to frolic in. For some of us now are beginning to see the bigger picture rising up before us, and it will only be time that will bring this to fruition.

Go now dear and peruse this that has been given to you, and once more our utmost love abides there in your heart. We love you as always, your Band of Angels who come with much knowledge for you on this day. Be at peace.

Group angels 2



The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~There is a Magical Place ~~ 5.10.03

This is about the very beginning of my Spiritual journey which began in December 2002 when I began writing down information which was coming to me very hard and fast. I was completely confused with what I was putting down on paper. It was information about things I had never even heard of, much less understood. Names and places which didn’t register with me or mean anything to me at all. But I continued writing down exactly as was given to me, and a lot of it had me completely baffled. I did not in any way understand any of it.
It continued on for a few years and as I began to form some kind of understanding as to what I was being told regarding my part in all of it, I asked them if they had me mixed up with someone else, as I didn’t have the ability to do what they were asking of me. They assured me that there was no mistake which confused me even further. And by then I firmly believed that I was being approached and tutored, to write some kind of book with the information being forwarded to me which would help and encourage people on their Spiritual path. So here I am now, a few years further on again, and I have been told that my mind has been used as a kind of computer, which has been for years downloading unbelievable information totally unknown to any of us here. Most of it is obviously still in my Subconsciousness Mind, though this past two years I have become aware of some of it on a human level. Some through my writings and some through my personal experiences.

The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ There is a Magical Place ~~ 5.10.03


You have begun your journey, and you are now entering into a phase of being at one with All That Is. And because of this, you will begin to receive what we can only describe as unlimited knowledge, to do with all the great mysteries of life and also a special knowing of the wonderment of The Divine Being and all that He/She really entails.

Because you put out the intent to seek and find your truths, you will find that you will be presented with a special knowledge which will eventually enable you, and also all of mankind, a more broadened outlook of what we see here as being the special link which propels into existence, the true knowing of the great plan in all it’s intricate details. So that all in their own time are able to perceive a Truth which up until now has been kept as a mystery, for the simple reason that the greater masses were not ready to believe or accept this knowledge.

But there are now strong indications that many on the Earth Plane are looking for meanings and answers, whereas in the past there was always strong acceptance of all that was given to them in the way of why they existed there at all. We are not being judgemental of these happenings, as they were certainly there for a reason, as you can well presume to imagine. But now your Planet Earth and its inhabitants have evolved into a state of receptiveness, where many Truths may now be imparted to them, knowing that they will be welcomed and received by many who are opening up to a joyous belief system, where they are yearning for truth and knowledge and full understanding of these Truths.

We have come to you on this day to be of service, and to present to you a strong insight into what is being said here, knowing that you will later on, find ways and means yourself of taking this wondrous and powerful wisdom and presenting it to others in a way which will be of benefit to them. Though always remembering that their complete free will, will endorse just how much of this information they will be willing to accept. Your mission then, would be to present it to them lovingly, allowing that the outcome brought about by this information would be their own decision. We realize that it is not always easy to be the messenger, but as long as you do not put energy and expectation into the outcome, all will be well.

Be assured though that this is to be very uplifting for you also, in such a way as to become not what you would be expecting. Far from that, though we will give you an inkling. It will not be impairing any of your plans, though come what may it will surely enhance what it is that you will be progressing into. As we speak we see a Light shining above you, though this is indeed a miracle in the making, for it is forging you on to be a part of something much bigger than you had planned for, or even wanted, insofar as your dreams would not have even encompassed this as to be able to happen to you. But your assumptions were incorrect and take it from us that thus far has been just a dot on the calendar of your somewhat busy schedule. But apart from this dear, it will be something worth dreaming and fighting for, and believe us that you will pull this off to perfection. We speak of ways to become engrossed in the Magic and the Illusion of what Life really does have to offer to all of you, for none are privy yet to the amazing occurrences which are about to unfold. And we give this to you now girl that you will be spinning in excitement, for no one has any idea of what is about to occur and what will yield and suffice out of this.
And so it shall be that you will bring forth an energy which will cause major changes in other peoples’ auras, and thus will enable a wonderful healing to take place in them. Your own strong beliefs in The Almighty and His realms has been a very strong learning opportunity for you and for all that you have now become. It will guide you through much that will come your way, and it will inspire you when the need arises. So take great comfort in this our child and find your peace within.

You have inspired knowledge of a magic place, where all are one. You have been shown much in your meditative states and you have travelled to many places unknown to man. Just trust in us and in The Divine, though we already know that you do. Just know that things are not always as they appear at first. For what you are receiving is beyond your understanding, so always know that no matter what may be going on in the human life, your needs are being well taken care of. This is for you to realize and remember.


Know that we are here close by your side always, to give you our support and our strength, should you feel a need for it. We are part of you and we always come to you in peace and love. To be of service to you and to all of mankind as a whole. Remember that when the pupil is ready, a teacher will always appear, and my dear one, you may well be one of those teachers.

Never tire of learning, for each page you turn brings you closer to The Divine. He is truly within all of us and we are in Him, for that powerful Light residing in our hearts is Him, is it not? You are one who now knows this, for you have been given the gift of Truth, which is really within all of us. Did you know that the truth you have always searched for is God.

Your friends we are indeed and you know that you have our love and caring. We are Love, as you are. Go forth now and live your life – live your dream. Yes, every one of us are here. Your supporters and your guides. The road is much easier to travel down once you know where you are headed. And you do know that now. It is true.

Have faith in The One and all else will follow. “I am the truth and the Light, so follow Me.” And there you have it our child.




Two years further on my Higher Self also came in to speak with me.

My Higher Self. October 2006.
It has been a long time coming, but now I’m free and in service to work with you. Your every thought will soon be coming from The Source, which is held deep inside you. Take off the masquerade and you will simply feel my presence.
It is not an easy thing to accomplish, for you have travelled through eons of time with your beliefs. But now do please sit quietly at times and allow the peace and Truth to permeate all through your being.
It is with love that I choose now to come to you, for love is the answer to all ails and mishaps, which do still, and will continue to pour forth over Mother Earth. But with the knowledge that is now coming forth, we as a one, will be able to thwart this phenomenon of negative forces. It is true that I now speak to you on a far different and higher level than ever before, and that is simply because you are understanding more now of All That Is. Try not to be afraid of this latest challenge, for as you sit and contemplate, all of this will sift through in a way that you are able to understand completely.
Go in peace child and remember that you are never alone, nor are you ever left abandoned, for we are all constantly at the forefront and available to call on when needed.
Go within, and you will find us all there.











Simon ~ ~ Surrender to Love ~~ 10.7.03 ~~ Val Fabian

Simon_Zealot (1)
Mars is close now for a reason. It brings certain vibrations with it which enable certain ones to become very aware of particular information which will eventually benefit all. It is very complex and some will be given this knowledge, as we know already those who will use it for the good of all. And this information will be coming from the Highest Masters, sent by rays of Light.
We are all but tiny drops in a huge ocean, but on saying that every drop is dynamic and very important. One could never survive without the others. We literally are all one, living separate lives, but linked internally by the heart cords, tied to The One. We pull and we sway this way and that, but we still need our nourishment which comes from The One. Knowledge and wisdom are part of that necessary nourishment, as also is being able to forgive others who harm us. Forgiveness is very necessary for nourishment of the soul, as to hold on to hate or any negative emotion blemishes us in the worst possible way, for it scars us indefinitely, making it impossible for our nourishment, which is for example the knowledge and the wisdom, to enter our beings.
You need to, as humans, raise your vibrations together, so as to receive this necessary food. For you are not only dealing with your own human consciousness there, but there is also a social consciousness which does affect all of you, being of the Whole. And the truth of this knowledge will hopefully help to change the vibrations in the world, but it needs to be a unanimous thing and it cannot happen in five minutes. People are beginning to heed this truth more now, but many turn a blind eye and refuse to listen. It is going to take time and patience to deal with this.
You know that the mind is a very powerful thing, and few of you use that power to your benefit or betterment, as yet. Always remember to call on us for assistance when you are confused or floundering, and we are already there. For, for each one of you who takes the time to search for their truth and finds it, makes our hearts sing, just seeing that beautiful glow in the ethereal body as it passes through into the Circle.
The Circle of Life and all that is beyond it. And the awareness that is found there. The knowledge of life eternal and all that it implies. That is the goal of all souls, to find that truth and to abide in it. And once this truth is reached and you have the key to unlock the door, then and only then do you understand fully the whole complex picture and the great magnitude of it all. For it embraces a field so great that it takes much wisdom and knowledge to even begin to understand it. But once a dear one puts out the intention to go searching for that truth, that is when it will appear before them in some form or another, and they will begin to grow towards the Light.
Meditation is a wonderful tool you can use to gain insight. It can lift you high and into another Sphere, where life does hold a truly different meaning, and it can bring you a peace that can be found within yourselves, deep in your hearts and your souls. It’s a place where you can be, and no one can touch you or harm you.. It is your haven within you, where sunshine never ends.
And know also that there are vibrations entering the earth now which can enable you to forge forward if that be your desire. They are Healing Rays which can open up the hearts of many. And this will make a big change in them as they are able to accept this new energy. Changing the way they think and feel regarding many things, even the way they feel about The Lord.
Yet all are not ready to accept this new energy, it will bounce off some, for they are closed down. For they have turned their back on The Lord, at times even denying His very existence for many different reasons. But deep down, on another level, they too yearn to be with Him. They do not know this and they search for worldly pleasures to fill the gap. But, in all honesty, what they are really searching for is to feel again their Fathers’ Love. It is sad that they do not know this, but they will come to know and to remember. Because their soul is pushing them to move forward and upward.

Many blessings to all of you, my loved ones.
I come to you today as just one of your many teachers, who abides with Our Lord, Our God.
My name is SIMON.




Archangel Michael ~ The Patriarch in the Realms of the Special Ones ~ 11.5.14


Good morning dear one. It is I, your very own mystical guide. And I do come from the God Light as you did request. And for you today we have a variety of lovely displays of information, just for your ears, may I say.

But before we go down that path I would first like to brief you on another situation, be it for your pleasure only. What we would love to disclose to you now has a single twist to it, for it has connotations which you will allude to as being of a mystical and pleasurable kind. But let’s first dwell on what we see now as being a just and reasonable situation, for in it, it holds a key to a variety of situations, which will lead you on further towards your goal. And with these keys that have been made available to you, there has attached to them, information of which your heart is yearning to find. But the reason for the holding back of some of this information is plain to see, as you are standing on a time line here, and with that comes a responsibility which is keeping you from the whole scenario. As it appears to form a solid mass of writings, of which your intellect is unable to thus far comprehend. But this is changing in the face of your intense withdrawal from your life there as you know it, for with that mindset it is allowing you into now receiving what it is that your heart is yearning for in the name of certain facts and figures, which are daunting, but none the less important in your grasp for knowledge.

Let us begin now to assume that your mind has taken in thus far quite a reasonable amount of this information, and we are now seeing that your overall attitude is quite in agreement to receive even more of this. For this reason now we are crowding your mind with beneficial information, which will grow into a massive intake in your mind, and thus you will be then, at your leisure, gifting yourself with massive amounts of this. And in probability you will then be requested to enlighten those around you with this knowledge, while you always simply keep it in the format by which you are very capable of seeing it through with. And for this we are holding you in the highest esteem, while we wait now for further requests to be given via you.

There is a cloud around you now, and it’s rising up to begin to perform a very warranted role in all of this. And this cloud contains in it a wondrous substance which will align with a mighty powerful energy, who for the most part is a seasoned traveller, who carries forth and puts in place certain vibrations, purely for the wholesome good of all.

A very Powerful Influence which shall encase what seems now to be forgotten prolific Abundant Cities, where just for now it will take a complete rising up of volumes of powerful and wondrous knowledge, encased in certain Volumes of Writings. And what these Volumes hold are the secrets to what LIFE is and to the ever moving forward of all that it wondrously binds around it, and holds it all in place with.

But this journey which you have undertaken is not just as a powerful influx of all of this knowledge, for it will encase much more simply a wholesome freedom begetting occurrence which for the better part, shall be spelt out to all of you in very simple flowing terms, enabling all of you to comprehend all of it in a very simple way.

But that will not allow that this knowledge shall replace anything else, for it does seem that a reassurance shall become to be the norm for one and all of you. Allowing in a necessary Magnetic Being of Light, who will encase all there in a timeless and much needed Fiery Flame. And it will rise up out of their Souls and perform for them, a subsequent and indeed a necessary forgotten belief, that what they have for themselves there now, and for all time, shall beget for them, a very powerfully peaceful place, where life will shine out as being a special magnificent encounter with all that is beautiful. And also it will be of extreme benefit to all who would believe that this Paradise is now their home, which will draw in for them whatever they would place inside their simply wonderful existence.

But unto this end, let us also now proportion out another scenario for you today, be it that in all probability you are becoming extremely needy in this instance. We are sending masses of Lights to you as we speak, while also we are preparing you also for a further step up the ladder, and thus far we are seeing what appears to be apparitions taking place around you there, while your Guardian Angels do a massive job of clearing away debris from your auric field. And this will leave you brighter than ever, while it will also put a Circle of Love around you, which will hold firmly in place throughout your entire time there in the future. This will combine within and without you, as being a solid base for you to become as One with us through.

And never ever think that anything untoward will happen now, as we see a rising up of you towards our massive Fiery Flame, which is becoming engrossed in a massive and yet very viable and illusive showering down of Light, which is appearing to be coming from the Heavens above. And yet it is reigning in its vibratory energies at a rate by which it will call on Mother Nature to begin to receive its enormous rays, which will herald in a substance, allowing for the take up of it to encircle what is known to be the Natural Environment in all its wondrous endeavours.

And this Light shall begin to flow across the night skies, lifting up bodily Choruses of Angels, who will put into place that which is needed thus far, to begin to germinate an overall new beginning of vibrant Life Forms, which will then carry on forth right across your Earth’s surface, germinating at a fast rate an enormous amount of coverage, putting into place this unique and utterly wondrous Plant Form, for which you shall be blessed beyond belief. For in it will contain an enormous amount of the type of Life Form for which your Plane is sadly missing, but it will also combine lovingly with other Plant Forms, which will gather up their seeds, combining themselves into a Wondrous Body of Living Forms of Beauty, which will have powers to benefit all of you in medicinal proportions. It will be just another one of the new Forms of Life, which will become known to you, and they will all be put there in place so as to become known for a variety of uses and enjoyments. Take heart dear that Life now for Earth has changed course, and it is to become such a loving environment that your heart will sing in chords of utter bliss.

What we are showing you here now is a simple version of the powerful beginning of your journey forth, but take this as an overall picture of fast coming events, which will hold for you a never forgotten memory of what will indeed be a dream which has come true my dear one. Especially for us now it is clear to see that your passion has risen up extremely, and this speaks volumes, that your mandatory awakening regarding your role has now been awakened fully. And that the time line has now forwarded to this supremely timely space, where this event shall now burst forth. For all and sundry it is placing you up and above your beloved life there. And it is putting you into a time zone, where your call has been awakened in such a way as to prepare you for what shall become a once in a lifetime event, though your undertaking is such that you are entirely now in zinc with us for what has become our greatest dream.

Be gone now and begin to ingest this, for it does hold intrigue for you dear one. Blessings dear from your friend and your guide. The illusive and yet the well known one, who is guiding you further on down your path. I am known as the Jovial One my dear, and yes, I am coming in accordance with what I am known for, but I also do speak a Truth. Be gone now and take note of this, for it will be all up to you now, to put your best foot forth.


I am The Patriarch in the Realms of The Special Ones, who come forth now to guide you further along your path. Be blest by this knowledge dear one, and go do your work now, and justly so, for the good of all. Go blessed one and achieve your goal there with our utmost blessings. We love you deeply.

Archangel Michael.



My Amazing Experience During Meditation ~ The Universal Life Force ~ 14.1.18 ~ Val Fabian

Hello everyone, this time I wanted to share my amazing experience with you. I began my usual meditation early this morning, and I went into my Heart space, which I call God’s Temple, God’s House. I asked to come and sit awhile with Beloved, for even though I know He is everywhere already, I still feel that my Heart space is a total feeling of connection with The Creator. I put my hand over my heart, as it seems to help me to concentrate and focus more, as my mind is a whirlwind of useless ongoing chatter. I knocked on the door into my Heart space and I visualized it as enlarging enough for me to enter. It opened and I went in and almost immediately I was filled with this very strong energy flow of absolute love, which got stronger and stronger. And before very long, I could not feel my body at all anymore and I seemed to be drifting off somewhere. Even though all of this was taking place, I was still aware of my thoughts. And as I drifted along, I became aware of the awesomeness of it all, and of the ongoing expanse of all of everything. I became one of many and I could feel the complete and Reverend Love and closeness we all have for one another. Regardless of the many different Energy Vibrations, we are all encased in this massive Sea of Love, which knows no judgements of any kind. There is no such thing as Negativity there, it is not known of. The only thing that is known is the undeniable feeling of Love for one another and the complete acceptance of each other, no matter what. For each one of us is still one complete Being of Light and Love, and each one of us is different with our own thoughts and knowing and awareness. We are completely intact within ourselves. It was such an unbelievable overpowering sense of love there, that I was divided. Part of me wanted to stay there but the other part wanted to come back to tell everyone of my wondrous experience.

God is the culmination of all of everything, of all of Life, whether it be us as Beings of Light, or Mother Nature, or the Suns, Moons or Stars or Planets. There is no end to the Life formations out there, there is nowhere that there is not any Life. There is Life there that we have no idea of or knowledge of. God is the One enormous Circle of Life intact. God is the ongoingness of all of Life. Everything and everyone of us is God existing inside this Wonder of ongoing Life and Love. Because of His great Love for us, He continually breathes His awesome Love and ongoing Supreme Intelligence into us, which provides us with our Eternal Life. It is His Nectar of Love and Life.

I was brought up in a religion that taught us that God is an old man with a long white beard, sitting on a throne in Heaven, where He judges us. Making sure that we all do the right thing, and if we don’t, then we suffer the consequences. So as a child, we were all filled with this terror. And I kept that vision of God in my mind for such a long time, even after I began to question all that I had been taught. Yet even through all of that I also felt this yearning love for God and a longing inside me to know Him. As I couldn’t quite match the feeling I felt inside me with this angry old man. So it took me a long time to really understand the Truth of God. And to come to terms with exactly Who God Is. And What He Is.

Since I began to channel Spirit‘s teachings I began to understand the overpowering unconditional Love that is showered down onto us at all times, no matter who or what we are. There is no judgement there, just this awesome love and acceptance and total respect for all of us, no matter what. I was so touched by this complete and undeniable love that’s main aim is to give us ongoing love and help and assistance with the utmost patience at any time we request it.
So I at times asked Spirit to describe God to me, to help me to understand more fully. This morning because of my beautiful experience, I just wanted to share them all with any of you who may be interested. And I hope that at least some of them may help you in some way. I understand that we are all completely different, even in our thoughts and feelings, but some of them may give you a Light Bulb experience. So below I have included quite a few different explanations, though I have just flowed them through together, as I felt that that may make it an easier read.


We are all virtually connected into this massive yet somewhat allowing Power Point at all times. Yet it is only at the time that we are displaying a need or a yearning to become engrossed in some way, with another one of us, that we do display our very own Format or Intentions to become illumed, for the initial reason to bring forth on entire arrangement of some knowledge or the like. And it be in this way where we allow through thoughts of endearment to one another also. It is simply a way whereby we continuously remain totally connected within the Walls or Framework of our entire existence as such. It is needed for a bonding more than anything, as we all gain such a graciousness and a connectedness from within it’s Walls. Though to be as free as a bird, yet remain in the alignment of it’s comforting enclosures is Joyous to us all. It speaks of such Love and virtual Joy and Elation that it draws us into it momentarily, at all phases of our existence. It is paramount to a Vital Cord that connects into a Permanent Socket if you will.
It is a virtual method where we are connecting through Love, into a facet that has all of everything that we could ever wish for, or desire at any given time. Yet to say that it is the wonder of All that is Good and Holy, is not quite enough of a description to be given here to you. For He is not a virtual Being of Light, as you are presuming that He be. He is the forever flowing motion of Life as you are seeing it now in your World, as He also is within ours. He is the forever beating of our drums. He is the splendour of what begets your eyes as you gaze forth at all you can visualize. He is wondrous in the extreme, and yet He is Magical and Loving to all of His creatures as such. Beguiling as it sounds He is what we all take into our hearts and souls at any given time. He is our breathe we breathe and He is the vital workings of your bodies, be it in one way or another. But yet above all else He is our comfort and our friend, who lights up our World in every which way for us. He Is the light of day and the dark of night in the true sense of the word. Vital to us at all times, yet allusive as we make Him. Our Joy to behold.
It is the awesome overpowering inexplicable binding and blending of all of what we view as the Life Formation, in each and every way. It is the gigantic en massed vibrating thread which binds all of Life together as One Universal Wonder in supreme loving motion. It is the massive Mechanism that sends forth it’s vibrations of love and worthy intent, while it lovingly takes up the charge and uniting all into a miraculous thread of Divine Intent, where every living and breathing wonder causes a balance to reform into the absolute immense space of the totality of all of life intact throughout all of it’s Universal wonders. Beaming forth unfathomable life giving treasures to uncover, which are contained within it, to all of it’s recipients, for their very own enjoyment and pleasure.
There is a Universal Life Force running within and between all things. And the whole of the Universes are simply one Massive Copying Machine, or Duplicating Machine. You are all Creators. You are constantly vibrating, and all vibration leads to creation. Passion is within your unique self, that part of you that resonates with whatever causes your zest or eagerness. You are all growth seeking Beings, ever Eternal and on a Quest for more of…..
Is there a God? Yes, there is a Majestic Being of Light, which sends It’s Love Eternal through all dimensions and spheres in a way which is incomprehensible to you and yours. This Love is multifunctional, and exists on every level of life. What is life? Life is an awareness, a Knowing, an Intelligence, and it spans across every Solar System, every planet, every galaxy and universe into infinity and into the unknown. What we all yearn for is to complete our never-ending quest for knowledge and to become wise in all areas, no matter where the answers take us. There is a continuation of life, always, and where the roads meet, there is jubilation on your return home.
God is the Supreme High Intelligence, the Life Force of Everything. He is Nature, God, the Tree of Knowledge. He is all of everything.
GOD IS THE MAGIC PRESENCE -There is an Ocean of Emotion which affects everything all the time – There beats a continual Vibrant Charge lighting up everywhere = to be immaculate wonder and vibrancy.
We are all tangents of Him, and He takes what you bring back and enfolds the wisdom derived from it around you, and you then become a bigger part of Him. For it all helps you to see more through His eyes. For His eyes are not what you envisage. His eyes are a part or all of the unknown.
He is the Universal Energy of Everything and We Are Sparks of His Energy.
It is your Consciousness – it is The River of Thought. Your whole self and every cell is continually fed by it – it’s your sustenance – you create your life by thought that you accept from it. You feel it in your Soul first – the thought you accept, and then your soul feeds and expands your entire being through that emotion that it felt. Then the Soul puts the thought of your Expanded Self, back out into the “river” which in turn expands the consciousness of life, as all others and all things take from it what they want to. And you are the Investigators, the Detectives of Nature, the Searchers. And you take home with you every detail of the fruits of our searchings.
Your Soul is the Fingerprint of God unique in it’s own expression, but filled with The Divinity. That is the essence of All That Is
Everything is a manifestation of the Presence of God.
Everything is a manifestation of the Nature of God
Spirituality is God’s calling in your Soul
That spark of God inside us allows us to feel the complete nurturing of The One, and that we’re not separated in some way. The Light we carry is an heirloom of His Mastery and it bonds us to Him for all time. The Lord is a unique Entity, and He has so much to give to all of us.
HE is the Sea of Love, the Unlimited ongoing Essence of Love and the all powerful Vibration that is constantly swirling around everywhere, and which is everything. He is eternally holding all other energies and vibrations [of which we are a part of] in place. Our thoughts, and actions, and our vibration is always changing and it always changes everything else, moving it around and about all ways, intermixing all of it. We are really all Gigantic Enormous Powerful ENTITIES, all loving, all knowing, all wanting and willing to please The One, Who IS The Whole of all of us. We are His Investigators, His Detectives of Nature, the Searchers.
God is in charge of all, the overseer if you will, who guards all while we play. The Ebb and the Flow, the Action and the Outcome,
Everything consists of all intact Universes, but always expanding out larger and larger. And we also expand out larger, as we change our vibrations. THE ONE holds all of this wonder in place as we all, as He does, enjoy the beauty of it all. Life is just one phase flowing into yet another phase, changing it & expanding it into more.
Everything expands out to make more of it. And THE WHOLE expands out to make more of THE WHOLE while keeping all of everything in place inside of Him

There is nothing that is outside of you, for you are all of everything already. You are it, you are everything just as you are seeing it now. We are all, all of everything, for we are all Him. JUST IN DIFFERENT FORMS. Whatever you see as you look around you, then you are it. You are a combination & a part of the whole of all of it, for none of it is really separate from you, it just appears that way to you, while there on Earth, for you needed separation from the truth. You are all powerful & are here, there & everywhere. It is all science & mathematics. We are all little particles of The One. We are all tangents of Him. We energize each other, feeding off of each other & in a sense, refurbishing each other into something different. We all have a part in this phenomenon & give to & receive from each other. We all tend to blend into ea other in a certain way but the main objective is to bring about what is needed as a whole, & not as a single entity.
Life is a growing & expanding vibration which goes on for all eternity, never stops but keeps on revolving, a great mystery unto itself. He is all of it , you, me, every plant animal & mineral, all swirling around at different degrees & different speeds which changes our vibrations & what we appear as, though we are all closely intertwined with each other, encased in this massive web of almost invisible cords as such. We flow around this way & that but always remain in that massive enclosure of love. A truly wondrous site to see. The vibe & the strength of your essence changes what you are & just how much of this wonder you are able to perceive. And you are all a massive part of this wonder, part of this eternal swirling beauty which is actually in formation all around you at all times. Pure love is the vibe we all live in, other vibes stem from it, vibrating & revolving at diff speeds accordingly, which changes their formation & the emotion they produce. You do not remain in one place in your true state, you are a master of disguise, you can be here, there & everywhere at a moments notice, in a flash, or in many places at once, not restricted to any one place at any given time. The Creator gifted you with the same abilities as Him, identical in all ways.
You’re the tree of knowledge. You are expanding beings in expanding universes. You are the growth seeking, ever eternal, most important part of ME. You have simply taken a journey within your own consciousness.
We are the pulsating forces which He created as part of His dream, His plan. We are pulsating Forces created by God. Little specks of Him.
We are each other’s Heartbeat.
We are each Dimensions of Him.
We are Strands of Him, of the Divine.
Sparks of Him, All of Him in minute form. Little Particles of Him.
We are Little Miracles, all God in Action.
All really Our Father, expanding out, creating more.
All linked internally by the Heart Cords, ties to God. We just pull and sway this way and that and are joined to ALL.
All Microcosms of the Great Macrocosm.