You are all Sparkles of The Divine ~ Cusami ~ 20.5.13 ~ Val Fabian


Your life there through this, will change the most, for many things are due to happen now that you are unaware of. But you are still expecting this, whether you believe or not. It is not new to you. And you did come there with a mission to do, and it is nearing the time now for you to achieve this.
But firstly you do need to acquire what it is that is still lacking in you the most. It is self love and it is the ability to stand alone and to speak. These things shall be brought forward, but it is for you to do this in a way that will bring you more access to your emotions which lie deep inside you. In order to enable you to unleash this wondrous gift that you are harbouring inside.
It is not for you to fret with fears of not being able to do this. It is for you to stand tall and to see the beauty inside you that you possess. Be not unsure, for you are indeed a shining light above the heads of those you will enrich.

Question. Cusami, please tell me more on what you are speaking of.

It is to do with all those things and more. You are a very learned Being, who was sent there to provide the world with wonders unspoken of as yet. You have known of such things all of your life, inside, in your subconsciousness, but for reasons obviously those things needed to be kept in a basket away from all who walk their walk there.
But now it is the time, it is evidently clear, and what you are now doing is providing a way or a path for yourself to be able to bring this about. That you be the first to bring this forth is not what you are about, for you know that it was in transition always. For you, the wonder will be in the gifting of all of this to others and to be able to see the transition in their lives. What you will be doing will be given in a way by which it will allow others to think on your words and to then go out and live their lives in a wondrous way, knowing that they are not as they imagined, but are far, far more than that. This will bring about a massive wave or vibration, which will lift up humanity to where it is not the same anymore. It will bring forth a knowing in most that they are indeed God.

Question. Cusami, what could I say to give them that acceptance.

It will be given in a way whereby they are not necessarily aware that they are hearing this. Indeed everything that shall be given will be of the utmost wonder, but given in a way that is not in any way going beyond their powers of acceptance. And you will know in an instant that your words are heeded to, not only listened to. But for now it is enough that you prepare yourself for this to take place.

Question. Cusami could you please tell me more about this.

We are about to embark on a wondrous journey, and you will be at the helm for the most part. It is about trust and it is about performing your part in a way that will enlighten others to be themselves. And this will come about by your teachings, which will be presented to them in a way that they will understand. And you dear are about to break through with this.

Question. Could I have more information about this please.

There is a stirring now inside you and you are about to erupt with all this wonder. So I am about to present you with a trickle. You know that in the past you were unable to speak of this, but now you will have the permission to go that one step further, in bringing about a huge input, that your world there has not seen by any of you until now. You are not lowly little beings striving for life to succeed in what ever way you think. You are all sparkles of The Divine and as such all have Higher Powers, enabling you all to bring forth wonders which are just stirring now, for all to encase in their own fields, or auras.
It is such that all do work together for the common good, but why do you think you are really there now. It is to change the dynamics in the vast universe, which in turn then will encase itself around more of what it now is, and to expand out into a knowing of sorts, making more wonderlands appear. But this in itself is never enough so what you all have to do with this is to enforce nature in a way which will guide all of these wonders into a swirling mass of energy, encroaching on other planets, enriching all of them with certain energies and enticing Mother Nature to do what she alone can do, which is to inhabit all of these fields bringing about the wonders of more life to be had.
This is mind swirling for you now and may I say that it will come to pass. For Mother Nature in her explicit beauty and power, has with her the ability to enforce her beauty wherever she may go, and that is why we are all standing to attention with such anticipation at the moment.

A powerful eruption is about to occur in the wondrous world of science and expansion, and it is for this reason that we are all here with bated breathes my dear.
Thy will be done, and it will be done without fail. Peace be to you, take this news in.