Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 12.11.03 ~ & Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 2.7.08 There is a new birthing taking place…….


Allow yourselves to sit more often in the silence. Go into your heart and feel the love there. That is your home, your sanctuary, and it is there that you will find your Beloved God. It is your final destination. It is where you will come to understand all. It is where you will come to know who God really is. You will always find Him in your home. It is a holy place, this place where God dwells. He waits there for you whenever you feel the need to be with Him. And it is there that you will come to understand who and what He is. Completely. And to come to know who you really are, and accept and believe that your place is there by your Lord’s side. Your heart is like a magnificent flower and each petal holds it’s own story. Each petal consists of your love filled emotions which you can share with others via your loving thoughts.
And once you accept this wonder, you will be filled with knowledge and the wisdom it brings, to bring you to a total acceptance of all of life’s mysteries. And believe us when we say that once you go in search of your truths, sleep does not stop the flow, it accelerates it. You will come to know who you are, that you are truly at one with Our Lord. For your heart, your love heart, where God resides, is truly a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom and it truly does hold the key to the door. To the full connection between The Lord and man, and the reasons for your existence there on Earth. It is not so cut and dried as you believe it to be. Yet, once you put out your intention to seek your truths, you will find your ball which is full of wisdom and of light, in your treasure chest. And in it you will find all of the answers that you could ever seek. You can take from it, whenever you wish, and it will never run dry .
The reasons for our continual travel through various planets has a bearing on the order of things and is not merely for growth of oneself. It is fair to say that each of us has a task to achieve, and in what way we go about that is relevant to our beliefs and our capabilities. Yet there is never any judgement from The One, only love is extended out to one and all, and He understands the many struggles we encounter along the way.
But once you search for, you will find, and you will come to know and understand it all . You always walk with the Angels, dear ones, and you are greatly loved by all of us. You yourselves are love, remember that, so always show your love for your neighbours. For what you are, they will become, when they are shown the way also. Be kind to all and lend a hand at will. You are never alone.
In the Lord’s Temple there are many rooms, but there are no doors on those rooms. We all have total freedom to come and go at will. His compassion goes out to one and all of us and He spreads His cloak wide over each of us. Forever more we will receive that. So rejoice in your life.



Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 2.7.08
There is a new birthing taking place …………..

There is a new birthing taking place upon your Earth plane, it’s a new and very powerful vibration. And with it does come a responsibility to those of you who are intent on bringing about major changes in yourselves. Gone are the times now when you can sit on your laurels, for now as you sit in this new vibration, you are opening yourselves up to a higher power which is capable if illuminating your senses in a way you would not have thought possible.
For those of you who are eager to forge ahead, the information and teachings that this vibration contains will be taken into your psyche at a level that is compatible with your physical body .
It is therefore essential for those of you who are willing to receive this powerful energy, that you prepare yourself and remain open, while also remaining a clear channel to receive it. This knowledge coming in now through this powerful vibration will flow on through the River of Thought, regardless of whether you accept it or negate it. But for those of you who agree to accept this information on some level, it will culminate in your further expansion and evolvement.
It is known to many of you already that intent is the keyword to the getting of knowledge, but on saying that, it also requires an effort of some sort on your part. It is therefore suggested that you allow yourselves to sit in the silence whenever possible, and to allow your Godself to bring forth this feeling of unconditional love which is already residing in your heart. This love is the tool by which you may open any door you choose to, and it is the tool by which you will receive your ultimate goal. The Truth and the Remembrance at last of who you are.

I am that, that He is. I Am God.








Cusami ~ The Universal Life Force ~ ~ ~12.5.13 ~ Val Fabian

Group angelsthe-circle-of-life-geometry
There is a Universal Life Force running within and between all things. And the whole of the Universes are simply one Massive Copying Machine, or Duplicating Machine. You are all Creators. You are constantly vibrating, and all vibration leads to creation. Passion is within your unique self, that part of you that resonates with whatever causes your zest or eagerness. You are all growth seeking Beings, ever Eternal and on a Quest for more of…..
And it is All of Life working together as such, in a way where nothing is ever wasted or left unheeded. All are in the Circle of Life, feeding each other while also feeding off each other to bring forth a vibrancy which is carried into the next Being. Nothing is ever lost or wasted, as life has the capacity to overspill into each other and to give more of what is needed for their very existence. And what this does is to overshadow each one with the nectar of God’s Divine Love in it’s purest form. Ongoing Love in all it’s glory.
You are all little energy fields and are capable of changing frequencies. It’s as if you are filled with little magnets which attract similar energy frequencies.
You are Control Boxes. So as your frequencies change, what it is that you are attracting, changes to fit in with the now frequency. And it is continually changed by your thoughts. Your thoughts hold the key to your life pattern. What was, is no more, yet what is to come is your destiny, which you are able to control by the thoughts you hold.
Yet also, the thoughts of another come into this equation, for you also run with their energies, which also puts a cloak around you, changing again your ever changing vibrations. It is being sent back and forth all around you non stop,
crisscrossing with one another. It goes for unlimited miles, not merely in close proximity, for it goes at the speed of light intermingling with all of life, not merely other humans.
This is how dogs pick up scents of fear etcetera, or how they hunt down prey, be it human or otherwise. The energies swirl around non stop and very quickly and it is all engulfing all of you. It is a permanency, while it is also powerful, and it is also necessary. For all of you feed off it, as it gives all of you life, ongoing Life. What you are breathing in is not just simply air, it is the ongoing Flow of Life that you are taking in.
But you are also being feed off and by each other, as also are each of God’s creatures. They are all playing their part in all of this. There is a weaving and exchanging going on there, yet none of you see it taking place. You are all so caught up in a whirl with your lives that you do not see the magnificence unfolding before you on a day to day basis.
The flow of life is as unique as it is improbable to you, and yet it is a Miracle in the working for every second of your existence. What you need from the Circle, you take, and what you don’t need, you put back in. It is all to do with the exchange of Energies.
A bird may come and sit on your shoulder. It is accepting the love you are feeling as you sense it there. A dog may come and sit at your feet when you feel down, and it is exchanging it’s love also and filling you to the brim with that wondrous gift of non judgemental love. And you will breathe this in, and it will change the emotion you are feeling at that time. Life is a complete merging and exchanging of energies. You see someone sad and what is your first reaction? You go to them and you reach out and touch them, and in that touch there is a healing taking place. It changes instantly the energy vibration in their body, as also in yours, for in that feeling of giving there is a powerful feeling of exchange of love taking place which engulfs you, and a bonding takes place.
We are all – each and everyone one of us – each others Heart Beat always and forever. And whatever ill you do to another, you are really doing to yourself. For we are all tied together into a web of wonderful vibrations where if we are kind to another, that very vibration or emotion if you will that you inspire in them strengthens as it flows back into your very own being. It is also true for any negativity you may inflict on another. These are not idle words, this is fact, for the River of Emotion is a tangled web of intrigue. Yet once you understand it, that it is the major component of the Laws of the Universe, then you certainly would endeavour to live your lives with utmost care not to cause harm or disharmony for others. For in actual fact by doing so, you cause an about face in your own evolution. And this is something which you would need to take seriously, for your whole reason for being there is to progress forward to the extent where you know and accept in your very being, that you are at One with Our Creator. This is your reason for living, even though while you are striving towards this aim, your soul does want to experience all scenarios and all emotions in order that it does become All Knowing in all things. It cannot know anything without experiencing it first, and so it aims to know life on all of its many levels. And when this has been accomplished, it is ready then to return back into the Sea of Love, from whence it came. But this can only occur when it is free from negativity.
And so my dear ones Life is a constant and a non stop exchange of these energies happening around you every second of every day, and that is not to say that they are all positive energies, for they are not. It is all about the ebb and flow. But as you evolve into a different and more knowing Being, you will begin to see the signs of the positive and the negative in others, and you will learn to protect yourself from unwanted vibrations. Life is a learning field and it is going on around you continually. You have choices always, to accept or deny, for whatever reason. And you do that, even without your knowing it at times. But rest assured that whatever it be that you embrace, it will always be embraced for a reason. You are there now for reasons only known by you in the deep crevices of your hearts. So always allow your heart to guide you, and not your head. Your heart holds all of your secrets and it also holds all of your promises. It will never lead you astray, so always trust what your heart is telling you and go with that and you cannot go wrong. It will always take you to just where you need to be.
And that is when you will know deep inside that you have reached home. You will have fully and freely united with Our Source, for then you will not only know that you Are Him, you will also know how it feels to be Him. And that is the reason for all of our journeys and for all of our seeking – to realize this.
I bid you farewell now and God bless all of you, my friends.