Simon ~ ~ Surrender to Love ~~ 10.7.03 ~~ Val Fabian

Simon_Zealot (1)
Mars is close now for a reason. It brings certain vibrations with it which enable certain ones to become very aware of particular information which will eventually benefit all. It is very complex and some will be given this knowledge, as we know already those who will use it for the good of all. And this information will be coming from the Highest Masters, sent by rays of Light.
We are all but tiny drops in a huge ocean, but on saying that every drop is dynamic and very important. One could never survive without the others. We literally are all one, living separate lives, but linked internally by the heart cords, tied to The One. We pull and we sway this way and that, but we still need our nourishment which comes from The One. Knowledge and wisdom are part of that necessary nourishment, as also is being able to forgive others who harm us. Forgiveness is very necessary for nourishment of the soul, as to hold on to hate or any negative emotion blemishes us in the worst possible way, for it scars us indefinitely, making it impossible for our nourishment, which is for example the knowledge and the wisdom, to enter our beings.
You need to, as humans, raise your vibrations together, so as to receive this necessary food. For you are not only dealing with your own human consciousness there, but there is also a social consciousness which does affect all of you, being of the Whole. And the truth of this knowledge will hopefully help to change the vibrations in the world, but it needs to be a unanimous thing and it cannot happen in five minutes. People are beginning to heed this truth more now, but many turn a blind eye and refuse to listen. It is going to take time and patience to deal with this.
You know that the mind is a very powerful thing, and few of you use that power to your benefit or betterment, as yet. Always remember to call on us for assistance when you are confused or floundering, and we are already there. For, for each one of you who takes the time to search for their truth and finds it, makes our hearts sing, just seeing that beautiful glow in the ethereal body as it passes through into the Circle.
The Circle of Life and all that is beyond it. And the awareness that is found there. The knowledge of life eternal and all that it implies. That is the goal of all souls, to find that truth and to abide in it. And once this truth is reached and you have the key to unlock the door, then and only then do you understand fully the whole complex picture and the great magnitude of it all. For it embraces a field so great that it takes much wisdom and knowledge to even begin to understand it. But once a dear one puts out the intention to go searching for that truth, that is when it will appear before them in some form or another, and they will begin to grow towards the Light.
Meditation is a wonderful tool you can use to gain insight. It can lift you high and into another Sphere, where life does hold a truly different meaning, and it can bring you a peace that can be found within yourselves, deep in your hearts and your souls. It’s a place where you can be, and no one can touch you or harm you.. It is your haven within you, where sunshine never ends.
And know also that there are vibrations entering the earth now which can enable you to forge forward if that be your desire. They are Healing Rays which can open up the hearts of many. And this will make a big change in them as they are able to accept this new energy. Changing the way they think and feel regarding many things, even the way they feel about The Lord.
Yet all are not ready to accept this new energy, it will bounce off some, for they are closed down. For they have turned their back on The Lord, at times even denying His very existence for many different reasons. But deep down, on another level, they too yearn to be with Him. They do not know this and they search for worldly pleasures to fill the gap. But, in all honesty, what they are really searching for is to feel again their Fathers’ Love. It is sad that they do not know this, but they will come to know and to remember. Because their soul is pushing them to move forward and upward.

Many blessings to all of you, my loved ones.
I come to you today as just one of your many teachers, who abides with Our Lord, Our God.
My name is SIMON.





Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 12.11.03 ~ & Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 2.7.08 There is a new birthing taking place…….


Allow yourselves to sit more often in the silence. Go into your heart and feel the love there. That is your home, your sanctuary, and it is there that you will find your Beloved God. It is your final destination. It is where you will come to understand all. It is where you will come to know who God really is. You will always find Him in your home. It is a holy place, this place where God dwells. He waits there for you whenever you feel the need to be with Him. And it is there that you will come to understand who and what He is. Completely. And to come to know who you really are, and accept and believe that your place is there by your Lord’s side. Your heart is like a magnificent flower and each petal holds it’s own story. Each petal consists of your love filled emotions which you can share with others via your loving thoughts.
And once you accept this wonder, you will be filled with knowledge and the wisdom it brings, to bring you to a total acceptance of all of life’s mysteries. And believe us when we say that once you go in search of your truths, sleep does not stop the flow, it accelerates it. You will come to know who you are, that you are truly at one with Our Lord. For your heart, your love heart, where God resides, is truly a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom and it truly does hold the key to the door. To the full connection between The Lord and man, and the reasons for your existence there on Earth. It is not so cut and dried as you believe it to be. Yet, once you put out your intention to seek your truths, you will find your ball which is full of wisdom and of light, in your treasure chest. And in it you will find all of the answers that you could ever seek. You can take from it, whenever you wish, and it will never run dry .
The reasons for our continual travel through various planets has a bearing on the order of things and is not merely for growth of oneself. It is fair to say that each of us has a task to achieve, and in what way we go about that is relevant to our beliefs and our capabilities. Yet there is never any judgement from The One, only love is extended out to one and all, and He understands the many struggles we encounter along the way.
But once you search for, you will find, and you will come to know and understand it all . You always walk with the Angels, dear ones, and you are greatly loved by all of us. You yourselves are love, remember that, so always show your love for your neighbours. For what you are, they will become, when they are shown the way also. Be kind to all and lend a hand at will. You are never alone.
In the Lord’s Temple there are many rooms, but there are no doors on those rooms. We all have total freedom to come and go at will. His compassion goes out to one and all of us and He spreads His cloak wide over each of us. Forever more we will receive that. So rejoice in your life.



Daniel ~ In God’s House ~ 2.7.08
There is a new birthing taking place …………..

There is a new birthing taking place upon your Earth plane, it’s a new and very powerful vibration. And with it does come a responsibility to those of you who are intent on bringing about major changes in yourselves. Gone are the times now when you can sit on your laurels, for now as you sit in this new vibration, you are opening yourselves up to a higher power which is capable if illuminating your senses in a way you would not have thought possible.
For those of you who are eager to forge ahead, the information and teachings that this vibration contains will be taken into your psyche at a level that is compatible with your physical body .
It is therefore essential for those of you who are willing to receive this powerful energy, that you prepare yourself and remain open, while also remaining a clear channel to receive it. This knowledge coming in now through this powerful vibration will flow on through the River of Thought, regardless of whether you accept it or negate it. But for those of you who agree to accept this information on some level, it will culminate in your further expansion and evolvement.
It is known to many of you already that intent is the keyword to the getting of knowledge, but on saying that, it also requires an effort of some sort on your part. It is therefore suggested that you allow yourselves to sit in the silence whenever possible, and to allow your Godself to bring forth this feeling of unconditional love which is already residing in your heart. This love is the tool by which you may open any door you choose to, and it is the tool by which you will receive your ultimate goal. The Truth and the Remembrance at last of who you are.

I am that, that He is. I Am God.







ABRAHAM ~ Lift the Veil ~ Channeled through Val Fabian ~ 7.1.10

angels11I greet you my friends. I feel you are striving to learn more about what you know lies on the other side of the veil. There is much to know, though, it does need to be taken in by degrees, for some of it is alien to your minds understanding at this stage. But I do say to you now that it will be given to you. Allow that bright Light in. Your minds keep revolving around and around, but this is good my dear ones, for it opens up the mind to other possibilities. Who would have thought that this could be so, but there it is. It is a truth, for your minds are ever changing in a way where they are willing and able to absorb what seems to be an impossibility. Our Lord has given us all the right to absorb or decline all knowledge. If you are searching for answers you will find them. They will enter your field of logic, for we are sending through pieces of knowledge all the time, allowing it to sift through to you, and you if you desire, will soak it up constantly.
And it is only through this that many will question what they believe to be the truth. All are searching for answers and find them in different degrees. And if you ask for more it will be sent to you. For the time is coming soon when people will need to question their beliefs in a big way and there will be no time for them to sit on the fence anymore. My understanding is such that this flow of energy which is entering Earth now, will impact upon all of you and open up a tunnel in your minds, so that the energy contained in it will bring about a new reasoning for many. And the ones who do not open up to this are simply not ready to accept at this stage what is being offered.
But no one will be left behind, so there is no panic to be put into this, for all will ultimately return home as planned. For some of you the door has been flung open because you requested this, but for others, they are content to remain as they are for now. Our Creator is well pleased either way, for He knows before we do just where we are and His love survives everything.
But an enquiring mind is truly a Godsend, for it opens the door to all possibilities. Never tire of learning, for each page you turn brings you closer to The Divine. He is truly within all of us, just as we are in Him. For that powerful Light residing in our hearts is Him, is it
not? When you know this, you have been given the gift of Truth, which is really already within all of us, but forgotten. Did you know that the truth you have always searched for is God.
” I am the Truth and the Light, follow Me.”

And there you have it, my friends. It has been a pleasure to come and speak with you all once more and I leave you with my salutations. We will speak again but before I go allow me to say to all of you. Well done, for it is you alone who is responsible for achieving everything that you have, thus far. I love you all dearly. Abraham.

ABRAHAM ~ You are worthy ~ channeled through ~ Val Fabian 8.9.06

We have come today with a suggestion. You sit now in your divinity, and for this reason we ask that you allow your God Self to be at one with you at all times. The way to The Lord is paved with gold and to be close to His vibration of absolute love is a dream to behold. Do not ever feel inadequate to sit in this loving vibration, for it is a choice to go there, not something which is passed out to some whom you deem to be more worthy.
The way into His Kingdom is the same for all of us. We are coming on this day as a reminder for you to not stand on the outskirts, on the sidelines, but to venture forth at a quickened pace, and to allow yourself to take His hand. For this is the way to all knowingness, to all the powerful vibratory energy flow, to all wonderment. This is only elusive if you allow it to be. Do not miss the bus through any negativity, but surge forward and be enfolded in His love, and out of that will come whatever it may be that your heart desires. You will remember all that has been elusive and hidden from your memory, and you will then be able to go forth and bring this knowledge to others who may be searching for their truths. That they may know again that which has now been revealed to you, through your searching and your efforts.
So do not cloak yourself in any negativity, but set your goals on all that is important to you, and through doing so, all the joys and the elusive memories will pour forth into your being. For whatever experiences you seek out and find, then the knowledge and the wisdom you take from that, is always taken back by you to The Source. To expand the consciousness of The One and of all others in existence, for that is how the flow of life continues without stagnating. It is the same of all of us, for we continually seek and find and learn more of, and we all take it back home and put it into the River of Thought, the Almighty Consciousness. And then the All knowing One becomes the Ongoing One, continuing on with the wonderful flow of life. For energy cannot ever stand still, it must continue it’s cycle and take up its replenishment as it flows on and one, regardless of the circumstances around it at any given time.
So drop any feelings of inadequacy that you hold inside you and go bask in The Lord’s presence. He is waiting for this, make no mistake. We salute all of you, dear ones, and many thanks for your endeavours.