Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One ~~ The Lotus is Now in Full Awakening ~~ 25.3.13

Sacred lotus 2Good morning child, this day will be one to remember for you. For it will be on this day, that we shall speak again of our very sought after captivating Scroll of Truths, that we have been endeavouring to bring forth for much time now. So let us begin now by explaining to you in a few words, exactly what this will entail for you, and therefore for us, as we will be leading you into this.

For reasons which we have made clear to you, there shall be put into place a regime by which you will need to adhere to, as for us to progress down our path, this will take much intent and courage. Be it known to you now that all roads shall be cleared for you to go down, so do not ever put any dismay into any of this. We shall now begin in our method of developing the information through you. I have here before me now a copy of The Scrolls, and I will list them for you step by step.

We know now that you have within you a vast knowledge of these things, and yet you are so far unable, or unwilling to bring them forth and adjust them into your life there. For you know in your heart that once you do this, you are forever in another space. And we know that there is a part of you which is not willing to let go of all that you have there now. For to you, you are in a safe space. But allow us to share with you that this space you have there is unstable, for it is not as it seems. It is imaginary, whereas what you have here with us is the real deal. It is ongoing life, and not anyone can change this. For this reason child, do not be balked by all of this, for you do have courage in you. We know that. Do not fear the unknown, for what you feel now is unknown to you, is in fact very much known to you. Be it not for you dear, we would not be able to bring forth much information which lies hidden. So it is for this reason that we would like to say to you that it is within you, without a doubt, that you have a lifetime of knowledge in there to share with your fellowman.

So continue with your meditations, and that will allow us to fill your subconscious with the knowledge made available to you, for you do have the capacity there to absorb all of this. You do have within you a small computer of sorts, to enable this knowledge in. And you will then sort through it, putting it into sections for later referral. We will master this our child of The Divine. It will take place in this field you now find yourself in, believe me that it will. We all stand behind you with amazing strength, and we feel that the coming months in particular will bring about many changes for you, in all ways, not just in the Spiritual.

Allow us now to begin what it was we started moons ago, and to seal a promise we did make to each other at one point in time, when we were aspiring to a belief, whereby we could bring through potential energies via the Air Waves, and put them into spaces which could and would deal with unnecessary blockages. We were known then as Masters of High Intelligence and be it known to you or not, your lot then was to bring forth information from on high, and to then distribute your information to various waiting authorities. And it was a very successful procedure, that is until your heavenly flow of information all dried up, owing to the expanse of the knowledge becoming too vast for you to be able to decipher it in a way which could be applied to our lives then as we knew it to be.

But things have changed now, my dear, and you are now continuing on with this dream we had in that life, and also in some other ensuing ones. But this time it does all appear to be a different vibration that you are living in, and we do know in our heart of hearts that this time it will be different. Success is ringing very loud and clear. I for one am not a one to presume anything that is unreasonable, but I have the utmost respect and tolerance for your ways and for the ways in which you will proceed with this. But for us, I feel the time is right, this time around. For when the time is right, then the pupils will be ready, and now I do feel that many will stand to attention and grasp hold of this wondrous knowledge that we as a team are attempting to enlighten them with.

And be not now thinking that this will be a once off, for there shall be hundreds of these flashes of information that will flow from your lips. For this is the way that it will progress to. You think you are not able to cope with this my dear, but you are an amazing Being. One who has been around the block time and time again, so do not think that this is a first and a last. This has been in the making since time began. It is used for people to succeed in a way by which they can allow their Godself to perform things which are foreign to them. This will not be a last, it is written on the winds that your way of teaching these chosen ones will be world-renowned. To say less would be a misconception my beloved one. Be not afraid of fame, for you are rewarding of this. You have slogged long and hard to be able to produce this environment, whereby you will be accepted as a leader of such knowledge.
Stand tall and say what is in your heart, and this will bring forth a torrent of information unheard of as yet, on your plane. Why you, do you say? You are not as you appear to be. You are progress in the making. You are to be the expansion of much information and knowledge which will then allow many a one to be more vigilant in their lives, and in their dealings with another party. You will blossom with this, and you will be acknowledged for your forthrightness and for your generous dealings with others. Go forth now child and open up that big heart of yours. The Lotus is now in full awakening.


And so now my dear one, allow me to take you on a journey into our world for a time. We are swirling around the Earth’s surface now, and just above this surface we see swirling energies rising. What is this you ask? It is the Life Force, the Blood of the Earth. What it contains in its magnificence is the Embodiment of The Most High, The Creator of all of us. And in this swirling mass of Energy there does lie another Force. A dynamic Force, out of which also feeds the Beings who are inhabiting the Earth’s surface at this time.

You are not Beings of Light only. You are beloved threads of The Divine, who are also swirling forth your own powerful substance, which is encased within your body, but is also outside your body. And it is a mixture of High Intelligence and Love personified, and it goes forth constantly with the Knowing Force behind it, while it places itself within others, and also upon surfaces such as the rocks, the stones, water and the such. That is, it sends its vibrations into the inhabitants of the Earth, and also into the Elements as you know them to be. And there is a reason for this transaction between all of you and them. The reason is to sustain them into being a Force themselves, for all is working for a common goal. And that is to align everything into a union of sorts, for the common good of everything, as a Whole. But this cannot happen without the Life Blood of The One and His Band of Helpers, which appear on the horizon as tiny little influxes of Energy. But it is actually not as it appears to be, for it is such that your Real Selves are travelling back and forth, for the purpose of giving Life and sustainability to all others on the Earth’s surface.

Be prepared now for your world to change, and for the better. We are gazing at a beautiful Being, when we set eyes on you, never think less than that. You are beauty personified, and allow your mind to be consumed by this knowledge. Go now child, in peace and love, and allow in all the love and healing we send you. It is said now.
Behold, I am Lord Lanto, The Enlightened One, and I have a great love for you, my dearest one.



The Emissaries of Light & Love ~~ The House of Wonder & The Masters of Disguise ~~ 27.5.13

Here we go again dear and many thanks for your stupendous increasing excitement which we see building up in you now, to such a crescendo that it makes our hearts’ sing. And thank you for the amount of time you give to this, as it almost consumes your life there at this point in time.

That being the case, we will begin our journey now, and suffice it to say that we are going to travel now today to a place where little is known of as yet. And yet it is this very place where your world is residing in, as we speak. Do not be alarmed at this, for there is much to be told to you yet, but we will endeavour to give it to you for your consumption as we see fit.

You are now going above and beyond our expectations, but for now, we will still be probing into the uncharted regions of your mindset, to bring forth for you a myriad of unbelievably beautiful adventurous insights into a world which for now is hidden from all of your sights.

You alone will take note of this, for this is something that we must hold close to our hearts for now. For it will be in this way that you will be able to prepare yourself in whichever way, to produce in other’s minds, a scenario of the exact and simply wonderful way that it all is.

We are here now to progress down our path that one step further, and be it known that at some point you will realize that none of this is surreal for you. That you have travelled along this path at Godspeed many times before. You just have no awareness of these adventures as it happens, as yet. But time will bridge that gap for you and soon, and you shall become fully aware of this pathway to wonder and beauty, which is always laid bare for all of you to adventure down. You just at this time do not have the faculties of allowance in you for your procedure upon it. But this will all change and a knowledge of this will spring forth amongst one and all, for this be the way that it will be.
Be it known also that your efforts to proceed now are taking you into a vast, powerful and significant influx of knowledge, and we will proceed now with more of what we speak of. Do you feel a stirring in you now my dear? It is your Godself bringing this forth, for you are now a one who is becoming more powerful as we speak. And so, therefore, we shall be giving you much that will allow you to spread this knowledge at a quicker pace than was first intended. Many thanks for your enthusiasm.

And now let us say to you that what you are envisaging there is not our real world.
Our real world lies deeper in the atmospheres, and what you have set up for yourselves there is an inkling of what lies beneath your surfaces. It is a majestic place where all are bound in love, peace and a joyousness that only you now can imagine it to be. There is a freedom unknown to you, and there is a total abundance for one and all of us.
In our Kingdom, we are travelling at the speed of lightening, and we also have the ability to be in many places at once. Though in your world you are governed by a resistance to all of this, for you have all put yourselves there into that environment with a knowing that to be there will bring about many themes for each of you. Through which you will build up inside of you a knowledge of many things, of which you are preparing to become at least for now, a more worthy and more progressive being. And through that, it will open up more of everything, while it also will bring you closer to your goals and dreams which you have set aside for knowledge to be brought through because of it all.
You are not there for your total selves, you are all consistently working as one, and with one goal. And that is to produce out of all of this a permanency through which a window will be opened for all of us, and a light will stream forth, and in it will be a torrent of new and marvellous unlimited knowledge that we will all benefit from.

This is something that you all dreamed of, and it will emerge as something that we could all be proud to witness. It is such that a few there have not followed their original paths, but let it be known that this will have little to no bearing on the end results. For it is all part of the bigger plan, and for us here, we do see an abundance of love and beauty personified which is raging across the Earth’s surface as we speak. You cannot always have 100% totality of goodness, for all must be balanced in The Kingdom of The Most High. We see now where it is all going, and be it not for all of you, and I do mean all of you, that this would not have transpired to its full benefit had it been any different.

What we have before us now though is to take it all one step further and higher, and so, therefore, you will now step forward with information that will allow for further and more beautiful freedom for all of you that are there now. And this will indeed take much of your time and vigilance. But we see before us now a star is born and in the making of this an intense power is now pouring forth from your crown chakra, and you are now ready for your battle of the wills of those who will put this all into question. But for those who will do this, this also has its merits, for it will give you the opportunity to show everyone that this is the real deal. It is not a fantasy, as some will say, but a magnificent masterpiece of weaving and merging of Love and beauty that the Most High has put into place for all of us.

We will bring to you now a piece by piece of this beauty for your perusal. What you are looking at now is a historical gigantic and masterfully built House of Wonder, and within its walls lies the Scrolls of Knowledge that we spoke about in previous literature. In this wording, there lies buried all of what life is. What it entails and the progression of it as you know it to be, down through the ages. And none of it is as you imagine that it is, for be it known to you the vastness of it all is totally unlimited and unimaginable to your mind now. But as you open it up and take all of this in, you will begin to feel the depth of this Miracle that is all of ours.

We are not little specks as you are thinking, we are monumental Spirits in God’s likeness, and we do have majestic powers in all of us, for this is the way He created us.
And He did this for a reason, and that was to become more of it all with the knowledge that we become as adventurous ones’ who will go in speed to discover what we may, which changes the dynamics of it all.

EARTH AND EAGLEBecause every movement in the Ethers will forever change the atmospheres to a point where abundance untold will again fill the environment which was in actual fact embodied upon. {Formed} This is science in the making, and your world there is not any different to anywhere else, and it is a fact that what you are all doing there is building up a crescendo, in which will cause a shift in the dynamics of your world there. And this, in turn, will cause, and bring about, a major change in the workings of all of nature. As it is nature which forges on and through, and envelopes all that is new, and transforms it into being something wonderful and majestic and beautiful.
She has the power in her to change whatever is in her path, and she does this with such magnificence that only she can embody these spaces into utmost beauty.

Your parts there up until now have been to build up in the atmospheres that which is needed to bring forth an explosion of wonder. And in its forefront, you will be guided as to what you will need to do to allow this to proceed further. And with that knowledge, you will also partake of the alignment of what we view as the neverending spaces around Mother Earth.

This will be done also with the help of The Higher Power, for nothing is ever generated without His love at the helm. We are all in this together, but through all of your vigilant help, it would not be transpiring to the point where it will. And it is for this reason that you are all now standing to attention and anticipation, and waiting for this wondrous event to show itself as Love in Action. Be not put off by what you see yourselves as, for that is not what you really represent. Wondrous, masterful, abounding Masters of Disguise is what you all are.

And do not be taken aback by this encounter with us, for this is only the start of much more to come, and we will leave you now with one thought to ponder on. You are now being guided to go where no man has before you gone, and on this day you will be in our world, for it is evident that you are now ready to abide in these Two Worlds that are for now swirling around side by side. But they will not stay this way. There shall be one and only one conjoined world for us all to frolic in. For some of us now are beginning to see the bigger picture rising up before us, and it will only be time that will bring this to fruition.

Go now dear and peruse this that has been given to you, and once more our utmost love abides there in your heart. We love you as always, your Band of Angels who come with much knowledge for you on this day. Be at peace.

Group angels 2



Simon ~ ~ Surrender to Love ~~ 10.7.03 ~~ Val Fabian

Simon_Zealot (1)
Mars is close now for a reason. It brings certain vibrations with it which enable certain ones to become very aware of particular information which will eventually benefit all. It is very complex and some will be given this knowledge, as we know already those who will use it for the good of all. And this information will be coming from the Highest Masters, sent by rays of Light.
We are all but tiny drops in a huge ocean, but on saying that every drop is dynamic and very important. One could never survive without the others. We literally are all one, living separate lives, but linked internally by the heart cords, tied to The One. We pull and we sway this way and that, but we still need our nourishment which comes from The One. Knowledge and wisdom are part of that necessary nourishment, as also is being able to forgive others who harm us. Forgiveness is very necessary for nourishment of the soul, as to hold on to hate or any negative emotion blemishes us in the worst possible way, for it scars us indefinitely, making it impossible for our nourishment, which is for example the knowledge and the wisdom, to enter our beings.
You need to, as humans, raise your vibrations together, so as to receive this necessary food. For you are not only dealing with your own human consciousness there, but there is also a social consciousness which does affect all of you, being of the Whole. And the truth of this knowledge will hopefully help to change the vibrations in the world, but it needs to be a unanimous thing and it cannot happen in five minutes. People are beginning to heed this truth more now, but many turn a blind eye and refuse to listen. It is going to take time and patience to deal with this.
You know that the mind is a very powerful thing, and few of you use that power to your benefit or betterment, as yet. Always remember to call on us for assistance when you are confused or floundering, and we are already there. For, for each one of you who takes the time to search for their truth and finds it, makes our hearts sing, just seeing that beautiful glow in the ethereal body as it passes through into the Circle.
The Circle of Life and all that is beyond it. And the awareness that is found there. The knowledge of life eternal and all that it implies. That is the goal of all souls, to find that truth and to abide in it. And once this truth is reached and you have the key to unlock the door, then and only then do you understand fully the whole complex picture and the great magnitude of it all. For it embraces a field so great that it takes much wisdom and knowledge to even begin to understand it. But once a dear one puts out the intention to go searching for that truth, that is when it will appear before them in some form or another, and they will begin to grow towards the Light.
Meditation is a wonderful tool you can use to gain insight. It can lift you high and into another Sphere, where life does hold a truly different meaning, and it can bring you a peace that can be found within yourselves, deep in your hearts and your souls. It’s a place where you can be, and no one can touch you or harm you.. It is your haven within you, where sunshine never ends.
And know also that there are vibrations entering the earth now which can enable you to forge forward if that be your desire. They are Healing Rays which can open up the hearts of many. And this will make a big change in them as they are able to accept this new energy. Changing the way they think and feel regarding many things, even the way they feel about The Lord.
Yet all are not ready to accept this new energy, it will bounce off some, for they are closed down. For they have turned their back on The Lord, at times even denying His very existence for many different reasons. But deep down, on another level, they too yearn to be with Him. They do not know this and they search for worldly pleasures to fill the gap. But, in all honesty, what they are really searching for is to feel again their Fathers’ Love. It is sad that they do not know this, but they will come to know and to remember. Because their soul is pushing them to move forward and upward.

Many blessings to all of you, my loved ones.
I come to you today as just one of your many teachers, who abides with Our Lord, Our God.
My name is SIMON.




You are all Sparkles of The Divine ~ Cusami ~ 20.5.13 ~ Val Fabian


Your life there through this, will change the most, for many things are due to happen now that you are unaware of. But you are still expecting this, whether you believe or not. It is not new to you. And you did come there with a mission to do, and it is nearing the time now for you to achieve this.
But firstly you do need to acquire what it is that is still lacking in you the most. It is self love and it is the ability to stand alone and to speak. These things shall be brought forward, but it is for you to do this in a way that will bring you more access to your emotions which lie deep inside you. In order to enable you to unleash this wondrous gift that you are harbouring inside.
It is not for you to fret with fears of not being able to do this. It is for you to stand tall and to see the beauty inside you that you possess. Be not unsure, for you are indeed a shining light above the heads of those you will enrich.

Question. Cusami, please tell me more on what you are speaking of.

It is to do with all those things and more. You are a very learned Being, who was sent there to provide the world with wonders unspoken of as yet. You have known of such things all of your life, inside, in your subconsciousness, but for reasons obviously those things needed to be kept in a basket away from all who walk their walk there.
But now it is the time, it is evidently clear, and what you are now doing is providing a way or a path for yourself to be able to bring this about. That you be the first to bring this forth is not what you are about, for you know that it was in transition always. For you, the wonder will be in the gifting of all of this to others and to be able to see the transition in their lives. What you will be doing will be given in a way by which it will allow others to think on your words and to then go out and live their lives in a wondrous way, knowing that they are not as they imagined, but are far, far more than that. This will bring about a massive wave or vibration, which will lift up humanity to where it is not the same anymore. It will bring forth a knowing in most that they are indeed God.

Question. Cusami, what could I say to give them that acceptance.

It will be given in a way whereby they are not necessarily aware that they are hearing this. Indeed everything that shall be given will be of the utmost wonder, but given in a way that is not in any way going beyond their powers of acceptance. And you will know in an instant that your words are heeded to, not only listened to. But for now it is enough that you prepare yourself for this to take place.

Question. Cusami could you please tell me more about this.

We are about to embark on a wondrous journey, and you will be at the helm for the most part. It is about trust and it is about performing your part in a way that will enlighten others to be themselves. And this will come about by your teachings, which will be presented to them in a way that they will understand. And you dear are about to break through with this.

Question. Could I have more information about this please.

There is a stirring now inside you and you are about to erupt with all this wonder. So I am about to present you with a trickle. You know that in the past you were unable to speak of this, but now you will have the permission to go that one step further, in bringing about a huge input, that your world there has not seen by any of you until now. You are not lowly little beings striving for life to succeed in what ever way you think. You are all sparkles of The Divine and as such all have Higher Powers, enabling you all to bring forth wonders which are just stirring now, for all to encase in their own fields, or auras.
It is such that all do work together for the common good, but why do you think you are really there now. It is to change the dynamics in the vast universe, which in turn then will encase itself around more of what it now is, and to expand out into a knowing of sorts, making more wonderlands appear. But this in itself is never enough so what you all have to do with this is to enforce nature in a way which will guide all of these wonders into a swirling mass of energy, encroaching on other planets, enriching all of them with certain energies and enticing Mother Nature to do what she alone can do, which is to inhabit all of these fields bringing about the wonders of more life to be had.
This is mind swirling for you now and may I say that it will come to pass. For Mother Nature in her explicit beauty and power, has with her the ability to enforce her beauty wherever she may go, and that is why we are all standing to attention with such anticipation at the moment.

A powerful eruption is about to occur in the wondrous world of science and expansion, and it is for this reason that we are all here with bated breathes my dear.
Thy will be done, and it will be done without fail. Peace be to you, take this news in.